Chapter 188 Divergent Warlock Laura never expected, Green will even propose that such request, she has gawked, the face one was then red, this condition was really too suddenly, stemmed from her anticipation. although in Ark Continent here, like the ancient China, the women exquisite anything three to be obeyed and four feminine virtues, a custom big pile, almost could not be said as the equality in the Ark Continent here men and women, in Great Clan, not only the man had the right of inheritance, the woman same also had the right of inheritance. In marital also on the other hand is very free, like Ryan Purcell , does not like Zhao Hai, can raise with the family, then makes family's people find the way to break an engagement, this is also normal. However like the present, suddenly mentions the wedding, too suddenly regarding a girl, Laura at once except for shy, other forgot. The Green look at Laura appearance, actually smiles said : Miss Laura to invite feel relieved, our family Young Master today is less than 20 years old, with Miss Laura equality of age, moreover is Noble, does not calculate absolutely has brought disgrace on the young lady.” Zhao Hai forced smile said : Grandpa Green, other said it, Miss Laura, do not care, if my status said that will bring to you greatly troublesome, when the time comes feared that was forms an alliance with Purcell Family, could not protect me, asking the young lady not to ask.” Laura one was actually shocked, she has not thought really that Zhao Hai actually will say, his status so is really troublesome? suddenly Laura has thought of Zhao Hai to the name of Green. Before Laura came time, Zhao Hai managed Green to call the ringer, this on Continent was very ordinary name, did not have anything specially, therefore Laura has not cared. However Zhao Hai was just anxious, said the Green name, Green this name although did not have anything specially, but thinks that the Zhao Hai status, is thinking the Green strength, Laura suddenly has thought of Clan. look at Zhao Hai said : that Laura decides is it possible that is mister surnamed Buda? This isn't Wind-Spirit War General Green mister? It is not right, isn't mister drinks Water of Nothingness? How to use Magic?”

Zhao Hai and Green were also startled, they have not thought that Laura so will be unexpectedly intelligent, has only guessed correctly their status through a name. Zhao Hai and Green looked at one mutually, they smiled bitterly, Green have taken off head that to block the hard helmet of entire face, lost conveniently in the one side, look at Laura smiles said : Miss Laura worthily is called a day of lovable girl, was really intelligent, actually guessed correctly our status from Young Master a few words, great.” Zhao Hai has also picked the hat on Magic Robe, forced smile said : has not thought really that finally I exposed weaknesses, Miss Laura, I when introduction again one, I called Zhao Hai Buda, before called Adam Buda, but has now changed name, this was my General Manager, Green Buda, this was my maidservant, was Grandpa Green granddaughter, Meg Buda, first several times you came, to that you prepared food, was Meg Grandma, Merine Buda.” Was saying Zhao Hai while stands to introduce to Laura that Green they also give Laura to salute, Laura look at Zhao Hai they were actually shocked. She has not thought really that she has guessed right unexpectedly, in unexpectedly is really the person of Buda here lives, who can want to obtain, was rushed to the Black Wasteland there Buda Family person, meets suddenly appears unexpectedly in here, moreover can free and unfettered such. Laura look at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai although also puts on Magic Robe, but the hat has picked now, this made Zhao Hai not have that mysterious feeling, conversely, Laura felt that present Zhao Hai was more appealing. The mysterious feeling can attract the woman, but extremely in the mysterious man, does not have the woman to like, because does not have the security sense, Laura was attracted by Zhao Hai mysterious, but before Laura, reason that a little will feel to Zhao Hai, actually because of the Zhao Hai disposition. What the Zhao Hai disposition is, Laura through the contact of this several times, has understood, is only Zhao Hai extremely in mysterious, therefore Laura wants not to dare with he deeper contact. Now finally sees clearly the Zhao Hai appearance, the Zhao Hai figure is not tall, if stands with Laura in together, obvious also wants to be shorter than Laura, face very fair and clear, the person appears somewhat thin and weak, in adding on, on the disposition of first nerd bookworm, making him look like some refined, vision peaceful, but Laura can actually feel that from the body of Zhao Hai that optimistic firm and resolute temperament, this is Laura most appreciates the Zhao Hai place. After Laura sets out gives Zhao Hai them to salute upon meeting, how many talented people sat, Zhao Hai look at Laura smiles said : Miss Laura also to know why now I don't want to contact with Purcell Family? Moreover my status, if makes the bystander know that is not only unable to defend oneself, even if will be Miss Laura is also implicated, therefore can only hide in here.” Laura sternly say: mister has considered thoroughly, Laura this life is mister rescues, that will also fear is implicated, if no mister, Laura cannot arrive today, asking mister not to say this.”

