Chapter 167 Biochemical beast? Chicken? Laura sits in own horse carriage, in hand is taking Magic Peach Seed careful look at, she really does not have presently this thing to have any special place, looks like probably is a round iron ball, but above is having a white dot. Ni'er careful look at this small ball, to be honest, Zhao Hai has not deceived them, Ni'er was unable to believe that on really Continent will have this thing. Some little time Laura received Magic Peach Seed, let out a long breath, looked at Ni'er one, smiles said : What happened? is very surprised?” Ni'er nodded said : „, has not thought that will have this thing, Young lady, you said that what status mister is, how can send out an antiquity Magic thing conveniently?” Laura forced smile said : what origin now I also real don’t know mister was, had not heard on Continent mister such person, the person like mister, was the impossible fame not to have on Continent normally, but unusually strange, on before Continent, had not heard person like mister, wasn't this too strange?” Does Ni'er frown said : young lady's meaning is?” Laura shook the head said : how my also don’t know to say that the body of mister has too our don’t know matter, I do not want to inquire now, then too does not respect to mister, in any case no matter what, mister now is our allies, so long as we hold the mister explain/transfer matter, with thing that mister there produces, making our Magic Lily Store arrive at entire Purcell Duchy, this also sufficed.” Speaking of here, Ni'er has cannot help but smiled, turned the head to smile said : to Laura young lady, now the store has almost arrived at Purcell Duchy each corner, was the person in Clan, in won't look our troubles?” Ni'er is the Laura maidservant, the servant like her, generally the young lady in getting married, they will be the dowry, therefore the Ni'er also very concerned about Laura future, naturally, had the exception situation, if Laura before oneself will get married, will marry Ni'er, that Ni'er did not need to work as the dowry. However this situation is few, the girl like Ni'er, was not sold by Master, is the family lives the servant, regarding a Great Noble young lady, the body continually with the maidservant who a family comes, is using also feel relieved, but can also become own helper, how such person they possibly give up.

The Laura look at Ni'er appearance, forced smile said : my silly Ni'er, you were too simple, do not look that our present scenes that the matter thought are very big, however in the eyes of Clan these people, anything was not, but we were now many with the chip that they negotiated, after all now the Purcell here aspect, is we rushes, they wanted us, by the nature of things cannot stand firmly.” Ni'er relaxed said : that to be good, Young lady, or you considered that Mr. Zhao Hai, mister such has the skill . Moreover the temperament is so good, the feelings are good, in the future will certainly be good to the young lady.” Laura look at Ni'er smiles said : small girl, was you settles on mister? Therefore thinks that I do marry him?” Ni'er face red said : „, the young lady will not speak irresponsibly.” Laura he he the chuckle, to Ni'er said : small girl, the matter will not be simple, mister strength is so strong, in hand good thing that many, actually still not to dare to see with own eyes the person by the proper face, this said that Mister Ming certainly is a very formidable enemy, arrives at according to mister such strength not to dare formidable easily with it opposing the enemy, if I have married mister, by that time feared is compared with present danger.” Ni'er stares, said : that with a smile then look at Laura eats said that the young lady has thought can marry Mr. Zhao Hai? Hee hee, the young lady added that has not thought that deceived people.” Laura white Ni'er, did not have to say anything, don’t know, she also really has thought why perhaps this issue, these days hear of Ni'er said these matters said were many, will therefore have such idea. What idea Zhao Hai does not have the time to manage Laura to have now, to be honest, now he and other worries somewhat, calculates that Buffy entered to Carrion Swamp in already one month, has not come out to the present, did not say other, considered to eat and drink is an issue, Zhao Hai really understand, Buffy does not live in, must know that inside almost all plants were poisonous, was he the this month? Can he not eat and drink? Had not heard 9th level Expert can not eat meal. although Zhao Hai started to improve the land in the Iron Mountain Fort nearby now, but he actually does not dare to make, so far, has only made about 1000 mu, this were many, must know the population in their castle is not many, too much lands their simply type. Was good has raised many Scaled Wildebeest because of Zhao Hai, there are help of these Scaled Wildebeest, these slaves to could also be busy, moreover they planted, was some ordinary vegetables, was not very tired. Zhao Hai has not turned into Zombie these Scaled Wildebeest, although says now looks like, Zombie is very easy-to-use, but Zhao Hai is not Dark Magician of that type of name brand, he likes live life form.

