Chapter 186 Laura is attacked Laura said these to Evan, has the reason, she feared that Evan is not willing to comply to cooperate, but she Zhao Hai age, slightly disclosed that such Evan understand Zhao Hai importance, if, when 9th level Expert has not arrived at 9th level , helping him, waited till this 9th level Expert to 9th level, that advantage was too big, any Great Clan person will not let off this opportunity. although Laura and Evan have not seen Zhao Hai personally make a move, but the garden they cope with Zhao Hai, not only Laura knows that Evan knows, they vanishes to the final garden, Evan had one generally to understand to the Zhao Hai strength. But Laura understands naturally are more than Evan, therefore she vigorously will facilitate Evan and Zhao Hai alliance now, only then they three true alliance get up, will not be fearing anybody. The authorities have Purcell Family top in there, in the trade has her top in front, but Zhao Hai stands in the back that person, he can provide the most powerful help to them, their three alliance get up is alliance. Evan look at Laura, suddenly smiles said : small Laura, the thoughts of your this ghost girl are many, but I must thank you, if you did not tell these, my also don’t know mister strength, but was you do not tell me these, I will not make mister there have the matter, you must as soon as possible saw mister, the matter that we reached an agreement said that listened to the line crazily, the Markey Family strength was strong, we must as soon as possible decided the matter, like this can true and Markey Family contended.” Laura stood got up said : that well, I one will see mister, uncle here am preparing first, if I saw mister time, in the family had any matter, asked the uncle to help.” Evan has also stood, laughed said : feel relieved to be good, will not have the matter, you went.” Laura nodded, turn around walked. Laura came out from the Grand Duke palace, waits for servant immediately outside palace to Laura horse carriage by, in fresh matter Faith Mansion , told Laura. Laura sits in the car(riage) static is listening, when that servant said that Laura nodded said : to be very good, Grandfather Kun processing good of , you went back, told Grandfather Kun one, I must go to Stony Mountain.” The servant complied with one to walk. Laura turns the head to following in car(riage) nearby Sergio said : Sergio, goes to Stony Mountain there to see mister.”

Sergio complied with one, immediately/on horseback has made the cart driver rush for the car(riage) to leave Casa City directly, directly soared Stony Mountain. The Laura present to did not worry, they in Faith Mansion , have Kun to assume personal command, simply does not need her to be worried about anything, even if has any matter, has Evan, these people also left one Casa City, moreover this morning, Laura has made Ni'er give her several Imaginary Beast Hawk Zhao Hai to release for flight the space, so long as were Wind Falcon that in the palace exited, shooting down that all did not fall, can say that now outside Ao Luo Jia they are want to add relate, not means. Laura also believes that Kun feared now was started to look up yesterday to have these person and they have contacted, these person of Kun will not let off, now they must they detain in here, waited for them to prepare, to fall they. Laura was not worried about the Casa City here situation that Carlos these time had self-confidently, thinks, so long as sent Steward came, Laura they did not dare not to coordinate, his simply has not thought that Laura has managed these many years in Casa City here, was adding on this time matter, her present strength was very big, simply did not need to fear him. Carlos these time has misjudged, this matter in reason, these year of Markey Family running free with the current, is also adding on is powerful, common matter nobody dares to oppose, this makes them unconscious has had the one type of superiority feeling, thinks that nobody met counter his meaning, has not actually thought that this time they bumped into, punctures the head. said : that the Ni'er look at Laura appearance, loves dearly young lady, has no need such to catch up, or I looked that used Imaginary Beast Hawk to deliver a letter to mister was good, wants to come mister not to oppose.” Laura look at Ni'er, shows a faint smile said : silly thing, delivers a letter with sees that to be the same personally? This matter relationship is significant, we must see Mr. Zhao Hai to be good personally.” Ni'er smiles said : I to think that we do this, probably was was extremely polite, didn't mister make us not need with him to be polite?” Laura smiles said : silly thing, should be with the mister polite point, said it, this person long will take a walk own, we must often take a walk with mister here, this can be intimate with.” The Ni'er look at Laura appearance, smiles said : young lady to want with mister to be intimate with that I looked that might as well be more intimate with mister.” Laura has ridiculed her one, outside this time, suddenly Laura is hearing has transmitted a pitiful yell, then hears the Sergio breathless sound to transmit said : to protect the young lady, walks quickly.”

