Chapter 184 here has two Master But stands in front of the door that servant is actually two eyes flash of cold light, meets to begin to move, short club appears in in his hand, a stick hits toward that person of foot on. That person also already against of that servant, the personal appearance had been transferring obviously the past, simultaneously the hand moves, four darts shoot toward that servant. The servant in hand short club in a flash, several darts asked the price with no intention of buying in the place, then the body proceeds to bully, the short club gearing of in hand, goes toward that person of chest point. That short club pitch-black, does not have a point bright, but brandishes, actually gives people the one type of very serious feeling, understood at a glance that with the metal stick that the special method forges. That person is not good to deal with obviously, a personal appearance revolution, in hand were many Rapier, just like Kun said that this person of Carlos under the hand/subordinate Dead-soldier, this Rapier is his weapon. That person just took Rapier, blocks the short club of servant, where two feather arrow don’t know from flew, directly soars that person of both feet, the angles and time of these two feather arrows grasp quite, block the short club of servant in him, do not have the means migration time, suddenly appears , moreover have blocked his escape route. That person saw with own eyes unable to shunt, actually suddenly departed a chain blade from the gate, one that two feather arrows asking the price with no intention of buying, servant seize the opportunity rebounded, the in hand short club blocked in in front of the door, two eyes actually looks toward the gate. From gate slowly walks two people, another is actually another that in three people yesterday summons in the evening, but the chain of chain blade is taking in in his hand. The servant of gloomy face look at that guarding a gate, cold sound said : big courage, who gives your courage to dare to my person to begin unexpectedly.” The servant has not actually feared him, the look at appearance, coldly snorted said : young lady has the command, today anybody does not obtain the palace, disobeying orders, breaks the both legs.” look at that servant, complexion was colder, said : do not forget, here is the Markey Family mansion, you are also the Markey Family servant, offended five Young Master, does not have your advantage.”

The servant actually sneers said : my don’t know Markey Family, I only know, in Purcell Duchy here, only then Faith Mansion , in Faith Mansion has two lords, one is Karen Old Master, one is Miss Laura, others, do not have the power to work as the lord in this.” two eyes twinkling brightly, deep voice said : good, you dare to speak this saying, this palace is Markey Family, do you dare to revolt inadequately?” Who said that this palace is Markey Family?” A somewhat old sound conveys said that the people go along the prestige, is Kun. This time has not looked like Kun to salute, but is said : here Master Kidel not surnamed Ma? Kidel surnamed Ma, that here is the industry of Markey Family.” Kun actually coldly snorted said : „a lackey knows anything, I told you, in Faith Mansion here, did not have Markey Family, in here, calculation that said that only then two people, one was Second Young Master, another was Miss Laura, Miss Laura order, was this law, who dared not to revere, the execution, my words placed, you trod the palace gate one step to give a try.” After Kun said that two eyes calm look at, looks at the eye of Kun, was actually shocked, Kun look calm, looks like seems like looking at a deceased person probably, understand, if in dares to leave the palace, today will certainly die in this. In person who their these time comes, although many Expert, however in here with Kun to, will obviously also suffer a loss, Kun is 8th level Expert, but in person who their these time comes, may not have 8th level Expert. coldly look at Kun said : good, Kun Manager said that I am speechless, but this matter I will tell five Young Master truthfully.” Kun shows a faint smile said : nobody not to make you tell, but you should better not the palace, otherwise, do not blame my impolite, comes the person, that interruption both legs that today bursts, nobody dares to act unruly in Faith Mansion .” Faith Mansion is the palace name that Laura they live in now, in Ark Continent here, the name of Noble mansion, with own surname, like any Chen Residence, Zhao Residence and so on, appears , Noble will not make the palace name with his title generally generally generally, for example Purcell Family Grand Duke palace, Marquis Marquis palace and so on. Even if some are not Noble Merchant, will not make the palace name with own name, generally can give some quite elegant name, such as the cool breeze occupies, the wooded mountain institute and so on, little some people will hang on the plaque surname open and aboveboard writing. However each palace on clothes that the servant wears, will have the Master surname or the Clan badge of Master, this also sufficiently indicated the status. Reason that Laura called Faith Mansion in Purcell Duchy here the mansion, was she hopes the person in servant and shop in own palace, wanted Rau Rau's remembering, Merchant, was based on the good faith.

