Chapter 189 Elder Brother Hai? Green actually appears very happy, say while laughing: Good, fantastic, later you called my Grandpa Green, HaHaHa.” Zhao Hai has tapped the head thoroughly was speechless, he is not a fool, naturally knows that Green why such happy, the Laura Ken's name was Grandpa Green, explained that was not a point sentiment does not have to him, this was the Green most happy place. Zhao Hai can look, other people naturally can also look, the face of Laura was redder, Ni'er actually titter in the one side, should Meg of some vitalities, now unexpectedly also extraordinary is not mad. Meg life very simple, she is the Buda Family person, all exist for Buda Family, although she likes Zhao Hai, but her understand, Zhao Hai is impossible only to marry her one, do not say that Green they will not agree, even if will be she will not agree. Buda Family needs the successor now, many successors, only then this can guarantee that Buda Family continues, therefore after Zhao Hai is doomed is, wants the has plenty wife. But Laura after knowing the Zhao Hai status, but can also have such performance, this won the Meg favorable impression, no matter what, now Buda Family is the Aksu Empire public enemy, one, but made the person know she with the Buda Family relationship words, that Laura will not have any good result. Is adding on these officially time for the Zhao Hai matter, Laura already has gotten angry with Markey Family, this lets favorable impression big increase of Meg to Laura. Moreover through the contact of this several times, Meg also presently Laura is a very good person, is very friendly to the person, has such Young Mistress to be also good. But Zhao Hai currently has one type of to ask speechless the feeling of heaven, he does not think understand, when own charm became such big, can make the idol such easily unexpectedly had the favorable impression to him, this may really not within his plan. The matter that the Zhao Hai nerd disposition, nerd most does not like changes, does not like having the matter not in own control, but Laura matter, obvious in Zhao Hai control, how this does not make Zhao Hai also real don’t know probably deal at once.

At this time Merine also walked, as soon as she came to notice that Green and Zhao Hai have revealed the true self, cannot help but complexion changed said : Green, Young Master, what's all this about?” Zhao Hai to Laura introduced that said : Miss Laura, this is Merine Grandma.” Laura immediately/on horseback stands to see Merine Grandma to Merine gave a salute said :, Merine Grandma has not needed to be worried that I will not betray Buda Family.” Merine looked at face calm Zhao Hai, with be with smile on the face Green, has exchanged the eye with Green, immediately understand meaning of Green, her two eyes bright look at Laura said : good, good, Miss Laura was too polite, was right, today I have been you Fire Fish that likes eating, walks, everyone/Great Clan eats meal quickly.” Said no matter also Zhao Hai, pulling Laura walks toward the dining room. But the face of Laura was also red, just the look of Merine that love affair, she really a little could not bear, but she does not have the means. Zhao Hai not bears has stood, went to the dining room with Green of face smiling face, after the dining room has sat down, Merine the meal carries, has Laura Fire Fish that likes eating, moreover does is four. Eating meal time, not only Merine keeps urged the dish to Laura, Meg was the same, Laura also felt the change of Meg to her manner, but she actually really somewhat thinks why understand, according to her idea, Meg should not hate him to be right, how now looks like probably is already complete did not hate her, did not have to her point hostility. Zhao Hai very speechless finished eating this food, when several people of returned to living rooms, Laura sternly say: mister, this time I come also the matter to ask mister to help, although I will not have the matter in Casa City, so long as I will leave Casa City to have the danger, did not fear the mister joke, my in hand strength, but also was not enough to assure my security, therefore wants to ask some people to bring with mister, didn't know to be able?” Zhao Hai after this food, to also took easy, must watch the later show with Laura in any case, must say that his idea to a Laura point does not have, that is not realistic, the beforehand idol, currently have the qualifications to pursue, if not pursue, that was really unfair to itself. Has put down the heart knot, Zhao Hai to was instead freer and easier, he smiles said : to call me Zhao Hai or Elder Brother Hai, do I think me compared with you greatly? The people are not certainly a problem, but you also know that these people are Undead Creature, won't bring to you troublesome?”

