Chapter 178 Gets married? Zhao Hai they just arrived in Space, turns on the screen to be not quite right, screen simply is not the picture of original that seven color thick fog, but is a piece of chaotic war. The screen last present can see everywhere, the one type of green, the build is not big, small bird like swallow, these small bird is carrying on attack in frantic looks like these hawks. But makes Zhao Hai they feel what unexpectedly outside is, normally looks like the awe-inspiring hawk, now actually hit does not have the strength to hit back, charge to the left and dash to the right that but keeps, wants to run out of these small bird encirclement rings. Zhao Hai the situation on their look at screen, somewhat stares, this is really some of their understanding, this small bird build and hawk differed were too big, how these hawks instead to hit didn't have the strength to hit back? Before long Zhao Hai saw the way to come, hawk although was very fierce, but these small bird actually very flexible, they turn around very fast in airborne small range, but the hawk because of the build too big reason, turn around in a small area was very slow, this has given these small bird opportunity, these small bird each and every one made an effort to the eye of hawk specially, making the hawk be tired out by dealing with. Zhao Hai has not thought, originally the hawk also has such distressed time, the Zhao Hai hand moves hastily, let out all hawks, presently the in his hand hawk crosses 1000, these many hawks, release go, should be able to deal with this scene. Really, this large quantities of hawk appears , these small bird one has flustered, immediately/on horseback scatters in all directions to run away, but these hawks do not have such to let off them, pursued, grasped many small bird to fly. Zhao Hai looked that this situation cannot help but relaxed, Green they also aspirated, just that battle, although they did not have to participate by oneself, but feels frigid, at heart anxious must die. The Zhao Hai intention moves, received outside hawk, then several people of immediately to Ranch there, just arrived at Ranch there, hears Ranch there to transmit prompt speaking sounds: Presently new animal, animal is variation swallow class life form, evaluates level, 3rd level, animal digitization, can in Spatial Shop purchase.” Zhao Hai has not cared, Ranch here also does not have Level Up in any case, even if were many this swallow class animal, does not have the too big use.

Zhao Hai is busy at most from the beginning by attack that several hawk let out, because these hawks were mature, the words that Zhao Hai must look at can release come, but cannot continue to grow in Ranch here, cannot stay for 30 minutes in Ranch. Carefully looked at that several hawks, Zhao Hai they have gawked, these hawks unexpectedly heavy of wound, is pecked blindly an eye now. Sees this situation, Zhao Hai and Green cannot help but felt that some hearts startled, has not thought that this small bird so is unexpectedly fierce, gives to peck this appearance the hawk. Zhao Hai received returned to these hawks in Warehouse, changed five hawks to bring Ghost Staff to exit then toward the forward flight, their actually returned to in the living room in Farm villa. After the living room has sat down, Zhao Hai then turns the head to Green said : Grandpa Green, it seems like in this Carrion Swamp cannot underestimated that small bird unexpectedly Imaginary Beast Hawk compelling that situation, has not thought really that it seems like later Space here cannot leave the person.” Before Green nodded said : looks like us, underestimated Swamp here, Buffy has also raised, he has met several times attack, but he has not said anything, wants to come his 9th level Expert, has not cared these attack, but the 9th level Expert strength is placed in there, we cannot treat it lightly that.” Zhao Hai nodded, the seven color thick fog on look at screen, with the shade color that fluctuates unceasingly, sighs map that said : present Buffy gives completely cannot use, don’t know now to that Flower City also far, strange that this fog comes, in Carrion Swamp also strange.” Green nodded, sighed said : is only on Continent does not have too many material about Carrion Swamp here, we want to understand that a situation was impossible, but I think that Carrion Swamp here had certainly thing that antiquity Magician kept, did not say other, was that city also don’t know has how long, these many years, had not listened to the person to say in Carrion Swamp also to have a city.” Zhao Hai nodded said : looks like the Flower City there also real has plenty story, Carrion Swamp existed these many years, nobody knows that there will have the city, this itself explained the issue.” Green sighed said : „before , nobody knows that Carrion Swamp here situation, before Carrion Swamp did not have now such aggressive probably, 9th level Expert does not dare to enter randomly, heard that long before Carrion Swamp here was Heaven of adventurer, the has plenty person is willing to come here to hunt and kill Magic to change money, but on several thousand the year before last, Continent lived a big disaster probably, heard that probably was devil suddenly in Hell ran out of the ground, in the major races to ground slaughtered, that was a Continent biggest catastrophe, many books literature were lost or destroyed in that catastrophe, Also before that Carrion Swamp here becomes more and more aggressive, the lane obtains the present, nobody has dared to go.” Zhao Hai nodded said : no matter what, Flower City there we must go, before Flower City there what's the matter, did not have no relationship with us, now most important, was the trouble solution of Carrion Swamp.”

