Chapter 171 Thought of the means Zhao Hai frowns said : such looks like, the Carrion Swamp there issue was very difficult to solve, if did not have 9th level Expert, we want to penetrate in Carrion Swamp to use energy, how can this handle?” Green also frowns said : matter truly is very hard to deal with, a equivalent to 9th level Expert flower, big pile of protection beasts and Undead Creature, wanted to solve is really too difficult, was right, Buffy, your time entered Carrion Swamp, brought Space equipment? Has not brought Space equipment, what do you eat?” Buffy said : I have not brought Space Equipment, these time goes to Carrion Swamp very dangerous, in Clan will not allow to bring Space Equipment, eats to does not need to be worried that although said plants and animal in Carrion Swamp, is poisonous, so long as looks for some toxicity not too strong eating, was thinking means Detoxification to be OK, after all has plenty Magic can Detoxification.” Green nodded, Buffy this saying said to is right, his 9th level big Magician, what although specialize is Wind element Magic, but Magic of other departments he will be impossible not, like Water element Magic and Light Element Magic, has plenty can Detoxification, but general Magician will also be able some Detoxification Magic, to help dealing with emergency requirement. Buffy to Carrion Swamp here, has not brought Space equipment, he cannot long time does not eat thing, that naturally can look for some toxicity low plants or Magic Beast eats, then in Detoxification, this naturally will be he will not starve to death, cannot poisoned. Green they have not made the entanglement in this issue, now most important, must solve the Carrion Swamp there problem, the Zhao Hai that eats they were not worried that has Space, even if Zhao Hai takes into Carrion Swamp these slaves, simply does not need to eat worrying. Several people in the villa, will frown to think these matters that Buffy said that although Buffy said are not many, but that Flower City was most important this point Zhao Hai they could affirm, but the issue was, had found the key of issue, did not have the means solution. Some little time, Merine looked that the people really cannot think, stood said : to be good, do not think that many, I thought that this matter put first, Buffy, a while with some papers, passed by the terrain picture to come out your this all the way, where rested also the picture came out, like this after us, entered Carrion Swamp also to have an basis.” Zhao Hai nodded said : right, cannot think in any case now, first do not think, Meg, your a while to Buffy with some papers and pens, making him come out the route picture.” Merine complied with one, turn around has given Buffy to take the written records.

Green said : „, now first do not think that this, I looked Young Master can make Drunk they come back now first, delivers some plants and Magic Beast to Young Master comes back, so long as Young Master Space promoted, that all said.” Zhao Hai also nodded said : well, that first makes Drunk come back, when they came back, having a look at Space can Level Up to any degree, so long as Space can Level Up, that be easy to do.” Green nodded said : „, actually must say really that Space is not a attack ability does not have, like that seizing function and bat function, has strong aggressiveness, 9th level Expert like Buffy cannot block, is putting the insect in addition, puts mosquito these functions, the Space ability is also very strong, but these time goes to Carrion Swamp there, the just by these ability quite insurance, we are not careful the plan the line.” Blockhead suddenly said : that at this time quite a while had not spoken Grandpa Green, Young Master, otherwise we made Imaginary Beast Hawk bring Young Master Staff to fly toward Carrion Swamp, like this we can evade majority of attack, so long as that Flower City there, we have been able to know the there situation, if really cannot resist with all one's strength, immediately/on horseback drew back also and that's the end.” Green they, as soon as listened to Blockhead saying that gawked, was two eyes one bright, Green was said : this arrives is good means that Young Master, did you look?” Zhao Hai thinks that said : this means are truly good, that place that so long as Buffy said that how we can know the situation, moreover now Space can also in establishing fixed Transmission Point, before I had not constructed, wants to keep the place that is having a look at to have needs, such that if can say like Blockhead, directly carries on that Flower City , to can construct Transmission Point in there, we on, but entry momentarily to there, in momentarily came out.” Green has stood, walked two said : I to think this matter on the ground, we went to there to have a look at the situation first, there matter sooner or later must solve in any case, established Transmission Point in there, not only can let we better understanding there, made us many a hiding place.” Zhao Hai nodded, Green this saying said is very right, their although has Space to hide, but Space is not the long-erm place, but Stony Mountain there, with Black Wasteland here, so long as comes 9th level Expert, they must hide in Space, if some day they really have exposed the status, that Black Wasteland here Stony Mountain there is unsafe, when the time comes they can only hide in Space. However in Space cannot stay a generation, they also need one more covert, safer foothold, but where does not have, compared with ominous outside, Carrion Swamp security that 9th level Expert does not dare to enter friendly.

