Chapter 180 Proposing a toast thing very vigor violent that although Zhao Hai enjoys today, but regarding these slaves, has actually shocked, returned to normal, after all like the matter of vigor violent, is not once or twice that Zhao Hai did. Zhao Hai takes them to hold, then puts out that marriage lines that he has written, gives their said : today is your wedding day, as the first pair of new person who our Black Soil got, I have written this marriage lines for you personally, this certificate although other place did not recognize, however led here in Black Soil is actually recognizes, so long as were taking this certificate, you were the legal husbands and wives, even if were I gives your congratulatory gift.” This thing first appears on Continent, Green they have not heard, do not say that these slaves, Qi Hexi are perplexed received that paper. These days although they have recognized character, the character that however recognizes are not many, the character on this paper has some them not to know, they are sizing up that paper. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, gains ground our Black Soil leads not to be different from other place to people said :, this paper although is common, can actually show that you are the legal husbands and wives, if later the wife had been bullied by the husband, can come my here to consider him, I take responsibility for her, if that husband dares the abandonment wife for no reason, the wife also to come my here to consider him with this paper, I will govern his crime, otherwise the wife is also same, Qi Hexi is the first pair of new person who my Black Soil gets, I have not prepared with enough time, therefore this paper was their marriage lines, Invited Green General Manager that our Black Soil led, gives Qi Hexi to legally marry, asking Green Manager to come to read the marriage lines noisily.” The wedding of this form, with beforehand Zhao Hai in similar that on Earth participates, on the wedding with this Continent has the difference greatly, on Continent, the slave does not have what wedding, generally was two slaves wants in together, the report gave awareness of Steward, the agreement of Steward, you can in together, some slave-owners or Steward, can probably the tip. But the commoner wedding, to will live it up, first some matchmakers introduced that then the male bride's side looks at one another, finally is the groom's family offers the bridegroom's gift to bride's family, the bride's side sends out the dowry, finally was holds the wedding, the same day of wedding, will have the relatives and friends to congratulate, but this bridegroom's gift to bride's family and dowry anything, did not have specific regulation extremely, moreover in Ark Continent here, the status of woman was also very high, therefore the wedding will have new person together to come out Venerable the liquor on the same day the ceremony. In, Noble and Imperial Clan wedding will be more grand, the custom will be also more, but like Zhao Hai, has actually never had. Green is also the first time sees this matter, but he has also seen the person of magnificent scene, above received opened the in hand marriage lines, then said loudly: Now has Aksu Empire commoner to open with the happy two people, is perfectly suited to each other, gets married, forms the husband and wife, now cites as proof especially, Aksu Empire Black Soil gets the feudal lord, Zhao Hai Buda.”

Although the words on this paper are not many, the meaning of however expressing was actually very clear, may not have what marriage law saying in Ark Continent here, therefore Zhao Hai has not written anything conformed to legal regulation and so on words, but inscribed, was perfectly suited to each other, gets married such words. What most important is, on this paper has also inscribed the commoner inscription, in some sense, this paper is also ID Card of these slaves, showed that they now were commoner. After Green read, has handed over in the marriage lines Qi Hexi the hand, opened received this paper excitedly, probably this paper had thousand jin (0.5 kg) heaviness, then has given cautiously happily, happy careful receiving, the entire simultaneously booklet, carefully has also put own bosom. Zhao Hai look at their movements, has not said anything, but smiles said : well, now was also the ritual has become, opened, happy, you today starting from, even if were the official husband and wife, has not come to propose a toast to me in a big hurry, naturally, do not forget this chief witness at a wedding ceremony to propose a toast to Grandpa Green.” Qi Hexi complied with one excitedly, Merine at this time with a smile taking up wine glass, to two glasses of liquor, Qi Hexi received wine glass, simultaneously kneels down, lifted Zhao sea surface , before wine glass. Zhao Hai to stares, holds their said : hastily this does, is quick.” Qi Hexi does not have, but kneels in there sobbing sound said : Young Master, you to our good, we bear in mind, although Young Master has made us restore the commoner status, however in our at heart, us forever is the Young Master slaves, asking Young Master to drink our these two cups of bars!” Zhao Hai looked at their one eyes, somewhat was at heart excited, has stood up body said : well, good, these two glasses of liquor I drank, this was the celebration drink, he he, the person said that the celebration drink was not intoxicant, today I drink two cups.” Said that takes up one glass of liquor, one one cup raised one's wine cup does. Blockhead they also applaud in the one side, to is appears very lively, Zhao Hai puts down wine glass, look at their said : from now on you must be on intimate terms to fall in love, have any difficulty to come with me to say.” They complied with one, Meg have helped them pour the liquor, what this respect was Green, Green also said a few words auspicious speech, they gave Merine to propose a toast. To this time was also true lived it up, these slaves have also had the several times food with Zhao Hai together, in eating meal, they to could let loose very much, is adding on today's meat dish to be many, they also taking the opportunity ate.

