Chapter 174 Talent can arouse jealousy Zhao Hai they explore in Swamp here, Casa City that city to is not peaceful, to is not Purcell Family had an accident, but is Laura had an accident. Laura present business before, but was bigger , the entire Purcell Duchy daily necessities market, Magic Lily Store has occupied 50% many shares, such digit is really somewhat astonishing. A duchy, although Purcell Duchy is not very big, but the daily necessities market in entire duchy, that is also the a piece very big fat, now in this fat, lushest a piece, has made the person eating, how much money that this person can everyday make? With the thriving business also described that is not overrated absolutely. The a piece fat block places there, no matter what everyone wants to eat one, but in this fat also has Bone, is no one can bite. However the bystander is too tough to bite, does not represent oneself family member to be too tough to bite, these time has the Laura idea, is not others, is the Markey Family person. although said that the Laura father is the second successor, but their Clan old Patriarch is also living, is the Laura grandfather, Karen father, Thompson. This is ruling Markey Family the enormous commercial Empire big Patriarch, is not one person who is good to deal with, he is pure Merchant, anybody, anything, in his eyes, is the business, is the commodity, so long as the pricetag has sufficed, he can betray. But this Markey Family big Patriarch, but also has the commercial sense of smell that the average man imagines, callously to the method of extreme, since he takes over Markey Family, the Markey Family business, beforehand was bigger. The although Markey Family business does is very big, but like Laura, a person is almost dominating duchy half of daily necessities market share, such matter did not have, can say, the Laura present income, in Markey Family several successors, is very high.

This situation is beyond control this big Patriarch not to attach great importance, to be honest, this big Patriarch, regarding own two son, does not like really very much, for other, is not because Karen does not like doing business. It looks like in this big Patriarch, you live in Markey Delphi's such Clan, study does not do business, do you want to do? If Karen wants to study Magic, demon magic studies good also good, but Karen is actually not, his happy difficult research is not Magic, but is Magic Formation. If Karen likes is Magic, that arrives does not have anything, even if he does not like doing business, can become formidable Magician, regarding Markey Family, the help is also very big, but he actually likes research Magic Formation, the strength is not very strong, most has the 7th level Magician level. 7th level Magician regarding common others is very great existed, but regarding like Markey Family Great Clan, 7th level Magician a little insufficiently looked. Because does not take seriously Karen, is adding on Karen not to like doing business, therefore his although is going against a reputation of second successor, actually early lost inherited the possibility in position of Patriarch. Therefore they can match a Purcell Duchy such northerly small place. Purcell Duchy in the Aksu Empire geographical position is not very good, northerly, docks with Beastman, although Beastman has not caused trouble now, but also guarantees does not permit that annual plague, these Beastman meet cause disturbance , in adding on Beastman itself does not have how much money, the Purcell Duchy trade not to reach very much, to entire Aksu Empire, Purcell Duchy is only a far away small place. However in far away place, people also need the daily necessities, but Laura dry is so splendid, thing of Haven product, not only has sold in Purcell Duchy now, but sold in distant markets entire Aksu Empire. Laura has not certainly worked with others, all business are she to do, especially these thing of Haven product, regarding any daily necessities store, that are the live advertisement, how Laura gives up to others, said it, she has association intent with Zhao Hai, if she thing of Haven product, making others generation sell, must greet with Zhao Hai ahead of time is good. Because of the thing red fire of Haven product such, naturally caused that the person was greedy, others not to mention, even if Markey Family these successors have also wanted to struggle a struggle. Markey Family regarding other successor aspects is not attach great importance to, the ability that but does business regarding the successor, actually very attaches great importance, this is also Markey Family chooses the important criterion of successor.

