Chapter 181 Being jealous However Zhao Hai does not have to plan one act to handle this matter, he turns the head to Green and Merine said : Grandpa Green, Merine Grandma, even if we must really with the Beastman cooperation grain business, I thought that this matter they act by Laura to well, if we act, sooner or later will expose weaknesses, moreover to be honest, regarding doing business the matter in this aspect, we truly were inferior that Laura is skilled.” Green and Merine looked at one mutually, saw a happy expression from the opposite party eye, Merine then said : I agreed that the view of Young Master, this matter made Miss Laura act quite well, but Young Master, feared as the matter stands was we must resign part of profits to give Miss Laura.” Zhao Hai has not paid attention to Green and Merine meaningful glance, but then said : this does not have the matter of means that now we do not have that personal connection, but Laura has, these years she at the Purcell Duchy show, must say that she does not have what business that side Beastman Empire, said feared that also nobody believes.” Is Young Master looked that Miss Laura is pretty, wants to marry, when Young Mistress.” Meg stares Zhao Hai to say. Hears Zhao Hai to speak of Laura, Meg is at heart uncomfortable. Zhao Hai one hear of Meg said that cannot help but has gawked, turned the head to look at one, presently look at of Meg Righteous Qi drum drum he, in the head of Zhao Hai suddenly appears two characters, has been jealous. Meg seems like being in love now the girl, presently his boyfriend, is discussing another woman attractively, when is competent expression. Zhao Hai look at Meg, to was embarrassed, small face that Meg looked one red, lowered the head, Green and Merine look at Zhao Hai appearance, they cannot help but showed a faint smile. These two are the characters who the person always becomes a ghost, that will unable to see the Meg thoughts, they are also happy, if before, they naturally cannot agree, but now Zhao Hai becomes such competent, they naturally hope that Zhao Hai can receive Meg. In this world, may not have what monogamy regulation, a man, three wife four concubines are purely normal, even if a woman, if you are fierce, you raise several surface, nobody will say anything, all take the strength as Venerable.

But now the Buda Family situation, is very good, so long as the Zhao Hai Space liter three Level 10, have solved the toxin of water of nihility, that all have been solved, Zhao Hai can marriage giving birth, look like in Green, when the time comes Zhao Hai not only wants marriage giving birth, but must find a wife, gives birth, is Buda Family many blooms a loose leaf is the correct principle. Zhao Hai looks at the Meg charming appearance, at heart is also a heat, but he is immediately/on horseback turns the head, now his matter are too many, is not talking love time. Zhao Hai turned the head to Green and Merine said : „we have solved the Carrion Swamp here matter, immediately went to Beastman there to have a look, now our here is short of manpower.” Green nodded, turns the head the look at screen, on the screen that appearance, seven color poisonous mist keep is seething, probably there simply is not Ark Continent, but to another space and time. Zhao Hai enlarged this that map in screen corner at this time, then has compared that chart of Buffy picture, presently so far, they have not met the terrain similarity that and has marked, this feel relieved. However they also feel the heart startled, they truly are walking according to the map of Buffy picture most from the beginning, is how don’t know, these hawks flew to fly deviated the route, they think that deviated the original line, will not be many, now looks like is actually not that a matter, they exited already the half-day time, they have not seen on terrain the similarity with map to the present, this on explaining them deviated a that route to be very far, if in flew according to their original lines, don’t know that year can Flower City there. Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly next step: Has not thought really that this Carrion Swamp also is really big, we so will be unexpectedly far.” Green frowns, complexion very ugly said : looks like Carrion Swamp here has big shape Magician that the antiquity kept, heard that antiquity Magic Formation very mysterious, some can turning circle that kept in, probably calls Maze Formation, in my opinion, Carrion Swamp here had certainly that Maze Formation, previous Buffy was really the good luck, in made him touch Flower City to be good unexpectedly, it seems like there was the place that the Maze Formation center and must protect.” Merine also nodded said : my although too not to know about Magic Formation, but also knows, many Magic Formation that now on Continent uses, with according to the Magic Formation remnant chart reorganization of antiquity time, definitely were was inferior that antiquity Magic Formation was so mysterious, now looks like, Carrion Swamp here certainly was the important place of antiquity time, must otherwise not have such Magic Formation to exist.” Zhao Hai nodded, then said : present Flower City there we must go, I to felt to there more and more curiously, so long as we can come to a stop the foot in Flower City there, that had a firmest fortress, anybody do not want in us.”

