Chapter 182 Karen said the past Three people arrived have raised Phantasmal Beast that room, opened gate Kun to be shocked, Phantasmal Beast he has seen, so overwhelming power god handsome he of actually has not seen. look at how many hawks that Kun some cannot believe that some little time turn the head to Laura said : young lady, is this Imaginary Beast Hawk that you said? Is that Imaginary Beast Hawk that we buy?” Laura smiles said : „, this is that several Imaginary Beast Hawk that mister said that but I have not made these hawk armors melt, what also don’t know is.” Kun carefully looked at that several hawk one, turns the head to Laura said : young lady, we go back, I had the words to say.” Laura nodded, three people of returned to study room. After study room has sat down, Kun said : of Laura look at calm face „does Grandfather Kun, have what matter?” The Kun calm face nodded „the Mr. Zhao Hai matter that said : I must say, Young lady, you think not to have, raised with Mr. Zhao Hai from my person touches the present, how many mister gives us has looked like very ordinary, actually not ordinary thing?” Laura has gawked, carefully looked, then complexion changes said : completely.” Kun nodded said : well, complete, no matter Fire Fish, the corn, Bamboo rice, the fruit oil or Blue Eye Rabbit and today's Phantasmal Beast, complete thing is ordinary thing, but to mister in hand, among in the blink of an eye became is not ordinary, moreover mister added that his in hand had antiquity Magic apparatus, but we have thought mistakenly a matter, was thinks that the antiquity Magic apparatus can only have one, nobody has actually thought that his in hand possibly had two, three or were more.”

Laura stares, she has not thought that really this, the antiquity Magic apparatus, may with not be possible to ask, they after knowing Zhao Hai in hand has one, has thought Zhao Hai in hand, only then antiquity Magic apparatus, have not actually thought Zhao Hai in hand will have two or three. Kun looked at Laura said : is mister in hand not that many antiquity Magic apparatus, I think that under his in hand also certainly had an antiquity to transmit the Potion book or the Alchemy Technique book, because had existences of these thing, therefore mister can become some ordinary thing not ordinary.” Kun said that Laura to believes that also only then this reason explained must pass, Kun then said : mister can make these ordinary thing not ordinary, can make some not ordinary thing ordinary, he can manufacture to let the plants quick growth Potion, can manufacture to sell the plants quick death Potion, in adding on his strength, the strength of his follower, these Undead Creature strengths, mister there, we has not seen 9th level Expert now, other fighting strength, feared that cannot compared with a Great Noble difference, person, we. Cannot offend.” Laura nodded said : I not to think must offend mister, if for Markey Family, I will not offend mister, what Markey Family these people have helped our, how many have mister helped our? Why we must help a Wuqing/ruthless non- righteousness Clan plan our benefactor, Grandfather Kun, my understand your meaning, you want to make me they give control to get up, does not make them have opportunity to look for mister, right?” Kun nodded said : well, Young lady, we can have today, all thanks to mister, this time their comes, the Steward sentiment does not become inadequate, will not have the advantage to Master Yu, we are more impossible to help them, we can only help mister, add on Grand Duke Evan, our in hand strength is actually not bad, can speak the last words with Markey Family fully, do not forget, mister has also helped busy of Purcell Family, Grand Duke Evan is not the ungrateful person, we told him this situation that he can help, then we. Was going to say with mister that as the matter stands through this matter, we can our three sides strength gathering, nobody dares to move us, did the young lady you look?” Laura has stood from the seat, pacing slowly, the meaning of her understand Kun, Kun must make her make the choice now, if this time she has helped Zhao Hai, then on equal to with Markey Family thorough has torn to pieces the face, this becomes the Markey Family enemy, but can actually obtain Zhao Hai this firmest ally, but can also be on good terms Grand Duke Evan, what most important is, from now they can get rid of Markey Family, she did not use in fearing Markey Family takes her to marry. However this matter, not only relationship arrives at her, but also relationship arrives at her father, if they conflict with Markey Family directly, her father, was most difficult the person from place. The Kun look at Laura appearance, knows that what she is thinking, therefore he did sigh said : young lady you to be awkward for your father's matter?” Laura sighed said : „, no matter what, the father was also Markey Family Second Young Master, if we have had a falling out with Markey Family, will make the father in a dilemma.”