Laura shook the head said : not to have the matter, I have reached an agreement with Grand Duke Evan, he also agreed that I bring some Undead Creature to go back.” Zhao Hai nodded, turns the head to Green said : Grandpa Green, you looked that called Drunk them to lead 200 people what kind in the past? Miss Laura, 200 people sufficient?” Laura nodded said : to suffice, was enough, Elder Brother Hai called me Laura to be good, did not need to call my Miss Laura.” Called Elder Brother Hai time, Laura has blushed, but quick returned to normal. Zhao Hai nodded, turns the head look at Green, Green knows that meaning of Zhao Hai, he nodded said : line, I looked that makes Drunk they have the person to go well, they long did not take a walk on Continent, the average person does not recognize them to come, if makes Zhao Ga they go, perhaps will be recognized.” Zhao Hai nodded, they have adjusted Drunk, before long Zhao Hai their appears in Cyan Stone Villa courtyard. Drunk they come back after Carrion Swamp there, Zhao Hai them arranges in Iron Mountain there, these time from Iron Mountain Fort there Transmission Point, delivers to Cyan Stone Villa here Transmission Point, these simply do not need Zhao Hai to go to operate to Space, so long as he ordered, Space can complete. Looked at Drunk their appears in courtyard, Zhao Hai turned the head to Laura said : this Drunk is first attack your undead Mercenary Group person, but had been subdued by me, was turned into Zombie by the skeleton, now their fighting strength, about equivalent to 7th level Magician, should be able to help you help, with that 200 individuals who he came, was previous time they copes with my these mercenary with the garden, they many were Warrior, had about the 7th level strength, in adding on them was also Zombie, attack time, can Corpse Toxin attack, should. Can help you, this attack your Carlos under the hand/subordinate, has made me turn into Undead Creature, but feared that annoys troublesome to you, did not make them go with you.” Laura has not thought that Zhao Hai has subdued undead Mercenary Group unexpectedly, she also thinks that Zhao Hai made undead Mercenary Group running, now one hear of Zhao Hai said that curious said : „was really the undead Mercenary Group person? In outside?” Zhao Hai nodded said : „, 208 people, outside, but these mercenary initially their together come attack with the garden I, now they turned into Undead Creature, is easy to recognize, I thought that I made them turn into the skeleton to be good, turned into skeleton nobody to recognize them.” This is also Zhao Hai nearest/recent presently these Undead Creature abilities, Space all skeletons turn into Zombie the time, Zhao Hai also in headache, because these Undead Creature such change, may cause others' suspicion, only then Alien has not changed, Zhao Hai also thinks that Space is so intelligent, knows that Alien is his ride, therefore has not changed.

Afterward he present, originally Alien can also turn into Zombie, but Alien was very probably intelligent, has not turned into Zombie, but was maintaining the condition of skeleton, after undergoing the experiment of several times, Zhao Hai understand, after these Undead Creature underwent the improvement of Space, can the interconversion between the skeleton and Zombie. When Laura they come out from the room, Sergio they silly standing in courtyard, did not have the means that in courtyard just among suddenly white light continually dodged, then teams of mercenary appears in courtyard, had not waited for them to respond, that teams of mercenary, except for that several wear Magic Robe of lead, other instantaneously was turning into the skeleton, Sergio their then understand, originally these mercenary were not living person, but was Undead Creature. Laura has not seen this situation, she came out only to see eight Magician led 200 skeleton mercenary to stand in there, Laura looked at that eight Magician one curiously, finally anything has not actually looked that did not have the means that Magic Robe that Drunk they put on was also black Magic Robe, that the face kept off, Laura simply cannot see anything. However Laura turns the head to Sergio their said : in all thing that mister here sees, does not permit the to divulge to an outsider, listens to understand?” Cold they were busy at complying with one, these people with Laura, all were Laura carefully have elected, person who she most trusted, was momentarily can die for her, therefore she will bring to come Cyan Stone Villa. Zhao Hai has put on the hat on Magic Robe now, one hear of Laura said that did not have to say anything, Laura looked at a while, presently cannot look at anything, and they entered the room with Zhao Hai. After several people sit down, Zhao Hai turns the head to Laura said : „, if person there has any matter, must tell me, my here also has the manpower, momentarily can move, was right, these time also has a matter to ask you to help, this is thing that I draw, you go back, finds the person to help me do.” Said that Zhao Hai puts out the blueprint of marriage lines these two he has drawn, has given Laura, above also writes character the request to marriage lines above seal. Laura received that blueprint to look at one, quick on why understand this thing uses, Laura curious look at Zhao Hai said : „does Elder Brother Hai make this doing?” Zhao Hai smiles said : not anything, in my territory some people marry, therefore this has given him, he he.” Buda Family must enter Black Wasteland time, but is leading 100 slaves, the person on this Continent knows that Laura also thinks Zhao Hai turned into Undead Creature that 100 slaves, now looks like probably is not.