Chapter 163 disturbance draw Hence, Purcell Family internal disturbance was removed the bottom passed, what making all people not think, Evan that the final winner unexpectedly was one likely low-key to looked down upon. But this result also nobody dares to say a non- character, because the conference is meets under the testimony of Origin Sword Saint to convene, some people opposed that this result, is opposes Origin Sword Saint, in Purcell Family, but also nobody has courage. Simultaneously the death loyal faction of that three elder also finally present, originally Evan in unknowingly, had with their same strengths, their this defeat is not injust. But three elders who Evan these time elects are also very interesting, two are the independents, is the nucleus that Evan sends, but last unexpectedly is Stern of Great Elder clique. All people in Purcell Family know that Stern although is the foreign affairs elder, likely but he one follows Great Elder Caesar is very near, was almost in the situation of always following, but now he is elected for Third Elder unexpectedly, this really stems from the anticipation of all people. Why however they must such do on understand Evan quickly, Evan Stern chose Third Elder , quick taking over the Great Elder original influence, now he death loyal influence in Elder Assembly, has occupied Elder Assembly all seats over 60%, such quantity was really was too scary, even if were initially Great Elder, not such strength. To elder who this time Caesar their these three drew back understand Evan fierce place, a simple elder position, included the Great Elder under the hand/subordinate influence most, such hand broke, was a political expert makes absolutely. But Purcell Family Elder Assembly the result, made these big Trading Company people tarry, two people who they never expected, oneself supported, finally unexpectedly but actually, but Evan actually suddenly Xiong who forgotten got up. These hit these big Trading Company one to be caught off guard, but made them feel that the heart startled matter lived, when Elder Assembly just finished, Evan suddenly announced that Purcell Family has transported to large quantities of grain, the low price will buy for Purcell Duchy commoner. This information, the grain price drops sharply. But Evan has not lain, his words just said that immediately saw grain one after another imported Casa City, although is some Bamboo rice, but the people have met Bamboo rice way of eating now, there are many Great Noble to eat some Bamboo rice, do not say some commoner.

These big Trading Company have also calculated, these time imports the Casa City Bamboo rice quantity to have near 1 million jin (0.5 kg), transports to the Bamboo rice quantities of other Purcell Duchy cities, about 3 million jin (0.5 kg), 4 million jin (0.5 kg) grain spills into Purcell Duchy, this grain price wants to rise unable to rise. These big Trading Company people, to present also all understand, their these time by Laura playing, such obvious matter, if they could not have looked, did not use dry Merchant this line. However they have cannot say painstakingly, their initially accepts the Laura condition, actually has not settled the good intention, the person superior that after the preparation they supported, is collaborating to cope with Laura, has not actually thought that the Laura chess high move, gave to tidy up them first. These big Trading Company also know that situation by going, is fighting, feared that was offends Purcell Family, their days sad, that flash of therefore almost in these grain entering a city, the Purcell Duchy grain price, dropped completely. To this time grain disturbance that because the insect plague causes, with this series of chain-reactions, was the true past, but this time biggest winner had two, one was Laura, another was Evan. But nobody knows that actually the winner, this winner has also hidden in the back, actually gains most, this winner Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai in this time food crisis, so far, altogether has gained near twenty thousand gold coins, moreover now also then puts money at the everyday several hundred gold coins income toward own pocket, but what most most important is, this time crisis, he makes. When Zhao Hai receives information that Laura sends, said disturbance at even time, he cannot help but wants to smile, this disturbance because of him, now stilled under his help, what most important is, they made money, moreover person who has the friendship with Buda Family Evan this has delivered the Purcell Family imperial throne, true being in power, this regarding Zhao Hai them, is very important. The Evan superior, will not be beginning to Buda Family, this has also resolved their crisis, they almost can not need to worry that Purcell Duchy here will cope with them. Zhao Hai has not thought that finally unexpectedly is a such result, this stemmed from his anticipation, now the Casa City there matter, has not needed him to manage, even if were the grain, did not need him to provide, these big Trading Company reduced prices to sell the grain, the Purcell Duchy peripheral grain price also fell, the food crisis was official relieving. This information regarding Zhao Hai, and not necessarily is any good deed, exactly said that buys the grain regarding present Zhao Hai, but also makes money really very much, every day can bring several hundred gold coins income to him, now other places also sell the grain, his income has been short.

