Chapter 177 Going around Zhao Hai looked at Laura one, nodded said : well, invited Miss Laura feel relieved, so long as they were not quite excessive, I will not be what kind of them, you should also know that I was not one person who liked stirring up trouble.” Laura does not have point relaxation, to is not she does not believe the Zhao Hai words, but is she in these people to own family really does not have what confidence. Laura too understood own that several uncle uncles, that several with her grandfather, completely were a temperament, thing that saw must obtain, could not obtain destroyed, all gave priority to the benefit, in their eyes, all thing were the commodities. Laura also knows that Zhao Hai is not one person who likes suffering a loss, looked that he their method to the garden knew, if some people come to dare to move him, he will be impolite. But his Fifth Uncle, is impossible to give up Zhao Hai in hand thing, perhaps will cause any method. Zhao Hai looked at Laura one, does not have to care, said realizes, so long as now is not 9th level Expert looks for his trouble, he does not fear anything, therefore he turns the head to Green said : ringer, goes to give the gift that Miss Laura prepares to take to bring in me.” Green complied with one, turn around walked, Laura one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but said : mister did give back to me to prepare the gift? That is embarrassed, these time comes not to the mister belt gift, to be how good to receive the mister gift.” Zhao Hai smiles said : actually this gift, has the advantage to me, Miss Laura, you also knows that I just came Casa City here, in the situation to Casa City does not know that is adding on my status, if goes to Casa City to make a long stay, feared that will be will not be popular, therefore I want to ask Miss Laura a matter.” Laura quickly said: mister was too polite, asking mister to tell.” Zhao Hai smiles said : to tell that does not dare, but has a matter to request Miss Laura , the young lady also knows that now I was also a businessman, this businessman squatted daily on this mountain, is always not quite good, in the situation regarding Casa City, I was two eyes discredits, any also don’t know, therefore these time wants to ask Miss Laura to help, you looked in later Casa City, if had any matter, can tell me one.” Laura one hear of Zhao Hai said relaxed, she also thinks that is any matter, this matter was too simple, she has her Intelligence Network, collects the information naturally to be much easier, moreover now Zhao Hai with her is a on the ship ally, information sharing does not have anything, Laura instead to being glad to see this situation, then trusted her on behalf of Zhao Hai, their relationship were nearer. Thinks that here Laura smiles said : I to consider any matter hastily, mister was too polite, this has any issue, invited mister feel relieved, later every seven days, I will send for giving mister to deliver one time in the matter about Casa City.”

In this time, Green has also been coming from outside, in his with five outstanding in talent hawks, this hawk and body more than one meter, from outside gradually walks, has one to look about to live bold imposing manner. Zhao Hai smiles said : that to thank Miss Laura to Laura, this several Imaginary Beast Hawk are I gives Miss Laura gift, must say that this is Miss Laura gives my Phantasmal Beast color egg to hatch, this was also a thing returning to rightful owner.” Laura actually stares, he knows that a Phantasmal Beast color egg is not good to hatch, wants the temperature to be just right, but also the important person keeps inputs Magic toward the egg in or, although Battle Qi, finally when must leave the shell, but must drop blood owner recognition, otherwise Phantasmal Beast will not listen to command(er) of person. Now can Zhao Hai give itself these hawks? Even if to oneself, oneself also has more than enough. Zhao Hai looks at the Laura appearance, knows that she in thinking anything, these days he also from Green there knows these Phantasmal Beast what's the matter, he has smiled said : Miss Laura feel relieved, these five hawk although are Phantasmal Beast, but is different from general Phantasmal Beast, they do not need to provide Magic to grow for them by the person, you like feeding hawks and falcons fed them to be OK, moreover they did not have owner recognition, so long as left behind one to be used to deliver a letter on the line, other you can definitely keep using.” Said turns the head after that five Imaginary Beast Hawk said : she was your Master, with her, listened to her words.” These Phantasmal Beast are not stupid, after Space improvement, Zhao Hai presently they can understand the words that he spoke, general seven and eight -year-old child is more intelligent. Laura look at Zhao Hai, she before also had actually seen Phantasmal Beast, however in her impression, Phantasmal Beast cannot grow up, but Zhao Hai about several Imaginary Beast Hawk, one by one god is handsome, quickly caught up with Magic Beast. Moreover was Zhao Hai speaking probably still with these hawks? This, can this be good? However made a Laura more accidental matter live, that several hawks understood the Zhao Hai words to be the same probably, called one to Zhao Hai, then slowly has arrived at Laura stood, looked like looks like five guards is the same, this arrived at Laura and Ni'er making in there. Zhao Hai with a smile to Laura said : Miss Laura feel relieved, later you were their Master.” Laura one recovers, the look at hawk that two eyes shines, this hawk also want the god more handsome than Wind Falcon, has such Phantasmal Beast, then very much has the advantage to oneself. Zhao Hai with Laura polite several, asking her to eat meal, this put Laura to go back. Laura comes out from Stony Mountain, that several hawk immediately flew, in circling that on Laura horse carriage keeps, with horse carriage.

