Chapter 169 Besieges the Asian god But at this time, actually several giant stones pounded toward Buffy, that several Stone Giant make a move. Buffy natural present this situation, saw him to read several Incantation in a low voice, flowing of wind element frantic, his personal appearance was to resemble the leaf in wind is the same, became flutters to be uncertain. Each Magician forms of combat are different, for example Earth element Magician, in the fight, will often give own body on blessing/additional support to protect Magic first, because of the Earth element protection capability, in all Magician, is strongest, but Earth element Magic attack is not quick. But Water element Magician will be revolved generally by own protective shield, Water element against does not lack good, aggressiveness is also ordinary, is only the change are many, protective shield that afterward people present, same Water element Magic protective shield, rotated, have stronger defense capability compared with ordinary protective shield, this Water element protective shield also slowly like is the whirlpool rotates. Fire element Magician pays great attention to attack generally, because Fire element Magic is in several element Magic, sabotage force. But Wind element Magician, is in four element Magic most one type of easily, therefore Wind element Magician in the fight, will use one type of Wind element Magic generally, becomes by own body very light , helping avoiding attack. Each one type of Magician forms of combat, have the direct or indirect relation with their Magic attribute, on beforehand Continent most famous Asian God Rank Magician John like such that said that every was Magic, needs Magician to study with the life. This John is not an average person, but is more than thousand years ago on Continent the first Magic talent, this arrives did not mean that his talent good, conversely, his talent is very bad, the common child 12 years old may custom official study Magic, the good point less than ten years old on can study. But John learn has actually contemplated to 16 years old, but is a such person, finally was actually called Teacher Magic, he altogether receives the disciple 120 people his entire life, but these 120 people, without any exception, finally has become 8th level above Expert, has 20 9th level Expert appears . Such education ability, unprecedented, latter does not have the future , because of so, therefore John is on Continent all the teachers of Magician recognition, his first few words by person earnest research. But this every is Magic needs Magician with the words that the life studies, is he most famous famous saying, because of his these disciple , because of these words, has such result.

Buffy is in itself Wind element Magician, opposes the enemy with such method does not have what mistake, but changes mind thinks, actually presently incorrect place. Is Buffy who? 9th level Expert, existence of Asian god, that is on Continent topest existed, except for Expert with level, he will use the Wind element Magician fight method in opposing the enemy? Is impossible, 9th level Expert, among raise a hand and throw a foot, had has moved mountains the strength, to hide the attacks of how many Stone Giant, but with this Wind element forms of combat? Said that some people do not believe. He such does, only then an explanation, he was seriously injured, does not have, now was unable to use the 9th level Magician strength completely, therefore has to select this method to fight. Thought through this point, the Green at heart Dading, the personal appearance gearing, the shunt several Wind Blade attack, at this time water dragon suddenly appears , hit on that several Wind Blade, with a bang sound loud noise, Wind Blade and water dragon simultaneously vanished in airborne. Two vigor arrow actually seize the opportunity directly soared Buffy to shoot, simultaneously one about five meters long giant light sword, from airborne flew, cuts toward the head of Buffy. Meg and Blockhead their make a move. Buffy this 9th level Expert not to be trifled with, the personal appearance gearing, after having also let several giant stones, the hand wields, head appears one layer cyan protective shield, this protective shield has not protected his whole body, but has blocked the light sword of his head, then two Wind Blade, Blockhead and Stone two vigor arrows hit, at the same time in his side, left tornado, this tornado his whole person fruit in, has curled up all over the sky dust, could not be seen clearly his personal appearance. Was at this time, in the Merine mouth read several Incantation lowly, several water dragon appears outside the tornado, was similar to several iron chains is simultaneously same, entangled toward the tornado. But at this time several Earth Thorn also shot up to the sky from the ground, directly soars the under foot of Buffy, these time to is not others, was Zhao Hai make a move. Ghost Staff can use Magic of three departments now, separately is Light Element, the dark department, is Earth element, Zhao Hai does not have too many fight experiences after all, now also can only be the one side hits to overcome the hand. Buffy also worthily is 9th level Expert, now was injured, under several people of besieging, appears accomplishes a task with ease, a point cannot look at the distressed appearance. However he wants to run is impossible, now in sky could block by Imaginary Beast Hawk, these Phantasmal Beast may compared with general Phantasmal Beast fighting strength much better, general Phantasmal Beast, leave Master, the combat capability alone be very low, does not have the means to compare with these hawks. Hawk Phantasmal Beast after Space transform, could not be Ark Continent here Phantasmal Beast, moreover turns biochemical beast that Space said.

