Chapter 190 Warning, threat Laura gets down from Stony Mountain time, besides these guards, but also with 208 Undead Creature, but these Undead Creature besides that eight Magician, uniform is Warrior, their is also quick, dashes is following in Laura they behind, is not unexpectedly slower than Laura their speeding horses. Laura has not actually paid attention to these Undead Creature, she is taking Zhao Hai to look to her the blueprint of that marriage certificate that this marriage lines must say makes also very simple, is only with thick, a strong/sturdy point made of paper achievement, wants the red, above with must print on the golden writing, form very simple, the number of words are not many, look at that but Laura actually been lost in thought that moreover looked some little time. Ni'er in one side puzzled look at Laura, her really understand, a paper does not have anything to be attractive, moreover thing on that paper, she also saw, very simple thing, no big deal. Ni'er understand, Laura actually very clear, although this paper could not represent anything, but thing on paper, has actually represented many thing. On Continent never has appears marriage lines, the people marry, but the ritual achievement considered as finished, although has the marriage certificate, marriage certificate that only then becomes engaged, after the marriage, does not have that thing. But Zhao Hai this marriage lines, are showed that they were the legal husbands and wives, a most important point was, if two people were incompatible, but can also take this certificate to go to the Zhao Hai there divorce, so long as divorced, they were not the husbands and wives. If before is, Laura will think that this thing is not useful, Zhao Hai there will not apply the monogyny, makes a paper to be so useful, when Zhao Hai puts Laura in hand this marriage, she actually wants. Ni'er was a little really unable to continue watching, waved said : to Laura young lady, did you look to suffice? Comes out to look from Stony Mountain that looked for one hour.” Laura one recovers, face one red, was busy at receiving that blueprint, look at Ni'er said : Ni'er, did you say Elder Brother Hai to my this blueprint because of what?” Ni'er is not stupid, one on understand the meaning of Laura, look at Laura said : that she harbored evil intentions young lady, won't you be lovesick? Also Elder Brother Hai Elder Brother Hai, mister makes you call Elder Brother Hai, your really Elder Brother Hai, does not know that shames.” Laura with Ni'er sentimental that was not a day or two, can such speak with Laura, only then Ni'er, Laura had not been angry, instead to was said : that a face blushed your dead girl, if I married Elder Brother Hai, you can be inescapable, perhaps your this hiring pain small appearance, Elder Brother Hai favor.”

When their merriment, were not many arrived at outside Casa City, the city gate there garrison troops looked that Laura brought these many Undead Creature to come back, felt strange, but they were also under the order of Evan, therefore has not stopped, allowed to pass directly. Laura this motion, causes not small causing a sensation in Casa City, dares to bring on the large quantities of Undead Creature such flagrant avenues to go through, but also is really very rare. Laura their this was being surrounded, but the person on Continent knows that well Dark Magician can use the skeleton, therefore also nobody is scared. Laura such rampant leads Undead Creature to enter a city, actually is also intentionally, she believes that Carlos knows these attack Laura people died, Carlos this person although is very extremely arrogant, is not stupid, he is impossible only to send this Yiming dark two lines, certainly also has other secret agent. Laura these time leads these many Undead Creature to come back, these secret agent immediately meet understand completely, Laura already stood with Zhao Hai in together . Moreover the Casa City garrison troops can put them to come, that also on understand, Purcell Family also stood with them in together, this was actually a demonstration. Quick horse carriage arrived at Faith Mansion , Faith Mansion here is not very big, this got down more than 200 Undead Creature also has appeared very much pushes, but Kun already obtained information, therefore has made some arrangements ahead of time. Besides Drunk their eight, had been arranged the room by the family, other these Undead Creature, were arranged nearby outside palace wall, they cannot feel in any case coldly, toward a wall there station, looked like suspends a row of statue to be the same, but these statues looked like are really a little terrifying. Looked at Laura to come back, but also brought these many Undead Creature, felt that the matter was not wonderful, although they too did not know about Zhao Hai, but also knows that Zhao Hai was not weak Dark Magician, now Laura exited, came back, has brought back to these many Undead Creature, that was certainly related with Zhao Hai. Moreover why did Laura bring these Undead Creature at this time? It looks like probably is also not that Inferior level Undead Creature, did he prepare to break off with Clan really? Just is thinking, a suddenly servant looks, saying Laura must see him, calmed down, has put in order the clothes, walks toward Laura study room. One to study room in front of the door, gawked, Laura study room in front of the door has been standing two skeletons, one on the left and other on the right, was similar to general that ink jade carved. Besides these two skeletons, Sergio also stands in there, looked, Sergio complexion sank, to said : mysterious Steward, the young lady asked you to go.”

