Chapter 183 Being confined to barracks Laura just wants to say anything, Karen waved to break her said : your father I, this is for a lifetime overcautious, feared that they were given to harm with the big madame by your grandfather, therefore the article is inadequate, the military, for a lifetime was impossible to have any big prospect, impossible to have revenged for your Grandma, was the daughter you are different, showed excellent commercial innate skill from you, in adding on Uncle Kun guidance, you had that ability, now you came to a stop the foot to run in Purcell Duchy here, but do not forget, before has not known Mr. Zhao Hai, we were not the qualifications. In the person with Clan speaks the last words, Purcell Duchy not for we will offend Markey Family.” Karen two eyes is flashing radiance of wisdom, to Laura said : „, but the present situation is different, Mr. Zhao Hai in hand has the grain, can definitely control the Purcell Duchy grain price, is adding on him to have great kindness to Purcell Family, is powerful Magician, for all these, Purcell Family will certainly win over him, you think that Purcell Family now such to us face , because you did help them? I did not deny that has existence of this reason, what are more is because of us with Mr. Zhao Hai relationship, any benevolence that Great Noble that comes says, their all settling on has the benefit.” Kun and Laura are shocked look at Karen, they have not thought really that normally looks like wholeheartedly does Magic Formation research Karen, analyzes the matter to come, unexpectedly is also one after another, moreover said is very reasonable. Karen look at their appearances, forced smile said : was good, I said these many to you, do as you please, Laura, this, not only one time becomes friends with Purcell Family and Mr. Zhao Hai opportunity, similarly, is one time completely cuts off relationship opportunity with Markey Family, Markey Family although powerful, but in the final analysis, is Merchant Clan, method that they can use , can only start from commercial aspect, other aspects, they are very weak, moreover do not forget, on this Continent Merchant Clan may, not only a Markey Family family, these year of Markey Family, to expand the business, offended many people. If they were receiving very huge damage, these they have offended the person will not let off this time opportunity, if Purcell Family is the fat, that Markey Family, isn't the fat of a piece even bigger?” Kun and Laura have not thought of this point, they had thought Markey Family is a colossus, is not that affable, has actually forgotten, is the colossus, their match also same great strength, one, but had the mistake, possibly death is more miserable than these small fish small shrimp. Karen look at their said : also the matter I must tell you, these days my although continuously in research Magician, but Magician, Potion master, Alchemist, knows much, these person of although are common, but they have Master to have fellow Martial Brothers, if makes them all-moving, energy is not small, if has any matter to need me to help, me told that the matter on commercial, I do not understand, does not want to know that your look at manages.” Said that Karen has stood, traces Laura head said : not to need to be worried about anything, Markey Family, also cannot control my daughter, now we already leave that nest of conflict and disagreement, but also fears his anything, feel relieved does, the father supports you.” Said that turn around walks outward, walked while said : just that Magic Formation probably to have a place not to be right, I must go back to have a look.” The complete human disappeared in study room. The Laura two eyes moist look at Karen back, to Karen complete disappearance in Darkness, Laura had then wiped the face, turns the head to Kun said : Grandfather Kun, tomorrow to arrange me to meet with, I to him last warning, if he gives the face not to want, do not blame my impolite.”

Kun nodded, since face gratified said : continuously I think that Second Young Master does not understand to these matters, has not actually thought that Young Master at heart clear, he he, no wonder in the past Old Master will put us to Purcell Duchy, I also think that Old Master is because completely lost the hope such to do to Young Master, has not thought that was actually Young Master strives, Young Master this move fierce, the Purcell Duchy here Markey Family influence was weakest, so long as we rushed out a day in here, Markey Family took us not to have the means that he he, good, fantastic.” Laura smiles said : father not to be stupid, but his normally has not used the thoughts in this regard, you look at his research these Magic Formation, I look on fainted, he he.” Karen today's transformation their happy, they to have not thought really very much must make Karen help their anything busy, because of the Karen manner, sometimes, manner compared with other important. Kun shows a faint smile said : tomorrow I to arrange to see you, you strike him, if he does not know good from bad, also should not be impolite with him, well tidies up him, then you go to Grand Duke Evan there, waits after Grand Duke Evan has ventilated, you personally are going to mister there, talks clearly with mister this matter.” Laura nodded said : well, this I will arrange, Grandfather Kun, did these people now look like? Do not let them have an accident noisily in our government offices, on our faces is unattractive.” Kun two eyes flash of cold light said : feel relieved, in our residence, they could not have turned any storm to come, some while person of incoming telegrams.” The voice just fell, a servant arrived at out of the door, to Laura and Kun said : young lady, Manager, small has the matter to repay.” Kun nod said : comes.” That servant bow the body was walking, stood the Kun front. Kun said : said.”

