Chapter 170 Colored city Zhao Hai saw Buffy release such Magic of wide scope, felt that the matter did not suit, his flashes body entered Space, immediately/on horseback turned on the screen, on the curtain immediately has demonstrated the situation in battlefield, not only left obviously red has been representing the person on one's own side, with representing Buffy Magic that green, in the battlefield Buffy came out, took a demonstration, but was not quite clear. However this was enough, Zhao Hai presently the Buffy form is going toward Carrion Swamp, Zhao Hai one on understand he is any intention, although said that has Space, they do not fear the toxin in Carrion Swamp, but if made Buffy run into Swamp, they in want to find Buffy not to be easy. The Zhao Hai horse with hand one point that green, simultaneously seizes the function to move, after completing all these, his immediately/on horseback from Space came out, wants to look at this seizing is successful. He just Space, saw in sky suddenly appears big, this big hand is the white, is dodging white light, directly soars Buffy to fly. This only big is quick, Buffy although is not slow, but actually cannot escape this only big tracing, when soon bumps into Buffy, that big hand opening of white light suddenly, one was only grasping Buffy in in hand. Buffy did not have understand what's the matter, among suddenly by capture, he hastily was actually wanted to work loose, at this moment, in sky suddenly appears big Fly-Swatter, has patted toward the head of Buffy. This Fly-Swatter is quick, people only saw remnant shades, Fly-Swatter have patted in the head of Buffy, first successive more than 20, directly pouring that Buffy patted on the ground. However is very obvious, the Buffy strength compared with Zhao Ga their much better, he not die now, in this time, a ray of light sword is dropping down from Space, a sword has delimited Buffy neck, the excellent head, departs far away. Buffy dies, that giant tornado also vanished, Green they ran up to Buffy, look at Buffy corpse. Some little time Green let out a long breath said : worthily is 9th level Expert, if finally is not Young Master these, but also made him give to run.”

Zhao Hai smiles said : to be all right, he has not run in any case was good, Grandpa Green, looks my.” Said that takes up Staff, turned into a high level skeleton Buffy. Must say that this Black Magic also really had his magical thing, Zhao Hai this Spirit-Trapping Technique just, that departed head far away, flew unexpectedly returned to the body of Buffy, then his flesh and blood quick disappearance, skeleton appears in the Zhao Hai front. The Zhao Hai intention moves, with Green their several people of returned to in Space, entered Space, Space immediately to Buffy Level Up, Buffy also turned into Zombie, moreover his present appearance, actually him living time is younger, now has looked like looks like a middle-aged person. What Zombie not necessarily is dies, now what, polarity, person, when turns into Zombie, the body can obtain certain enhancement, will produce transformation, has certain change, turns into the young time like Buffy the appearance, is characteristics. After turning into Zombie, because has produced the tongue, there is an own consciousness, these Zombie can speak like the normal person, this is also the result that Zhao Hai wants, he wants Buffy to say him in the Carrion Swamp there story, if Buffy or the skeleton, can only say with Mind Power to a Zhao Hai person that Zhao Hai must they say to Green, was too troublesome. Buffy just turned into Zombie, Space suddenly resounds prompt speaking sounds: Presently new Magic energy, prompt energy, strengthens the Space aggressiveness energy.” The Zhao Hai attention one is centralized is recording on Magic Staff wickedly, immediately understand this saying was any meaning, now in Ghost Staff are also many one is Magic, he can use Wind element Magic. Zhao Hai has not cared, after leading Green their several people were entering the room, this to Buffy said : Buffy, says you in Carrion Swamp the story.” Buffy bows to Zhao Hai said : is, Master, my these time went down to the Carrion Swamp more than 10,000 li (0.5km) places, was all smooth, besides meeting some toxins of flight was some Magic Beast and insect Magic Beast, has not encountered the too big danger, but penetrated in me into the Swamp about 15,000 mu places, actually present a city.” Zhao Hai and Green they stare, Green look at Buffy said : you say a city?” Buffy nodded said : well, is a city, is a very big city, but that in the city nobody, does not have Magic Beast, does not have any Undead Creature, in entire city has flowers everywhere, one type of quite strange flower.”

