Chapter 191 In having two days Zhao Hai sits in the Space Villa living room, at their back is standing Zhao En, Zhao Hai is Rennes, but he changes name to call Zhao En now. Zhao Hai has not thought that was asking his anything, Rennes tells Zhao Hai that should know, Zhao Hai knew the Carlos strength now, with this times point. Markey Family these successors, in each Clan will apportion their place, these places letting them, making them manage, they divided Purcell Duchy here like Laura, but place that Carlos minute of arriving, actually except for Purcell Duchy here entire Aksu Empire. To Purcell Duchy, entire Aksu Empire was really too big, can look at disparity between Karen and Carlos from this point. However the Carlos day does not feel better, is different from Purcell Duchy here, Aksu Empire although is big, but there already had the Markey Family store . Moreover the business is good, although this looks like to Carlos very advantageous, he shook hand can make money, but do not forget, as the matter stands, these people in shop, certainly had the person who other successors or Thompson arranged, Carlos every action and every movement were impossible to hide the truth from them. What most important is, these people also in some important positions, but Carlos cannot move these people easily, therefore Carlos wants complete control to apportion his domain, is not that easy. But Purcell here does not have that issue, Purcell Duchy here does not have the industry of Markey Family, although Laura they start an undertaking to be somewhat difficult, but can actually quick control own domain, not make others meddle. However Carlos is very also fierce, now he already basically control in Aksu Empire industries of all Markey Family, his strength growth also quick, besides not having 9th level Expert, his strength was similar to general medium grade Noble, is only 8th level Expert has several, this is also only Rennes knows, Rennes don’t know possibly also has, after all the Carlos manner is cloudy, is impossible to trust Rennes completely. Reason that Carlos will note Purcell Duchy here , because of that insect plague, that insect plague has transmitted in Aksu Empire, the procedures of these big business, the Aksu Empire honored and popular character also knew, regarding Purcell Family the law of manipulation, these Great Noble thinks otherwise, but thought that Purcell Family was really in luck, has met Zhao Hai unexpectedly.

These people noted the Purcell Duchy insect plague, rather they Zhao Hai that noted suddenly to brave, did they have some common questions, Zhao Hai brave from there? His is thing there produces? When Laura starts to sell the Haven commodity, these people have realized the here surface giant opportunity, but these people also know that Zhao Hai puts great kindness regarding Purcell , but this Purcell Family loss is not small, they know these thing that Zhao Hai produces are the opportunity, Purcell Family also knows certainly, at this time began to Zhao Hai, then on equal to in hitting the face of Purcell Family, Purcell Family although cannot be biggest Clan, but after these many years exhibitions, was one of the Great Noble, in the family had two 9th level Expert to assume personal command, nobody dares underestimated. Because of this, therefore nobody has the idea of Zhao Hai, for an opportunity, with a Great Clan mutual hatred, is not the matter that these established Great Noble come out competently. However Carlos does not have this scruples, he needed this opportunity, now in Markey Family these three strongest successors, only then his strength was weakest, he needed quickly to promote his strength, therefore he has sent and Rayne, is thinking, so long as these two people acted, Laura will certainly coordinate, when the time comes Zhao Hai there thing, his also not running free with the current received. Has not thought Laura not only has not coordinated, instead to closing, heard that was closed, Rennes knows that the matter is bad, they want Laura kidnapping, then to make Laura putting, they are thinking the means to snatch Zhao Hai from Laura in hand. Naturally, if Laura rebel is too intense, they did not fear that wanted the Laura life, so long as Laura dies, that Purcell Duchy here was the group dragon did not have, perhaps they can smooth took over the industry of entire Purcell Duchy here, has not actually thought that is grasped at the scene by Imaginary Beast Hawk that Zhao Hai sent, has become Undead Creature. These information a little use regarding Zhao Hai, but the use is not big, therefore Zhao Hai has not cared, after having asked that lets Zhao En in Space here look at, the look at these Thunder Hawk advancing routes, did not want to make a mistake, when otherwise was really uncertain can arrive at Flower City there. Green they sit in the Zhao Hai opposite, several people have not spoken, some little time Green said : Young Master, I thought that this time we told Miss Laura the status, not necessarily was the misdemeanor, Miss Laura should have the discretion, moreover she has carried off that many Undead Creature from our here, even if Miss Laura wanted to cope with us, we can also know ahead of time.” Zhao Hai shook the head said : I to not to be worried that Laura will betray us, the matter that but in thinking these time to form an alliance with Purcell Family, although said that Evan is good to us, but can look from this time matter, Evan is a very qualified politician, if makes him realize anything, perhaps will bring to us troublesome.” Green shook the head said : „should not, if Miss Laura does not want to betray us, will not tell Evan our information, Evan is impossible to know.”

