Chapter 160 Good to give birth This is Zhao Hai first time speaks with Meg with some the expressions of teasing, Meg they cannot help but stare, then Meg face red, charmingly angry said : Young Master teased me.” Zhao Hai he he the chuckle, at heart actually secret relaxing, Zhao Hai although is nerd, has not been in love, but he is not a fool, he presently Meg to oneself probably a little favorable impression, moreover after such being together of long time, he also very much has the favorable impression to Meg, reason that he said today that wants to have a look at the response of Meg, if Meg has not been angry, that represents Meg to have the favorable impression to him, he has not felt wrong. Blockhead they were also first time hear Zhao Hai to say Meg, they looked at one mutually, some puzzled, but has not said anything. Meg reddens all over the face, actually secretly rejoices at heart, her heart, already was on the body of Zhao Hai, but Zhao Hai continuously performance not salty was not pale, she does not dare to reveal her regard that can only show loving care for Zhao Hai in behind silently. Today although Zhao Hai these words in not anything, but makes the Meg heart happy not by, because Zhao Hai this is also praising her, by own one's beloved praise, that was feared by this cracking a joke tone, lets the young girl heart of this beginning to be interested in the opposite sex such as Lu Zhuang. Zhao Hai does not have excessive teasing Meg, he knows Meg to be thin-skinned, if he were saying that anything, possibly bashfully ran Meg, moreover person who he does not want to turn into a glib, that is not his disposition. Also chatted a while with three people, felt that the time was also up, Zhao Hai brought Meg to come out from Space, Laura has seen Meg, if suddenly could not see today, instead attended the meeting to get suspicious, therefore Zhao Hai has carried over Space Meg, but Blockhead they kept in Space to look after these slaves, but after Meg has completed the food, has actually delivered one to them. Laura and Ni'er arrive at the dining room time, Zhao Hai they sat in there are waiting for them, Laura non- meaning made mister wait for a long time to Zhao Hai said :, just went by car somewhat tired, unknowingly, fell asleep unexpectedly.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not to have relationship, I also just arrived, Miss Laura sits quickly, to here like arriving own home, should not be polite.” Laura has complied with one, sat. At this time Merine and Meg also completing the meal carried, Green actually early took a seat Zhao Hai side, today's food by bread give priority to, the dish to is many, but before also many were , Laura has eaten.

Laura to is very fragrant, these vegetables that eats only used Zhao Hai here to eat, normally she could not eat at home, because not only did not have the food, the procedure she cannot. Laura is also don’t know own misconception, she felt that Zhao Hai that maidservant, looks in her look, is having a hostility, but Zhao Hai that female cook, looks in her look, brought saying that did not scavenge unclear thing, making her whole body uncomfortable. Because of existence of this feeling, therefore after Laura has eaten thing, said goodbye leave, her understand Zhao Hai person, why will not turn into this appearance, this what's the matter? Laura frowns, sits in the carriage, puzzled is thinking, Ni'er look at Laura, smiles said : young lady, do you have presently? mister that maidservant has the hostility to you very much.” Did Laura stare, turns the head look at Ni'er said : you also to look? I also think that is my misconception, did I offend the good maidservant? What matter that I handle, making mister unsatisfied?” The Ni'er young lady smiles said : tenderly young lady also is really stupid, what matter that was you have made the mistake, you had not noticed that maidservant did look at the mister look? That love links me to look, she regarded the love rival you obviously, moreover sizing up young lady who mister that female cook, has kept, but also often had a look at young lady's buttocks, I listened to the person saying that the folk had the one type of view, calling the buttocks to give birth excellently, he he, feared that was that female cook is looked the young lady was good to give birth.” Laura stares, then reviles angrily said : smelly girl, daily were the crazy talks, the feelings of love move? It seems like I must ask families to give to marry you earlier.” Ni'er actually tenderly smiles said : young lady not to be angry, I said that but fact, appearance that sees the young lady, is very good to give birth.” Said young lady has smiled. Laura at heart is actually somewhat unusual, she is too close to the problem, at that time presently Meg and Merine look at her with that look, she has not thought that but thinks where one had has made the mistake, annoyed Zhao Hai, now one hear of Ni'er said that in recalled Meg and Merine look, but also said like Ni'er. The Ni'er mind is pure, therefore she can be together with animal comes, similarly, her change to person mind, very sensitive, will therefore see Meg and Merine because of any often look at Laura. But Laura actually fell into thinking deeply, she is really don’t know Meg regards as a love rival her, is her misunderstanding , because of the Zhao Hai reason.

