Chapter 162 Pacifying Oceans Pillar Singapore dollar calendar six Pseudo Ginseng/3:7 years, on July 30, on this day regarding the Purcell Duchy person, not a calm day, the people think that in the past the fresh food crisis, passed, but they have made a mistake, perhaps they presently, the food crisis, just started. In this day, Purcell Duchy all grain shops start to rise in prices, only then two clans has not risen, one is Magic Lily Store, another is the Purcell Duchy public store, but over the two days, in their shop did not have the grain to sell, food crisis, finally violent. These extra points commoner or Noble said fortunately that some of some of their in hand grain in storage, can cope with this aspect, but the days of these poor were sad, because they do not have deposit money too much grain, now the grain price rises, these people are facing the danger of starving. The grain price rises, the person who not only these cannot eat meal was worried, even if these grain in storage also starts to be worried that they feared the grain price more rises, if is really such, they will unable to eat meal quickly. although said that Purcell Family and Magic Lily Store said that quick will have the grain to ship , the grain price will still quickly, but this disturbance has not passed, in hand had some money commoner, started to buy the grain to save, prepares famine that dealt with be going to arrive. The Casa City storm, is actually a Purcell Family enlargement version, now Purcell Family was chaotic, Second Elder and Third Elder alliance gets up, prepares to compel Great Elder to abdicate, but Great Elder although does not want to abdicate, but he does not have means solution this situation, both sides one refused to budge in there. But at this time, they have not noted, these maintain the neutral elders, actually started to take action, put out a hand toward the Clan each every capability mechanism, their movements were very just small, both sides simply that very concealed, fought mutually not presently they. Caesar and by hit the beginning because of their fights finally, both sides have both drawn a big ticket person, the Purcell Family conference room making Heaven and Earth turning upside down, almost at the scene began. Finally decided that both sides meet to conference room, suppose the ticket to decide duty whether Great Elder can also hold the post of the elder, this does not have the matter of means that they also know that is then making, finally loss Purcell Family. But both sides now are confident, they believe one can gain the best victory, influence of Great Elder in Elder Assembly is biggest, each voting, he has more than half numbers of votes, absolute overwhelming superiority.

But Second Elder Third Elder actually included many people these days, they have the confidence to defeat Great Elder on Elder Assembly, therefore both sides agreed finally that solves the problem to Elder Assembly on, but Evan this Patriarch, forgot by them directly. On August 4, the Elder Assembly preparation convened, after the Elder Assembly supposing ticket, Purcell Family Great Elder Caesar, abdicated, was not Great Elder, the ordinary elder qualifications were taken, has become worshipped/Foreign Elder in Clan. The original conference prepares to carry on a voting, wants by Second Elder temporarily substituting for at the duty of elder, solves the current grain question. However the quick issue appears , Third Elder refused to accept this decision, both sides have made, on August 6, has to one time hold Elder Assembly, but this time Elder Assembly intent discussed significantly, by Clan Divine Protector, 9th level Expert, Origin Sword Saint will manage. Origin Sword Saint, in Purcell Family, that absolutely is god like existence, true Pacifying Oceans Pillar, nobody dares to alarm him, nobody can cause him, the place of his fearfulness, but also above Buffy. Origin Sword Saint became 9th level Expert already nearly 60 years, 50 years ago, Purcell Family has come across a big disaster, the Clan juniors, when outside to gain experience, met Dark Magician to do wickedly, that Clan juniors struck to kill Dark Magician at the scene. That knows that this Dark Magician unexpectedly was at that time Continent is disciple that ominous name most Dark Magician Bone Saint really found a place, but found a place for is 9th level Expert, by hiding shortcomings to become famous, the following matter was simple, found a place to start to hunt and kill the Purcell Family juniors, that Purcell Family juniors do not dare to leave Casa City. Finally Purcell Family invited at that time one of the Clan two Divine Protector, 9th level Water element Magician, the ocean waves law Saint acted, wants to kill finding a place, but has not actually thought that found a place to strike to kill at the scene, entire Purcell Family to life and death moment. In this time, just became 9th level Expert few year Origin Sword Saint was acting, the single alone sword, chased down to Antoine, the head that finally will find a place for displayed to bring back to Casa City, Purcell Family An Ran/safely pass through that crisis. This fights a Origin Sword Saint war to become famous, became Continent is one of the most famous 9th level Expert, must know that then finding a place for entered 9th level 30 years, in adding on him is Dark Magician, therefore in 9th level Expert very famous, actually at that time just entered 9th level several years of Origin Sword Saint to cut the head at the scene, this is the strong strength. Then 20 years, Origin Sword Saint in make a move, has not been only 30 years ago, on Continent another Great Clan Divine Protector comes to challenge, they meet on Jade Belt River, that fights world-shaking, the Jade Belt River water blocks the flow for this reason for three days, in place that they turn, has formed north the present the famous Sword Saint lake, that war, wins by Origin Sword Saint, from now, Continent is not having 9th level Expert to come to challenge.

