Chapter 165 Idea of travelling Zhao Hai now presently land some in Space are insufficient, now Oil Fruit, Bamboo rice, the corn, radish these thing the type when Space, in Space do not have what idle interplanting other thing, Zhao Hai wants to have a look, if Black Wasteland here after improvement Black Soil, the quality is also very good, he can come Oil Fruit these thing with the Black Wasteland here land, Space can vacated do other. Now Zhao Hai improvement land time, in using the land in Space, he also looked, even if in the improvement to land with Space, these Black Soil good not to go to that only improved with Spatial Water, Black Soil will not miss to that goes, what most important was, Zhao Hai feared that improved outside land with the Space earth, will make the land in Space thin, that he on. Spatial Water Zhao Hai to has looked, that probably is a spring, with many, will well up many, will not do evidently. Actually Zhao Hai also knows that Space regulation can also improve the land with the Space earth, that Space earth will not have is used the thin possibility, but stems from does to use at heart, Zhao Hai decided improves the land finally with Spatial Water. These days Zhao Hai is also very busy, improves outside land, in adding on must be busy at the matter in Space, everyday crosses is very substantial. What most important is, Zhao Hai, he came out and other Buffy now, so long as Buffy is injured, they will be impolite. Actually Zhao Hai wants to cope with Buffy, besides revenging, an idea, must know that Carrion Swamp inside situation, Drunk they go to Carrion Swamp to explore the way, the time needed were too much, in Carrion Swamp has too many Magic Beast and Undead Creature, but these thing have the domain, Drunk their these can only in Undead Creature that the ground walks, wants to walk toward Carrion Swamp, must pass by other Magic Beast or the Undead Creature domain, that certain will receive these Magic Beast or Undead Creature attack, slow that very therefore advances. But Buffy is different, he is 9th level Expert, can flying in the sky, like this on avoid majority of Magic Beast and Undead Creature attack, can penetrate into Carrion Swamp, if he were injured to run, Zhao Hai extinguished him, turns into Undead Creature, then can be able he to know that Carrion Swamp inside situation, this helps him dealing with the Carrion Swamp there Magic Beast raging tide. Zhao Hai was too not worried about Purcell Family now, now Evan reigns, Evan does not have what malice to them probably, should not send for coping with them, that sole let have Carrion Swamp there that Zhao Hai was worried, there was the Zhao Hai at heart biggest a piece worry. Zhao Hai does not want for a lifetime always nest in Black Wasteland here, but the Carrion Swamp there matter is not solved, he cannot feel at ease, only then has solved the there matter, he can feel at ease travels to Continent, has a look at this out of the ordinary world.

On Zhao Hai for a lifetime although is nerd, but the dreams, one day have actually been able to travel around the world, but he really did not have money at that time, but must travel around the world, that is must spend, Zhao Hai may not have, therefore he can only the dwelling at home. But to Ark Continent here, was different, he had Space, a bulk territory, so long as he manages all these, he can the travel to world, instead in Space, him almost on equal to is everyday can the returned to territory, does not fear anything. However now is actually not the time, he wants to solve the Carrion Swamp there matter first, is exiting to travel. Green to did not oppose to his such idea, on Continent no matter that Great Clan, their family's juniors, will go to to gain experience to certain age to outside, Zhao Hai should also go actually, but now is really not the time. The Noble juniors exit to gain experience, not only can increase the story and reads the strength, similarly, can hand over several good friends, can know that the will of the people the danger, on Continent has is very good, does not have leave that a few words have said the child of family, can never grow up. Now Green also thinks quick point the problem solve of Carrion Swamp there, but he also knows that the Carrion Swamp here issue cannot be solved, if good to solve, Carrion Swamp will not be called one of the five Great Forbidden Land. The Zhao Hai don’t know matter, now on Continent also really nobody in coming Black Wasteland here observed, do not forget, Purcell Family sent 9th level Expert to go to Black Wasteland there to chase down them, although said that has not succeeded, but Buffy said that Zhao Hai their simply in Black Wasteland there, on Iron Mountain has not had. The people believe words that 9th level Expert spoke, they also think Buda Family person already secretly ran from Iron Mountain there. although said King to order, enabling Buda Family unable leave fief, but all people know that Buda Family keeps Black Wasteland there only then dies, therefore they, if runs away is also understandable. Was adding on Black Wasteland there to live the Magic Beast raging tide in the past, but Green their An Ran/safely safe, this explained that Green they have not lived in Black Wasteland there. However the people also believe that Zhao Hai they do not have leave Purcell Duchy, because Purcell Family sends for Black Wasteland there looking for them, they actually know that is adding on Black Mountain to fill the there mixing of good and bad people, therefore the ordinary people think that Zhao Hai they will hide in Black Soil fill the, also did not have the mood to go to Black Wasteland there to look for them, after all Black Wasteland there once for a while will live beast tide, if has met accidentally, that may be cries could not look to move. Actually lets these Great Noble feel relieved truly, is Buffy that make a move, 9th level Expert make a move, one has abandoned 8th level Expert cultivation level, was not the difficult matter, Buffy also personally recognize this point, that in other words, now Buda Family are also most, only then 8th level Magician has assumed personal command, could not produce anything to threaten to them.

