Chapter 179 Prize The fort and outwork interlinked city gate there, is standing two slaves, a man and a woman, male looks like the 23 or 24-year-old appearance, female seems like less than 20 -year-old, they are the look are ordinary, not any special place. The two looked that Zhao Hai they came out, has knelt hastily, salutes said : to Zhao Hai Young Master completely secure.” Zhao Hai nodded, waved said : to stand the speech.” After they apologized, stood to get up, actually bow body, gingerly appearance. Although these slaves in knowing Zhao Hai one like very friendly, however the enslavement education continuously, lets them, when sees Zhao Hai, does not dare a little impolite place, can stand is returning to the Zhao Hai words, is very good, the slave who if just bought, does not dare to stand because of Zhao Hai. look at their appearances, Zhao Hai is impolite with them, but is said : you must get married?” Their bodies curved was lower, that male slave gingerly said : of is, Young Master, both of us want to get married, asking Young Master to help.” Did Zhao Hai nod said : you to name?” That male slave immediately/on horseback said : returns to Young Master, I called to open, she called happily.” Zhao Hai has selected the pass/test, looked at their one eyes, said : good, is very good, you can initiative looks like me to raise to get married, this is very good, today I help you, Grandpa Green, one will prepare thing, we give them to manage the office today well.” Green has also complied with one with a smile, Merine smiles said : this is the celebration, Young Master, I prepare, letting these slaves to rest well for day.” That two slave actually simultaneously kneel down, that male slave is crisis said : Young Master, small not being able to handle, my two people of originally lives are inexpensive, can be bestowed the marriage by Young Master, is the huge good fortune, that also dares to make Young Master help us handle.”

Zhao Hai smiles said : not to have relationship, you are in the slaves who this time Grandpa Green buys, new person of first pair of getting married, we also happen to taking advantage of this opportunity lively well, not all for you.” They have then stood. This entered Green they to take care, only kept Meg to stand in the Zhao Hai side is accompanying Zhao Hai, now Zhao Hai they do not lack thing, Zhao Hai each month income, making more than 100 people eat to the full to eat not to be a problem. Zhao Hai to has not helped, but led Meg returned to in the living room in castle to sit, just he had given Green them need thing, so long as now look at Green they prepared on the line. They arrived in the living room to sit down, Meg has prepared a pot sub to Zhao Hai, has put on the table, Zhao Hai actually with a smile sat to Meg said :, happen to we chat Qi Hexi the wedding.” Meg sat according to the word, look at Zhao Hai said : Young Master thinks that did in a big way to them? Also wants to make other slaves have a look?” Zhao Hai nodded, sighs said : now our Buda Family, such selects the person, after these slaves, must bloom a loose leaf, on them has gotten Buda Family branding, impossible in cancelling, now the condition was much better compared with before, they can say to get married on own initiative, to us was also the good deed, other slaves feared that will be slowly will also raise, this was also one type of increases the add people mouth the method . Moreover the land that later I improved were getting more and more, on cannot the present, the cultivation of unification, I prepare to apportion these slave these land likely, we were only receive. Some land rents come up, like this they will cultivate to be strong.” Meg stares, look at Zhao Hai said : „the meaning of that Young Master is, today makes Qi Hexi restore the commoner status, but can also enjoy their a piece place? Enable them to farm as a tenant?” On Continent, farms as a tenant the place generally is commoner, therefore a Zhao Hai saying must let the place to these slaves, only received the land rent, Meg on the meaning of understand Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai nodded said : „, this is also had a good start, later our Buda Family wants to unfold to expand, in present this form definitely is incorrect, therefore I want slowly restores the commoner status these slaves, making them have own a piece field, has own income, such day has the goal.” Merine since childhood in Ark Continent here long, in their opinion, Zhao Hai the procedure, outward throws money, must know that the slave is also the property of Master, but Zhao Hai, if restored their commoner status, they cannot in be the properties of Buda, this outward has not thrown the wealth. However Zhao Hai said some truth, now when Buda Family chooses a person, must stir up these slave 100% enthusiasms, can let they better work, but made them restore the commoner status, but also kindly gave their a piece place, this regarding these slave saying, without doubt was the Heaven same day, they naturally can try hard. Now Zhao Hai such makes every effort to succeed, there is Space, gives people a hard time Buda Family already considering as finished that was he says, therefore Meg has not opposed the Zhao Hai words, but nodded.

