Chapter 172 Enters Swamp these days Zhao Hai and transaction of Laura there had not broken, now the land in Space were also many ten mu, but these ten mu places, Zhao Hai was all used to plant these Magic vegetables, therefore to has not appeared has the free time. level of these types of Magic vegetables evaluations in ten 5th level about, therefore the mature time grew a point, the first mature time, about one day, moreover is crops of three seasons, to does not need Zhao Hai they to take the trouble the attendance. These five types make thing although are Magic plants, but Zhao Hai looks such with Earth on also similar, Cubed Potato looks like looks like the potato, the green peppers look like look like the green pepper, Red Radish likely is the carrot, the Chinese olive likely is the tomato, green ju looks like nest ju. The although appearance is similar, but the flavor actually eat compared with Zhao Hai in vegetables on Earth many, regarding Magic element anything, Zhao Hai simply has not actually felt. But Ranch there, Zhao Hai has not been idling, that 100 vacancy of increasing, he was used to raise Imaginary Beast Hawk, this thing quickly catches up with the air force now, moreover Zhao Hai believes that they also met Level Up, by that time can perhaps carry on the back the person, composed own spatial khaki cloth. Extinguishing Buffy five days later, Buffy drew finally the map, although was only a simple map, but them was very useful regarding Zhao Hai. Buffy went to place really many, but he did not extend the straight line to fly Flower City there to go, but transferred for a long time in Carrion Swamp, this arrived at Flower City . Zhao Hai has also asked Buffy, he such does intentionally, however the reply of Buffy, makes Zhao Hai somewhat surprised, he such does not do intentionally, he wants across Carrion Swamp, has a look at Swamp that is anything, but he, as soon as enters to Swamp, actually all around the feeling is the multi-colored mist, simply cannot distinguish clearly the direction, although he felt that he has been non-stop flying, but is talking finally actually circuitously. Even if Buffy comes out, is not problem-free, this he has circled all the way also many roads, finally comes out from inside. Thought of here, Zhao Hai has cannot help but thought Drunk they, Drunk their although did not have in thorough Carrion Swamp to be too far, feared that was the present not in the straight line, it seems like that this Carrion Swamp, but also was really not a simple place.

Attained the Buffy picture map, Zhao Hai did not have immediately/on horseback to go, but made Green go to Casa City, has bought the a piece good Magic Beast skin, this Magic Beast skin was processes, probably was the boasting, fully two meters, more than one meter widths, have tidied up simply, they that map of Buffy picture, the careful picture on the boasting, are only enlarged some. In Aksu Empire and Buda Family agreement, Carrion Swamp is also the Buda Family territory , if counted Carrion Swamp, that Buda Family territory, already complete Aksu Empire. However on Continent is individual knows that to the Buda Family territory in greatly also useless, Carrion Swamp there, has equal to not to have, who dares to go, Black Wasteland there, might as well gives Buda Family to divide solid that the a piece desert comes. However Zhao Hai actually does not think, if they can solve the Carrion Swamp problem, not only they did not have the extra worries, moreover Black Wasteland here he can feel relieved transform. Solves Carrion Swamp there, will not have in Magic Beast and Undead Creature comes Black Wasteland here to disturb, moreover Zhao Hai can also use massive Magic Beast and Undead Creature, the Black Wasteland surrounding sealing, such ordinary person does not dare to come, they raised a rumpus in, some people do not know. This is the result that Zhao Hai wants, he must let Black Wasteland and Carrion Swamp here turns into an independent kingdom, when some day their strength has sufficed, even if were these people knew their here situation, did not dare them to be what kind. Because of this, therefore Zhao Hai can think makes a big point map with the boasting, how this said that he must be good to his territory enough understanding. Zhao Hai and Green they have used the several days time, completes this map, then prepares to go to the matter in Carrion Swamp, Imaginary Beast Hawk that now their in hand grown up, crosses 1000, such quantity was not small, on although Imaginary Beast Hawk cannot ride the person, but these hawks actually all listen to Zhao Hai command(er), so long as Zhao Hai command(er) were good, fighting strength of these hawks are very strong. Actually must go to Carrion Swamp there not to have what good preparation, they only then such select the person, these slave Zhao Hai are impossible to bring, they do not use for food and water worried, does not use, for these toxins were worried, does not have what good worry. Preparing that Zhao Hai they said that actually with the transaction of Laura, although has Space, Zhao Hai they do not need to be worried with the issue of Laura transaction, but their this time must exit, must make some arrangements, if Carrion Swamp there has any matter, making them unable to withdraw the body, this transaction can also be a troublesome matter. Currently they have many types with the Laura business, the corn, Bamboo rice, the radish, the fruit oil, is adding on Blue Eye Rabbit, this numerous all sorts of in addition, suffices Zhao Hai to be busy.