Servant said : just Manager asked three people to enter his room, that three person although are does to accompany the appearance, but lifts to refer to from the words and deeds, is not the average person, is in person who their these time comes, key by the look at object.” Kun nodded said : also to have other?” The servant shook the head, Kun beckoned with the hand, the servant drew back. Did Laura turn the head look at Kun said : „the status of that three person to investigate thoroughly?” Kun shakes the head said : not to have, that three people are the new faces, moreover evidently they are the Dead-soldier family backgrounds, therefore Battle Qi fluctuation is not obvious, it seems like it is under the hand/subordinate of Carlos Young Master new net.” Laura nodded said : first to favor them, the person who from now on, brings, cannot the release palace go, Grandfather Kun, is making the person look up them contact with who today, so long as has contacted with them person, detailed.” Kun nodded, stands to arrange, Laura arrives at study room in front of the door, looked up already sky that was dark, muttered said : „, since father there did not have the issue, we must playing well.” Next morning, after having had the breakfast, Laura arrived in study room the work, before long Kun got to add to study room, as soon as they entered study room, immediately saluted to Laura, the courtesy was complete, does not have the difference. Laura nodded, the eye still does not have leave the document on table, is only to said : mysterious Steward, today asks you to come, wants to say one to you, nearest/recent Purcell Duchy just the pass through food crisis, very much guarded regarding many people, moreover now on the street in a business area is not peaceful, hopes mysterious Steward looks like with these people who you come, do not make them run all over the place, Purcell Duchy here does not compare other place, here approaches Beastman Prairie, the common social practice is valiant, if what accident, I have been possible really not good with Fifth Uncle explain/transfer.” Has complied with one respectfully, has drawn back, Kun remained, looked, this to Laura said : young lady, it seems like your warning did not have to do to use.”

Just appearance, was being perfunctory obviously, simply toward has not gone at heart, naturally impossible to do according to the Laura words. Before Laura coldly snorted said : also thinks us is, that relying on Markey Family lives, snort|hum, Grandfather Kun, conveys a message, does not permit them to leave the palace, if there is that to dare to rush hardly, breaks the both legs, prepares the car(riage) to me, I go to the Grand Duke palace.” Kun has complied with one, gets down to prepare the car(riage) to Laura, now his naturally impossible leave, in the family to have his town to be good, must know that is not good to deal with. Laura front legs just leave own family, back leg under the hand/subordinate must go out, this person of tomorrow in the evening has seen a person, he just arrived at palace in front of the door, had been blocked by the palace in front of the door servant, the servant smiles said : this Big Brother not to know that to him can go to that?” That person stares, look at this servant said : „, first time comes Casa City below, wants to exit strolling well, does this little elder brother have the matter?” Servant look at he shows a faint smile said : „, to is nothing, but the young lady has told, today anybody does not obtain the palace, otherwise breaks the both feet, small said one to this Big Brother, avoid Big Brother don’t know, was not been good by the Manager punishment.” Said that a look at that person of face smiling face, in the eye is actually ice-cold. The person in Laura palace, is her these years trains, to her very loyal, in adding on her present scene although is big, but compares really compared with these Great Noble, but also is a poor, humble family, moreover in family calculation that only then she said that naturally appears will not strive for the power and so on matter, this servant at heart only then a lord, naturally is all takes Laura as Venerable. As soon as that person listened to this servant saying that complexion cannot help but changed, was angry said : absurd, we were not your residence people, why did you manage us? Also dares to ban our feet? I am bent on having today, how I to am have a look at your Manager to punish my.” Said that lifts the foot to rush outward.