Green does immediately/on horseback closely examine said : what flower?” Buffy said : this plants flowers very strange, they probably are vine plants, the growth that can also stand erect, on the cane has the thorn, the cane is the black green, above opens to have about a person big flower fully, this flowered altogether seven flower petals, the color of each flower petal is different, looks like the Carrion Swamp there mist same color, very bright.” Zhao Hai their how many people looked at one mutually, feels very surprised, this matter their first hearing, is the entire city colored? What situation is that? Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback said : that city big? How many people can be occupied by?” Buffy said : is very big, that city although does not have Casa City to be big, but is also similar to the general medium city, can be occupied by about five hundred thousand people, that city has city wall, city wall or made of stone, but that spends unusually strange, on the cane can give birth to the root, but that can also grip in Stone grows, I have tried, does not have means positive motion that flower cane with Wind Blade, the entire city had planted flowers by that covering, very unusual.” Zhao Hai and Green they were shocked, can live in the cities of five hundred thousand people, has not calculated in Ark Continent here slightly, a such big city, unexpectedly all by that strange flower covering, is that a big piece of flower? Moreover that colored root can grip in Stone unexpectedly, was too inconceivable, what plants root can be so incisive? What most important is, 9th level Magician does Wind Blade, chop the motionless that colored cane unexpectedly? What flower is this? Actually also a little, is Green they most cared that Buffy said that mist of that colored color on with Carrion Swamp is the same color, what the mist of that this flowered on with Carrion Swamp has to relate? Is because that spends on Carrion Swamp some long mist, does that because that mist variation comes out plant flowers? They must enter to Carrion Swamp, these situations regarding them, are very important, therefore Zhao Hai turns the head also to have any situation to Buffy said :, together said.” Buffy nodded said : „is very normal, Magic Beast and Undead Creature in has plenty Carrion Swamp, but these Magic Beast and Undead Creature have their domain, surrounding and other low level some, inside level is higher, more approaches that city, Magic Beast and Undead Creature level is higher, around that city already appears 8th level or 9th level Undead Creature and Magic Beast, but their most from the beginning not attack I, after I uses Wind Blade to chop that flower, they suddenly to me moved attack, while me hits runs, hits to run away to come out with great difficulty.” Zhao Hai nodded, turns the head to Green said : Grandpa Green, how do you see?”

Green nodded said : looks like that flowered very mysterious, if I guess good, the Carrion Swamp there mist, is certainly related with that flower, otherwise these Undead Creature and Magic Beast, will not be protecting that flower, Buffy normally does not have the matter, but bumps into that flower by attack, this explained the issue, it seems like that flower is the key.” If is really this, to is very troublesome.” Zhao Hai frowns said : there to have more than 10,000 li (0.5km) road to our here, should be the Carrion Swamp core, if we want to solve the Carrion Swamp there problem, must start from these flowers.” Green nodded said : Buffy to enter to Swamp in not by attack, possibly is because his strength was too strong, these Magic Beast and Undead Creature, to 8th level and 9th level time, the wisdom has not been lower than the person, therefore they do not want to annoy Buffy, but looked that Buffy attack these flowers were anxious, this explained these colored importances, Buffy, what other situation but also there is?” Buffy nod said : also has the one type of situation, but is I guesses that also don’t know did, I presently that in the city flowered very unusual, more walk toward the middle of city market, that colored cane was sturdy, the flower in probably entire city, was actually one, other flowers were that colored branching.” A Buffy such saying, Green they have gawked, is a flower of entire city, actually one? This view extremely was also scary, what flower can long be so big, even if Tree City in Elf clan legend feared that is not big? Green look at Buffy said : Buffy, what you said is real? That in the city flower really like you said that is branching that a flower divided?” Buffy nodded said : this is only my guess, moreover that flower also has own consciousness probably, if I touch him gently, he will not have anything to respond, but I use Wind Blade attack, on that immediately/on horseback on frantic, has spouted seven color poisonous mist from the flowers, the colored cane also starts to look like my attack, moreover attack of that flowered cane is quick, the strength does not compare a 9th level Expert difference, just that flower probably cannot the leave city, my leave city, that flower on slowly subside, then on was these Magic Beast carries on attack to me.” Green complexion ugly said : looks like Carrion Swamp here all roots is because that spent, what is strange, before why, came out the person who from Carrion Swamp, hasn't said these matters?” Green there knows that before person who comes out from Carrion Swamp there, had said these matters, just because of the nearest/recent more than 1000 years, nobody have dared to go to Carrion Swamp there, therefore these matters slowly forgot.