Chapter 155 Demon peach wound treatment Green enters Space, a blood has spurted, Zhao Hai and Merine they stare, ran over hastily, has supported Green. Green complexion is pale, but, the person is fortunately sober, Zhao Hai is holding Green said : Grandpa Green, are you what kind of?” Green looked at Zhao Hai one, weak said : Young Master feel relieved, cannot die, but 9th level Expert, is not I now can resist.” The body of Green could not look that has any wound, probably does not have the place that Bone breaks, but Merine actually looked, Green was the veins is injured. If only body wound or bone wound, that arrives does not have anything, the recreation was good some time, but if the muscle is injured, that was very serious, possibly the wound will arrive fundamentally, from now in cannot restore to the optimum condition. In Zhao Hai is wanting to say anything time, Green actually to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, quickly goes to Iron Mountain Fort there, immediately/on horseback picks the there person, thing has tidied up, all Undead Creature, immediately receives, Purcell Family will certainly send for there, moreover these time does not do well, may be Buffy will go personally.” Zhao Hai stares, has not responded that Merine responded, his immediately/on horseback to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, goes quickly, 9th level Expert is quick, if by Buffy presently anything, we are ended.” Zhao Hai one hear of Merine said that immediately/on horseback nodded, to Merine said : Merine Grandma, Grandpa Green hands over give you, Meg, Blockhead, you follow me quickly.” Three people have complied with one, went to Iron Mountain Fort there along with Zhao Hai. Three people of personal appearance flashes, appears in Iron Mountain Fort, Blockhead their immediately has organized the there slave, enabling them to be able within the shortest time to Space. Zhao Hai is actually receiving various thing in Iron Mountain Fort, now thing in Iron Mountain Fort were many, sufficed him to receive one, first was extracting oil field there, was these grinding pans, then also had these rabbits, finally also had the canyon there person. Zhao Hai not the corn seedlings of these grow out, except that making them go to be long, Buffy may not see these corn seedlings in any case, even if saw can be what kind, could not find them. Zhao Hai has used about one day, receives these thing, then letting these Undead Creature, destroyed to the castle in turned, in received returned to them in Space.

These slaves have many family belongings to tidy up, although is some not valuable thing, but these slaves look like, actually very heavy wants, this does not hate to throw, that does not hate to throw. Zhao Hai really does not have means with them, finally has been busy at one in the evening, to next morning time, Zhao Hai tidied up all thing, castle here looked like restores to former that ruined appearance. The look at here situation, Zhao Hai cannot help but hates to clench jaws, he has not thought that their second time enters Space to seek asylum, unexpectedly not because of these Magic Beast, because of person. However Zhao Hai they felt to rejoice quickly, entered in them to Space not long after, Iron Mountain Fort there on appears a person's shadow, this person of Buffy, this let pay attention to Iron Mountain Fort there Zhao Hai they, felt very shocked , the strength of time to 9th level Expert had a understanding. From Iron Mountain Fort here to Casa City, if hurries along according to the normal bearing, that must take nearly one month, even if before is looks like Zhao Hai them, sits in the body of Alien hurries along, needs for half a month about, this must be hurrying along of watching. But Buffy, only used for quite a while to add evening's time, rushed to Iron Mountain Fort here, obviously his quick. Those who most make Zhao Hai shocking is, Buffy is not walking, but is flying, true from the sky flies, not with the aid of any thing. Zhao Hai shocking look at this scene, but sits in nearby Merine actually gloomy face said : „the 9th level Expert most major characteristics, can fly in Space, therefore they will be called the Asian gods, Buffy entered 9th level ten years, he in 9th level Expert, will be fierce existence, will look at his appearance, probably, not only will come for us specially, Young Master, you will let Drunk they carefully, Buffy will possibly enter to Carrion Swamp.” Merine should also be sadly, Green this wound is very heavy, many veins are injured, thinks that is restoring to be very difficult, even if will be the future body were good, feared that was impossible to restore to the original level. Zhao Hai is cloudy face coldly snorted said : good Purcell Family, we broke their food supply now, what to do I think them.” Merine shook the head said : not to be good, Young Master, if now we broke their food supply, certainly will bring in the retaliation of Purcell Family, even if we will not have the matter, but Miss Laura what to do? We have no alternative but to think for her.” Zhao Hai one calm, he makes an effort grasped fist said : such to consider as finished, I was not willingly.” Merine let out a long breath, has patted Zhao Hai dorsal said : Young Master, endures, later waited our, to retaliate them powerful.”