Zhao Hai turned the head to look at outdoor sky one, sighs although that said : now we unfold to be very good, but all these liked the floating clouds, if made others know all that our status, we now have, will lose instantaneously, only hoped one day, we can stand under sunlight naturally, told all people in world, we were the Buda Family people, by that time we were truly the success.” Meg look at Zhao Hai appearance, eye cannot help but one wet, said : feel relieved Young Master, will have such one day.” Zhao Hai sighed, slowly has closed the eye, sat rests on the chair. Meg actually very much does not feel better at heart, she knows that Zhao Hai is not quite healthy, if no Space, Zhao Hai is what really has not said now. Since Zhao Hai awoke, has towed this not to calculate that good body, is the Buda Family future is bustling about, this not in part of ones duty feel heart pain. Zhao Hai also was really somewhat tired, although his present amount of exercise is not big, but his present is not quite really healthy, may be many at the matter that adding on him must handle now, the although body was not tired, but the brain was very tired, therefore according to the sand, fell asleep before long unexpectedly. don’t know how long, Zhao Hai had heard some people to call him, he has opened the eye slowly, looks at Meg, Meg was calling her in a soft voice, Zhao Hai sat, moves, because was too long in the sand last time, somewhat sour did neck, stand to get up said : what? to prepare?” Meg nodded said : outwork there to set out the table, the meal has also displayed, today grandfather specially has also prepared some ales, wants evidently really well lively turns.” Zhao Hai nodded, thinks that turned the head to be right to Meg said :, I remembered the past, we have prepared many colored paper, currently also has?” Meg don’t know Zhao Hai wants to do, but nodded said : to have, these colored paper specially buy, after is the preparation, if these slaves told any matter time, writes the announcement to use.” Zhao Hai nodded said : first to come study room with me, was right, prepares a red colored paper.” Meg although don’t know Zhao Hai must do, but has complied with one, walks toward study room in Zhao Hai. To study room, Zhao Hai has made Meg plan and bring to completion a rectangle the red paper, he personally began, has inscribed a happy character on the paper, then the date of name and marriage of two below inscribes, has made in this world first, simple marriage lines. Meg looks in continuously look at, her don’t know Zhao Hai must make any thing most from the beginning, but looks at thing that Zhao Hai writes, he was understand, felt new and odd.

This marriage lines very simple, but on a red paper wrote, Zhao Hai is also only temporary emerging, has made such one, has not actually thought that this thing became opened their family the family heirloom of finally, but marriage lines thing, afterward also spreading slowly to entire Continent. Wrote the marriage lines, Zhao Hai went downstairs with Meg, to outwork square there, now square there was very lively, tables have suspended, was the square tables, on each table was suspending eight vegetables, can sit eight people, by each table was suspending one barrel of ales. This wheat hotel is on Continent the one type of quite cheap liquor, generally is commoner drinks, in the past, Green had bought a point specially, prepares to these slaves drinks, now finally applies. Now these slaves sat by the table, Green they are also waiting for Zhao Hai, looked at Zhao Hai to come, these slave immediately saluted to Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai waved, has exempted their ritual, this open the mouth and said: Today is Qi Hexi the wedding day, I borrow this opportunity, lets everyone/Great Clan together for their lively.” These slaves also for Qi Hexi happy, Qi Hexi are excited add shy, their faces red, Zhao Hai looks like them to wave said : to open, happy, you come.” Qi Hexi has arrived at Zhao Hai hastily nearby. Zhao Hai look at they, smile said : you to be very good, after you are our Buda Family to Black Soil leads, the first pair of new person, I must reward you, starting today, you were not the slaves, you were commoner that my Buda Family Black Soil led, I will let Merine Grandma outside the castle, measured ten mu place to you, later these ten mu places were your, later four layers of annual revenue gave us, remaining all was your, other in the castle, gave you to prepare suite sub-, in application thing will also prepare well, after you, was. Had own family.” Zhao Hai this saying can advocate is Shi Potian has been startled, these slaves one was shaken, they have not thought that Zhao Hai unexpectedly to Qi Hexi the land, so long as pays rent can the land, this regarding these slaves, was really too important. Some Qi Hexi one type of such as the feeling in dream, some little time two talented people responded that knelt down hastily to Zhao Hai kowtows to thank for kindness.