The Laura voice just fell, a chilly sound conveys said : not to need, I will not be in a dilemma, if these years not for you, I already leave Markey Family.” Laura and Kun look toward the entrance, is Karen, Laura quickly said: Father, how did you come?” Karen entered the room with a smile, turned the head to look at Laura one, smiles said : my silly daughter, why had the matter not to say one to the father? The father said that if you have the matter that could not solve , the father can also be able to help.” Laura look at Karen, today's Karen is a little presently different, his body were probably many imposing manner, very threatening imposing manner. The Karen look at Laura appearance, oneself arrive around the sand to sit down, turns the head to sit to Laura said :, today some of my also words must tell you.” Laura sat puzzled, look at Karen, the Karen look at Laura appearance, forced smile said : Laura, you also know that your Grandma, passed away when I was young, I was raised by the big madame.” Laura nodded, this does not have what strange, in Markey Family, everyone knows that this matter, the Karen birth mother is the Markey Family two madames, when Karen is small passed away, then he was raised by the big madame in the side, but big madame's son, is Markey Family big Young Master, Swan. Karen look at Laura, then said : „the foreign Markey Family person said that your Grandma is dies of illness, however the true situation is actually, your Grandma kills by your grandfather and big madame.” Laura face shocking look at Karen, she has not thought really that Karen actually will say such words to come, Karen look at Laura said : your Grandma maternal home, the book is also a big business, naturally also to marry, marries into Markey Family, your Grandma maternal home, only then her such successor, she just married Markey Family time, being favored, afterward had given birth to me, however in me fifth that year, your grandfather, because the mistake on management, has owed very big pen money, most important is, at that time he also offended several Great Clan, That several Great Clan together suppress Markey Family, then Markey Family arrived at the life and death moment, can help Markey Family, only then your Grandma maternal home.” Laura they static is listening, has not made noise, Karen also fell into own recollection probably, his long said : your Grandma told your grandfather at that time, their family will help Markey Family as far as possible, but your grandfather wanted were more, he wanted all properties of your Grandma maternal home, therefore he sent for killing your Grandma parents successively, has killed then your Grandma, these properties that such should your Grandma inherit, turned into your grandfather, turned into Markey Family.”

Speaking of here, Karen became has clenched jaws, said : of his two eyes torching nobody knows that actually my five years old have recorded events, moreover at that time, your Grandma on everyday with me will say that Markey Family situation, your Grandma also like you, to be good at running the business to become famous at that time, is beautiful woman who on Continent became famous, therefore she at that time although not too Steward, but regarding the Markey Family business, knew was very clear, she me told that Markey Family has met troublesome, she me told that she wants to help your grandfather, but I actually saw finally, your grandfather and big madame, gave you. Grandma filled one glass of poisoned liquor.” Laura they have been shocked, they have not thought that can be this, Kun don’t know these matters, Kun is the Laura mother's servant, he comes Markey Delphi to love the clan at most is about 20 years, but this matter lives, when Karen is small, how he possibly knows. All that Karen then said : their don’t know, they make were watched by me, I had not made noise at that time, going all out is enduring crying, has remembered that firmly.” Speaking of here Karen to stop, has closed the eye, probably was recalling that to let he lifelong unforgettable one, some little time then said : afterward I was given the big madame to nurture by your grandfather, I know that killed your Grandma, the big madame also had the share, but I actually pretended don’t know, daily lived with that personal enemy in together, afterward one time, I heard the big madame saying that wants to make me have a look at the account book, if I were interested in doing business, if she wants the means except me, to give your uncle to clear away the barrier, from then on, I in did not read the account book, was not earnest Magic. Studies, is only everyday research Magic Formation.” Karen spoke of here to stop, turned the head gentle look at Laura said : to be able on me like this safe growing up, but all people on Continent also knew, I was having neither learning nor skill loved some research out of the ordinary thing waste specially, I thought me like this for a lifetime, but has not thought that the heaven felt sorry for me, has delivered to my front your mother, my such waste, she can also with heart and soul loved me, my life appears potato light.” Can the day not enlarge ones vision, made your mother early go to us, if at that time were not because had you, I want death will settle everything, but I know, if I died, you also ended, you certainly become their tool, do not say has done business, now feared that was you are already delivered to marry, therefore I requested with Clan, unfolded to Purcell Duchy here, for was leave that family, Laura, do not have scruples me, to a that family, a I sentiment not, feel relieved bold. Does, if you can fight Markey Family, even if revenged for your Grandma.”