Cannot threaten own ants regarding one completely, these Great Noble, will not look at one, this Buda Family is thorough forgot. sole has not forgotten Buda Family, only then Evan, Evan has sent for Black Mountain filling there to look, wants to find the Buda Family clue, but was actually defeated, their anything had not found, finally also gave up. They have to think must send for Black Wasteland there having a look, these Undead Creature that but actually came by Zhao Hai release blocking, 8th level Expert could not block the Undead Creature attack of large quantities of equivalent to 7th level Warrior, on Continent did not have that Clan to send out 9th level Expert extravagantly to look for the situation of person at will. This to has helped Zhao Hai busy , after Zhao Hai already prepares to cope with Buffy, arrives in Carrion Swamp to have a look, if at this time Iron Mountain Fort here if in accident, that troublesome were big. On October 15, Laura in one time arrived at Stony Mountain, in Zhao Hai that Iron Mountain Fort there is busy, immediately was rushing to Cyan Stone Villa. When Laura was welcomed on mountain by Undead Creature time, Zhao Hai was waiting for Laura in the living room, coming together also has Green, Merine and Meg, their also don’t know Laura comes to do, now the cooperation of both sides is happy, now Laura can bring about ten thousand gold coins income to Zhao Hai every month, is very big to the help of Zhao Hai. Green welcomed living room Laura, Zhao Hai smiles said : Miss Laura, really sorry, was just handling something, had to lose welcomes.” Laura smiles said : mister to be too polite, each mister is so polite, Laura always felt that is not familiar with very much, is taking the liberty that Laura comes.” Zhao Hai smiles said : this time to is Miss Laura was polite, Miss Laura please sit down quickly.” Laura for sometime has not arrived at Stony Mountain to come, nearest/recent she is only busy the matter of open up a branch, matter has plenty that must process. After Laura sits down, Meg has sent to sub to them, then stood the Zhao Hai side, look at Laura and Ni'er, Laura cannot help but looked at Meg one, presently Meg looks in her look, but also had a hostility.

Laura has cannot help but smiled bitterly, pretends to drink sub, has concealed, Zhao Hai has not paid attention to these, he drank one to be possible sub to Laura said : not to know that what matter Miss Laura this time did have?” Laura enters to Ke the sub Cup, smiles said : to Zhao Hai mister, this time has the good deed, mister lets me to these Magic plants seed that you look, I had found several types, today gives mister to send specially.” Said that patted clapping, Sergio walked from outside, in hand was taking several small bags, has put nearby on Zhao Hai tea table. Zhao Hai has not thought that Laura comes for this matter, this regarding him, absolutely is good information, must know that his Space good long time not to have Level Up, so long as rises to ten 1st level, he can open, but he had not risen to the present to ten 1st level, was anxious him. Zhao Hai looked at several bags of table, immediately/on horseback opened impatiently, on the table altogether five bags, were not all big, in the small cloth sack, has installed evidently also about one jin (0.5 kg) seed. Zhao Hai opens five cloth sacks, careful look at quantity many seed, these seed anything special places, minimum Zhao Hai could not have looked that these five bags of thing have any special place. The Laura look at Zhao Hai appearance, shows a faint smile, explained that said : mister, these five bags are five Magic vegetables seed, separately is Cubed Potato, the green peppers, Red Radish, the Chinese olive, green ju.” Zhao Hai nodded, has put down five bags, turned the head to smile said : to make Miss Laura to Laura be laughed, hopes that the young lady can also then look, the Magic vegetables or Magic that plants so long as found, received below, Magic Beast.” Laura smiles said : mister not to use politely, must say that Laura is embarrassed, because nearest/recent was too busy, to cannot help mister look for these Magic plants, looks at mister to excuse me, but invited mister feel relieved, later Laura certainly gang mister diligently sought for these Magic plants.”