Chapter 185 Planning of Evan Evan frowns said : „the mister matter, we must result in manage, these time has been lucky mister, otherwise the loss of Purcell Family was big, cannot make them go well absolutely.” Laura sighed said : issue to leave in here, my several uncle uncles, were not behind me say them, they were the wolves, stared not to have by them, this time they sent, has not planned to let off mister, if mister complied to say fortunately, if did not comply, they will certainly entangle mister not to put, couple of days ago I have seen mister, mister said that he was impossible to comply, I asked mister to me a face, if they did not too excessively, mister also on not accountant, but they were actually. Such will not restrain, mister does not comply, they have coped with mister, by that time, feared that was fighting between Markey Family and mister.” Evan also understand, Laura said that in testing him, having a look at him in treating the Zhao Hai issue is any manner, actually does not need Laura to probe, Evan also had own plan. Evan is the person who records the graciousness, he to is very heavy, otherwise initially that the favor looks will not help Buda Family, although because of this matter, making him lose the authority, but he has not regretted, because of this matter, making him see clearly Purcell Family, therefore he met the hidden under his crabby, has been bearing patiently, finally has held the power to today. This time he can be in power, has been lucky Laura and Zhao Hai, therefore he is very grateful to them, he also already wants to see Zhao Hai, regarding Zhao Hai all sorts of magical things, he also knew, similarly, he also knew Zhao Hai there fighting strength is not weak, he also needs Zhao Hai this fighting strength. Since however Zhao Hai did not see the guest, even if Purcell Family seeks an interview, he has not seen, has seen only Laura, therefore Evan can such regarding as important Laura. Such that just like Kun said that Evan regards as important Laura, not only because of benevolence, what are more is because Laura can relate on Zhao Hai. Evan is very clear, if these time makes Markey Family go well, that Zhao Hai was unlikely to live in Stony Mountain there, he was not having opportunity to make contact with Zhao Hai this line, this was not main, what most important was, after Zhao Hai , may become his enemy. Therefore he is impossible to make Markey Family succeed, to let Zhao Hai remains, that feared that offends Markey Family, he also wants. Zhao Hai remains, later Purcell Duchy almost did not need to worry for the matter of grain, if was together with Zhao Hai was good, later Purcell Family will have any matter, Zhao Hai will also help, the strength on his hand was not weak, if he is willing to help Purcell Family, that Purcell Family strength will increase, this had the advantage regarding Purcell Family very much.

To be honest, Evan does not have what favorable impression to these big Merchant Clan, the matter of this grain, if not these big Merchant Clan is up to mischief in behind, the person who also the convention to today's this situation, although does not profit finally is he, but he will not thank these people, because Evan throughout is the Purcell Family person, but these big Merchant Clan this planning is Purcell Family. Reputation of Markey Family on Continent is not good, besides Laura them, other Markey Family, is called vampire Clan. This vampire is one type of Darkness life form, takes slurping person and Magic Beast blood as to live, can Incarnation be the bat, such life form is loathful, the people described Markey Family with this life form, knows that what their Clan reputation was. For vampire Clan, but has the powerful strength and background benefactor own one expelling? That idiot will do such! Very obviously, Evan also had the same thoughts with Kun, thinks that Zhao Hai has deep background, otherwise is impossible to take these many grain. although in Aksu Empire here, has not heard the person like Zhao Hai, but difficult insurance in other national not such people, if Great Noble of other Zhao Hai countries, unfold to Purcell Duchy here, they were not better to offend. On Continent has the division of country, but Noble, no matter in that country, will obtain the proper respect, even if at the war, Noble also defeats to be captured, can make the family member draw cash to redeem, will not receive anything to injure, obviously Noble influence big. In this case, will Evan possibly offend unidentified Noble? Evan cannot dig up Zhao Hai is Great Noble of other countries, like his equal to made the contacts with Noble of other countries, even if will be future Purcell Family had any accident in Aksu Empire here, can seek the protection to other countries. Ark Continent here Noble has such characteristics, if you are Aksu Empire Noble, however committed a crime in Aksu Empire, could not stay, can seek the protection to other countries, but needs that national five title make the guarantee in count above Noble to be good. But Evan with other countries such ideas of Noble contact, after seeing the Buda Family situation has, must say that beforehand Buda Family is also sight, because they become the Noble time are too short \; first, own strength is not strong \; second, does not have what relation with Noble of foreign country, how therefore they were handled by Aksu Empire , can only be dull in Aksu Empire here, cannot overseas seek the protection, not that country, for Buda Family such recently Noble will offend Aksu Empire, person who they no relationship, could not have found the guarantee externally, will therefore get so far as today. This paddies.

