Chapter 164 0 Suo Suishi The time entered in September, this about month, Casa City already complete calm, not only the grain price has not risen, the prices of some daily necessities, wanted compared with before cheaply much. These big Trading Company do not have the matter of means that if they do not reduce prices, nobody goes to their shop to buy thing, finally their this reduction, has provoked the chain-like response, all consumer prices fell much. Magic Lily Store also reduces certainly prices, but must speak of buys the grain, mostly will go to Magic Lily Store, because not only Magic Lily Store has helped them, because the Magic Lily Store grain is very good. Most from the beginning only then Magic Lily Store here sells has not thought what kind, when other store grain reduced prices, buys the grain to other stores, these commoner present, originally the grain is also divided into various grades and ranks, if the Magic Lily Store grain is one, the grain of that other stores can only be Nine Ranks. What most important is, Magic Lily Store grain, not only the quality is good, but also inside Magic element very sufficient, looks like the radish that they sell is the same, the grain that these these commoner buy were more. Zhao Hai after Laura there knows this information, immediately makes a decision, he to his grain a trademark, the name of trademark called, Haven! In Ark Continent here, nobody knows that Haven is any thing, however in China, Haven is actually the place that everybody know, if said with the foreign language, there is Utopia. Zhao Hai the biggest desire, completes Haven in oneself heart Black Wasteland there now, completes Utopia that everybody yearns. Because has such idea, therefore Zhao Hai has used Haven this name, Zhao Hai not only has thought this name, but also personally has designed a trademark, this trademark very simple, above is the simple drawing of small bridge over the flowing stream families, however in this world is actually very fresh thing.

The trademark of this world, is only a name, moreover does not have official seal in the commodity, is only from mouth to mouth such thing, but Zhao Hai these time really has actually made the trademark, has led a world stride. Laura is not stupid, saw Zhao Hai the trademark, immediately/on horseback has made the decision, later thing that drew from Zhao Hai there, must call the Haven commodity, the rice must install in a big box, outside of box engraved this Haven design, the radish was also same, the fruit oil was, moreover thing that within the shortest time, thing of Haven product, produced with other places separated the sale. In order to open the market, thing of Haven product, has not risen in prices, but is selling according to the normal price outward, this has gone bad to happy these commoner, thing of Haven product was really fantastic, especially in the family had the child to go to school in Magic academy, the family member eats Bamboo rice that Haven produced to them daily, occasionally ate a radish. Reason that must say these guardians such recognizes the Haven product thing, but must mention from Zhu Li, Zhu Li is first buys the radish in Bana here that woman, moreover his son Ross after first time eats the radish, was deep on learn, became an official demon magic studies disciple, can receive to subsidize in Guild there. As the matter stands the living condition of their family was better, although said that Ross now is only an demon magic studies disciple, cannot receive many subsidies in Guild there, every month has one gold coin, but regarding a commoner family, is very good, one gold coin, avoid the flower, almost sufficed them to spend on for one month. Zhu Li is the person who can manage a household very much, this food crisis violent time, Zhu Li had not feared, because their family has the grain, Zhu Li has a custom, each preparing food time, Miri that scoops up from oneself, stresses one slightly, puts to a family's rice jar, such time grew, she unknowingly has been saving a meter of big cylinder unexpectedly, enough their family ate on for several months, therefore Zhu Li had not been worried. However afterward the grain price long had not risen, Zhu Li has not moved the rice in rice jar, still buys the rice to eat in Magic Lily Store, famine that to deal then possibly can live, Zhu Li started to economize, everyday they delivered the food with Food Box to Ross, was not making them the cafeteria in school eat meal. But day of Ross Magic teacher saw that Ross brings the food eats, cannot help but curiously looked at one, actually felt in food that he brings, Magic element very sufficient, immediately asked Ross this meter is there comes, Ross naturally does not dare to deceive teacher, but said that these rice is her mother buys, in his also don’t know that there buys. Ross teacher on pulling Ross to his family, had queried the situation unexpectedly at that time, Zhu Li naturally told Ross teacher, simultaneously she also asked this meter has any difference with other rice. Ross teacher to has not deceived them, told them this Magic element of Miri to be very sufficient, often ate regarding practicing Magic very had the advantage, these this matter slowly spread.