Is good because of Space all, so long as his read to be completed, but must hand over in the hand of Laura these thing, was an issue. Finally before Zhao Hai must use, with means of Purcell Family transaction, to transaction time, puts at the foot of the hill these thing, then makes Laura take in there. Now Stony Mountain here is very quiet, Purcell Family adjusted returned to these slaves Llica plain there, in the there land leveling, planted crops that some can plant, the although grain cannot receive, some road dish anything, no matter what cannot be so wild. Purcell Duchy removed the restoration of bottom calm, actually this time grain disaster although is serious, but loses heavily is also Purcell Family, but the Purcell Family foundation is solid, this loss is not anything, this Purcell male matter, is the disaster, might as well said is **, naturally this ** is not referring to Zhao Hai puts the insect, but said these big Merchant. If no these big Merchant to disturb market, Purcell Duchy can very relaxed pass through this time grain disaster, the simply appears grain not fluctuate, will not have any rumor to live, will only make Purcell Duchy lose some money, has too many hot irons in the fire, not having the mood to look for Buda Family troubled. However this time matter is not the advantage does not have, Evan superior, regarding Purcell Family, is a good deed, regarding Zhao Hai is a good deed, but these big Merchant in this time event, is not honored character that acts, makes Purcell Family enhance vigilance to them, regarding likely grain type is not only people raw materials, is the strategic resources ordinary, attaching great importance, in having the person wants to cope with Purcell Family in this aspect, was impossible. Purcell Duchy here calm, regarding Zhao Hai, there is an advantage also to have the fault, the advantage was he can do business relieved, the fault was, Purcell Family was calm and steady, may come Black Wasteland here examination. Zhao Hai to does not have too to be worried about this situation, if some people run up to Black Wasteland here to come, feared that hides the truth from these Undead Creature, when the time comes he can prepare ahead of time. Zhao Hai this time to Laura had not been saying matter that he must go far, actually this time he cannot be goes out, he is majority of time in Iron Mountain Fort and Stony Mountain here, but makes that Imaginary Beast Hawk bring Magic Staff flying in the sky, only then the place he will exit, the midway also at most is when Phantasmal Beast stops the rest, he goes to have a look at there to have any special plants, other time, Zhao Hai may not want in Carrion Swamp many dull. Finally, Zhao Hai they extinguished Buffy ten days later, all prepare, Zhao Hai release five Imaginary Beast Hawk, flew toward Carrion Swamp. Has not actually thought that several hawks just entered Carrion Swamp, in Space transmit prompt speaking sounds: Biochemical beast contacts the poisonous material, gene variation, absorbs toxicity, the enhancer gene, attack has toxicity.”

This to is makes Zhao Hai they stare, before Young Master of Green puzzled turning the head to Zhao Hai said :, Space strengthened this Phantasmal Beast the time, like to these Undead Creature, having made their attack have toxicity?” Zhao Hai thinks that shook the head said : not to have , it seems like that the strengthening of Space to Undead Creature, has not used on these Magic Beast that Space raises, later we also really must pay attention to this issue.” Green nodded said : „, if Magic Beast in Space, can Level Up like these Undead Creature be good, their fighting strength unceasing increase, when the time comes we will be relaxed.” Zhao Hai smiles „the magical thing that said : now Space displays, left my imagination, later will live anything, everyone don’t know, in any case now Ranch there level is too low, when perhaps Ranch there Level Up, will have many pleasantly surprised.” Green nodded, said : that a face likes „, was Farm here gave many our was only pleasantly surprised, really hopes that what pleasant surprise had a look at Ranch there to give us.” Zhao Hai also somewhat anticipated, although he on game of Farm and Ranch to computer already completely understand, but regarding present variation Farm, the understanding of Zhao Hai are not many, can only after Space Level Up, look at these synopses of Space, but introduces that thing, writes is also not very comprehensive, is Zhao Hai can improve these agricultural crops on don’t know Space likely most from the beginning. Zhao Hai and Green are staring at the screen in Space now, they not true has entered Carrion Swamp, what wants to have a look in this Carrion Swamp is. Stems from Zhao Hai their accident, they will think the visibility very bottom in Carrion Swamp, but has not thought that will enter to Swamp , the here visibility will not be quite low, only outside equivalent to looking unfamiliar mist time almost, visibility minimum over 200 meters, although can't compare with cloudless day time, but they will imagine compared with Zhao Hai actually wanted much better.