Chapter 157 information Laura sighed said : „to say that Buda Family also really suffices the injustice, their small Noble can know anything, why King let do, has not actually thought that not unconsciously advanced itself all Noble opposites.” Kun said : is not Buda Family not understand, but do they do are die, is Aksu Empire old King, too underestimated established Noble strength.” Laura said : Buda Family that Young Master also is really sufficient bad luck, heard that Young Master that called Adam, although playboy a point, but did not have what greatly wickedly, was actually compelled to drink Water of Nothingness, in the family had two 8th level Expert words, feared that was the poor life does not guarantee, probably was they went to Black Wasteland the time, his unconscious, these time was also fearing that was also difficult to run away a tribulation.” Kun nodded said : „the 9th level Expert strength, is not that simple, heard that Green was also injured, only strikes, makes 8th level Peak Expert be injured, 8th level and 9th level are really different.” Laura should said : „, listening to Buffy saying that Green these time feared is the wound is very heavy, even if were injures, level will also drop, this Purcell Family cannot kill Green, could be said as a Buda Family arm.” Kun sighed said : this is the strength, if Buda Family had 9th level Expert, they can official became Great Noble, nobody dares like this to them.” On Continent is Great Noble, mainly looks at two aspects, on the one hand inherits, the time of inheritance is long, showed that you have the qualifications become Great Noble, second is to look at the strength, so long as your strength has sufficed, even if the time of inheritance is not long, you can also be Great Noble, but this strength, does not weigh with money, but must think in your Clan is to have 9th level Expert. Can say 9th level Expert, representative already, not only strength, but is an influence, if 9th level thing on Expert compared with making Earth, that was a nuclear bomb, was existence of deterrent, the time of truly using, was few. Laura look at Kun said : Grandfather Kun, that Markey Family how many 9th level warrior? We have formed an alliance with Mr. Zhao Hai now, but mister are most is also 8th level Expert, can help us really?”

Kun smiles said : natural energy, do not look that Markey Family is very sight, actually 9th level Expert in Clan also two people, moreover these two people are year to year closed-door cultivation, simply make a move, in 8th level Expert Clan to will not be many, but Mr. Zhao Hai can be 8th level Dark Magician, is existence that nobody is willing to annoy, will be adding on his two formidable will be following, that will have three 8th level Expert to help us, if in adding on old man, Clan will be does not dare to move easily our.” Laura nodded, after a Kun such saying, she present, originally own strength was not weak, four 8th level Expert, this on Continent, from has established small Clan to be OK. Thinks of here, Laura happy, then to Kun said : Grandfather Kun, nearest/recent our business was very cannot help but good, after I want to wait for this disturbance, immediately relates the meat Processing Factory matter to mister, I looked that mister really needs money probably the appearance.” Kun nodded said : „should this matter to manage, mister to our help was really too big, if this time were not mister, we in Purcell Duchy, were very difficult to survive.” Laura also nodded, this grain question seems like the influence is not probably big, but regarding Laura them, is very important, if this time they have not obtained the grain from Zhao Hai there, they did not have the grain to sell, moreover along with the rise of grain price, these commoner ate meal difficultly, the demand of daily necessities will reduce, Magic Lily Store will certainly be affected. When these big Merchant preparation rising grain prices, they do not have to rise, but also wants to lobby them do not rise in prices, this invisible in offended these Merchant, if made these Merchant succeed, they will certainly suppress Laura they, even if they did not begin to Laura directly, will suppress them in the trade, they do not want to stay in Purcell Duchy. Is adding on Laura also to borrow the Zhao Hai strength, therefore she now to Zhao Hai is grateful, is the awe, but Zhao Hai in hand strength strong she . Moreover the back also big stretch of territories support, the matter of Laura to Zhao Hai was careful. Kun looks at the Laura appearance, smiles said : also to have, doesn't Mr. Zhao Hai want some Magic plants seed? We should also begin to prepare, was right, has been delivering Magic Beast that Mr. Zhao Hai some were easy to get so far as, although mister in hand was now rich, but we delivered these thing, mister should accept.” Laura nod said : good, we begin now, is really, if did not have such matter, we already began.” Said that Laura called the person, matter explain/transfer that must manage. Laura is not small in the Purcell Duchy here influence, currently he is cooperating with Purcell Family, can say that now she is very high in the Purcell Duchy here status, Purcell Family will give her several points of face.

