Chapter 159 Consideration of Zhao Hai Zhao Hai static is listening to the Laura words, he has not thought that this matter will direct such consequence, his very clear, if Purcell Family the civil strife, what that entire Purcell Duchy can be at this time. Zhao Hai hates Purcell Family, but this equal to he does not hate all Purcell Duchy people, if he hates entire Purcell Duchy, he will not give Purcell Family to help in an emergency with the grain. But if Purcell Family lived the civil strife now, before them, all that makes, all have wasted, what most important is, this matter is certainly influential to Laura. Zhao Hai cannot make Laura have an accident now, Laura is he sells Space crops sole passage now, if Laura had an accident, the person who he cannot trust has produced goods, this regarding Zhao Hai, the attack was too big, the Black Wasteland there show needs money. Does Zhao Hai gain ground to Laura said : that Buffy?” Laura said : Wind Saint Buffy, heard that this time must go to Carrion Swamp to have a look, but I think him am more unfortunate than fortunate, Carrion Swamp there is not so is good.” Zhao Hai has gawked, then cannot help but smiled, he has not thought really that Buffy must go to Carrion Swamp unexpectedly, he has not made these slaves exit from Space luckily now, otherwise waits for Buffy to go to Carrion Swamp time, possibly can presently they. Does Zhao Hai gain ground that Miss Laura the meaning to Laura said : is?” Laura look at Zhao Hai said : my these time comes out, mainly informs mister this matter, making mister here have a preparation, moreover mister must pay attention, these big Trading Company people will act out of desperation, copes mister, this time we prepare to cooperate with Grand Duke Evan, helping Grand Duke Evan seize power, entire Purcell Family, only then Grand Duke Evan can work with us, has the Grand Duke Evan a little conscience, will care about the Purcell Duchy these commoner lives.” Zhao Hai nodded said : this not to have issue, feel relieved was good, if needs me to help, must look for me, was right, I presently in hand also has more than 1 million jin (0.5 kg) Bamboo rice, if desired, can take at any time.”

Laura stares, she has not thought really that Zhao Hai in hand also so many Bamboo rice, this made her be unexpectedly surprised. The Zhao Hai in hand naturally impossible goods in stock not to have, when Laura they have not begun to store grain, Zhao Hai started to get ready, these Bamboo rice were he already saved emergency, exactly said that altogether, not only more than 1 million jin (0.5 kg), but enough near more than 3 million jin (0.5 kg), but Zhao Hai one will not take them, so long as sufficed them to use on the line. Laura great happiness said : that Laura thanked mister in here, if this time we have defeated, represented these big Trading Company to win, these big Trading Company may put the grain very much, at the appointed time Mister Hou here did not need to prepare that many grain.” Zhao Hai has gawked, but changed mind one to want on understand what's the matter, if these big Trading Company were helping Second Elder or Third Elder really seized power, they will cut the grain price to put the grain to come out, this can stabilize the Purcell Duchy market in a short time, helping the person who they were supporting hold on to the position, although such does will compensate a money, the person who so long as they supported has held on to the position, they can lord over the entire Purcell Duchy market, when the time comes wants to make how much money, that was also not the easy matter. Zhao Hai nodded said : well, Miss Laura, I am those words, if you met anything to trouble, can look for me to Stony Mountain here, that feared that was 9th level Expert, I can also protect safely.” If beforehand Laura regarding some antiquity Magic apparatus suspicions, actually had not suspected that now, although she has not used these Magic apparatus, but do not forget, Green has used, although she has not seen with one's own eyes, but Green truly from 9th level Expert in hand escaped with life, this is actually the fact. Similarly, Laura understand, a value of antiquity Magic apparatus, Laura has also stood, bows said : Laura to thank mister to Zhao Hai.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said :Miss Laura these time to come out, fears also to attract the attention of these people? That also left anxiously, remained to eat meal, I let the person Fire Fish that prepared Miss Laura to like eating. Laura not polite, complied with a smile, but now is also not the time of eating meal, Zhao Hai gave Laura to arrange a room, making them rest. The Laura living room, Zhao Hai turns the head from the beginning to Green said : Grandpa Green, you looked that this matter is what kind of?” Green shows a faint smile said : we not to need to manage them, making them fight, what matters did not have our in any case, if these big Trading Company dare to begin to us, we did not use politely, to was Drunk their heads, making them pay attention to a point, if saw Buffy, making their immediately/on horseback repayment, Buffy not go to Carrion Swamp? These many years, even if were 9th level Expert entered Carrion Swamp, can live also few, if Buffy living, we can look that the situation decided that if he has been injured, we must forever keep here him, first in a big way broke Purcell Family one to help.”