However now the everyday light buys grain, can bring about 200 gold coins income to Zhao Hai, the evil consequence that in the past these big Trading Company achievement had, has shown to the present completely. Ordinary commoner will also bear a grudge, they know, when are most difficult, who has helped himself, knows that is who when are most difficult, has harmed itself. Because of this, these goes to other stores to buy the thing person, few, but the large number person will go to Magic Lily Store to buy thing. Also has to be convinced to the people of this moment these big business, Laura these time handles the matter, wants brilliant more than them, in invisible, has set the record of the a piece Gold [金] character advertisement in entire Purcell Duchy unexpectedly. These big Trading Company understand, the establishment of such a piece Gold [金] character advertisement is how is not easy, so long as there is this advertisement, that later Magic Lily Store meets the source of wealth to be billowing. However they think that now these have not used, can only think the means to draw the person to their shops, therefore they cannot, also has made some superior brightness condition, for example reduces prices in certain commodities, or buys to deliver thing to give the small gift and so on. These big Merchant did business already for a long time, this sub-total two their also very clear, now use naturally is also familiar and easy. However is this, goes to their shop to buy the thing person, is few, they also know, the matter that before handled was thorough these commoner offending, but fortunately, they were the big business, the family property was rich, can repay, so long as very some time, should be able slowly to restore. However wanted to restore to former appearance, was impossible, moreover Laura will not let off this opportunity, met seize the opportunity to capture the market share, was they gets strength back on the time, only then ate the soup the share. What most important is, this these big Trading Company were Purcell Family offending, if were the person superior that they supported, that said fortunately that will not feel embarrassed them, possibly also to their some advantage, but this superior actually with their relation no Evan, they do not say the advantage, Evan did not expel Purcell Duchy them directly, has given them the face. Casa City there lived anything, Zhao Hai did not care that now what he cares is Black Wasteland and Carrion Swamp there situation.

When Purcell Family convenes first Elder Assembly, Zhao Hai received Drunk information, they saw Wind Saint Buffy, but does not have what sound, Buffy although to their these Zombie very curious, has not actually moved them, but after all there Carrion Swamp. Heard that Buffy entered Carrion Swamp Zhao Hai also to relax, let out these slaves, has installed castle there thing, the oil press started to work, these stone mills also started to work, this time they prepared to process the rice, these rice may compared with general Bamboo rice much better, Zhao Hai in hand also remaining many, these rice kept them to eat. These Bamboo rice that originally Green they buy, already made Zhao Hai give Laura, most from the beginning Laura they sell is these Bamboo rice that original Green buys, must know Bamboo rice that Space produces may compared with these that Green buys many, Zhao Hai may not give up sell thing, oneself keep some not to be good. Simultaneously Zhao Hai also started in the improvement land of Black Wasteland outside province quantity, now already since August, this month planted some grain anything already late, therefore Zhao Hai has not sown seeds in oneself, and has gotten so far as some Ark Continent here common ordinary wild vegetables seed, making these slaves plant experimentally, with also started to save some firewoods, prepared to winter the soft clothes that for these slaves. Zhao Hai on the ball, that was a person eats to the full family not to be hungry, one had more than 100 people to count on him the present to here, thing that he then presently, oneself must prepare also really many. First is the firewood, in the winter this thing is impossible few, will be short will have frozen to death the person, was adding on the soft clothes, the grain, this numerous all sorts of in addition also were really many. However was good because of Zhao Hai the Casa City neighborhood left temporary Transmission Point now, this Transmission Point was not fixed Transmission Point that Zhao Hai set up, but was Green to Casa City, in the Casa City quite remote place, has bought a house, then entered in Space from that house, such there has become Transmission Point. Through this Transmission Point, Zhao Hai has bought many thing, he impossible to these slaves with glass window, that thing was too expensive, therefore can only buy some window papers, then gave in the room of each slave to put a bed, a cabinet, a table, four chairs, a brazier, a copper canteen, was adding on ate meal with thing. Waits for this lane to do well, Zhao Hai present, oneself in unknowingly, unexpectedly spent about 5000 gold coins, this spent really the ratio made money quickly.