Then in later, in seeing Origin Sword Saint make a move, has been able saying that uninhabited of Wind Saint Buffy although in Purcell Family can manage, moreover does not pass the humans affair, but actually Origin Sword Saint, is actually maintaining the respect of sub- nephew generation to the elder, because of this, therefore nobody knows that now the Origin Sword Saint name, everyone/Great Clan has regarded his name Origin Sword Saint this nickname now. This Origin Sword Saint comes out to manage Elder Assembly personally, naturally was nobody dares to say no, simultaneously all person also understand, they these days noisy was too ominous, if were making, feared that was this Sir Sword Saint must kill people. Elder Assembly as scheduled action in the Elder Assembly big conference room, when these elders arrive at the conference room, present, Second Elder , Third Elder , Evan, arrived in the conference room, in position that in original Patriarch sits, is actually sitting old person. This old person stature very tall and big, on Patriarch Evan can with it side by side, white, be similar to the snow dyes, does not bring varicolored, what however is extraordinary, his beard is actually yellow. old person is closing one's eyes to sit in there, has probably fallen asleep, the people see this situation, cannot help but lowered the footsteps, arrived on own seat to sit carefully. Evan has not sat down, but stands in that old person side, under the Patriarch position on that three position highest elder chairs, sits two people, is Second Elder by because of Third Elder Syers. However they now one uneasy whether sitting or standing appearance. Before long all elders arrived, Evan lowered the head in the ear of old person said sentence anything, nod of old person micro cannot be looked up, Evan has then stood, in hand took is symbolizing the scepter of Clan Patriarch authority, arrived in the conference rooms in the position of director to stand, looked at all around said : these time Elder Assembly that was witnessed by Clan Sir Divine Protector, formally started, line of we must carry on a voting, this time voting content was, avoided the Second Elder family Patriarch old qualifications.” Evan this saying, the people in Elder Assembly stare, then a piece clamored, they have forgotten existence of Origin Sword Saint, now they have an idea, Evan crazy. However has not waited for Evan to speak, coldly snorted transmits, all people on the scene felt that their head has suffered a hammer, sees stars, the people then record, Origin Sword Saint also sits in there, they can such loud clamoring, really not want awfully. All people one honest, Evan stands on the stage, complexion invariable said : under votes to start.” The person in conference room you visit me, I visit you, don’t know should not know what to do, in this time, person handle has actually been lifting.

The people in conference room stare, along beginning to look, is in Elder Assembly the representative of independent, Hu An. But along with Hu An, elder handle of other independents has also lifted, is these dying loyal member of original Great Elder clique, the death loyal member of Third Elder clique, only then some minority Second Elder death loyal members have not raised hand. Evan has swept numerous elder in the meeting Council, deep voice said : voting number over 70%, Second Elder was relieved the family Patriarch old duty, starts from tomorrow, officially becomes Clan worshipped/Foreign Elder, below carries on the next voting, relieves the Clan Third Elder duty, agreement raising hand of please.” The person in conference room was somewhat silly, now is the fools knows, Evan make a move, Evan these time at one fell swoop Second Elder and Third Elder duty exempting, on influence even/including Gen of equal to entire elder institute drawing out, so long as his control elder institute, this Patriarch position, taking a seat was calm and steady. If normally, Second Elder and Third Elder these will die loyal possibly cause disturbance , but they do not dare now, this time Elder Assembly will be managed by Origin Sword Saint, the fate that dares to cause trouble will have one, the death! But original Great Elder these under the hand/subordinate, are actually glad to see this situation, in any case Great Elder already but actually, no matter Second Elder or the Third Elder superior, regarding them, one advantage does not have, might as well was calling the present supports Evan, can perhaps happen to obtain somebody's favor Patriarch this big tree. Without any question, this voting in one time passes by the high number of votes, starting today, Second Elder , Third Elder became Clan worshipped/Foreign Elder, in Elder Assembly here, was not having the authority. Then Evan has held a voting, this time is to choose Great Elder, the proposition of Evan is Hu An, this proposition was passed in one time, Hu An has become Purcell Family Great Elder, the proposition of Second Elder Evan is wind Su, this wind Su is also representative in the independent, this proposition in one time passes, the Third Elder supposing ticket has dramatic very much, the proposition of Evan unexpectedly is original Great Elder under the hand/subordinate, Clan foreign affairs elder Stern, this has not thought of by all people, this voting passed.