If were only his misunderstanding that said fortunately, if were the Zhao Hai reason, that matter on the big strip, that explained that Zhao Hai increased in Meg their front, displayed to have the favorable impression to her. Thinks of here, the face of Laura cannot help but one red, normally she should be Zhao Hai has this idea to feel worried, but she actually presently, oneself probably not worried, only then shames intent, chuckling to oneself of faint. Laura is a very calm person, Kun when she is sensible starts to teach her, encounters a difficulty is certainly calm, this is the Merchant most basic request. She presently own mood is not very quickly right, she immediately/on horseback starts to reconsider, the result is dizzy more and more, to finally the confused rising brain that oneself think, actually cannot manage a clue, finally must give up not thinking, but this matter has actually planted seed in her mood. When her returned to family time, Kun also came back, is drinking tea in study room, Laura enters study room, wielded near these servants, this in a low voice to Kun said : Grandfather Kun, what kind of?” Kun showed a faint smile said : has become, Evan in hand really part of strengths, moreover some strengths were not small, in Purcell Family majority of neutral elder, was his under the hand/subordinate, before he has made these elders endure hidden, was other opportunity, now opportunity came, what most important was, you cannot think that his back also had who, one of the Purcell Family two Divine Protector, Origin Sword Saint, was the Evan great grandfather.” Laura stares, then great happiness said : fantastic, has such backing, that matter was easier to do, was right, Origin Sword Saint is the Evan great grandfather, that Evan when was built on stilts, why doesn't he have make a move? Also, does Evan know this matter, Caesar their these Elder Assembly don’t know?” Does Kun show a faint smile said : Origin Sword Saint is the what kind type character? He knew, will not manage, this is also to Evan to gain experience, does not pass through such to gain experience, he is impossible becomes qualified Patriarch, in adding on Purcell Family has regulation, the Clan Divine Protector material, only then Patriarch can look that other anybody cannot look, therefore Caesar they and don’t know Origin Sword Saint status, must know that Origin Sword Saint must early enter 9th level compared with Buffy, person who also early dozens years, now in Purcell Family, knows his status, only then Evan.” Laura happy has stood, in taking a walk that the ground keeps, walks while excited said : fantastic, has such strength, this matter certainly becomes, Grandfather Kun, what to do does Grand Duke Evan prepare?” What to do Kun shows a faint smile said : not, making their acrobatics develop completely, these Great Clan wanted to push down the stage Great Elder, must make the grain rise in prices, such Great Elder could not solve this trouble, naturally will make him leave office, but wish made the grain rise in prices, but must our pass/test, therefore this several days they will possibly look for us, laid cards on the table with us, even threatened us, we happen to used this opportunity, asking Mr. Zhao Hai to coordinate, making the grain price rise first, then naturally was they compels to leave office Great Elder, later Evan stood first, by us was being coordinated, making grain price immediately/on horseback drop, in having. Origin Sword Saint acts, such Evan this Patriarch position has held on to your hat, but we also need some grain to be good, must know that the grain price rises falls, the person who buys the grain will be certainly many, therefore we want these days, prepares some grain, that feared that is the high price buys up, the low price sells also good.” Laura was actually shows a faint smile said : this to be also skillful, these time went to mister there, mister tells me, his in hand had a more than 1 million jin (0.5 kg) grain, so long as we used, momentarily can take, he he, had mister already thought of this point?”

Kun stares, then puzzled look at Laura said : young lady, you were say mister besides the normal food supply, but can also put out 1 million jin (0.5 kg) grain?” Laura shook the head said : to fear is not only, mister said that his in hand also has the more than 1 million jin (0.5 kg), many many, my actually don’t know, wants to come not to be short, the 1.5 millions jin (0.5 kg) will have.” Kun said : one puts out a more than 1 million jin (0.5 kg) grain, in everyday supplies in three ten fifty thousand jin (0.5 kg) foundations to take, some offensive territory how many?” Laura has smiled bitterly, this issue she also wants to know, but actually also knows that cannot ask, the Zhao Hai body has too many secret, is impossible to make her know that what her Zhao Hai long has not seen to the present, do not say that asked these matters. Some little time Kun let out a long breath said : no matter what, currently the grain had, I look at this, after waiting for these big Trading Company people to look for us, your immediately goes to mister there, talks clearly with mister the matter, asking mister to help.” Laura nodded said : well, I will, I watch the matter of mister to Purcell Family am not completely understand, but these matters to Master Yu, is immaterial, wants to come mister to help.” Kun nodded, turns the head look at out of the window said : „, so long as this time matter has become, Purcell Duchy was our world.” look at out of the window that Laura also two eyes shines, the facial expression full is excited.