Chapter 187 Marries Young Master Now Laura at heart keeps is seething, her very clear these hawks are any thing, that is Phantasmal Beast, but Zhao Hai does not have Phantasmal Beast most from the beginning, but after he has given the Zhao Hai five Phantasmal Beast color eggs, Zhao Hai has Phantasmal Beast that to be honest, Zhao Hai can in such a short time hatch that several Phantasmal Beast, and also made them produce variation, this has stemmed from the anticipation of Laura, simply has not thought that several Phantasmal Beast to be able the reproduction of mass. However these hawks, give her Imaginary Beast Hawk to be exactly the same as Zhao Hai, said that is not Phantasmal Beast she does not believe that if is really only this, that Zhao Hai ability again estimated. Phantasmal Beast is different from Magic Beast, Magic Beast wanted the sentiment time, copulation, birth, but Phantasmal Beast was not good, Phantasmal Beast will not give birth generally automatically, only then his Master ordered, will give birth . Moreover the first birth, will have very tremendous influence regarding the Phantasmal Beast strength, was because of this, therefore the Phantasmal Beast quantity on Continent was few, even if some people bred, not massive reproductions. Massive reproduction Phantasmal Beast, not only needs Master to provide massive energy to use for these Phantasmal Beast births, will also affect the Phantasmal Beast descendant, if Phantasmal Beast reproduces was too industrious, the strength will degenerate. But she gives Zhao Hai that five Phantasmal Beast not to have the several days time, Zhao Hai to hatch Phantasmal Beast to come, but can also reproduce massively, moreover these Phantasmal Beast not only has not degenerated, counter- became stronger, this was really makes her be startled. Can add Potion that plants grows, can reproduce the Phantasmal Beast method massively, that in this difference same takes, can on Continent to snatch the broken head. Thought of here, Laura has cannot help but thought in Zhao Hai courtyard that densely packed Fire Fish, before she has thought Zhao Hai Fire Fish that entered from other place, now looks like, perhaps was not, possibly was Zhao Hai uses the Fire Fish reproduction of Cyan Stone Villa there. A Laura cannot help but excitement, her present understand why Zhao Hai wanted Magic Beast at heart, moreover what Magic Beast wanted, if her guess real, Zhao Hai can reproduce Magic Beast really massively, that all explained well, Zhao Hai wanted these Magic Beast to reproduce uses. Reproduces Magic not only can bring the massive gold coins income, can let increase fighting strength, if is really such, increase that so long as to the Zhao Hai time, that Zhao Hai strength can keep, increases, is increasing, to can achieve any degree finally, but also did not say. Then Laura has thought these Blue Eye Rabbit, why Zhao Hai there can produce that many Blue Eye Rabbit now, was good to explain. Laura let out a long breath, at heart is actually Heaven and Earth turning upside down, does not have means calm, Zhao Hai such ability, was really too the hiring, if made others know that he had such ability, feared that was can rob. Did not say other, kept thinking on present these Haven product hiring, do not say these abilities of two going against heaven's will.

Thinks of here, Laura cannot help but shivered, Ni'er looks at her appearance, thinks that she was cold, quickly said: Young lady, were you cold?” Laura shook the head said : not to be cold, Sergio, transmitted orders, today the fresh matter no one must say outward that gives me rottenly in the belly, if I outside hearing a little information about today's this matter, do not blame my heavy hand Wuqing/ruthless.” Sergio has complied with one, hands down to make, Laura not to Ni'er spoke such words daily, Ni'er with her in together, even to say that has not located to say. When are not many, horse carriage arrived on Stony Mountain, Green as in mountain low grade Laura, directing Laura to climb mountains, Laura had not asked that Green about rescuing her matter, this matter Laura thinks really meets to ask Zhao Hai is good. After horse carriage to Village courtyard stopped, Laura with Ni'er they went to the living room, Zhao Hai in they, after both sides see exchanging greetings, minute of guests and hosts to sit down, Laura then thanks mister today's aid to Zhao Hai said :, otherwise I feared that was also dangerous.” Zhao Hai is actually he he the chuckle, waved said : young lady to be too polite, today my make a move, the young lady will not have the matter, these people could not have blocked the young lady.” Laura showed a faint smile said : that to be possible not to say certainly, no matter what, must thank mister, today I come, the matter must tell mister, Purcell Family Patriarch, Grand Duke Evan, had said that he is willing to form an alliance with us, together coped with Markey Family.” Zhao Hai has gawked, actually frowned, naturally, his face has now been keeping off, Laura could not see that Laura saw Zhao Hai does not have what excited performance. Zhao Hai said : „is matter very some little time serious?” Laura has smiled bitterly, said to Zhao Hai own worry, the matter that also discussed with Evan oneself, said to Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai frowns calmly is listening, he has not thought that matter unexpectedly seriously to this situation, Evan take part. Laura has said that looked Zhao Hai does not have what sound, must smile bitterly said : mister, is not I exaggerates, but is I too understood that the Markey Family person, they for the benefit, will not speak any face, mister should guess that today attack my person, is the person who my Fifth Uncle sent.”

