Chapter 158 Person who forgotten Laura uneasy whether sitting or standing walks back and forth in study room, regarding her, is really that Buffy brings bad cannot in bad information. She sympathizes with Buda Family, but Buffy cannot complete duty now, this regarding her, absolutely is bad information, this on behalf of Purcell Family can possibly the civil strife. If were not at this time, Purcell Family in other time, was randomly chaotic, however at this time, actually really wanted the human life, not only this relationship to Purcell Family one, but also relationship to the Purcell Duchy by the thousands and tens of thousands commoner family. Kun also frowns to sit in study room, how this situation he also real don’t know must handle, they to also want a hand to meddle, however does not do well, will fall into to this whirlpool, is deeper and deeper. However the issue is, if they do not participate, so long as the matter had the result, that first bad luck certainly is they, therefore they, only then participates. However the participation and participation are different, participates with any way, this is most essential, if opportunity and type, the method is correct, they not only can protect, but can also gain the biggest benefit. In this time, a servant was running from outside, bows to Laura said : young lady, just received information, Xin Ya Clan and other Great Clan moved, but they do not have the rising grain price, moreover sent for running to contact with Third Elder with Purcell Family Second Elder .” Laura wrinkled the brow, beckoned with the hand said : to get down, then looks up, has any new situation, immediately/on horseback tells me.” That servant has complied with one, bowed to retreat. Does Laura turn the head to Kun said : Grandfather Kun, how many Xin Ya their to do? Do they want to hold Second Elder or the Third Elder superior?”

Kun nodded said : to fear that can be this, if Second Elder or Third Elder formed an alliance with them, they even can give up this time grain rising in prices the motion, so long as they can hold the superior one in this two Elders, will obtain the vigorous support of that elder, when the time comes they can lord over the entire Purcell Duchy market, real essence that these fellows plan.” What to do does Laura frown said : that we? Can't light be such just wait? Then was also too disadvantageous to us?” Kun two eyes twinkling brightly is said : waiting? Naturally cannot such wait, such we will be only getting more and more passive, finally will also possibly be given to push by them, do not look that we have helped Purcell Family in the grain question, was counting on they can be grateful to us, useless, these fellows will not manage you to help them, so long as there is a benefit that always suffices, all can betray, we must do now, contacts with a Purcell Family person, must support him, is he cannot the superior, must have certain right to speak by him in Purcell Family, like this we can protect own business.” Laura said : who? Now feared that is Xin Ya Clan person, already with Second Elder and in the Third Elder contact, we go now, already late.” Kun showed a faint smile said : you do not forget, Purcell Family also person, before this person, was also puissant, but afterward he to help Buda Family, the authority was compressed, now is not just good opportunity?” Laura stares, his immediately has thought what Kun said is, Purcell Family nominal Patriarch, Purcell Duchy Grand Duke, Evan. The Evan beforehand authority is not worse than Great Elder many, but he, because is young, does not have what the experience of political struggle, was adding on him to help Buda Family, therefore his authority they were given the differentiation to compress by Great Elder, has been adding on him deeply to occupy to be deep these days, did not ask the humans affair, turned into a Blockhead person completely, ornaments, therefore Laura did not remember him most from the beginning. The Kun look at Laura appearance, showed a faint smile said : in recent time, Evan completely quietly, the people have forgotten his existence probably, but was this not just his brilliant place? Doesn't his in hand strength have really? No, his strength although was compressed much, but not by complete being built on stilts, his also part of strengths, but his in recent time endures hidden, making the people forget his existence.” Laura thinks that said : probably is really this, since Buda Family but actually, Evan on very low key, has forgotten him the low key to the people, or has regarded ornaments him, if his in hand also has the strength, we help his, perhaps he can walk onto the stage.” Kun shows a faint smile said : this meaning, now we best to fan out in two groups, with matter that Evan meets, the young lady do not act, extremely in making widely known, target is too big, comes by me on the line, your present immediately/on horseback sees Mr. Zhao Hai, must the here situation, talk clearly with Mr. Zhao Hai, making mister there also be ready.”

