Chapter 192 Blood-Devouring Mosquito The matter does not have smooth that Zhao Hai they imagine, discussed that in Zhao Hai next noon of matter, these Imaginary Beast Hawk have met attack. When Zhao Hai knows this information, in Iron Mountain Fort there, now Iron Mountain Fort there although not too many matters, but Zhao Hai once for a while has a look, after all there besides place, but also is raising many Blue Eye Rabbit. Besides the farm work also wants Blue Eye Rabbit to serve, but must clean the castle, cleans up the trash and so on living, then a big castle, does not clean up is not good. When obtains information that Zhao En transmits, Zhao Hai is looking at Blue Eye Rabbit, now Blue Eye Rabbit in mine tunnel long is very good, some were soon mature, these female slaves give attendance good of these Blue Eye Rabbit. Heard Zhao En information, Zhao Hai their immediately entered Space, looked at the screen to the living room present, this hawk, unexpectedly was one flock of demon insects. Must say that this demon insect also has will fly, just the common demon insect flies is not very high, but the demon insect of this attack hawk somewhat is exceptional, each and every one flies not to be lower than the bird unexpectedly. Zhao Hai careful look at these insects, the palms of the hand of these insect each only some people cannot help but big, front is bringing mouth apparatus, this mouth apparatus have his body to be so long fully, looks like looks like the mosquito of enlargement version. This insect each and every one all over the body is the red, looks like very aggressive, what is most fearful is his quantity, the quantity of this insect are too many, feared that has several ten of millions over a billion, blots out the sky. Most makes Zhao Hai feel what is surprised, these mosquito same insects, the attack strength is very strong, now had three Imaginary Beast Hawk by their suck dry the blood, from airborne fell down. Zhao Hai surprised look at these mosquito turn the head to Green said : Grandpa Green, do you know these mosquito? In the Magic Beast comprehensive work why in Miss Laura sends doesn't have this thing?” Green shook the head said : I not to see, the attack strength of this mosquito is so strong, is the red, looks like a little looks like the Poisonous Fire mosquito, but the attack strength and this mosquito are bigger than the Poisonous Fire mosquito, was too strange.”

Zhao Hai nodded said : I also to see the introduction of Poisonous Fire mosquito, with this mosquito, the Poisonous Fire mosquito are not most can also fly more than 100 meters high, but you have a look at this mosquito, flew and bird equally was high, this was also too strong.” Green nodded, at this time the hawk fell the ground, remaining that are the body is having Ghost Staff that finally. Zhao Hai thinks that said : puts the pesticide.” This saying was not to Green said certainly that moreover to Ghost Staff said that his this saying exit / to speak, really saw on Ghost Staff green light flashes, then green smog have braved from Ghost Staff, covered these insects in inside. However what makes Zhao Hai not think, these by the pesticide is covering the mosquito, each and every one unexpectedly like being all right then carries on attack to the hawk, probably that pesticide does not have to their effect. Zhao Hai stares, but immediately/on horseback said : earth shield.” His words just an exit / to speak, one layer earth yellow protective shield on appears outside the body of hawk, had blocked these mosquito, Zhao Hai then relaxed. Why he is puzzled these mosquito not to fear poisonous time, suddenly Green calls out in alarm, Zhao Hai looks hastily toward the screen on, this looks actually seriously, now on that layer earth yellow protective shield, is lying the one layer thick mosquito, but that layer earth yellow protective shield, by naked eye obvious thins. Zhao Hai is also complexion changes, he knows certainly that this situation is any meaning, such expressed Magic energy of these mosquito in purchase and sale of stocks shield technique, therefore made protective shield thin. Can this mosquito absorb Magic energy unexpectedly? What variety is this? How to have heard? Green is actually complexion changes said : Blood-Devouring Mosquito! This is Blood-Devouring Mosquito!” Zhao Hai stares, then complexion changes, he has remembered this mosquito finally, this mosquito in Laura gives in his Magic Beast comprehensive work, is only one generation, but did not mean that this mosquito is not fierce, the polarity, this mosquito was too fierce, but does not have what material, therefore can only one generation, however in the book, dangerous degree of this mosquito, actually be some 8th level Magic Beast place on a par with. This mosquito most major characteristics are, defends strongly, attack is strong, high of flying, is quick, this mosquito meets some Blood Demon methods, general attack does not have the too big effect to them, but their mouth apparatus, almost disregard the energy defense, no matter Magic protective shield, is not Battle Qi protective shield, so long as were bumped into by them, can attract energy to the belly, moreover flies is very high, is almost similar to the bird, is not slower than the bird, is just few in the Continent appears number of times, therefore are not many regarding the material of this mosquito. appears of this mosquito only on Continent several times, but the first time result is disastrous, this mosquito has several ten of millions over a billion, the place visited, no matter the human and animals, cannot escape by luck entirely, most fearful one time, human and animals complete suck dry in a medium city, making that city turn into a ghost town.