At this time heard airborne hears sound of the broken wind, Laura originally is Knight, heard this sound to know, this was the arrow sound, when with arrow large-scale attack sound that came out. Laura to has not been worried about these arrows, her horse carriage after modified, the material that uses is also best, arrow simply shoots airtight, what making Laura be worried, this arrow sounds the quantity to be many, it seems like attack their people will not be few. Laura has not moved, looked at complexion white Ni'er, shows a faint smile said : not to be worried, all right.” Said that turns the head said loudly: Sergio, how many people?” Sergio said : returns don’t know, they put the arrow in forest, has not come out to the present, Young lady, I thought that we speed up hurrying along, so long as mister there, were safe.” Laura deep voice said : only feared that is not so easy, not only it seems like Fifth Uncle time has sent Gang, good the Fifth Uncle, you really have also gotten down going well.” Laura is clear, the Carlos manner is cloudy, these time feared that came a clear(ly) cultivate the plank road, the idea of doing something secretly, has put Yiming dark two lines. The visible line is, who is dark line actually don’t know is being, but wants not to be the average person, otherwise Carlos feel relieved release will not come to handle matters for him. Ni'er said : young lady, now what to do? In the family can have the matter?” Laura shook the head said : in family not to have the matter, even if Fifth Uncle's courage in big, does not dare to cause trouble in Casa City, that in hitting the face of Purcell Family, must prepare for with Purcell Family undead continuous, the Fifth Uncle is not having courage, even if the grandfather is not having courage, this time some people saw certainly in the morning palace the fresh matter, therefore comes out to give us specially a lesson.” Ni'er nodded said : that saying that we won't have the danger?” Laura shook the head said : that not saying that they also know, now Casa City here matter in my command(er), so long as me except, father Steward, Grandfather Kun has not wanted to manage, is a word is not suitable, they naturally can act independently, was good, no matter that many, I to have wanted to have a look, whether they can keep this me.” In this time, is several pitiful yells transmits, Laura actually heard to protect Sergio by car(riage) light well, quickly said: What happened?

Sergio said : young lady, probably some people in helping us, just that several, transmitted from the grove, it seems like some people were fighting with attack our these people.” Laura said : protects the car(riage), do not move heedlessly, perhaps the enemy is making you pass, no matter who is helping us, the people only managed the car(riage) on the line.” Sergio has complied with one. But the pitiful yell sound in forest is actually more and more, when are not many, hears in the forest a sentry post sound, then in the forest the person's shadow rocks, large quantities of people flushed from inside. These person who clashes from the grove, makes the mercenary appearance, these people took weapon to clash toward horse carriage here, but Sergio actually noted, in these people, some wear black warrior cloth people were chasing down them, weapon of these people many by Rapier give priority to, looked is Dead-soldier. Sergio although don’t know there comes these Dead-soldier in helping them, but some people help them are also the good deeds, he kept more than 20 under the hand/subordinate to protect around horse carriage, does not dare to leave half-step lightly. Eye look at these mercenary more clash is nearer, nearby arrived quickly, Sergio they unconscious has grasped own weapon, but at this moment, in sky suddenly hears a low and deep Hawk Cry sound, when Sergio did not have understand what's the matter, felt that sky one black, then big piece of hawk appears in airborne, dived directly, Sergio just about to alerts, actually presently these hawks do not come to them, but directly soars these mercenary to go. Sergio is also first time sees fighting strength of these hawks, was too strong, these hawks throw, Sergio saw with one's own eyes two eagle claw capture of hawk a head of mercenary, one grasped in the claw that person of head unexpectedly, that person called out pitifully, that hawk has actually grabbed him to shoot up to the sky, in the blink of an eye disappeared. Other hawks also miss are so, some is a hawk, some are several hawk joint efforts, the capture person brings to soar high that person, actually does not put down, moreover flies in the Stony Mountain direction, skill of a while, unexpectedly could not only be seeing person who makes the mercenary appearance, but these are the person who Dead-soldier is to play the role, has not approached horse carriage, but is one bows to him by far, on drawing back returned to in forest. Sergio is gawking, actually hears behind a sound to transmit said : is the mister person, walks, goes to Stony Mountain.” Sergio turns the head to look that actually saw Laura, when don’t know Laura stands he, Sergio has complied with one hastily, put in order the team, protected horse carriage to walk toward Stony Mountain. Laura when that hawk called transmitted, from the car(riage) came out, heard that hawk to call, Laura knows that was Zhao Hai send people to come, but she has not really thought that Zhao Hai met to send out these many hawks unexpectedly.