Green several people nodded, but they also know that this time matter, feared is will not be easy, Carrion Swamp here these many years are all right, if really their easily gave conquer, that to is not instead normal. Laura and Ni'er returned to Casa City time, the day had gotten dark, in a returned to own family, Laura immediately sends for looking for Kun, but Ni'er actually goes to to settle down that several Imaginary Beast Hawk. Before long Kun arrived at study room, Laura has been frowning to sit in study room, Kun looked at the Laura appearance, cannot help but gawked, said : Laura, what accident was What happened? mister there has?” Laura one was called to recover by Kun, one hear of he said that shook the head said : not to have, mister there does not have what accident, I am worried about they.” Kun one hear of Laura said that knows what Laura worry is anything, he in the Markey Family time, must be longer than Laura, in that several Young Master to Yu Residence must understand compared with Laura that what person Carlos is, he is clear, these time sends to come, if no a result, they definitely will not give up, but if this matter Zhao Hai gives really if wool, that consequence has not said. Zhao Hai was not friendly stubble, this point Kun already knows, if Carlos their real doing went too far, these time feared that was they suffers a loss. If Carlos suffered a loss in Zhao Hai in hand, first did not say what thoughts several other Young Master are, will fear is in the family that Old Master first will not comply. What person that is Old Master? Obstinate overbearing, who dares to offend him, he meets hundred times of repayments, if Zhao Hai offended Carlos, that visibly has hit the face of Markey Family, that Old Master feared that meets make a move. If that Old Master make a move, did not say first can extinguish Zhao Hai, even if Laura here is also affected, when the time comes their days feared that were sad. Laura looked that Kun has not spoken, knows that he has also thought issue that she is worried about, therefore his then said : mister told me, so long as they do is not quite excessive, mister looks in my face, not accountant, but if they do went too far, that mister will be impolite, the mister strength, you also know, if fights, feared that will be the Fifth Uncle will suffer a loss, the matter was when the time comes big.”

Kun nodded said : I is also worried about this, but the temperament of that several master you also know, thing that they have a liking, how possibly drops, this matter feared that must trouble compared with the past matter.” Laura frowns said : „, family's people also are really, is did not look that the person is good, we arrived at here, did not have what threat to them, they were unforgiving, was annoying.” Kun has smiled bitterly, don’t know must say any good, if the Markey Family person described with several words, that was greedy, arrogant, the heart was black, stingy. Like others, can raise Karen such child, has made him feel that was very accidental, if Laura is not continuously under his education, now will turn into any appearance, but also did not say. At this time Ni'er also walked from outside, Laura looked at Ni'er to come, to Kun said : Grandfather Kun, I also had a matter to you tell that hastily, goes to mister there today, mister has given me five Phantasmal Beast, before these Phantasmal Beast were me, gave his Phantasmal Beast color egg to hatch, Phantasmal Beast that several spawning that but actually saw with us was different, do you want to take a look?” Kun said : good, release comes to see.” Kun according to general Phantasmal Beast said that general Phantasmal Beast lives with Master in together, according to the symbol on the body of Master, relying on absorbs Master Battle Qi or Magic survives, when has not fought the struggle, they can the stealth, therefore Kun thinks that Laura is Portable is bringing that several Phantasmal Beast. Laura smiles said : that several Phantasmal Beast not in here, I just made Ni'er arrange a room to raise that several Phantasmal Beast, Ni'er, have you fed that several Phantasmal Beast?” Ni'er nodded said : to feed, Young lady, that several Phantasmal Beast may be able to eat , the meat that normally about hundred Wind Falcon eat, was given to eat by that five Phantasmal Beast, it seems like we must raise them, but also results in not the small expenditure.” Kun was actually shocked, one hear of Ni'er said that quickly said: Wait / Etc., Ni'er, you were said that you did feed these Phantasmal Beast meat to eat directly? Did they eat?” Laura he he chuckle said : Grandfather Kun, this is the mister these Phantasmal Beast characteristics, does not need to slurp Magic and Battle Qi of person, so long as feeding like normal Magic Beast, walks, we have a look.” Said to stand up, walks with Ni'er outward, Kun follows on the heels hastily.