Because of the reason of movie and television, the people on Earth hear the biochemistry, probably thinks that is anything is deathly stiff, toxic gas and so on thing, actually biochemical thing, to put it bluntly is the life form chemistry, can be said as one type of humanity research life form main course. The people want through research life form some abilities, to come to serve for oneself, thing that but sometimes their research comes out, actually became efficient instrument for murder. The biochemical beast is one type of of people had devised that wants to make one type of fighting strength very strong wild beast , helping the people fight, moreover this wild beast can also come to become by oneself through the absorption different genes stronger. But Space is also existence of variation, he can optimizes animal and plants, Ark Continent here Phantasmal Beast, uses with doing of biochemical beast almost, but some shortcomings, happen to by Space improving, as the matter stands, these Imaginary Beast Hawk fighting strength, naturally are very strong. Buffy currently also has bitterly knew that he thinks previous time injured Green, Green was impossible to be good, even if were his wound, can reach the level of 6th level soldier to be good, today sees, actually completely was not that a matter, Green not only injured, but also the strength fully restored, this also made him feel being startled. In adding on Merine in one side helper, they dozens years of husband and wife, naturally is the flawlessness of coordination, in adding on Zhao Hai their several, gives him to come one in one side once for a while ruthlessly, made that Buffy not bears very much. Such that just like Zhao Hai they suspect, Buffy was seriously injured , the rapidness that this time he runs, feared that kept in Carrion Swamp, now although he ran, however wound did not have. He now the injury temporary suppression, was impossible to carry on the fight of long time , because of this, therefore he, when Carrion Swamp there meets these Undead Creature attack that Zhao Hai sends, has not made the entanglement, but left Carrion Swamp directly. However he has not thought that left Swamp they to be given to stop up by Green, now he in wants to withdraw to be difficult, was hitting Buffy while was thinking the escape route. The present fight, to be honest Zhao Hai really cannot insert any hand, his although can use Magic, but regarding the understanding of Magic was too few, when don’t know used what Magic to be most appropriate, therefore the majority of time, he can only in one side look at. However Zhao Hai is also preparing, he is not quite good regarding Magic anything's application although, but he can also use the Space ability now, the although Space majority of abilities, do not have what help regarding the fight, but two abilities, can actually come in handy at this time, one is the Fly-Swatter function, but leaves one is to seize the function. This seizing function is Space was used to push these animal to go to produce to use, because of Space variation, animal that raises are too many, Zhao Hai impossible with seizing the function grasps these animal produce, so long as he thought moved is OK.

However this function Space actually retained, moreover can bring to the Space external use, can be used to make an arrest, can be used to grasp animal outside Space. But beforehand Zhao Hai had not used, but he believes that this function should also be easy-to-use, the Fly-Swatter function he has used one time, that time very much loses face. Because has such idea, therefore Zhao Hai also not complete investment to fight, but has been observing Buffy carefully, wants, to give him to come when necessary ruthlessly. Green they have hit for one hour, cannot take Buffy, this also made their some Expert strengths to Buffy this 9th level have a understanding, in this case, Buffy can also support long time to be all right, this itself explained his strength. However Zhao Hai actually presently Buffy complexion getting harder and harder looks, from most calm from the beginning, to appears the blood flushes, now somewhat was afterward pale, Zhao Hai affirmed that Buffy was the injury has certainly done, cannot help but paid attention to him, because he feared that Buffy went all out. Also really made Zhao Hai guess, after such fight of long time, Buffy presently own injury must do, if their such dogfight were getting down with Green, finally feared that must plant to this, therefore he also prepared to go all out. Leaves hundred Wind Blade one after another, compels after Green their attack draws back, Buffy fast was reading Incantation, met to begin to wield, giant tornado appears in his front, this tornado very strong, the sandy soil in ground curled, just attack his several Stone, were involved in the wind. The Buffy sound conveys said : from behind of tornado strong winds Dragon Juan, kills!” That tornado direct Green they curl, but he was calling Green they deal with this Magic time, a personal appearance revolution, flushes away toward Carrion Swamp.