Laura nodded said : well, my immediately goes, Evan there asked Grandfather Kun.” Said that leads Ni'er to walk outward. When Casa City all Great Clan are staring at Purcell Family, people actually suddenly present, Laura sits horse carriage to go out of town unexpectedly . Moreover the direction directly soars Stony Mountain. Laura this goes out of town, to is makes these Great Clan relax, to be honest, they have tied the enmity with Laura now, but they actually do not dare to move Laura, because not only Laura is the Markey Family person, because also Laura is standing strength immeasurably deep Dark Magician. Purcell Family sends for coping with the Zhao Hai matter, these Great Clan are also knows that among this High level, wants truely achieves to hide secret is impossible, because knows, therefore these talented people feel the fearfulness of Zhao Hai. Garden that is on Continent becomes famous by long 8th level Expert, is Dark Magician nemesis white Magician, the side is also bringing that many Expert, in this case, they unexpectedly silent was extinguished, the Zhao Hai strength is really was too scary. But Laura and Zhao Hai relationship, they know that Zhao Hai has rescued the Laura life, is thing that Zhao Hai there produces, makes Laura help selling, among them has become an alliance, in this case, offends Laura to offend Zhao Hai on equal to, but Zhao Hai is Dark Magician that they most are not willing to annoy. These people think that Laura looks for Zhao Hai, him told that a next present Casa City situation, this point these people to were not worried, said that so long as did not interrupt their plans on the line. Laura these time goes out of town, not only will tell Zhao Hai the situation in Casa City, but also these Great Clan attention attracting, having let Kun easier in close Evan. Laura this time moving does former several times is quicker, only used less than the half-day time to arrive under Stony Mountain, Zhao Hai also received information, Laura arrived under the mountain, Green immediately Laura receiving on mountain. After Zhao Hai receives Laura in the living room sits down, polite, direct said : Miss Laura these time for the Purcell Family matter has not come? I heard that Purcell Family probably a little slightly does trouble now?”

The intelligence capability of Laura to Zhao Hai, has asked for advice, therefore has not been surprised, her forced smile said : feared that is not small troublesome, but is greatly troublesome.” This to is makes Zhao Hai stare, he regarding the inside story understanding of Purcell Family are not many, even if Green they are also same as Merine don’t know. Zhao Hai puzzled said : is not draws back a marriage, then wants to kill people not to kill? What also has to trouble?” Laura forced smile said : „, if said like mister was really good, mister don’t know, Purcell Family these time possibly can the civil strife.” Does Zhao Hai frown said : „? You said carefully.” Laura nodded said : Purcell Family originally to be biggest by the Patriarch authority, is Clan Elder Assembly, point that Elder Assembly has, to supervise Patriarch, one, but Patriarch has made the significant mistake, Elder Assembly has the authority to impeach Patriarch, but Purcell Family Patriarch Grand Duke Evan, does not have the big authority now, Evan becomes Patriarch time, but also is very young, but Great Elder Caesar of their family Patriarch old meeting, in Purcell Family, has managed many years, the influence is very strong, Evan does not have what to experience, on was taking the opportunity reduced many authorities by Caesar, afterward heard that Grand Duke Evan has the friendship with Buda Family. Buda Family has an accident, Evan has helped Buda Family in secret, because of this matter, his authority in one time was compressed, now he big authority, the Purcell Family authority, strongly on the Elder Assembly three long experts, is not biggest by the Great Elder Caesar's authority, Second Elder by because of being poor with Third Elder Syers.” Speaking of here Laura, looked at Zhao Hai. The face of Zhao Hai hides under Magic Robe, the face of Green was keeping off by full body armor, she could not certainly see, therefore naturally does not have presently, the face of Zhao Hai and on Green shows the shocking facial expression. Special Green, Green has hated Evan very much, because Evan has the friendship with the Adam father, finally when their Clan meets misfortune, Purcell Family actually comes to hit a person when he is down, he thinks that all these are Evan pull strings, now knows, originally Evan to help them, has paid such big price unexpectedly. Laura looked that they have not made noise, this then said : „, but this Buda Family Manager suddenly appears in Casa City, must break an engagement with Purcell Family, but Caesar saw Buda Family Manager Green unexpectedly is 8th level Peak Expert, feared after Green, broke through 9th level to retaliate them, therefore wants to ask Clan Divine Protector Buffy to kill Green, has not actually thought that on Green was bringing the antiquity Magic apparatus, ran by Green unexpectedly, then Buffy went to Black Wasteland there to chase down Buda Family, had not found the person, these made Caesar very passive, must know in the Daoism clan to begin Divine Protector, but that important matter, this. A time matter is a Caesar strength position, finally has not succeeded, this is very big to Caesar's attack, but Casa City other big Trading Company, taking advantage of this opportunity, on own initiative are actually related by because of Syers, it seems like that the Purcell Family civil strife was inevitable.”