Zhao Hai nodded said : hope so, Zhao En also said situation about Carlos, the Carlos strength I have not cared, but Carlos has such strength, that entire Markey Family must have the strong strength, it seems like our these time also really bumps into the hard stubble.” Green coldly snorted said : is not the extraordinary matter, so long as we cooperated with Purcell Family, Markey Family cannot take us to be what kind, 9th level Expert, is not that easy on make a move, but 8th level Expert in Purcell Family are also many, we want against.” Zhao Hai nodded, looked at terrain on a screen, looked at a map, let out a long breath said : only hopes that Carlos they do not begin in this several days, looks according to the map on, in having about two days, can arrive at Flower City there, hoping Carlos can give us this time.” Green also looked at a screen, looked at a map, nodded said : to look at the terrain on map, post- world noon about can arrive at Flower City there, these days, in Space cannot leave the person.” Zhao Hai nodded said : to let Zhao En look at, if like this we exit to have any matter, he passes on information to us quickly, now I will also fear that has not arrived at Flower City there, will have 9th level Magic Beast or Undead Creature will come attack we.” Green knit the brows said : to should better not attack we, otherwise we want to go to Flower City really is very difficult, hope that this time can look like previous Buffy to be so smooth.” However several people in room do not believe that the Green words, Green also said that that hopes that must know then Buffy, but 9th level Expert, other these 9th level Expert, naturally do not want to hit to annoy him, but these Imaginary Beast Hawk may not have the 9th level strength, said strictly that they can have about the 6th level strength to be good, like this braves rashly rushes in 9th level to be possible domain, is the danger. The 9th level Expert dignity may not violate lightly, who wants to violate lightly, must die without doubt , because of this, therefore Zhao Hai careful. Several people also spoke the conversation in room, came out from the villa, now Farm Space Level Up to tenth 5th level, altogether opened 48 mu place, in besides planting the radish of eight mu place, ten mu place Oil Fruit, ten mu Bamboo rice, but also has planted the corn of ten mu place, the remaining ten mu places, Zhao Hai has planted two mu place cabbage, two mu place potato are Ark Continent here Cubed Potato, although a little are different, but probably also similar, type two mu green peppers, two mu green ju, two mu. The Chinese olive of place. Oil Fruit and Bamboo rice anything, is Laura there normative need thing, but like the cabbage and potato anything, Zhao Hai is to save some, then sold to Laura these thing, but he must save some to be good, after all now thing of Haven product, on Continent is very popular, when the time comes the goods can not supply.

How Space this arrives does not need him to handle, to accepting after checking thing, has been OK to dibbling thing, simply does not use Zhao Hai fee too many matters. Iron Mountain there also nothing, mountain valley there some land people have looked after now, Iron Mountain Fort nearby land these slaves also planted good thing, did not need him to worry. Iron Mountain Fort nearby land he has not improved, has only improved 1000 mu, besides rewarding to Qi Hexi that ten mu, the remaining lands made these slaves plant some ordinary vegetables, was not the Magic vegetables, these ordinary vegetables although were inferior to the Magic vegetables, however the mature time was shorter than the Magic vegetables, so long as preserved, when can like the cabbage, depositing was very long be, now is the autumn, they prepared for the winter. Now winter grain and winter clothing anything was enough, in grain Space delivers, momentarily can eat freshly, does not have what issue, is adding on with Laura cooperates to sell the rabbit meat, accumulated many rabbit skins, is adding on some soft clothes that buys from Casa City, did not have the issue. The material that burns is not a problem, now Zhao Hai they have saved many Oil Fruit trees, the corn stalk and corn, is adding on the rice bamboo, should be sufficient, the issue of drinking water, is good to solve, even if were the moat has frozen, was tarn, even if were tarn has also frozen, but also in Zhao Hai Space, was not really good, but can also take the ice water, could not do anything in any case in the winter, the lane ate should not be a problem. In order to fear food was extremely unitary, Zhao Hai specially has also left behind some Blue Eye Rabbit, this can improve the meals in the winter time, if makes the slaves in other places know that the living condition of Black Wasteland here slave, feared that was these slaves must commit suicide.