The banquets of their this office are different from other place, the meal that this time they make were many, eats not to have the tube to add, happy that very therefore these slaves ate. although these slaves have not restored the commoner status now, but they to their present life very satisfied, their present business are very also good, everyday can eat to the full, is not exactly tired, once for a while can also eat a meat, today drank, this before, they want unable to think. However now sees Qi Hexi, but the marriage restored the commoner status, moreover can divide to arrive, these people also had the thoughts, has many slaves looks at the cross-eye, is thinking also grasped the time to manage the matter. This naive is very lively, but Zhao Hai they to have not eaten, has not drunk, with Green they returned to Space, their Zhao Naxie Imaginary Beast Hawk by person attack. After several people to Space sits down, Zhao Hai cannot help but he he chuckle said : today had a good start, with the fear is the marriage were many, Grandpa Green, I looks at several days you to go to Casa City, makes to order the a batch good point marriage certificate, like this, can give them to get down.” Green smiles said : well, Young Master this also means really good, he he, but arrives does not need me to go to Casa City, I have thought several days Miss Laura lets the time that the hawk delivers a letter, our requests Rau's young lady told that was good, so long as does not write is that territory, whose, has been OK, Young Master do you look?” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, such manages, this time our although divided the place, but must to opening them says understand, they must plant anything, calculation that but must we say, after they received, we unified sold outward, they must buy anything, we unified to help to buy, now is this condition , can only like this.” Green smiles said : this to be very good, these slaves can have their family now, was very good, Young Master apportions them to be also good the place, like this they diligently will have worked, but, if these people were restored commoner by Young Master are the status, can the place that comes out what to do?” Zhao Hai smiles said : this is very actually simple, they farm to need the farm tool, needs seed, but also needs Scaled Wildebeest, these thing they do not have, we can rent to them to use these thing, if they want to use these thing , helping us plant some land, if they had these thing, we disburse money to hire them, helping us farm, naturally, this price will not be high, the money of but regarding them, this itself additionally making, naturally can comply.” Green nodded said : this to be also good, it seems like we were buy some slaves, in Casa City here, could not buy any good slave, should better or goes to imperial capital there to have a look, outside of imperial capital, has on Continent the biggest slave trade market, can certainly buy the appropriate slave in there.”

Did Zhao Hai knit the brows said : like this? By our present status, if went to imperial capital there, can be recognized?” Green nodded said : this to arrive is an issue, in Casa City here, nobody knows us, but imperial capital there knew that our people were many, or this, we went to other place to buy the slave to be good, Young Master, I heard that Beastman there the has plenty slave must buy, you looked whether we could arrive at Beastman Race there to have a look?” Merine said : I thought at this time this means are good, goes to Beastman Prairie to have a look, there not only has large quantities of slaves, but also we can also establish relationship with Beastman, Beastman there produces various Magic Beast, but their there lacks the grain, if later our Black Wasteland unfolds, the in hand grain will be certainly many, but Continent here, the general place, the grain by major Trading Company, us was very been difficult to have a hand to meddle, I looked that sold to Beastman should better the grain.” Zhao Hai said : Beastman there lacks the grain, should, not only do we know? Other big do Trading Company also know? Why didn't they sell to Beastman the grain?” Merine smiles said : is not does not sell, but sells is very expensive, Empire regulation, if must buy grain these strategic resources, Empire wants on the high taxes, even if these Great Noble wants to smuggle, does not dare to do goes too far, therefore Beastman there grain continuously very expensive, but we have Space, this tax can exempt.” Zhao Hai nodded, his understand, this is also Aksu Empire restricts the Beastman Race one type of means that this equal to massive attracts the blood of Beastman Race, making them forever unable to expand, such Empire north was naturally safe.