Zhao Hai shook the head said : young lady possibly to feel strange why I drink Water of Nothingness, but can also use Black Magic, in fact, my although drinks Water of Nothingness, but obtained another one type of ability, I now was Divergent Warlock .” Divergent Warlock , on Continent in battle profession minimum one group of people, is most mysterious one group of people, nobody knows how Divergent Warlock produces, nobody knows how they practice, Divergent Technique has not managed magic studies, does not look at bloodline, does not look at aptitude, not having the means to practice, does not have a complete system, that feared that is a slave, might becomes Divergent Warlock . The Divergent Warlock ability is all sorts of strange and unusual, some cannot be used to fight, some fighting strength are actually greatly strengthened, if Dark Magician is the person on Continent most is not willing to provoke, that Divergent Warlock is Dark Magician is not willing to provoke. On Zhao Hai also don’t know Continent also has existence of Divergent Warlock most from the beginning, but afterward he knew, this Divergent Warlock , looks like he movie X-Men is to put it bluntly same on Earth has looked, person who is some have ability, variety person. When on Earth, the variety person with ability, these has thing in legend, but in Ark Continent here, the variety person actually really exists, moreover they are the same to other Battle Professional, has own status and status. Different to Dark Magician, Dark Magician general Noble does not like inviting, but Divergent Warlock is actually these Noble the person who likes inviting. If said strictly that Zhao Hai the Space ability, is one type of Divergent Technique, but this Divergent Technique is really a little strange, how Zhao Hai don’t know this Space comes, the Farm game that but what we definitely know is that this Space certainly plays with him is related, he understanding Space, be more than regarding the understanding of his Divergent Technique other Divergent Warlock , this is this Divergent Warlock and other Divergent Warlock biggest differences. Laura one hear of Zhao said that to relaxing, Divergent Warlock this profession, by any medicine limit, did not have to drink the person of water of nihility before, there is Divergent Technique. Laura has not seen Divergent Warlock , Divergent Warlock were too few, therefore her curious look at Zhao Hai said : mister Divergent Technique does look like Black Magic is the same?” Zhao Hai smiles said : my Divergent Technique to be somewhat strange, a short time does not talk clearly, did not relate in detail that but Miss Laura did not need to call me mister, called me Zhao Hai on the line.” Laura smiles said : I to call you mister, has been used to it in any case, was right, mister, if you had the antiquity Magic thing, your family died at that time why useless? Also, previous Green did mister go to Purcell Family not to use one? Did you have the antiquity Magic apparatus?”

Zhao Hai smiles said : I not to have the antiquity Magic thing, if there is an antiquity Magic thing, will not fall to today's this situation, that was only my Divergent Technique part.” Laura actually held breath a cold air, although Laura had not seen Divergent Warlock , but she also knows that Divergent Warlock was the has plenty type, some Divergent Technique potential were very big, to the strongest time, really had the 9th level Expert strength, some Divergent Warlock , did not have the too big use, was one can study with the skin likely, besides can close one's eyes to be literate, simply any use, has not had any fighting strength. First did not say Zhao Hai Divergent Technique has many abilities, even if light has this one type of ability suffices enviablly, that was equal to the antiquity Magic thing same ability. However Laura wants in confirming, therefore she indefinite „the meaning of mister to Zhao Hai said : is, your ability, can let like the antiquity Magic thing, can come to Stony Mountain here person Transmission?” Zhao Hai smiles said : that to be so easy, the limit of this ability is very big, if first he person of my absolute trust, then he must take one type of medium, I can walk his Transmission, if so is really easy, I don't use the nest in here?” Laura one hear of Zhao Hai said nodded, then is actually the face one red, she just listened to Zhao Hai saying that if the person of Zhao Hai absolute trust, who can be the Zhao Hai absolute trust, that can only be the Zhao Hai family member, she has cannot help but remembered Green just. Green is character who the person always becomes a ghost, looks at the Laura appearance, knows that she in thinking anything, on the face has cannot help but shown a smiling face, to Laura said : Miss Laura, our status was extremely sensitive, hopes that the young lady you can give Young Master keep secret.” Laura one hear of Green said that is looking at the Green appearance, the face was redder, but Laura is different from the common young girl, quick quickly on calm has gotten down said : Green mister feel relieved, I know how to do.” Green smiles said : Miss Laura to be too polite, do not call me Green mister, called me Green on the line, or was the same with Young Master, calling my Grandpa Green to be also good.” The Laura face was redder, but was low voice said : that Laura on impolite, later called your Grandpa Green.” Sound that however these words, she said is very low.