This point Zhao Hai to knows that these attack Laura people, were caught Cyan Stone Villa here by the hawk, but these people by these hawks grasping, Zhao Hai had not wasted breath, met really turned into Undead Creature them, was interrogating, the result of finally obtaining was, these people all were Carlos under the hand/subordinate, these time altogether came out 120 people, was led by a Carlos under the hand/subordinate Warrior Valeo. Is the air wire, Valeo is hidden line, Yiming one dark, is specially comes for him, the air wire is to break though the link of Evan, making Evan not meddle his matter, is contacting with him, wants to make him not cooperate with Laura through the benefit, then cooperates with Carlos. But doing of hidden line with is, one, but air wire there has not achieved the ideal effect, that this hidden line person acted. Regarding Carlos such procedure, Zhao Hai already expected, but he is angry, he with Carlos, but said that is simply did not know, the person who does not know completely, for the benefit actually wants his life, how Zhao Hai possibly to work with such person. In words that one hear of Laura spoke, Zhao Hai was understand, in his these time was involved in one to be troublesome, was one greatly troublesome, but what most made his annoyed was, this trouble he annoyed. He does not want with Evan alliance, not to owe the Evan sentiment, but this time must face Markey Family, feared that was not he can deal with, the Markey Family business, proliferated half Continent, such influence was too strong, even if were Laura and Evan , can only say only then three sides alliance, did not fear Markey Family, if he wants to face alone, then with courting death not to have what difference. Thinks of here, Zhao Hai nodded said : well, please pass on to Grand Duke Evan, this pledge, we have tied, later our three were the allies.” Laura cannot help but relaxed, she feared that Zhao Hai did not agree, she knows some Zhao Hai arrogance, if Zhao Hai did not agree that matter was really troublesome. The Zhao Hai look at Laura appearance, forced smile said : I do not want any connection with Purcell Family, but matter show to this situation, even if I do not want not to be good, Miss Laura, these time on thanks for your trouble you.” Laura smiles said : this not to have anything, now can we are bound together for good or ill, mister, Laura ask your question.” Said look at Zhao Hai that two eyes decides, in the eye the none remaining sparkles. Zhao Hai looks at her appearance, cannot help but stares, but said : young lady please ask.” Laura look at Zhao Hai said : today's mister sends to ask my these hawks, hatches to reproduce with that five Phantasmal Beast colors?” This issue looks like very simple, is not good to reply. Zhao Hai one hear of Laura such asked that stares, in looks at the Laura appearance, Zhao Hai knows that Laura has begun to have suspicions, on the day of he already thought will have, but has not thought such quickly, his take deep breaths, turns the head look at Laura said : Miss Laura, fearing that you must ask not only this? Also has any matter, one and said.”

Laura at heart one suddenly, but she listens to the Zhao Hai words probably is not the appearance of vitality, finally clenches teeth, nodded said : mister, I truly am the has plenty words want to ask you, the don’t know convenience is not convenient.” Said that turned the head to look at one to stand in the one side, did not say Green. Zhao Hai understand her meaning, he smiles said : young lady to say that does not have the bystander in here.” Laura nodded, look at Zhao Hai said : I want to know that mister in hand has to be able Potion that speeds up plants to grow, has to let Phantasmal Beast and Magic Beast massive reproductions the method, but not degenerating, finally is, mister true status.” Laura has decided that she must lay cards on the table with Zhao Hai, after this cooperation starts, she really with Zhao Hai was grasshopper on a rope, therefore she must know these matters. Zhao Hai look at Laura has not spoken, Green actually suddenly said : Miss Laura , to know that really this matter is not difficult, so long as Miss Laura accepts our condition, we can tell Miss Laura this matter.” Zhao Hai has gawked, Laura is actually both eyes concentrates said : to ask mister to show.” Green said : marries Young Master.” Laura was shocked, Zhao Hai turns the head to Green said : Grandpa Green.” Green has not actually complied, look at Laura said : that but decides „, so long as Miss Laura marries Young Master, the Young Master status, on Young Master all secret, can tell you, if Miss Laura does not comply, that has sorry, we affirmed that immediately/on horseback withdraws from Purcell Duchy, making anyone unable to find us, cannot tell you Young Master status.”