Zhao Hai deeply has attracted several tones, this got down by own calm, this time he was really angry, Green was the elder who he respected, since Ark Continent here, Green continuously like one's own grandfather was loving him, in every possible way showed loving care to him, now has actually been injured by the Purcell Family person, Zhao Hai possibly was not how angry. Zhao Hai that calm gets down also calm, turned the head look at Merine said : Merine Grandma, how Grandpa Green situation?” Merine knit the brows said : to be not quite good, this time he damaged the veins, if processing were not good, the strength will regress, was impossible becomes 8th level Expert.” Zhao Hai clenched teeth, a fist pounded on tea table, he hated himself, why cannot quick point promotion level, some good medicinal herbs come out, was good to help the Green restoration. Thought of medicinal herbs, Zhao Hai suddenly has thought that in his Space, four have not moved demon peach, but he when received the demon peach, Space prompt said that the fruit pulp of demon peach can wound treatment. Thinks of here, a Zhao Hai revolution, big peach on appears in in his hand, he have given Merine said : the peach Merine Grandma, this to Grandpa Green, the peach meat can wound treatment , is don’t know useful, was right, the peach seed must remain.” Merine knows certainly that the demon peach are any thing, but has not thought for a while the demon peach have the wound treatment function, now Zhao Hai this takes, she has thought. Merine immediately/on horseback received demon peach said : well, my this takes to Green.” Said that stands up communication in the room to walk. Zhao Hai also stood got up said : I to go with your together.” When they arrived at the Green room, Green is lying on the bed of front door, his somewhat is weak, on the face is also very pale, such this normally seems like somewhat serious and powerful old person, looks like not in part of ones duty weak. Meg stood to consider Green, Merine enters the room, immediately gives Green said : to eat this in hand peach quickly, Young Master just took, the peach meat can wound treatment.” Green has gawked, this remembered had such a matter, he not polite, slowly sat, took up the demon peach to nip one. He just a breaking by biting peach skin, felt that inside peach juice flowed, attracting that Green made an effort hastily, this attracted, the peach juice of entire demon peach turned into fruit juice same thing, flowed in his mouth.

After he juice extinction of entire peach, the skin of peach also turned into the water to be drawn the mouth by him unexpectedly, his in hand only remaining smooth peach seed. Good, other nucleus peach seed of demon peach are different, on other peach seed, is bringing natural small pit, but the peach seed of demon peach is smooth, the diameter about five centimeters, dark brown, the middle has a white small dot, this small dot is the bulge, does not look like like the peach seed, instead to likely is made of metal, a little looks like the mini version anti-tank grenade. Zhao Hai they cannot help but curious look at this peach seed, this peach seed although just took from the demon peach, but above actually a point also tackless, very dry and clear. Green felt that at this time own within the body resembles the heat flow to surge, he puts down the peach seed hastily, starts use the cultivation. Slowly, heat flow getting bigger and bigger, along with his Battle Qi, operates in each corner of his body, these damaged veins, so long as the heat flow passes, immediately has the comfortable feeling that one type of could not say, probably was the whole person soaks in Hot Spring is the same. Green study is also Wild Dragon Battle Qi, Battle Qi in this world is divided into two types, one type is attribute Battle Qi, one type is non- attribute Battle Qi, attribute Battle Qi, in other words this Battle Qi itself has attribute, only then attribute and Battle Qi of body coincide, you can practice, for example you are the Wind element physique, you can study Wind element Battle Qi, if you want to study Water element Battle Qi, that is impossible, light, then the veins are injured, heavy possessed by the Devil. attribute Battle Qi although has such limit, what however is undeniable, this Battle Qi Might is very big, moreover practices with Battle Qi that own attribute coincides, will be quicker, but this Battle Qi generally control in various Great Clan in hand, little to divulge to an outsider. But another one type of is non- attribute Battle Qi, the meaning of non- attribute Battle Qi is, who can study, what physique no matter you are, Battle Qi that can study, is non- attribute Battle Qi. Non- attribute Battle Qi is also divided into two types, one type is Inferior level, another one type is Advanced level, Inferior level non- attribute Battle Qi, is very common on Continent, each every demon Martial arts school can learn, even if will be in the army will also teach some non- attribute Battle Qi practice method, but will want to bring forth any positive result Inferior level non- attribute Battle Qi, actually will be very difficult. Another one type is Advanced level non- attribute Battle Qi, this Battle Qi Might is not worse than attribute Battle Qi, moreover who can practice, this was very rare on Continent, but Buda Family Wild Dragon Battle Qi, belongs to this Advanced level non- attribute Battle Qi.