Chapter 166 The Phantasmal Beast vs demon favors Zhao Hai he he chuckle said : Miss Laura was serious, later this matter also needs the young lady to help to be good.” Was saying Sergio walked from outside, but this time his in hand is taking a big box, this box has more than one meter to be long fully, more than half meter widths, thick also about 40 centimeters, moreover Sergio very careful holds in hand, what probably in hand takes was one was just born the baby who to be ordinary. Zhao Hai curious look at Sergio, then turns the head puzzled to Laura said : Miss Laura, is this?” Laura shows a faint smile said : this is to a gift that mister prepares.” At this time Sergio already softly has put on box tea table, then opened the lid slowly. Zhao Hai looked toward the box in that presently in the box is putting some hay, is putting five very big eggs on the hay, these five egg about 40 centimeters are long, egg diameter also in more than ten centimeters, what is strangeest, the color of each egg is different, separately is the yellow, blue, red, green, purple five colors. Zhao Hai puzzled look at these five eggs, Green actually startled eats said : Phantasmal Beast color egg!” Zhao Hai has gawked next step: Phantasmal Beast color egg? What thing?” Green look at that five egg said : Phantasmal Beast is one type of Magic Beast, on Continent little can see very that this Magic Beast itself does not have no attack ability, but this Magic Beast actually very unusual abilities, are auxiliary, so long as the person obtained the egg of Phantasmal Beast, can the hatching they, then sign the contract with Phantasmal Beast slowly, such this Phantasmal Beast can the manner use, he can help Master attract the Magic element to fight, grown Phantasmal Beast even can turn into weapon, full body armor or Magic Staff helps Master fight, this main on is by the Master wish, but decides., Therefore on Continent also has life form Magic Staff, or lives the name of full body armor.” Zhao Hai stares, he has not thought really that really also has this thing, look at that several eggs that cannot help but two eyes shines, but Laura actually somewhat lost look at Green. Must know that Phantasmal Beast painted eggshell thing, is not the ordinary person can know that even if status low point Warrior and Magician don’t know has existence of this thing, has not actually thought that had pointed out frankly by Green one, this lets her cannot help but to the Green status, was more curious. Green carefully looked at that several egg one, sighs said : not to be wrong, this is the Phantasmal Beast painted eggshell, the Phantasmal Beast egg is different from other Magic Beast eggs, the Phantasmal Beast egg has the Life Source attribute color inborn, these eggs should be Earth element, Lightning element, Water element, Wind element and Fire element, are rare good thing, is only these outside eggs, the total value feared that is on fifty thousand gold coins above, did not have the city valuably.” Zhao Hai was shocked, he has not thought really that these eggs unexpectedly such precious, Sergio so is no wonder careful, if this has been injured by falling down, that may throw in ocean fifty thousand gold coins.

Zhao Hai gently covers the box, slowly has closed the eye, by the chair, some little time had not spoken, Laura looks at the Zhao Hai appearance, cannot help but a tight, these days contact, she had to Zhao Hai at heart certainly has understood, this gift is really somewhat expensive, Zhao Hai not necessarily receives, even if must receive, feared that will make also a return gift her some gifts, looks at the Zhao Hai appearance, to her gift is very satisfaction, now is possible to want the matter of making a return gift gift, if he thought the gift that make a return gift, cannot and these Phantasmal Beast color eggs. The coordinated words, he feared that will not accept these five color eggs. Laura does not dare to disturb Zhao Hai, her temperament have some understanding to Zhao Hai, knows Zhao Hai , if not want to receive, she divulged the day, Zhao Hai will not accept. Some little time, Zhao Hai let out a long breath, has opened the eye, turns the head look at Laura said : Miss Laura, your gift was really too precious, I do not want to receive, but this gift was very important to me, I accepted.” Laura one hear of Zhao Hai said that the face smiles to blossom, she feared that Zhao Hai does not receive, Zhao Hai received her happy, her quickly said: This originally to the gift that mister prepares, mister should not be polite.” Zhao Hai beckoned with the hand, chuckle said : accepts Miss Laura such expensive gift, if not give the young lady returning a courtesy, really cannot be justified, I know that Miss Laura is Knight, delivers thing that Knight has a need.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Green knows Zhao Hai must deliver anything, his quickly said: Young Master......” Zhao Hai beckoned with the hand said : to be all right, Miss Laura should trust, moreover she is also one knows person who weight, we were lucky these days Miss Laura helps, to give to her to be also normal.” Laura was actually made to be shocked by them, don’t know Zhao Hai must give any gift, how also to want the precious appearance compared with the Phantasmal Beast color egg that she delivers probably. Zhao Hai said to Green that a hand revolution took Magic Peach Seed, has put in front of Laura, said : this Little Thing, gives to Miss Laura.” Laura puzzled look at this Little Thing, with carefully looked, does not have presently any different places, finally has puzzled look at Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai he he smiles said : also no wonder young lady don’t know this thing, this thing is also I obtains, possibly was an antiquity Magic thing, his function I to can tell the young lady, this thing was a pet bead.”