Listened to Kun saying that cannot help but was angry look at Kun, said : that two eyes cold light sparkled I thought that dares to move.” His voice just fell, hears behind transmits two resounding, creak, creak, is his under the hand/subordinate pitiful yell sound. Toward behind looked that actually saw his under the hand/subordinate to fall down, his two leg Bone, obviously had been broken. Looks at under the hand/subordinate such, cannot help but turns the head look at Kun said : you, how dare you.” Kun coldly snorted said : do not forget, here is Purcell Duchy, the here lord is not you, is not five Young Master, in here, you best honest, in having such matter lives today, do not blame my heavy hand Wuqing/ruthless.” Said that turn around walked, in has not looked at one eyes. Fills with gas, tooth bites the Zhi Zhi straight sound, does not have the means that now he is the person under the eaves, has to lower this head, grew several tones, was calm, turned the head to follow to that in his hand next step: Takes him, we walk.” Said that flings the sleeve, walks toward the palace, he has not dared to leave the palace, if he if rushes hardly, Kun will certainly not let off him. The Faith Mansion fresh matter, Laura returns don’t know now, she just arrived at the Grand Duke palace now, now the Laura status is very popular in Grand Duke palace here, the Purcell Family people know, when Purcell Family died, Laura bravely stepped forward, has helped Purcell Family busy, moreover Patriarch returned very good with his relationship, can say that Patriarch can be in power, with Laura also relationship. Senior official not hidden these words use in Grand Duke palace here are just appropriate, here does not have what thorough secret, therefore these servants also know that the joint in here, looked Laura horse carriage came, a immediately/on horseback person goes in the notification, another person of immediately polite they let in Laura two Dao Sect. Quick Laura welcome to Grand Duke study room, Grand Duke Evan study room is not that simple, there said is study room, actually is also the place of his work, when beforehand Great Elder is in power, a Grand Duke Evan study room day of also nobody comes one time, but now is different, person who now here everyday passes and out, but were many. His study room is very big, fully about hundred square meters, the middle has the Cyan Stone column, the ground is only Bai Lishi the ground, appears very neat, in study room has several bookshelves, above is suspending the full book, thinks of a fireplace in study room side, entire study room altogether has eight leafed doors, six windows, this lets in study room obviously very bright. In the study room innermost, is a very big desk, this desk all over the body is the red, the oil is luminous, obviously was probably old, front of desk was arranging three chairs, behind was placing a chair, on the desk following wall, was hanging a portrait of person, sitting of this person full body armor in there, in hand was leaning on one Great Sword, the head belt the ox horn helmet, this paints a portrait very in a big way, was bigger than Daoist/actual person, although was only one vice- paints a portrait, but was actually felt marked the person that type imposing manner that to that overawed world, That person of Purcell Family first Grand Duke, with logical sequence Purcell . Laura every time comes this study room, will look at a that portrait first, that portrait picture is really fantastic, person imposing manner, complete drawing.

Enters study room gate not far place, the combination of one group of sand and tea table, this group of sand extremely numerous, most can sit several people, obviously here these are waiting for Grand Duke under the hand/subordinate, or male guest of Grand Duke in study room in the place that uses. Evan is standing in sand there is waiting for Laura, looked at Laura to come, immediately/on horseback beckoned with a smile said : small Laura, sat quickly.” The Grand Duke Evan age is also similar to Karen, moreover he is a frank temper, since is familiar after Laura, has called Laura to be small Laura, appears very intimate. Laura smiles said : Grand Duke, today disturbs.” Evan face board said : called Uncle Evan, I reminded your many have spread, next time will be calling wrong, I did not make you pass through the gate.” Laura had not insisted that smiles said : Uncle Evan, this is impolite with you, later did not call and that's the end.” Said that arrived at sand there to sit, had the servant to send to sub. After they sit down, did Evan wield draws back the servant, what matter look at Laura said : this time had? Because of the past that person? Your feel relieved, I have warned him.” Laura smiles bitterly next step: Your warning , if useful, I did not hold this heart.” Evan stares, then does two eyes stare said : what? they also really to dare to move you? Don't they want to live?” Laura has smiled bitterly next step: They do not dare to move me, the idea that but they have actually must go to mister, if made them succeed, after that my Haven product did not have, but if they were not successful, has harassed mister, if mister lived the conflict with them, then lived the conflict on equal to with Markey Family, this was the place that I most worried.” The Evan although temperament is straight, but he is not stupid, has fought that long time with Caesar, finally using Laura, was in power at one fell swoop, can such person be a fool? Therefore as soon as he listened to Laura saying that on understand meaning of Laura.