Chapter 173 Also Level Up Zhao Hai and Green are paying attention to the situation on screen, on the although screen can only see 200 meters situation, but regarding them, was very good. They have not thought really that in this Swamp unexpectedly is this appearance, this has also had very tremendous influence to Imaginary Beast Hawk. However Zhao Hai has not exited plants that picks these him to see, he believes that these plants Drunk their there has prepared, does not need he personally to make, exits to take time picking that with its present, when might as well they meet with Drunk, together received Space. Imaginary Beast Hawk flies in there, Zhao Hai they did not have all in there look at, Zhao Hai to leave behind a person in there look at, why other people should still do. Imaginary Beast Hawk is not slow, with flying, in slowly slow not to arrive at that to go, but Carrion Swamp there, has that seven color poisonous mist everywhere, they are quick, is impossible to go to that quickly. Because has not arrived with the time of Laura transaction, therefore outside Zhao Hai and Green they have not arrived, all right will keep the person's look at nearby the screen, but their actually returned to own in the room rests. On this day Imaginary Beast Hawk has not met Drunk they, this arrives is makes Zhao Hai they feel very odd, Drunk they also enter to the Swamp more than 2000 li (0.5km), less than the places of three thousand li(500 km), normally Imaginary Beast Hawk also enters to the Swamp more than 2000 li (0.5km), but also is less than three thousand li(500 km), such distance has almost been able to meet Drunk they, now has not met, is really somewhat extraordinary. However Zhao Hai they have not thought that in the evening Imaginary Beast Hawk rested a evening on small island, Zhao Hai they have rested in Space. Next morning, these Imaginary Beast Hawk not like Zhao Hai original plan such, straight-line flight, but illuminates the crosswise flight, Zhao Hai feared that has missed Drunk they, thinks that looks, has a look whether to find Drunk they. However makes Zhao Hai be what is surprised, he had not found Drunk they, that Imaginary Beast Hawk to was flying for three hours not to see Drunk horizontally they, Zhao Hai and Green they present were not right, immediately/on horseback made the hawk round trip fly, this cannot find Drunk all the way they. Zhao Hai and Green although feels very odd, but also knew that possibly has not gone to the place, after all the visibility in Swamp is too low, might as well in Space screen big, therefore also can only wait slowly.

Evening's time, Merine has come from Space, her daytime time, in Iron Mountain castle there look at these slaves, is only in preparing food, prepares to eat to Zhao Hai and Green, other time outside Space busy. Zhao Hai does not want to make her so busy, but Merine feels is not familiar with, she has practiced to tie this busy life, you make her not so busy, her some have not been familiar with. Merine enters Space, feels strange, Zhao Hai and Green frown to sit in Space, but on the screen was demonstrating the Swamp inside small island situation, what, Merine puzzled said : Young Master, What happened? hadn't lived what matter specially?” At this time Meg they had also come from outside, one hear of Merine such asked that has encircled, puzzled look at Zhao Hai and Green. Zhao Hai forced smile said : does not have anything, but one day had not found Drunk today they, a little worries, Drunk they said that the person the team has not moved the place on that island, but we look for day not to find today, is really strange.” Merine thinks that smiles said : Young Master, you found like this are could not find, you have forgotten, you let Drunk they monitor Buffy the time most from the beginning, Buffy may not have such has looked for them, Buffy thinks that own meaning, the straight flushing forward flight, has not thought must turn circle looks for them, wants me to think that we do not need to manage, let Imaginary Beast Hawk directly flying, I want to meet Drunk they.” One hear of Merine said that Zhao Hai cannot help but pats bigfoot said : „, but also is really such a matter, Buffy enters to Swamp time, nobody had told him makes him look for Drunk they, he naturally was directly flying, I looked that also really like Merine Grandma said that he flying, has probably met directly Drunk they.” Green knows with a smile said : we have thought for quite a while in this, understand that might as well this old woman thinks, illuminated her saying that tomorrow made these Imaginary Beast Hawk then in external flying, our look at was good.” Next day Zhao Hai they also were really make these hawks fly directly, but they cannot see Drunk they, but they actually rested in Drunk their camp in the evening, because they have not seen Drunk they, Drunk they actually saw Imaginary Beast Hawk. Drunk they were Undead Creature, although now are Zombie, with person long similar, but they looked at thing time, was with own feeling, did not use own eye, therefore this Seven-colored Poisonous Mist did not have any influence to them, they can feel thing of very far place.