Because saw the Buda Family appearance, therefore Evan had this sense of crisis, wants to make contact with relationship with overseas Noble. Had such idea, what matter Evan naturally impossible look at Zhao Hai there to have, therefore he nodded said : mister there naturally unable to have an accident, what do you mean?” Laura coldly snorted said : yesterday I told the father, father's meaning is very obvious, we in Purcell Duchy here all, are fight, now we could not be the Markey Family people, Mr. Zhao Hai has to save a life great kindness to me, how I possibly do not help mister.” Evan nodded said : that to be good, Markey Family is not good to deal with, this matter I look at our three sides alliance to get up to be good, mister there I could not speak, you went, you said to mister that the mister matter was our Purcell Family matter, invited mister feel relieved.” Laura let out a long breath, smiles said : Uncle Evan saying that my feel relieved, I certainly had to mister the words, actually must say really that mister does not fear Markey Family, so long as Markey Family does not set out 9th level Expert, cannot move mister to divide, but I feared Markey Family compelling anxiously, if compelled anxiously them, but they any matter could do.” The Evan calm face nodded said : this matter is really somewhat troublesome, before our Purcell Family also two god worshipped/Foreign Elder, but Wind Saint Buffy went to Carrion Swamp now, such long time, actually had not come back, now fears is more unfortunate than fortunate, as the matter stands our Clan has been short of a strength, the matter also is really some hard to deal with, but invited mister feel relieved, if Markey Family dares to send 9th level Expert to come, I was putting together releasing authority, will invite god worshipped/Foreign Elder make a move.” Laura nodded, sighed said : this is only the worst plan, I first came to say one with Uncle Evan, uncle here had a preparation on the line.” Evan nodded, look at Laura said : your there must be ready, this Markey Family has not dared to cope with Mr. Zhao Hai, will certainly operate with you, mister there target is small, our Purcell Family they do not dare to move, however your shop front are too many, booth shop is a little big, perhaps they can cope with you.” Laura nodded said : my there manpower truly is somewhat anxious, but formerly went to mister there, mister also told me, if I have any matter, mister can send for helping, person but who mister there sends, is some Undead Creature, I a little am afraid, therefore had not let, these time said that can not want to be thick the facial skin to seek one time.”

Evan smiles said : Undead Creature not to have anything not to be good, sometimes uses to use compared with the person fortunately, I to somewhat envy mister, initially have not studied Magic innate skill, I also really want to work as Dark Magician, right Laura, you are many with the number of times that mister contacted, say that what person mister was.” Laura one hear of Evan said that cannot help but has smiled, said : mister, is a good person, but he is also very traditional Dark Magician, puts on black Magic Robe, under the hand/subordinate Undead Creature are more than person, moreover does not like seeing the person, but the feelings are very good, moreover I felt that mister is not probably old, feared did not have Uncle Evan old.” Evan one hear of Laura said that cannot help but has gawked, then what turned the head you to say to Laura said : was real? Does the mister age look like did not have my old?” Laura nodded said : I, although does not have the insight mister appearance, but hears the sound that mister spoke, that year the discipline should not be big.” Evan nodded, at heart is actually dark startled, strengthened has stood in Zhao Hai idea, he crossed in the outside wanderer before, fierce of very clear Magician, outside, 6th level Magician, that was big Expert, major famous Mercenary Group rushed to want, even if were some small expensive puts, will rush to invite, because the Magician lethality was very big. But young, about Dark Magician in 8th level , was really more serious, that means that he has big opportunity, naturally can become 9th level Expert, on Continent existence of most peak, becomes friends with such person, will not have the fault.