But the Blood Demon method is strangest one type of Magic, said strictly that the Blood Demon method is the Black Magic category, however present Dark Magician, actually few personally meets the Blood Demon method, because the Blood Demon method was too strange. If Black Magic is in all Magic is strangest, that Blood Demon method is in Black Magic is strangest, this Magic attack strength is greatly strengthened, the defense capability is not weak, but they strongest is actually the reproductive property. The Blood Demon method is very difficult to practice, practices the Blood Demon method to need to use various blood, Magic Beast level is higher, the Blood Demon method of practicing is stronger, the blood that if chooses a person practices, the attack strength instead to might as well with Advanced level Magic Beast blood, but the blood of Advanced level Magic Beast may nobody blood be fond of playing jokes, therefore many people practice the Blood Demon method most from the beginning time, uses is the person blood, because of this, therefore the Blood Demon method will have the reproductive property, this reproductive property very formidable, blood night of level that if you use high, is cuts off limb can also regenerate comes out., Because practices this Magic really to have the wound day, therefore on all Magician by Continent was not accommodated. Because meets the Blood Demon method, therefore until now, the person on Continent had not found one type of effectively copes with these Blood-Devouring Mosquito methods. Also is the reason that because meets the Blood Demon method, therefore in Blood-Devouring Mosquito attack, has the blood poison, this blood poison very formidable, is stained with the blood being poisoned, if by the Blood-Devouring Mosquito suck dry, whole body blood vessel suddenly to crack will not have died little while. Zhao Hai complexion, lower the head and shout: Inferno technique.” This Inferno technique is one type of wide scope attack Fire element Magic, the attack range between ten meters to 50 meters. If there is any Magic to cope with Blood-Devouring Mosquito, that also had Fire element Magic, moreover was wide scope attack Fire element Magic. However the effect is not very good, the 5th level Magician following level, uses Inferno technique attack to bite the Spiritual Fire mosquito not to be useful, level was too low, cannot break the defense of Blood-Devouring Mosquito. But Magic that now Ghost Staff release comes, attack strength almost equivalent to 7th level Magician release comes, therefore should be useful to these blood mosquitos. After knowing these mosquito is Blood-Devouring Mosquito, Zhao Hai understand, why own pesticide has not used to these mosquito, because of these mosquito itself with the poisonous expert, anti- toxicity is very strong, the common toxin is useless to this mosquito simply. Really, this Inferno technique release goes, these Blood-Devouring Mosquito one was burnt a big piece, but the quantity of this blood mosquito was really too many, each and every one fierce did not fear threw toward the body of that hawk, that Inferno technique cannot keep off their too long time unexpectedly. Zhao Hai looks at this situation, the knitting the brows head, then said : wind ties up the technique.” The wind ties up the technique is one type of may use solely, can wide scope attack Magic, most can simultaneously tie down 20 people, is in Wind element Inferior level Magic, compared with is difficult to deal with one type of that.

Green in look at outside situation, he has thought Zhao Hai will also use the Inferno technique, no matter what, the Inferno technique is most effective to Blood-Devouring Mosquito, don’t know Zhao Hai how suddenly changed to the wind to tie up the technique. This Zhao Hai target are not many, ten blood mosquitos, the wind tie up the technique after all are only one type of Inferior level Magic, attack target are more, the strength is weaker. Ties down that ten blood mosquitos, in the Zhao Hai heart moves, took in Space that hawk that ten blood mosquitos and only save. Just took in Space the blood mosquito and hawk, Space immediately transmitted prompt speaking sounds: Lives the variation insect, the insect for the mosquito class harmful insect, insect digitization, merges into mosquito discharge, the insect body has Magic energy, has the poisonous material, withdraws Magic energy, withdraws the poisonous material, strengthens the Space Cyborg-type object attack ability, the defense capability, the reproductive property, strengthens the Space animal reproductive property, strengthens the Space animal attack ability, strengthens the biochemical Battle Beast reproductive property, the attack ability, the defense capability, strengthens biochemical Battle Beast to absorb the energy ability, the Space increasing absorption energy ability, improves Space pesticide toxicity.” The prompt sound of this big string, they hears to be completely muddled Zhao Hai, but summarizes, actually is also several \; first, after Space mosquito discharge , the mosquito that release goes to was Blood-Devouring Mosquito \; second, Magic Beast defense and attack ability that to strengthen in Undead Creature and Space raised, but also strengthened their reproductive property, but this reproductive property not too and that's the end. Also strengthened Imaginary Beast Hawk fighting strength, defense strength, reproductive property, but also made Imaginary Beast Hawk have was the same with these mosquito, can absorb Battle Qi and Magic of enemy ability. Moreover does not improve Space pesticide toxicity, now with these pesticides, should be able to cope with these Blood-Devouring Mosquito. However what lets Zhao Hai not understand is, what meaning Space increased has absorbed the energy ability is, can Space directly absorb energy from outside? although cannot clarify this prompt is any meaning, the advantage that but this time they obtain is obvious, what is a pity, the mosquito that these time receives was evaluated the harmful insect, Ranch there cannot raise, nature Ranch cannot Level Up, somewhat be a pity.