Naturally, this is the last escape route that they prepare, if compelling them to the situation that must hide Carrion Swamp, they did not have the means to stay on Continent. Did Merine knit the brows said : like this? I feared that Young Master will have the danger, do not forget, Buffy said that flower has the 9th level Expert strength, Green you at that time to Buffy time, does not have Space to protect, had not been seriously injured.” Green nodded said : this to arrive is an issue, but Young Master can not exit in Space, we went to have a look to be OK, no matter what, Flower City there was also solves the Carrion Swamp problem the key, we must have a look.” Right that Zhao Hai nod said : Grandpa Green said that Buffy did not say, he did not have attack these flowers time, these flowers did not have attack he, so long as we did not go to attack these flowers on own initiative, should not have any matter.” Green nodded said : this we to not to need to be worried that at the worst when the time comes Young Master does not exit in Space, we probed, said it, that flower in fierce, he was also only a flower, was plants, Young Master Space is very big regarding the help of plants, if that plants were very intelligent, will not feel embarrassed Young Master.” Zhao Hai and Merine they, as soon as listened to Green saying that he he the chuckle, Green looked at their one eyes, frowns said : you not to smile, I heard, if plants had mystical powers, often sensitive, perhaps this matter also really had better solution.” Zhao Hai smiled said : not to have, I had not thought Grandpa Green said is not right, I also feel that stays with these plants in together, comfortable, sometimes can probably feel that their laughter , anger , sorrow and happiness, I think that now the matter also links a point result not to have, our has actually thought of here, he he.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that several people have also smiled, matter, matter also not what kind, they have thought of the result, this was not too laughable. At this time Meg also came back, wants to come has given Buffy the paper, making Buffy draw, looked at smiling face of people one face, the atmosphere was very relaxing, her puzzled said : grandfather, Young Master, What happened? everyone/Great Clan how such happy?”

Merine called her with a smile, to Merine said the words that just they spoke, one hear of Merine said that Meg has also smiled, but her actually said : I to am think right that the grandfather thinks, this time matter, so long as Young Master acts, certainly can process, we should think after carrion moor there was processed, what to do must.” Zhao Hai forced smile said : you had the confidence to me, if the Carrion Swamp there matter so were really easy to process, already made the person process, was not on Continent the places of five big ominous place.” Green has not actually cared, but said : has thought of the means in any case, that must try, Young Master, I look at this, we make Imaginary Beast Hawk bring Ghost Staff to go to Carrion Swamp, but first do not set up fixed Transmission Point in there, first had a look at the situation saying that otherwise this Transmission Point selected on the waste.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, that first in the past had a look saying that this, I think us and other time, I they called Drunk, making them defend in Black Wasteland and Stony Mountain here, does not need them to explore the way in any case now, they in these two places, if we had any matter accidentally, can immediately adjust to help them, does not use like the present, but must wait for them to come out from Swamp.” Green shook the head said : this to not to use, I think us to prepare several days, you made Drunk wait in the place that they are at now to be good first, when the time comes made Imaginary Beast Hawk bring Ghost Staff to fly, can make them enter Space directly, didn't ask them to leave from Swamp quickly?” Zhao Hai has tapped the head, he to this forgetting, yes, so long as makes Imaginary Beast Hawk bring Ghost Staff to fly in Carrion Swamp, quick can find Drunk they, their why being probable makes Drunk they walk from Swamp. In following several days time, Zhao Hai they the matter in Carrion Swamp in full preparation, no matter what, since they knew the key of Carrion Swamp there issue, must try, otherwise Black Wasteland here forever impossible peaceful. Now they mainly and other maps of Buffy picture, although said that they want to enter Carrion Swamp with Imaginary Beast Hawk, but this map needs, Buffy impossible to find Flower City there in one day, he just has not encountered any danger in other place, if he arrived at Flower City there directly, that already had not been hit, that will stay in Carrion Swamp for one month.