Looks at Sergio complexion, knows that today feared lived any matter, has almost been able to think that lived anything, certainly is Valeo saw that he was stranded in the palace, therefore has taken the action, but has not succeeded evidently. Nodded, walks toward the book side, but complexion somewhat is ugly, looked to study room, in study room besides Laura, Kun and Ni'er, in not others. Has seen the young lady to Laura ritual said :.” Laura sits behind the desk, looked at his said : you to arrive in my palace, must obey the custom in my palace, otherwise was the Fifth Uncle cannot save you, so long as you obeyed the custom in my palace, I will not be what kind of you, remembered me?” look at Laura said : young lady, our also five Young Master servants, come young lady here, but sees the young lady, is not gives the young lady to work as the servant, now young lady we also saw, small wants to go back, asking the young lady to consent.” Laura look at said : in residence in living some time, these days outside is not peaceful, today I had the palace unexpectedly by person attack . Moreover the strengths of these people were not weak, now puts you to exit, if had an accident, I not good with Fifth Uncle explain/transfer, when was peaceful after a period of time, I will make you go back, was good, drew back.” Listened to Laura saying that the unconscious eyelid jumped, meaning of his very clear Laura, Laura in warning him, in threatening him, warned his in other words, your people already attack I, but I was living well, all right, therefore your attack were defeated, threatened him is, now outside is not peaceful, if you left Casa City, my kill you, you were also die in vain. It is not a fool, he knows that own present in the Laura domain, he is impossible to fight Laura, he has not thought that the Laura strength currently really has was so strong, now he only hopes that Carlos there can the quick point obtain information, good to save them. In they were hit by Kun this morning returns home, uses Wind Falcon to inform Carlos, he thinks that now Carlos should almost be able to receive information, simply has not actually thought that Wind Falcon that his release goes, has become the Imaginary Beast Hawk grain ration. However Laura cannot tribulation after all Wind Falcon that flies from Casa City, such will offend many people, therefore Laura also knows that Carlos should quick obtain information. After she comes back, has not been going to the Grand Duke palace personally, but sends for the Grand Duke palace telling Grand Duke Evan, Zhao Hai there agreed to form an alliance, she believes that Grand Duke Evan after knowing this information, how should understand do. Worthily is Carlos under the hand/subordinate Steward, bears patiently skill to be strong, heard Laura saying that immediately/on horseback nodded said : is, Young lady, I asked to be excused.”

Laura nodded said : to get down, said one to your person, do not exit without my order, in the family came many Undead Creature, these Undead Creature do not recognize people, if your person toward leaving to rush, they will possibly kill people.” Lowered the head to comply with one, slowly has drawn back, he knows that he now anything is also undoable, so long as has done, that was courting death, looks at the Laura appearance, will not mind kill they. look at retreated, Kun turns the head to Laura said : Laura, are you all right today? I looked that on the vehicle has arrow mark, probably is attack very fierce?” Laura shook the head said : to be all right, had been rescued by Elder Brother Hai, Grandfather Kun, you sit, I told you Elder Brother Hai there matter.” Kun nodded, he also wants to know that what's the matter, Laura these time comes back, immediately summoned, did not have says these matters to him with enough time. Laura sat the Kun side, projected on the far point place Sergio, said the Zhao Hai status carefully, this arrived lets some Kun meanings. Kun suspected that many Zhao Hai status, only have not guessed correctly Buda Family, no wonder all people had not found Buda Family in Black Wasteland there, they hid under the eyes of people hide, fierce. Said to Laura that Kun stood to stand slowly, walked slowly and aimlessly in the room is very right, if Zhao Hai that lightly two said : this matter you have done does not want to make you know that his status, you do not know, by his present status, others is impossible to guess correctly that they were the Buda Family people, we worked not to have the issue with them, moreover I also heard that Grand Duke Evan had old with Buda Family, Buda Family also obtained his help, wants to be he knew Zhao Hai their status, what will not say, for safe, this matter. You no one must tell, so long as our these time has repelled Markey Family, can true has stood firmly in Purcell Duchy here, such that just like Zhao Hai said that if makes others know his status, even if Purcell Family cannot protect them, we were being together as before are good with them.” Laura has complied with one in a soft voice.