Chapter 168 Buffy came out Zhao Hai has not thought that these five look like chicken same Phantasmal Beast, can be hawk-type Phantasmal Beast unexpectedly, he turns the head look at Green said : Grandpa Green, won't you misread?” Green smiles said : not wrong Young Master, this is flies hawk-type Phantasmal Beast, in Phantasmal Beast does not have chicken class Phantasmal Beast, can flying in the sky Phantasmal Beast, only then flies hawk-type.” At this time that only several chickens ran, chaotic calligraphy stroke in all directions on meadow, looked at their appearances, probably was very healthy. However Green actually knit the brows said : not to be right, Phantasmal Beast cannot eat thing casually, they can only eat contain Magic element very strong thing, these several is a little not quite how same?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to be all right, Space just did not say, right they have carried on to improve, I think should say is this.” Green thinks that nodded said : „seems like this, was then good, had these Phantasmal Beast, we can reproduce Phantasmal Beast massively.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „, but cannot make too, now we mainly to raise Blue Eye Rabbit give priority to, waits for mine tunnel Ranch there, true produces Blue Eye Rabbit time, we are raising other thing in Space.” Green nodded, Zhao Hai several people returned to in the Space villa, after having sat down, Zhao Hai turns the head to Green said : Grandpa Green, after I prepares and other Buffy to come out, we enter to Carrion Swamp, in any event, the Carrion Swamp there matter must be solved.” Green knit the brows said : Young Master, this feared that is not quite good to solve, Carrion Swamp there, these many years, innumerable Expert have gone, actually never has several people to live coming out, Young Master although is having Space , is also impossible to solve.” Zhao Hai nod said : I have not thought must completely solve the Carrion Swamp there problem, but thinks that did not enable beast tide once for a while violent to be OK, this Buffy came out from inside, so long as we extinguished him, can from his there know that some inside situations, this should be able to allow us to enter to the Carrion Swamp very deep place.” Green thinks that must nod said : this to be also good, if cannot solve the Carrion Swamp there matter, that Black Wasteland here will be forever unsafe.” Green is currently getting more and more confident to Space, he believes that is Carrion Swamp there has any fearful existence, so long as there is Space , the Zhao Hai security will not have the issue, this is he agreed that Zhao Hai goes to the Carrion Swamp primary cause.

Merine smiles said : to hear other Carrion Swamp there has plenty Continent place no plants, if is really such, that Young Master Space can Level Up.” Zhao Hai nodded, smiles said : „, this Drunk they collected many thing, believes they take carry back, Space can Level Up, when the time comes area meet even bigger.” Green nodded, by the window of villa, looked at outside one, deep voice said : „, so long as Space area become bigger, we will have more qualifications, when the time comes no matter, do not think that was bullying us.” Zhao Hai just about to nods, suddenly he has gawked, then turns the head to Green said : Grandpa Green, just Drunk passed on information, Buffy came out from Swamp, probably received very heavy wound.” Green stares, immediately/on horseback turns the head to ask Drunk to Zhao Hai said : quickly, Buffy wound multiple, the several days time can arrive at Black Wasteland here.” Zhao Hai nodded, immediately/on horseback asks Drunk, then turned the head Drunk to say to Green said : wound probably heavy, flew very much to exempt, evidently about two days, can in Swamp come out.” Green nodded said : just right, time is also sufficient, we block him on the mountain, Young Master, you look, that several Phantasmal Beast several days can be mature, has these Phantasmal Beast, Buffy is flies, we did not need to fear.” Zhao Hai nodded, the personal appearance moved appears in Ranch, looked at that several Phantasmal Beast, these Phantasmal Beast belongs to Level 10 animal, the mature time was 15 hours, can produce a time egg every eight hours, a time can produce five eggs, altogether can spawn five times. This also in other words, about two days, enough they grow up, moreover almost can raise 100 Phantasmal Beast to come, these Phantasmal Beast can arrive at the spawning-time maturely, is used to fight should not to have the issue. animal in Space, to spawning-time, even if were mature, but wanted, when the Space regulation spawning number of times passed, can true to the mature period, was received in Warehouse, has not arrived at the Space regulation mature period, did not pass carries on Warehouse, the young son who naturally, had just been born was an exception, the young son can receive Warehouse. Saw this result, Zhao Hai also on feel relieved, 100 improved flying hawk-type Phantasmal Beast, should be able to compel from the space injury 9th level Expert. Zhao Hai the result after Green said that Green very much happy, their immediately to Iron Mountain Fort there, has also prepared in there to cope with Buffy.