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not to think really that the matter unfolds to this situation unexpectedly, but you said that Laura said Evan has helped our matter in secret, is true or false?” Green deep voice said : this matter is very likely, I felt that the Purcell Family style is a little different, does not look like the Evan doing wind, Evan this person I have seen, likely is not that ungrateful person, I have felt very strange, why Evan after Patriarch changed these many, moreover our Clan can by the minute to Black Wasteland here, but had not been given exterminate by these Great Noble, I had felt that behind this has the person in helping us probably, calculates that feared that is also only then Evan.” Did Zhao Hai nod said : that we to help Evan?” Green smiles good that said : this matter we do not meddle, avoid has exposed, now Purcell Family internal strife, we, if inserts a foot, might welcome Purcell Family and these big Trading Company collaborates to counter-attack very much, must know that our present status are Dark Magician, will not be the popular person.” Zhao Hai thinks that said : also good, we were stand by in any case now, we this status cannot expose now, therefore this matter take part was not good, Evan had Laura to help him in any case, if Laura they were defeated, that adds on us, feared that could not help.” Green smiles said : so, now the status cannot expose, one, but exposes, entire Continent will not have our places of taking shelter, is good because of our present status, the average person does not dare to annoy, so long as we do not stir up trouble on own initiative, should not have any issue.” Zhao Hai nodded said : when necessary, we should also to Laura their help, if Laura they were defeated, we did not have the place to produce goods, in Space type these many thing, if could not sell, was not quite easy to do.” Green thinks that said : this is also good, if Laura has encountered the danger, we can make a move help her, after all we with their relationship in that pendulum, make a move nobody will also be saying anything.” Zhao Hai nodded, to Green said : Grandpa Green, you greeted Laura they, I went to call Merine Grandma, making her prepare the lunch, told Drunk them Buffy information while convenient.” Green nodded, turn around exited, Zhao Hai to Space, has been delivering to outside Space Merine that taught these slaves to know, making her prepare the lunch, told Drunk Buffy information while convenient, making them add carefully. These slave although just entered Space time, is somewhat sad, but was much better now, this must be lucky Zhao Hai in hand Blue Eye Rabbit, their these time will arrive at Space, Zhao Hai every will prepare together the meat dish to them, such allowance compared with much better outside Space, the mood of these slaves also slowly has stabilized.

Moreover Zhao Hai also promised them, these thing that their before minute of arriving, waited exited from Space, will also give back to them, making them not need to be worried, made Merine they teach these slaves to be literate, these slaves were then good. Merine heard that Zhao Hai makes her exit to give Laura to prepare the lunch, very happy, in her opinion, Laura is she gives the Zhao Hai decided but not yet announced wife, Laura comes industriously is better, daily comes to be good. Zhao Hai look at Merine appearance, not bears very much, after putting Merine release goes, simply kept in Space, when the preparation serves a meal is exiting. Zhao Hai such performance, to is makes Meg relax, she also really feared that Zhao Hai also likes contacting with Laura, when the time comes did not want her. Zhao Hai has not gone to teach these slaves to be literate, but made these slaves rest, he they sat with Meg and Blockhead in the Space spatial hall, told his information just Laura, they said to Meg. Meg they have not thought really that the matter actually convention to this situation, has not waited for Zhao Hai saying that Blockhead smiles said : well, fights is good, they more fight, to us is advantageous, making them fight, they fight, will not have the mood to manage us, we security.” Meg cares is actually another matter, her look at Zhao Hai said : Young Master, if Grand Duke Evan helps us really in secret, you with the Purcell Family engagement are also effective?” Zhao Hai smiles said : that to be how possible, the marriage drew back has drawn back, impossible to be effective, even if were really we who Evan helped, later we looked for opportunity to help his, after or, was not coping with them to be good, said it, I heard, the Evan daughter was not quite good because of Purcell Duchy rumor, our Buda Family that goods, our small Meg, on compared with Evan that daughter strong 1000 times.”