However at that time Purcell Duchy was implementing food control, they want to buy, cannot buy, now the food crisis passed, Haven Bamboo rice to welcomed a wave of sale in Casa City **. Now Haven Bamboo rice, was known in Casa City here, but Zhu Li they have not bought, they have heard, if these Magic vegetables put the time not to eat steadily, inside Magic element will dissipate, they feared Haven Bamboo rice that buys were too many, puts the time grew to the family, turned into the ordinary rice, that did not owe. Afterward in Haven fruit oil also spreads Magic element sufficient information, was makes the Haven fruit oil also hot, now the average person buys the grain, recognizes Haven this token. Zhao Hai to has not felt anything to this situation, if now he everyday also plants these Bamboo rice, simply cannot sell, after all entire Purcell Duchy there, the grain price fell, impossible everybody to eat the rice that his here produces. However what makes Zhao Hai not think, demon magic studies school there and Casa City Noble there, to has made the order to Laura, is only they, every month needs several hundred thousand jin (0.5 kg) Haven Bamboo rice probably, moreover this order one is one year, this arrived has brought a stable income source to Zhao Hai. But Laura has actually thought another matter, Zhao Hai made Laura help to look for the Blue Eye Rabbit buyer, Laura actually wants itself to cooperate with Zhao Hai, after winning the approval of Zhao Hai, Laura started in Magic Lily Store, sold the Haven sign Blue Eye Rabbit meat, the price was inexpensive, Magic element that contains, was higher than Bamboo rice and radish, general commoner could also eat, these time was hotter. Was needless saying that Laura these time received these Great Noble orders, but on the other hand, Blue Eye Rabbit they needed little, all people added that one month only needed 3000 Blue Eye Rabbit, saved must depend on the retail. Now in Purcell Duchy, you, if had not heard Haven product, that certainly external, all Purcell Duchy people know Haven product, now Magic Lily Store four types of Haven product, business very irritable. Having the person has thought must pretend to be Haven token, but the thing quality of Haven product produces with other places is different, after others buy, eats presently is not right, immediately will walk, this to has ruined instead own advertisement. Laura present this situation, immediately/on horseback has also taken the measure, makes these sell the goods service staff to tell directly to buy the Haven sign thing person, thing of Haven sign, so long as the Magic Lily Store exclusive sale, buys in other places is the counterfeit goods.

Taking advantage of the Haven product east wind, the Magic Lily Store business is excellent, Laura opened the branch stores of many family, at once entire Purcell Duchy, where no matter can see Magic Lily Store, as the matter stands regarding the Haven product demand also on big increase. For those is happy regarding this situation Zhao Hai, Space there cannot plant too Advanced level thing in any case now, but output very astonishing, can deal with the Magic Lily Store demand fully, but can also let his many income many gold coins, his happy also without enough time. But Laura also gave Zhao Hai to send many rabbit skins, these rabbit skins were process, Blue Eye Rabbit that took away from Zhao Hai here, Laura they have sold the rabbit meat, then processed the rabbit skin, sent back to Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai also said to Laura, the money of processing rabbit skin, before presses them, office that said that with rabbit Pi Laiding, Zhao Hai also delivered several rabbit skins to give Laura, the although Laura in hand good fur had is, but Zhao Hai such has done, he thinks that favour dealings was this, others had are others, did you deliver that are your matter. Laura to has not declined, but thought that somewhat is unfair to Zhao Hai, these days she is only busy the matter of Magic Lily Store open up a branch, regarding Magic plants and Magic Beast that Zhao Hai needed, she has not prepared. Zhao Hai to has not cared, because now the Magic Lily Store there grain and fruit oil demand increases, was adding on must plant the radish, Space does not have the too much time to go to the classification thing, has been adding on Zhao Hai nearest/recent to be busy the Iron Mountain Fort there matter, did not have the too much time, has not worried, relieved was waiting. When Iron Mountain Fort there now already to settle down was very good, firewood also has plenty, has the corn stalk, the Oil Fruit tree, the rice bamboo, so long as these thing have seasoned, can as firewood, especially the Oil Fruit tree, not is very loving, the time of but also burning is very long, the a piece 50 cms in length Oil Fruit tree, can light one fully all day, Zhao Hai has many Oil Fruit trees, this thing has in the winter in a big way uses, so long as puts a Oil Fruit tree toward the brazier, that night in the room will not be cold. Zhao Hai everyday also will improve simultaneously land, then makes these slaves grow vegetables, these vegetables are keeping the winter time eats, Zhao Hai also wants to come to see through these vegetables growing trends, these lands soil quality that he improves how.