For security, Green also personal ran Casa City, for buys several strong bows. 9th level Expert although will fly, but they cannot fly is too high, so long as with the strong bow, can shoot them generally, but on Continent also nobody dares to cope with 9th level Expert with bow and arrow, that equal to courts death. Simultaneously Zhao Hai called the Stony Mountain here people, these have been put on Black Wasteland stand guard Magic Beast also to call, what this time they must cope is 9th level Expert, although is injury 9th level Expert, but 9th level is 9th level, does not accommodate underestimated. Two days of quick on the past, in Zhao Hai Space had 100 mature flying hawk-type Phantasmal Beast, after these Phantasmal Beast grow up, with the appearance of childhood that chicken, completely different, before being more like Zhao Hai, has heard the golden eagle. After growing up Phantasmal Beast, the wing opens, fully about five meters, the body also about two meters, the steel hook same mouth, is similar to the strong eagle claw, two eyes is fiery, the cry low and deep hoarse has the one type of unusual penetrating power, the overwhelming power is extraordinary. But those who most make Zhao Hai surprised is, after this hawk Phantasmal Beast grows up, eats was not the grass, but was these Blue Eye Rabbit in Space, but they ate Blue Eye Rabbit every time, in Space in one time will produce new Blue Eye Rabbit, looked like plays the game to brush is strangely same. Zhao Hai is really don’t know what's the matter, had asked Space, the answer of getting is level is unexpectedly insufficient, is unable to inquire, made that Zhao Hai is very depressed. However Blue Eye Rabbit in Space has not reduced in any case, these Phantasmal Beast have eats, moreover maintained very strong aggressiveness, this was very good. Feared that these Phantasmal Beast when the time comes do to use, Zhao Hai also after these Phantasmal Beast are mature, their let out, finally to is very good, these Phantasmal Beast to outside very obedient, have also let their attack their attack, even Zhao Hai may also use that formation management function, making these Phantasmal Beast lining up shapes of carry on attack. Green they to this result also very satisfied, must say that this Phantasmal Beast strength also is really very big, not only the strength is big . Moreover the personal appearance was also bigger, had heard compared with them flying hawk-type Phantasmal Beast build and strength big many, it seems like it is the result of Space improvement. Green had estimated that these Phantasmal Beast fighting strength, macronucleus equivalent to 6th level Warrior, in airborne fighting strength must, after all they inborn fly. Over the two days Zhao Hai they, not only in Iron Mountain high grade, but also sent many Undead Creature to enter to Swamp surrounding look at, this can in the shortest time presently Buffy. However makes Zhao Hai they be what is surprised, two days later, they have not seen Buffy, Zhao Hai immediately send these undead to live to seek in Swamp, finally had found Buffy on small island, Buffy is in wound treatment.

Zhao Hai that can make Buffy in there relieved wound treatment, immediately make these enter in Undead Creature to Swamp to carry on attack to Buffy. Buffy evidently is really the wound is very heavy, has not resisted unexpectedly, often flies from Swamp. Zhao Hai cannot see clearly the situation in Swamp now, there by seven color smog covering, these situations are he send Undead Creature in Swamp to tell Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai and Green they stand on Iron Mountain sky over now look at Carrion Swamp that seven color smog, Green took his spirit wind sword, Merine is also taking Magic Staff, Meg takes to seal|confer Motie to curl, Blockhead and a Stone person of strong bow, Zhao Ga they also took Magic Staff, Zhao Shi and Zhao Jie summoned Stone Giant, prepares make a move at any time. Naturally, what is busiest is Zhao Hai, he 100 Imaginary Beast Hawk let out, summoned ten Stone Giant now, these Stone Giant have been ready, momentarily can stone to carry on attack toward sky. Buffy has not disappointed Zhao Hai they, Zhao Hai they only waited for about a half hour, sees on the Carrion Swamp seven color smog same fluctuations, then human-shape does sway flew from Swamp. Zhao Hai feared that Buffy in running back Swamp, the visibility in Swamp is too low, does not help the fight, when Buffy just flew, does not have attack, but when Buffy quickly to Iron Mountain on time, suddenly ordered attack. First attack is these Imaginary Beast Hawk, 100 hawks, frontage 50, 50 have sealed up the Buffy back-spacing Swamp escape route. Along with issuing an order of Zhao Hai, in sky has heard a hoarse Hawk Cry sound, two teams of hawks are similar to two curved half a month are then same, has pressed toward Buffy. Buffy has not thought will obviously have this situation to live, the personal appearance moved, falls the ground, this entered Green also to give a loud shout: Start! said that raises the spirit wind sword to overrun. Buffy sees Green they, immediately understand what's the matter, his two eyes flash of cold light, look at Green, deep voice is said : you? You restored unexpectedly, good, previous time made you run, these time looked how you ran.” Said that both hands wield continually, huge Wind Blade, their several people cut toward Green.