Now entire Casa City, semblance calm, the dark wave surges actually, all people and other Buffy information, these Great Clan also in secret is making the preparation, what if Buffy brings is good information, they can only be honest, if Buffy cannot complete duty, they will be impolite. These big Trading Company have not feared Purcell Family, Purcell Family does not dare to set out 9th level Expert to cope their, after all their Great Clan is also supporting, if Purcell Family, dares to cope with them with 9th level Expert, their Clan can also begin 9th level Expert to cope with Purcell Family, Purcell Family that by that time suffers a loss. Has saying that Caesar ruled Purcell Family to be too long, but Purcell Duchy here was their domains, he can do whatever one wants to do, this make him start proud Jiao, thinks that wanted to be able 9th level Expert make a move, can frighten these big Trading Company, he has actually forgotten, these big Trading Company also had 9th level Expert to assume personal command, if he dares to cope with others with 9th level, others will be naturally impolite. On this day very calm passed, next day still calm, because Buffy has not come back, all people in static is waiting, third day noon time, Buffy came back finally. Was paying attention to Purcell Family situation Zhao Hai first to see Buffy in this Space, Buffy was falling in Purcell Family courtyard, but here previous time entered the Space place not to be far to Green, therefore Zhao Hai can see him. Buffy came back, has alarmed all people, can say that the entire Casa City count number big influence, collapsed the nerve at once tightens. But obtained information Caesar is the earliest possible time rushed to that courtyard, Buffy was also strange, after he fell in that courtyard, not, but static standing in there. Caesar entered courtyard to see Buffy, he moved forward to meet somebody hastily, bowed said : to see god Sir worshipped/Foreign Elder to Buffy, does not know that the Sir can find the Buda Family person?” Caesar also knows the Buffy temperament, you with him politely useless, so long as asked that you want to know, Buffy naturally will tell you. Buffy shook the head said : not to find, entire Black Wasteland there does not have the Buda Family shadow, on Iron Mountain does not have, I come back tell you one, I had not found them, you must be ready, I must go to Carrion Swamp to explore, then has any matter, do not look for me.” The personal appearance moved, vanishes in same place.

Buffy vanished, Caesar's complexion actually one ugly, he has not thought that Buffy acted suddenly not to find Buda Family, this regarding him, was really information awfully. But almost at the same time, these Great Clan also received information, this information regarding them, was actually one in good also no information, but they did not have immediately/on horseback to begin to start the rising grain price, but was immediately sends for relating Purcell Family Second Elder and Third Elder . Purcell Family Second Elder and Third Elder have been striving for the power with Great Elder, these Great Clan are also knows that this regarding these Great Clan is not the news, almost all Great Clan will have this situation, they look for Second Elder and Third Elder now, was the hope can at this time, supported Second Elder or Third Elder , was starting preparing the rising grain price. although this looks like a little contradictory, their rising grain price, is in itself is coping with Purcell Family, how can also support Second Elder and Third Elder ? Actually this is also normal, for authority, the people can sacrifice many thing, Great Elder rules Purcell Family these many years, his strength in Clan is biggest, but Second Elder and Third Elder , to use this time matter to destroy Great Elder, only depends on their strengths are not good, they must draw support from some external forces, but these Great Clan are the powerful external forces. Laura when hears this information, is actually an anxious look of face, he knows that following Purcell Family will certainly welcome storm, but her present is also in this storm. Great Clan to struggle that imperial throne, what method can use, this Great Elder chess misses one, is not small to his prestigious attack, but wants to shake the Great Elder foundation, is not that easy, Great Elder can rule Purcell Family these many years, naturally has his method, but now is also the Great Elder weakest time. At this time if were living the matter that any Great Elder could not solve, he has troubled, but at the present this time, the issue that could not solve, had one, the grain question! For that imperial throne, Great Elder these enemies, will possibly sacrifice the part of Clan interests, with these big Merchant cooperation rising grain prices, after rising grain price, Great Elder naturally could not solve, they will chase off the stage Great Elder taking advantage of this opportunity, after rising grain price, these commoner lives, simply will not be cared by these superior, in their eyes, the authority compared with the commoner life, was much more important.