Green nodded, looked at situation one on screen, turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, I thought that we should not fly in this randomly, I think these many years, reason that has not spread in Carrion Swamp to have the city \; first, because these literature were destroyed, two perhaps are because they had not found that city, perhaps Buffy previous time came is bumps into that city, we should walk according to his map, even if were slow one , can Flower City there, otherwise, don’t know how long be able to find that Flower City .” Zhao Hai nodded, looked at screen one, ordered to that hawk, making him not want toward the forward flight, but flies toward horizontal, prepared to find the terrain on map, then in deferring to marking on map toward forward flight. Zhao Hai also present another characteristics of screen, now this screen looks like plays the map in game to be the same, place that the hawk has not flown, is black, has flown the place, will demonstrate the terrain in the corner/horn of screen, moreover above can also demonstrate that these Magic Beast, but these by the terrain that on the screen demonstrates, not information, but has kept the corner/horn of screen, now Zhao Hai they observe the situation in Swamp besides everyday, on will be the screen on demonstrated the terrain that will come out will sign in upon arrival at work on the map, Zhao Hai planned slowly will make Carrion Swamp. overall view. To be honest, the light such stares at the screen is being does not have the meaning really strangely, to fear these hawks in meeting any attack, here cannot the leave person, therefore Zhao Hai they kept in Space, was chatting in here. Green they also like staying in Space, Space here air very good, one enters from outside to Space in each time, will feel that a neatness, making the person spirit shake. Grew in the time in Space staying, not only has the advantage to the practice, very much has the advantage to the body of person, Zhao Hai felt that now own body compared with just woke up is much better, just woke up, he always wants to sleep, will run gasping for breath of two steps big mouths, now compared with that time much better, was similar to the physique of normal person. Merine is also, Merine although is Magician, but the age did not calculate slightly, everyday was so busy, felt that very tired, was adding on the person old sleep not to be good, rest was not very good, that time period that therefore Zhao Hai just woke, her complexion was not quite attractive. Now actually completely changed a type, complexion is ruddy, everyday is busy at entering to be busy, did not see her to say tired, was adding on Space here to be quiet, in the evening she thinks that can rest dawn, now the body compared with was much better. In Space looks like static earth, all in Space has stayed the person, has not been familiar with outside some, these slaves are also this, if outside they cannot own room, have own property, they do not like outside living. Now Laura there has met troublesome, Zhao Hai did not think at this time to contact with Laura now, therefore they also can only stay in Space, Laura there will not have any matter in any case. In this time, in suddenly Space is hearing knock, Zhao Hai has gawked, picture one revolution, changed to Iron Mountain Fort there, Blockhead and Stone in there look at these slaves, this knock, possibly is they looks for Zhao Hai to have the matter. The sound of this knocking on a door, does not knock on a door, but is Zhao Hai their one type of contact method, after these two fixed Transmission Point have established, if outside person looks for Zhao Hai to have any matter, so long as makes an effort to Transmission Point there knocks the ground, Space here can hear, is the sound of this knocking on a door, therefore hears the sound that this knocks on a door, Zhao Hai knows that is Blockhead they looks for him.

Looks for Zhao Hai with this method, only then keeps Iron Mountain Fort there Blockhead and Stone, keeps Stony Mountain here, is some Undead Creature, if these Undead Creature look for Zhao Hai, can with Zhao Hai Lian department, not need to knock Transmission Point directly. Really, a picture revolution, sees Blockhead to stand in Transmission Point there, Zhao Hai they thinks that has any matter, several people have stood, the Zhao Hai intention moves, several people of appears in Iron Mountain Fort there. Blockhead is standing in there, looked that several people came out, in addition is busy at moving forward to meet somebody said : Young Master.” Did Zhao Hai nod said : what matter What happened? to have?” Blockhead smiles said : Young Master, is the good deed, today suddenly has two slaves to look for me, said that they think to get married, Young Master did not say that what matter these slaves had to you tell, did you watch this matter?” Zhao Hai to stares, said : that is interested in oh? Has this matter? Must get married this is the good deed, walks, leads me to have a look quickly.” Green has complied with one, leading Zhao Hai to walk toward the outwork.