Chapter 156 Etc. After having transported Battle Qi, Green presently wound unexpectedly miracle was good, he opens the eye to look standing that a Merine their face is worried about before him, he cannot help but shows a faint smile said : good thing, I wound entire was now good.” Merine they simultaneous relaxing , was Merine said : really entire cannot help but better? You are the wound veins.” Green nodded said : entire to be really good, this demon peach are very mysterious, it seems like that several must save the point to use.” Zhao Hai they have cannot help but smiled, Green has stood from the bed, looked at people said : Young Master, these slaves arrange how? This time they in returned to Space, feared that is some will not be familiar with?” Zhao Hai nodded, these slaves have been used to Space outside life, they had own room in there, had the meager property, these make them treasure very much, now returned to in Space, their somewhat were also sad. Green cold sound said : Purcell Family, you are waiting, sooner or later some day you give us, I also will certainly come back.” Zhao Hai they are also hatred of face, this Purcell Family does was really too excessive, they actually asked 9th level Expert make a move to cope with them, and wants to stamp out the source of trouble. But what their don’t know is, now Purcell Family compared with them worried, especially Caesar, Caesar never expected, invited 9th level Expert make a move, made Green running unexpectedly, if this Buffy killing Green they said fortunately, but if cannot kill them, that Purcell Family had troublesome. although said that Buffy has injured Green, Green impossible was 8th level Expert, but Merine, moreover was 8th level Magician. If Merine their positive looks for Purcell Family, they did not fear, but fears Merine they to be able behind make a move, business of Purcell Family also has plenty on Continent, there is a caravan, every year will also send some Clan juniors to exit to try to practice, if Merine they must retaliate, to these person of make a move, their losses will be big, they cannot send out 8th level Expert to protect these people, they do not have that many 8th level Expert. Caesar was tired of quickly, this plan was he raises, now this plan was failed half, if Buffy can kill Merine they to say fortunately, if cannot, his plan completely be defeated.

But Buffy also felt that the matter is very thorny, after he arrived at Iron Mountain Fort there, actually presently here simply nobody, he transferred the extension on Iron Mountain, does not have the present person, this makes Buffy feel very strange. The 9th level Expert problem, where time they go, likes using own Divine Sense to survey that place. Divine Sense is also 9th level Expert unique, no matter Warrior or Magician, to 9th level time, will produce Divine Sense, the 9th level beforehand people, most can only achieve in Divine Sense to regard, observes the situation in within the body, but to 9th level, has been able to achieve Divine Sense manifestation, can be used to survey thing, general 9th level Expert, Divine Sense most can cover Fang Yuan one kilometer, but after Magician liter to 9th level this, Divine Sense will be generally stronger than 9th level Warrior, most can cover the side original about three kilometers. Buffy to Iron Mountain Fort time, investigated Iron Mountain Fort with own Divine Sense, finally naturally is anything not presently, he arrived in Iron Mountain Fort to look, inside truly nobody. If mercenary, may see Zhao Hai from Iron Mountain Fort dust thickness and other aspects they just leave not long after, but Buffy actually does not understand these, this lifetime besides practice, passed in the murder, but the homicide person was in the family provides the information generally, he walked, killed the person had finished up, therefore regarding these , he he only looked at iron fort here nobody, flew Iron Mountain to look. He naturally impossible like others, looking bit by bit on Iron Mountain, but has flown on Iron Mountain, sweeps with Divine Sense, presently nobody flies, therefore also not present canyon there these corn, even if were present he did not know. Had not found Zhao Hai they, Buffy has not investigated in Carrion Swamp there, but is turn around round trip flies, although said that Buffy does not pass world, but his to Purcell Family loyal that is great, he had not found Zhao Hai they, is thinking goes back to tell person one in Clan. Zhao Hai their although presently Buffy leave, actually has hidden in Space does not dare to exit, their don’t know Buffy also in Iron Mountain Fort there, if Buffy also in there, they, as soon as exited to expose, therefore Zhao Hai decided that stayed in Space some time. However Zhao Hai with the grain transaction of Purcell Family, has not actually stopped, has not risen in prices, his very clear, now is not rising in prices time, if rose in prices, Purcell Family feared that will look for their troubles, they did not fear, but Laura will not be good, for will not give Laura to put to trouble, they decided that normal will trade with Purcell Family. Caesar is not happy, he sits in his office, on the table is putting the document, he does not have the mood to go to the tube. yesterday his all planned well, so long as Buffy make a move extinguished Green, in he will send to become monk 8th level Expert, goes to Black Wasteland there, they have killed Merine, this matter has also settled, he will also obtain in Clan the majority of independent elder's support, this Great Elder position can sit is steadier. However he has not thought that on Green will really have antiquity Magic apparatus, ran away unexpectedly, although he has not seen who with the antiquity Magic apparatus, but Buffy said that should not be wrong, now he only hopes Buffy can succeed found Merine they, has killed them, like this he also has the means recovery.

