Chapter 161 storm clouds approach Zhao Hai does not have mood tube these matters now, his present attention put Carrion Swamp there, Laura told him, Buffy must go to Carrion Swamp there, but Drunk they now in Carrion Swamp there, moreover not extremely thorough, so long as Buffy went, they can presently. Just like this time Green said that their target are Buffy. The people on Continent know that Carrion Swamp is not good to rush, even if 9th level Expert, went in that is also more unfortunate than fortunate, even if were exempts comes out, that was also loves the severe wound, if this Buffy were injured from Carrion Swamp really comes out, that Zhao Hai they certainly cannot let his returned to Purcell Family. although Zhao Hai they knew, Evan has not coped with them, but Purcell Family truly copes with them, Evan had the graciousness to them, they can report reach Evan, but Purcell Family to their enmity, they must report. Moreover Buffy has also injured Green, having no fear of great distances runs up to Black Wasteland to chase down them, closed on Space them, this enmity tied in a big way, how Zhao Hai they possibly did not report. Zhao Hai to was not worried that Drunk they will live any matter, although said Drunk they turned now with person similar Zombie, but regarding 9th level Expert, so long as Divine Sense sweeps, is the person is Zombie their immediately can distinguish, therefore Buffy present Zhao Hai they, will not begin, Carrion Swamp is not the general place, even if Buffy at not the gloomy humans affair, will have heard, begins in Carrion Swamp casually, then with courting death has not distinguished, do not forget, dies 9th level Expert in Carrion Swamp, may more than one two. Because don’t know Buffy entered Carrion Swamp, Zhao Hai does not dare to make these slaves exit, now they can do has. Zhao Hai does not worry, now his family property is in any case getting more and more thick, even if in vain raises more than 100 people not to be a problem, now he must do is. Also luckily Zhao Hai indefatigable, they and don’t know, Buffy comes out from Casa City, sought for some time on Iron Mountain, but also ran up to Iron Mountain Fort there to stay some time, carefully looked, presently after truly is nobody, this entered Carrion Swamp. They such wait with Zhao Hai differently, Casa City there nearest/recent is very lively, Second Elder and Third Elder are moving in all directions, but these support their Great Clan, in activity in all directions, naturally, their first first looked for Laura.

These time is not that Clan looks for Laura alone, but is all Clan alliance got up on Laura, for is compels her to admit defeat. These Great Clan very clear, to complete their plans, that Laura is a biggest hindrance, thinks that is compelling Great Elder to leave office with the grain, Laura must be involved, if cannot convince Laura, that Laura putting grain not to stop, their plan simply will be impossible to execute. No matter how they want to cope with Great Elder, Laura this closes definitely unable to circle, therefore these Clan alliance had found Laura. They thought very difficult persuading Laura, but has not actually thought that Laura very easily complied, naturally, this easily is on the other hand, Laura also has own condition, is the share. Laura wants the Purcell Duchy here daily necessities sale share, no matter, who sat world, cannot suppress her, moreover she must increase in the Purcell Duchy here daily necessities sale share. Such condition in expected of these big Trading Company, in their unexpected, they crosses the person by oneself, thinks that Laura these time such helps Purcell Family, certainly to obtain any advantage, will otherwise not do, now looks at Purcell Family Great Elder to but actually, will change the world at present, naturally also will prepare a escape route to oneself, that was this condition, believes that her initially helped Purcell Family, on was this condition. But what these big Merchant don’t know is, Caesar is also clear to their movements, Caesar has managed Purcell Family these many years, was not saying plays, he is very big in the Purcell Family here influence, this time he suffered a loss, but Second Elder and Third Elder want to plan him, is actually not that easy. The motions of these big Merchant were delivered to Caesar's in hand by the earliest possible time, Caesar saw these reports, knows that own trouble was big, if cannot process these Great Clan, this position was really sits to the end. Caesar immediately had found these Great Clan, same allow many conditions, has wanted to make these Great Clan support him, but has saying that Caesar these years in Purcell Duchy were really too horizontal, moreover to these big Trading Company, he did not have too much kept the hand, once for a while also will suppress, were these big Trading Company offending, these big Trading Company surfaces with him ehm, talked about any substance content, actually all about he, made that Caesar also was very depressed. He thought immediately/on horseback to begin, extinguished these fellows, but he was also only 8th level Expert, has not arrived at 9th level, moreover these years, because the matter in busy Yu Clan clan, his cultivation level has not progressed, just only had achieved beginning 8th level , but these big Trading Company in Purcell Duchy here, may have 8th level Expert to assume personal command, even if were he wants to begin, feared that was also can only by being defeated to end.