For that Patriarch imperial throne, besides Karen, that seven successors in Markey Family province, struggled was badly beaten, causes the short rope used to bind animals, plays the tricks, that was the too normal matter. But the Karen father, must certainly understand to this situation that this big Patriarch, present age although is not small, but he has not thought must give up own authority, although he makes these successors separate to run own business, what movement but these successors have, cannot hide the truth from him. Karen their this to is an exception, initially Karen and Laura to Purcell Duchy time, Markey Family, does not have what influence in here simply, can say that Purcell Duchy here all, is Laura their foot rushes, although is going against the Markey Family reputation, is a strength has not actually borrowed. Because of this, therefore Markey Family is smallest regarding Karen their influences, moreover now Laura they do not need to fear that Markey Family is what kind of them \; first, their these time helped Purcell Family be busy, had great kindness to Purcell Family, Evan was a knowledge graciousness person, therefore Laura will not have any matter in Purcell Duchy here. Is adding on Laura also to know one, is grasping Haven product, strength immeasurably deep Dark Magician, this also lets many person dreading of. However benefit most attractive thing, for benefit, the people anything matter can be done, like Zhao Hai , on Earth, some people for the benefit, any matter dare to do, that is the law constructs the entire Earth relatively, but Ark Continent here, may not have to construct the entire law, for the benefit, these people naturally was anything dares to do. Other people have scruples Markey Family, has not dared to begin, but Markey Family own person, will be naturally impolite. This time looks for Laura, is not the person who Markey Family Patriarch sends, to be honest, although Laura tosses about such big scene, had not been paid attention to by that Sir Patriarch, but these successors are different, they now when struggles the position of Patriarch, if can obtain Haven product, regarding them, the help is very big. Looks for Laura, is not Karen Big Brother, Markey Family first in-line successor Swan, but is the Markey Family fifth successor, Carlos. Naturally, Carlos had not come personally, but sends oneself under the hand/subordinate Manager called to come, this is Carlos small time follows in one of the Carlos servants, afterward Carlos had grown up, had own influence, but adds also very much has the management ability, therefore on was raised promoted into by Carlos Manager, naturally, he is not General Manager, is only General Manager under the hand/subordinate, is in charge of Manager of booth.

Markey Family although altogether eight successors, but currently most has the strength to compete the position of Patriarch, has three people, one is Karen Big Brother, the Markey Family first in-line successor, Swan, another is Carlos. Last is the eighth in-line successor, Jemmy. These must by Jemmy's crest of wave most vigor, because of Jemmy the Markey Family Patriarch Thompson favor, but the following person most supports, is actually Swan, because Swan is the first in-line successor, moreover he does business also very skillful, in addition oldest, is longest in the time in Clan managing, the under the hand/subordinate influence is biggest. But Carlos is actually in three people weakest one, he has not obtained the Patriarch favor, does not have Swan such influence, but he is actually in several brothers, that most can cultivate the behavior, handles the matter to get along in all social situations, with various Great Noble, is maintaining good relationship, very Clan servant's support. With Karen compared with the status in Markey Family, Carlos status that naturally is much higher, this Carlos sends to see Karen, has shown due respect for the feelings very much. When has not arrived at Casa City, Laura knows that this matter, she had found her study room Kun and Karen, to their said : Grandfather Kun, the father, this time comes, feared that is not the good matter, how do you see?” Karen thinks that said : how can see, he comes to come, but can also we be what kind of?” The Laura look at Karen appearance, speechless, must turn the head look at Kun, Kun looked at Laura one, before calm said : „, that time that Laura has an accident, in Clan some people want extend the hand to our to come, moreover route of Laura motion, is some Clan that people releases secret, we send for looking up most from the beginning, target points to Sir Swan, but thinks to be actually unlikely now, Sir Swan simply does not need such to do, at that time we may not have the present scale, then scale, simply could not arouse his interest, wants to come to have has others in moving trick/hand and foot, then framed. Sir Swan, but this moves the trick/hand and foot person, possibly is one in Carlos and Jemmy, only then they like this will find the way to deal with Sir Swan, this Carlos sends, I look am not the good deed.” Laura nodded said : I naturally also to know that this is not the good deed, but why I am in doubt they to come, for our industries, is for Haven product.” Kun look at Laura said : for our industries feared that is unlikely, the industry of here is we gains, they do not dare to snatch, otherwise he also lost competes the qualifications of Patriarch, I looked that the multi- offices came to Haven product, now their three groups of people fight just ominous, but Carlos obviously was at the inferiority, he should want to expand his influence with Haven product.”