Laura puzzled look at in hand did thing, mutter said : pet pig?” She is still thinking now Phantasmal Beast matter, unconscious the bead, has regarded the pig. Zhao Hai hear Laura expression is not right, smiles said : is pet bead, is not the pet pig, this thing can help Miss Laura receive an demon to favor, no matter level, the volume much is how big, so long as he were surrendered by Miss Laura, Miss Laura can subdue him with this Little Thing, the method is very simple, so long as the young lady's drop a drop of blood in pet Zhu, the Magic Beast has been OK blood drop that in must receive you to pet Zhu, Miss normally can receive the pet in the pet bead, fight time in taking to come out to use, uses the pet that he receives, is interlinked with the young lady mind., Facilitates young lady command(er), only if died in battle, even if were seriously injured, so long as received pet Zhu some time, the demon favors can recover automatically.” Laura has tarried, the demon favors that was compared with Phantasmal Beast also wants precious existence, although saying that Phantasmal Beast used to be very convenient, can turn into full body armor and weapon, but Phantasmal Beast needs to eat thing, but he ate was also not general thing, moreover Warrior Battle Qi or Magician Magic. What most important is, weapon that Phantasmal Beast fluctuates, is not best, weapon that low level Phantasmal Beast fluctuates, high grade Warrior strong/sturdy that even might as well humanity forge, the sole good point is he can the communicate Magic element, enabling your weapon to turn into Magic weapon. But Magic Beast is different, level is high Magic Beast, the strength is also strong, if you can accept Giant Dragon to work as the pet, that almost on equal to Unparalleled Under The Heaven. Moreover this thing also has to restore the Magic Beast injury, lets Magic Beast and Master mind interlinked these merits, this regarding Knight, do not say that trades with five Phantasmal Beast eggs, even if also without hesitation will trade with ten them. Laura dull is taking that Magic Peach Seed, her naturally don’t know this is only a peach seed, but has regarded antiquity Magic Item it, antiquity Magic Item on this pass/test healthily Continent was really too few, moreover passed on god too, therefore Laura such easily believed. But Green actually hears to smile in one side, he has not thought really that Zhao Hai actually will say, but also the antiquity Magic thing, he he, had the talent, this will not have anybody to suspect this thing unexpectedly grow out from the tree. Some little time Laura recover, probably is holding valuable rarities same takes Magic Peach Seed, in the eye is not abandoning completely, but gently has put on it the table finally, then is unfair to mister to Zhao Hai said :, this gift was too expensive, is more precious than that five Phantasmal Beast painted eggshells, I cannot receive.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : Miss Laura to be too polite, accepted, this thing was more useful to you, moreover do not regard this is a good deed, this thing you, if did not use well, becomes greatly troublesome.” Laura is not stupid, immediately has thought through key, just like Zhao Hai said that if do not use well this thing, that this thing will become own cursing.

The Zhao Hai look at Laura appearance, smiles said : this thing regarding Miss Laura, the use is very big, but similarly, is representing the danger, if Miss Laura does not want to receive, my also unavoidably you.” Magic Peach Seed on Laura look at table, looked at Zhao Hai, finally clenched teeth, has taken up Magic Peach Seed, received own bosom carefully, then bowed said : Laura to apologize Mr. Zhao Hai to Zhao Hai.” Zhao Hai beckoned with the hand said : Miss Laura to be too polite, our is the equal exchange, you do not owe me anything.” Laura has smiled bitterly, how this possibly does not owe anything, five Phantasmal Beast color egg although are also precious, but on unique the antiquity Magic thing with Continent compared, difference was not several streets so is simple. Zhao Hai stern to Laura said : Miss Laura, after I hope you, with this pet bead, do not say is I gives to you, Ok?” Laura nodded said : mister feel relieved, I will not say, if one day, Laura the words that because the pet integument person chases down, asking mister to save me.” Zhao Hai one hear of Laura said that cannot help but laughs, he also knows that Laura is cracks a joke, first do not say Laura with his relationship, even if Kun is not the average person can offend, in adding on her Markey Family status, on Continent dares to deal with her person flagrantly, but also are not really many.