although he is Clan Great Elder, can invite these worshipped/Foreign Elder make a move, Purcell Family worshipped/Foreign Elder is lowest is 8th level Expert, but these worshipped/Foreign Elder total over 30, over 30 8th level Expert, this is a very formidable strength. However now he actually cannot such do, this time matter is very big to his prestigious attack, in adding on Second Elder and Third Elder is not a vegetarian, he wants to invite these worshipped/Foreign Elder make a move, if according to Clan regulation, must through be good on Elder Assembly, but if now opens Elder Assembly, simply impossible through his request, will only make him in one time eat the turtle. If he not through Elder Assembly, that just and Second Elder and Third Elder intent, they can open and aboveboard chased off the stage him with the family rule. said it, even if he can invite these worshipped/Foreign Elder make a move, he does not dare to invite, these big Trading Company back have the support of Great Clan, these Great Clan are not worse than Purcell Family, if these Great Clan unite the matter to compel Purcell Family, he same must abdicate, moreover meets the life not to guarantee mostly, such matter he does not dare to do. Great Elder in paying attention to Second Elder and motion of Third Elder there, actually instinct slightly Evan there, actually he really has not cared Evan, Evan after becoming Patriarch, has been pressed by him, had been built on stilts by him to the present completely, in his opinion, Evan is a fool, simply insufficient is the worry. However he has actually forgotten, person will always grow, Evan can in the small age, become 8th level Warrior, impossible as stupid to go as there, but before, he did not have what the experience of political struggle, this by Great Elder suppressing, passed through the several times matter, he grew, in adding on such progresses bore patiently watching critically, let his understand many truth, present Evan, just became Patriarch Evan with the past years, already completely different. However the difference of Evan, looks to the present also nobody that Purcell Family all people have underestimated Evan, is more impossible to know that Evan these years, have contacted with the elders of these independents in secret, his present influence, in Purcell Family, was equally matched with Second Elder and Third Elder . The elders of these independents, are because cannot get used to seeing the rampancy of Great Elder, does not want to help Second Elder seize power, therefore became the independent, but becomes the independent, when advanced itself the opposites of three elders, naturally is any good deed is not one's turn them, they are naturally uneven, but Evan through the observation of long time present this point, therefore he starts relation these independents the elders of secretly, savings slowly own strength. Several Fang people are preparing, storm immediately wants descend to Casa City, but at this time, Laura in one time has gone out of town, target points to Stony Mountain. These time goes to Stony Mountain there regarding Laura, Casa City here all influences does not have what response, they think that Laura goes to discuss with Zhao Hai the matter matter that the grain rises in prices, they naturally will not prevent. Then, previous time has come the Stony Mountain three day later, Laura one in time arrived at Stony Mountain here, said her plan to Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai has not thought really that Laura really has such plan, but he to had not opposed that although said this plan can let Casa City these commoner by a point pain, but not too long time, so long as the Evan superior, this disturbance will pass, all naturally were also by that time good. Moreover they also owe a Evan sentiment , helping the Evan superior, was also this sentiment, was adding on such does to them, but only then the advantage did not have the fault. Zhao Hai knows that Laura these time has helped Evan busy, the Evan real superior, certainly will support Laura, thing when the time comes Laura sells will be more, this regarding him, is the good deed. The Laura there sales volume is big, will represent his here income also to increase, when that Zhao Hai available gold coins were more. Actually if, Zhao Hai is not short of money now, this section time, Zhao Hai light sells Purcell Duchy Bamboo rice, gave him for about ten thousand gold coins income, must know that now can be said as he is the entire Purcell Duchy sole food supply business, this equal to said that he was doing a business of monopoly, but the business of monopoly most made money. However if more than 10,000 gold coins throw on Black Wasteland, feared that is a sound cannot hear, Black Wasteland was too big, the background was too thin, thing that needs were too many. Zhao Hai present, money that oneself make are more, more is felt that money was not enough to spend, only to find the way to make more money.