Chapter 176 To the face Has not disappointed Laura they, after he arrived at Casa City, really had to move, his motion could not certainly hide the truth from Laura, he has not thought very much must hide the truth from Laura, the first station that but moved, to was makes Laura somewhat accidental, his first stood was not other place, but was the Grand Duke palace. Laura has not thought that the first station unexpectedly is the Grand Duke palace, this somewhat stems from her anticipation, but changes mind thinks, this also in reason. No matter what, now representative, but Carlos, Carlos is also one of the Markey Family successors, moreover becomes Patriarch compared with Karen hopefully, what Representative is he, naturally must pay a visit Grand Duke Evan. However Laura actually also added carefully, she thinks that visits Grand Duke Evan is not that simple, now the people on Continent know that she has helped Purcell Family busy, has helped Grand Duke Evan busy, can say that Grand Duke Evan is also her backer, if must move her, first levels her backer. This time, comes to Haven product obviously, but Haven product is Laura in hand most important thing, Laura is also impossible to drop, wants to obtain Haven product, must use some methods, however must use the method in Purcell Duchy here to Laura, first levels Grand Duke Evan, even if cannot make Grand Duke Evan help to cope with Laura, cannot make Grand Duke Evan protect Laura. Laura looked at the Grand Duke palace, nature immediately has thought of this point, but he did not have the means to prevent, paying a visit Grand Duke Evan that after all this was official going, how she can prevent. This is their open intrigue, Laura knows, does not have the means that but Laura has not thought must prevent, she is to have a look, they can achieve any degree, if can convince Grand Duke Evan, that Laura really will be very disappointed. However Laura to was not worried, even if were convinced Grand Duke Evan, Grand Duke Evan will not be protecting her, she also had Zhao Hai, if trust of Laura Grand Duke Evan were ten, then the trust Zhao Hai was 100. although Laura has not prevented to see Grand Duke Evan, but her surveillance to was more strictly secret, dares such bold conduct, certainly to obtain Carlos is willing, but here but Purcell Duchy, the Laura domain, Laura did not fear that he can overturn the heavens.

Grand Duke Evan has not disappointed Laura, after has seen him, he sent for reminding Laura, said that this intended to cope with her probably, these time went to his city is searches his rumor to go, he has reached an agreement with, if dares to move Laura, then on equal to in him. This saying is very serious, although said that Markey Family is very formidable, but Purcell Family is not weak, Markey Family was only Merchant Clan, Purcell Family has own duchy, Evan told, if they dare to move Laura, on equal to in him, this saying regarding Grand Duke, was not easy saying that moreover said does not have the means to change, Grand Duke must have own dignity, if toward making the evening changed, how that also ruled a duchy. Laura has not thought that Grand Duke Evan such will give her unexpectedly the face, had Grand Duke Evan this saying, believes that Carlos they want him, thinking well was good. However Laura does not think that will give such up, ran into a wall in Grand Duke Evan there, they should another idea, but this means that feared that is only then, started from Zhao Hai there. Thought of here, Laura actually somewhat could not sit still, immediately/on horseback made the person prepare horse carriage, simultaneously made Kun send for Grand Duke palace there expressing gratitude, at this time her the non- aspect went to the Grand Duke palace to express gratitude face to face, can only send for expressing gratitude with Evan first. After arranging, Laura leads Ni'er to directly soar Stony Mountain. Laura these time goes to Stony Mountain to is not does not believe Zhao Hai, but is she wants to say a hello with Zhao Hai ahead of time, she knows that Zhao Hai does not like being disturbed, moreover secret are too many, if did not greet with Zhao Hai ahead of time, braved rashly ran up to Zhao Hai here to come, feared that will be Zhao Hai will be impolite to him. although Laura does not like, but she does not hope that Zhao Hai is what kind, what after all Representative is Carlos, if Zhao Hai offended Carlos, that is also very troublesome. Laura one comes out from Casa City, Zhao Hai there received information, these days although his attention has put Carrion Swamp there, but regarding the surveillance of Casa City here, has not actually relaxed, in adding on Drunk they came back from Carrion Swamp now, his manpower was very sufficient, the surveillance to Casa City was stricter. Zhao Hai and Green they in Space, therefore Zhao Hai receives information that Laura must come, immediately told Green, Green knit the brows said : also don’t know Miss Laura these time to come for anything, we now in the Casa City there strength or too small, cannot in fresh matter prompt the report Casa City come back, this to us, was very disadvantageous.” Zhao Hai nodded said : this not to have the matter of means that now our in hand not available manpower, if lets Shadowless Night staying of their long time in Casa City, is not the good deed, they after all are Undead Creature, if by person present, will be very troublesome.”