Laura stands outside the carriage, the appearance of look at that hawk, cannot help but liking, but she has also thought another issue, turn around entered the carriage, to Ni'er said : Ni'er, you had heard such is obedient, such god handsome Phantasmal Beast of?” Ni'er to animal being interested, normally also has liked reading book about animal, this aspect she compares to have the word power. Ni'er shook the head said : not to have, Young lady, I have also read much the book about Phantasmal Beast, however the Phantasmal Beast build will not be generally big, moreover such has not been obedient, mister this Phantasmal Beast looks like Magic Beast many to look like Phantasmal Beast, is my also don’t know this real Phantasmal Beast.” Laura nodded said : is very strange, these that if said like mister, these Phantasmal Beast are I gives his Phantasmal Beast color egg to hatch, that should not be is right.” Laura initially buys the Phantasmal Beast egg time, knows that this is several flight Phantasmal Beast, moreover Phantasmal Beast that spawns she has also seen, these Phantasmal Beast eggs did not find from outdoor, but in the special cultivation factory raises, Phantasmal Beast that several spawning she has seen. although is flight Phantasmal Beast, but build is not big, is similar to Wind Falcon, does not have god such to be handsome, such has not been obedient, the present to Zhao Hai in hand, actually changed. Laura really don’t know must say that Zhao Hai is good, why these ordinary did thing to Zhao Hai in hand, change? This is a Laura most puzzled issue. After Laura leave Stony Mountain, Zhao Hai and Green sharply have not been entering Space, but called the living room Merine several people, after sitting down, Zhao Hai to Green said : Grandpa Green, you watched the matter that Laura said that what to do can?” Green thinks that said : I looked or was careful a point for good, before Markey Family person me, has heard some, is some eats human does not spit Bone, if this their target is really we, feared that is also really somewhat troublesome.” Zhao Hai nodded said : this is really somewhat troublesome, appearance that I see Miss Laura, feared that was this matter was unable to be friendly, could not say that these time feared must make them be selected to teach.” Green knit the brows said : to fear that will not be simple, the heart that the Markey Family person, became famous is cruel-hearted, if suffered a loss in our here, feared that will not give up.” What to do does Zhao Hai frown said : that to? Now we just in Stony Mountain here coming to a stop foot, if they always disturb, is very annoying.”

Merine smiles said : I to see is not necessarily, we before no matter what, was helps Purcell Family one be busy, if they were really endless with us, feared that is Purcell Family will not let off them.” Zhao Hai knit the brows said : I fears this, I do not want to owe the Purcell Family favour, this matter I looked good that we solve, but also gives Miss Laura to save face, so long as they are not quite excessive, if dares to come us, then don't blame me.” Green nodded said : „the present also only to be able like this, hopes that they can have scruples our status not to dare to come us, otherwise, this enmity, feared that must have.” Zhao Hai coldly snorted said : present this enmity has had, so long as we do not work with them, this enmity has tied, Markey Family these fellows are not the friendly kinds.” Green nodded said : to be good because of presently our manpower also came back, dealt with this scene to be enough, so long as were not 9th level Expert comes, should be able to deal with, Young Master, we went to Space to have a look, don’t know that several hawks flew that.” Zhao Hai also nodded, several people of flashes bodies entered Space, now Spatial Farm there already ten 5th level, but Ranch there to does not have Level Up, making Zhao Hai feel that was a little a pity. Drunk they do not have the means that Carrion Swamp there Magic Beast is not good to grasp, even if caught, does not support easily, therefore has not grasped any Magic Beast, but collected some plants, let the Space liter ten 5th level. Now that several hawks also flew in Swamp good several days, flight to is not quick, making Zhao Hai be what is surprised, these hawks have flown now the place, on the map of Buffy picture, it seems like they did not start to go around in Swamp. Regarding this situation, Zhao Hai does not have the means that what issue his also don’t know Swamp there has, why no matter the person or Magic Beast go, will go around in inside?