Laura leave Stony Mountain, Zhao Hai immediately brought that several bags of Magic plants seed to enter in Space, Green they naturally, they also want to know, this can Space Level Up. They just entered to Space, hears Space to transmit prompt speaking sounds: Presently plants seed, signs seed, seed is vegetables class seed, the evaluation is ten 5th level plants, withdraws seed, seed digitization, may purchase in Spatial Shop.” Presently plants seed, signs seed, seed is vegetables class seed, the evaluation is ten 5th level plants, withdraws seed, seed digitization, may purchase in Spatial Shop.” ...... First successive five such prompt, wait for after prompt, Space then transmits prompt speaking sounds: Because of presently new plants, Space meets the Level Up requirements, Level Up to ten 1st level, may open up the new land, ten mu, needs gold coins 3000, level and gold coins meet the requirements, whether immediately/on horseback does open up wasteland?” Zhao Hai is this, moreover now he is not short of money, is adding on this land of opening up wasteland, one is ten mu, his will hesitate, immediately/on horseback said : immediately/on horseback opens up wasteland.” white light flashes, ten mu land appears in Space. Green their look at that ten mu land, don’t know must say any good, so, were many ten mu place, this is not a small quantity. Zhao Hai has not thought that after crossing Level 10, each liter 1st level, can open up ten mu land unexpectedly, this is really a pleasant surprise. Zhao Hai looked at that ten mu place one, thinks that turns the head to Green said : Grandpa Green, I want on these ten mu ground, to plant these five types of Magic vegetables, do you look to be good?” Green one was called to recover by Zhao Hai, looked at that ten mu place, looked at Zhao Hai in hand vegetables seed, nodded said : well, plants this type of Magic vegetables, after producing, we eat except for ourselves, but can also save some, when the quantity has sufficed, is making Miss Laura help to sell, when the time comes the looks like received, has not thought really that this time Level Up on obtaining ten mu, looked like we want the means as soon as possible by Space Level Up.” Zhao Hai several people nodded, the intention of Zhao Hai moves, that ten mu place immediately has planted these five types of vegetables automatically, these five vegetables Zhao Hai each one type of have planted two mu, before long planted.

Planted ten mu land, Zhao Hai they also took that to think of the Phantasmal Beast painted eggshell the box to enter Ranch, Blue Eye Rabbit that Ranch there raises now, had several Wind-Chasing Horse in Space. These Wind-Chasing Horse are Zhao Hai raises specially in Space, no matter before they went to there, sits Undead Creature to hurry along, but the looks like must go to Casa City this place, if you sit Undead Creature are not being able to go in city, finally must walk going , was not quite really convenient, was adding on Scaled Wildebeest although to be improved, but was not quite quick, for the convenience conduct, Zhao Hai has raised several Wind-Chasing Horse. although Alien is quicker than the divine horse, uses also the bang, but Zhao Hai decided that later little uses Alien, uses some Wind-Chasing Horse, because Alien used too to rumble, was struck by lightning easily. Moreover Zhao Hai also knows the design in Laura horse carriage, to be honest, he envies really very much, before he also can only have a look, but now is different, now he was rich, he can also make horse carriage like Laura, even if is different, cannot miss to that goes. Zhao Hai and Green they just brought that box to enter Ranch, hears Ranch to transmit prompt speaking sounds: Presently new animal, animal is biochemical Battle Beast, may absorb the energy survival, may assist the human fight, presently fighting strength has the shortcoming, only may absorb pure energy, Level Up, the improvement shortcoming, the biochemical beast cannot absorb line of what forms the ability, but Level Up, withdraws animal, animal digitization, may purchase in Spatial Shop.” Then the prompt sound in one time transmits: Because of presently new animal, Ranch Level Up to 3rd level, may tame 100 animal.” Said that was not having the sound. Zhao Hai actually very new happy, immediately puts in that five eggs Ranch that hatching circle, before long, several eggs split one after another, drilled furry Little Thing from the egg, Zhao Hai saw these Little Thing, has actually gawked, because of him presently, these Little Thing probably is five chickens, chicken that five colors varied. Did Zhao Hai dull look at that five chickens, mutter said : „to be the chickens? Some people take the chicken, when Phantasmal Beast?” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Green has cannot help but smiled, to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, that is not the chicken, but flies hawk-type Phantasmal Beast, but be fiercer than the chicken, although said that fighting strength is inferior to Magic Beast, but they can turn into full body armor or weapon, moreover can fly, is more interlinked with the Master mind, can definitely regard the airborne mounted scout to use, has not thought Miss Laura this sending is five flies unexpectedly hawk-type Phantasmal Beast, flies hawk-type Phantasmal Beast is very rare.”