But these Imaginary Beast Hawk are different, they looked that thing must depend on the eye, although said eagle-eyed fierce, however in this type is the fog place, does not see thing easily. Drunk they feared wrong with Zhao Hai they in the past, set up in an array these Undead Creature, was defending Zhao Hai in there they, so long as had five same hawks to fly, immediately told Zhao Hai, this has not made Zhao Hai they miss. This Drunk they really have also harvested many thing, these thing has plenty are Swamp here peculiar plants, before Zhao Hai these that sees, complete is different. Finally Drunk they these plants bring to Space in the time, Space one rose ten 5th level unexpectedly, this arrived is makes Zhao Hai be surprised. Rose ten 5th level, they can open 20 mu place, what was a pity, these plants were too many brings poisonously, did not have no aggressiveness, was only general poisonous plants, although can let Space liter 4th level, did not have the means to make Space increase aggressiveness. Zhao Hai is not short of money now, naturally opened that 20 mu place, but these 20 mu places, Zhao Hai not polite, plants seed that Space has rewarded. From Level 10 to ten 5th level, Space altogether rewards four types of seed, same is soybean, same is the snake gourd, same is the bamboo shoots, same is the grape. Before Level 10, Space rewards seed, one time rewards two mu most, after Level 10, Space rewards seed, one time has actually rewarded five mu, this is also one type of Level Up. Zhao Hai still saw two line other crops in Spatial Shop, these two crops look like the demon peach is the same, has the special ability, separately is the palm-leaf fan, immortal hu, the palm-leaf fan takes the primary form of palm-leaf fan in Journey to the West for thing that makes, belongs to Wind element Magic crops, can produce the gale, 10% probabilities, can achieve to target Item blow ten thousand li (0.5km) effect, in Space, he is actually considered as ten 5th level special crops, must meet the special requirements to plant, moreover by Space was determined for Magic crops, after must two Level 10, can plant. Immortal hu is also similar, but the function of immortal hu most important is actually doing of very special uses, is used to brew alcohol, in immortal hu has infinitely great Space, can absorb in the bottle gourd crops that can brew alcohol, then automatic makes the liquor, is really convenient.

However characteristics, can plant to two Level 10, moreover immortal hu that plants most from the beginning, although can absorb many wine-makings the materials, is actually can leave ten jin (0.5 kg) liquor every seven days, but each jin (0.5 kg) liquor minimum needs 100 jin (0.5 kg) grain, if with fruits, minimum also needs to use 50 jin (0.5 kg) fruits, in many were impossible to leave. However this liquor also very good, not only to wound treatment advantage a little, but can also restore Magic or Battle Qi instantaneously, this regarding the soldier or Magician, was really too important. Zhao Hai also knows, before the demon peach possibly are that are Level 10, Space reward only one by one type special Item, can therefore plant in Space, after Level 10, will have certainly limited, like this palm-leaf fan and this immortal hu, belongs to special Item, not only has not rewarded seed before two Level 10, but also these two ten 5th level crops, actually must be able to plant after two Level 10, this itself on was one type of has limited. Zhao Hai to does not care about palm-leaf fan thing very much, the use of palm-leaf fan is not very big, cannot to the enemy the too strong lethality, so long as is the enemy has certain defense capability, will not have the too big lethality, can only blow the place that cannot see the enemy. But doing of immortal hu with, although is very obvious, but the output somewhat is low, seven talents have ten jin (0.5 kg), has been short. Moreover these two thing, have been able to plant to two Level 10, therefore Zhao Hai has not worried to buy planting of these two crops. But these poisonous plants that Drunk they found, is not the use does not have, this plants after Space improves, not only can eat, but can also some produce Detoxification Potion, but wants produce Detoxification Potion, must , after Space to three Level 10 this, has cleared Processing Factory time is good. Zhao Hai and Green do not have time tube these, they receives to arrive at Space Drunk, puts Iron Mountain Fort there after the security guard, makes Imaginary Beast Hawk toward Carrion Swamp in fly.