Caesar's lost sitting in there, is hoping at heart Buffy can a bit faster come back, brings good information to him, because he felt, Second Elder and Third Elder after Green runs away, looked that his look changed. Caesar understand their meanings, Second Elder and Third Elder are waiting for him to make a mistake, if this Buffy cannot extinguish Buda Family, his auspicious day to the end. Thinks of here, Caesar cannot help but agitated, said loudly: Lani, comes.” Has been gawking outside Lani, but immediately/on horseback walked, bows to Caesar said : Great Elder, has any instructions? Caesar look at Lani that hides in Magic Robe that beautiful fascinating'winsome personal appearance, in the eye full is ** said : comes.” Lani with Caesar was not a day or two, her completely understand Caesar, looked at Caesar's look, knows that he must do, she not only has not been afraid, a counter- face charming smile has collected. On this day does not have what difference in bystander opinion Purcell Family, but person actually understand in Clan, this is just the tranquility before storm, all people and other Buffy, if the motion success of Buffy, Purcell Family possibly will not have any important matter to live, but how Buffy failed, in that Purcell Family will certainly blow storm, the Purcell Family authority level, feared is must from new has shuffled. Purcell Family all people and other information, but Casa City other big influences also and other information, they and other information with Purcell Family information is the same, and other Buffy information. Did not want underestimated these Great Clan influences, in Purcell Family, there are their informers, Purcell Family had any important matter to live, they know, therefore on Continent will be spreading a few words, senior official not hidden. That meaning in other words, you are high-ranking, will not have anything **, this saying also to the person who other were the high-ranking said certainly that ordinary commoner was not the matter that was possible to know these senior officials. But in these influences, includes Laura, Laura is sitting in own study room now, frowns, Ni'er standing as always in her, Kun sits in his opposite, frowns, three people have not made noise. Some little time Laura said loudly: Comes the person.” Servant immediately/on horseback of bystander ran, bows to Laura said : young lady has any instructions?

Laura said : Purcell Family didn't there have information to pass on?” That servant lowers the head said : is, but also does not have information, Buffy has not come back.” Laura nodded, waved, that servant bows the retreat, Laura turns the head to Kun said : Grandfather Kun, you said that the Purcell Family person does think? Why caused such matter to come at this time, this does not do well to affect our plan.” Kun has smiled bitterly next step: Also can have anything, the pride of Great Noble, Great Noble overbearing the [say / way] of handling matters, Purcell Family to Buda Family what, entire Continent people knows that but this Buda Family Manager heard that is 8th level Peak Expert, if some day he breaks through, regarding Purcell Family, will be one greatly troublesome, therefore they want to look for a excuse to kill the opposite party, has not actually thought that the body of opposite party will really have the antiquity Magic apparatus, was given to run away by the opposite party, if the motion success of this time Buffy said fortunately, if motion failure, that Purcell Family on lively. Our plans certainly will also be affected.” Laura stood agitated got up said : these fellows also is really, Buda Family originally has met misfortune, they also hit a person when he is down, others broke off an engagement, but must probably extinguish others, caused such big trouble to come, if Purcell Family because of this matter appears civil strife, simply had scruples the grain without the flaw really the issue, when the time comes these big Trading Company seize the opportunity will move, that grain price feared that was must steadily.” Kun has smiled bitterly next step: Now also can only wait, if the motion success of Buffy, that all are good to advocate, if not successful, we must try to find the solution, was right, Young lady, I thought that we can go to greet with Mr. Zhao Hai ahead of time?” Laura shook the head said : first to wait, waited for Purcell Family there to have accurate information saying that no matter what, this matter will not have anything to affect to Mr. Zhao Hai.” Kun sighed, then said : felt sorry for Buda Family, these time feared that was their real difficult has escaped by luck, Buffy after all was 9th level Expert.”