Green nodded, knit the brows said : our present status, does not facilitate to act to establish own influence, otherwise will be very been presently troublesome, now this manpower issue is really a major problem.” Zhao Hai also wrinkled under the brow, they are the rapidness of show, will be the present manpower insufficient issue, these slaves will be unusable, they after all will be the slaves, if will make them go to Casa City to help to inquire information, perhaps will be regarded the running away slave to grasp. Undead Creature after is Undead Creature, if made people present be too troublesome. What most important is, Shadowless Night they now are Zombie, the appearance with their original appearances, could not miss many, if let staying of their long time in Casa City, may make the influence that they were at present, when the time comes trouble. Zhao Hai to the influence that Shadowless Night they were at very dreaded that now, that influence was too big, moreover inside, not only includes Assassin like Shadowless Night , like garden such Light Element Magician, an influence, Zhao Hai has not thought that now the frontage lives the conflict with them. Green looks at Zhao Hai to frown, thinks that he was worrying for the manpower matter, quickly said: Young Master, are you look like this good, this time Miss Laura came, we give her Imaginary Beast Hawk, invited her every other several days time, the Casa City there situation, told us, like this we not only knew the Casa City there situation, strengthened the relation with Miss Laura, did you look?” Zhao Hai thinks that nodded said : this means to be good, now Imaginary Beast Hawk in Space crosses 1000, delivered several to give Miss Laura to be good, this not only can strengthen the relation, but can also let Miss Laura many several Phantasmal Beast, had the guarantee to her security.” Green he he chuckle said : Young Master also really very much cared that Miss Laura, Young Master, wants me to look to might as well try Miss Laura regard, if she intends to Young Master, might as well decide the matter with Miss Laura, do you look what kind of?” Zhao Hai has not thought that Green actually will mention this issue, not knowing whether to laugh or cry said : Grandpa Green, we did not reach an agreement, now does not worry, said it, our also don’t know Miss Laura was any meaning, if braved to say rashly, Miss Laura also did not have that meaning, that later met awkwardly.” Green thinks, did not have to say anything, but this thoughts, he to has been left over, later had opportunity, he was certain metropolitan examination. Zhao Hai looked that the Green expression knows he is thinking anything, he must smile bitterly, has not been saying anything, he also knows that this matter, more will only trace is blacker.

When are not many Laura arrived, Zhao Hai and Green also came out from Space, meanwhile has Merine and Meg, after all their Laura has seen, if Laura came, suddenly cannot see them, will get suspicious. After inviting Laura to the living room has sat down, Zhao Hai puzzled look at Laura said : Miss Laura does this time have what matter? Casa City did there have an accident?” Laura smiles said : not to have hastily, Casa City there does not have any matter, this time I come, comes for my matter.” Zhao Hai puzzled look at Laura said : for your matter? What matter does Miss Laura have?” Laura smiled bitterly to say matter, said all her sorts of guesses, finally to Zhao Hai said : mister, this time may disturb mister, I came to greet with mister ahead of time.” After Zhao Hai shook the head said : to invite Miss Laura goes back, that any to tell that I do not like seeing the person, making him do not disturb me, even if were he came, I did not meet, making him die that heart.” Laura one hear of Zhao Hai said that happy, but her forced smile said : I fear me unable to block, the truth to mister said that my Fifth Uncle, although normally looks like the person is very amiable, but I listened to the father saying that thing that from infancy to maturity, he wants to obtain, could not have obtained, even if were he cannot obtain, he will also destroy, did not make others obtain, this time he sent, feared that will not be easy to walk, therefore I came mister here to say one to mister.” Zhao Hai knit the brows said : „, if they do not know good from bad, do not blame my impolite.” Laura fears is this result, quickly said: Laura these time came to mister to say this matter, mister, my Fifth Uncle compared with my much better, if disturbed mister, mister paid no attention to him and that's the end, should better with him do not have the conflict, was to a Laura face.”