Chapter 193 9th level great mosquito Zhao Hai relaxed, regarding Blood-Devouring Mosquito, Zhao Hai very dreaded that if Blood-Devouring Mosquito is not few of appears , is adding on quick that they vanish, is impossible only to be evaluated the 8th level Magic Beast destructive power, but single Blood-Devouring Mosquito, was actually evaluated 2nd level Magic Beast. However Blood-Devouring Mosquito hard to deal with degree, is really stronger than general 8th level Magic Beast, some people believe that Blood-Devouring Mosquito of troop should be evaluated 9th level to be right. Blood-Devouring Mosquito such strength, do not say that these Imaginary Beast Hawk could not cope, even if were Green cannot cope, if did not have Space to exist, let Green facing these Blood-Devouring Mosquito, the final result was Green is possibly implicated dies. Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback asked Buffy, but Buffy said that his previous time comes time has not met Blood-Devouring Mosquito, this arrives is makes Zhao Hai feel at heart slightly somewhat restlessly. However now did not have the mood tube that many, these blood mosquito although saw that hawk disappeared, but they have not actually stopped, but also in there in all directions chaotic flies, a short time will not walk evidently. The Zhao Hai intention moves, was just received returned to Space that hawk, let out, the bodies of these hawks are also bringing Ghost Staff. Exits from Space, Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback deep voice said : discharge pesticide.” One group of green mist in one time spout from Ghost Staff, these time is different from the previous time situation, the previous these pesticides are not useful regarding these Blood-Devouring Mosquito simply, but this these Blood-Devouring Mosquito moisten the pesticide, probably was drunk to be the same, from the sky shook several, plants toward underground. green mist are getting more and more, airborne Blood-Devouring Mosquito is similar to rains to be the same, in abundance downward falls, along with hawk is getting quicker and quicker, Blood-Devouring Mosquito falls are more, on screen unexpectedly becomes empty. Blood-Devouring Mosquito that Zhao Hai and Green they also frequently relaxing, to be honest, this blots out the sky, to the pressure of person was really too big, now looked that has coped with the method of blood mosquito, they then felt at heart a loosen. These blood mosquitos have resembled present the incorrect place, is far away from the pesticide in abundance, the road ahead became opens access at once unexpectedly. Before long the hawk left the encirclement rings of these blood mosquitos, what making Zhao Hai they feel outside is, these blood mosquitos have not pursued, has probably feared the pesticide.

Zhao Hai their then feel relieved, but is actually staring at the screen, fears these Blood-Devouring Mosquito in encircling, fortunately, that piece of region that since their leave blood mosquito, these blood mosquitos in have not pursued. Zhao Hai and Green they sitting of feel relieved to the sand on, the look at screen, Green have also smiled said : not to think really that can meet Blood-Devouring Mosquito in here unexpectedly, fortunately, if no Space, feared that was we are failed.” Zhao Hai smiles said : „, if cannot meet this blood mosquito, we cannot obtain these many advantage, he he, currently we have the blood mosquito, method that also many one type of maintained life.” Green smiled said : „, but this Blood-Devouring Mosquito may not use lightly, ominous of this thing on Continent is too abundant, if used, will bring to us greatly troublesome.” Zhao Hai nodded said : „, blood mosquito although is fierce, but does not have the means compared with 9th level Expert, but wide scope attack to be will be very easy-to-use.” They were saying, in the hawk of forward flight, suddenly was calling out pitifully, from airborne falls, hawk also in airborne, suddenly whole body suddenly to crack, changed into one group of blood mist to disappear. But Ghost Staff also from airborne drops down, when has not fallen the ground, Ghost Staff proceeds to flutter unexpectedly directly. Was paying attention to Zhao Hai and Green on screen was shocked, their don’t know what's the matter, Zhao Hai just about to receives Ghost Staff, Green actually suddenly said : Young Master, do not move, was 9th level Expert, only then the 9th level Expert pressure can make hawk suddenly body perish, it seems like it was 9th level Expert make a move.” Zhao Hai one dull, has not actually taken back Ghost Staff, must know that Ghost Staff binds with him, even if were 9th level Expert attains did not have the means to use, so long as he wants to take back, momentarily can take back. Because of this, therefore he to did not need to worry to take back, he to wants to have a look, what that 9th level Expert was, must know that he did not have the observation of short distance 9th level Expert. The Green words also made Merine their several people one intense, all people moved also the motionless look at screen, wants to know that what this 9th level Expert was. Their very clear, this 9th level Expert possibly is not Human Race, Human Race did not have that to be able in Carrion Swamp to base.

However no matter that race, can only become 9th level Expert, will obtain the proper respect, moreover is Magic Beast, so long as he arrived at 9th level, his wisdom is similar to the person, moreover can look like using spiritual force and person exchanges, no matter 9th level Expert of any race, will be regarded the Asian gods to respect on Continent. Giant blood mosquito appears in Zhao Hai their front, this blood mosquito was very before long big, the height about ten meters, all over the body the blood red, the wing is similar to Crystal makes, glittering and translucent carving, but makes Zhao Hai they feel what is strange, his giant mouth apparatus, unexpectedly were only curled, becomes hanging of volume sample on his head. Ghost Staff stops, in that was only great in front of the mosquito, that is only great mosquito careful look at Ghost Staff, the facial expression in that simply is not animal should have likely. Zhao Hai turns the head to Green said : Grandpa Green, we what to do? If we received at this time Ghost Staff, feared that was very as difficult as Flower City .” The meaning of Green understand Zhao Hai, this great mosquito has inseparable relationship with these blood mosquitos obviously, moreover they have killed these many Blood-Devouring Mosquito, but also took in the hawk Space, this great mosquito definitely is knows that if they received in Ghost Staff at this time returned to Space, that this great mosquito will certainly be waiting in here, but Ghost Staff, cannot catch up toward Flower City there, Zhao Hai they can only in release Magic Beast or Undead Creature, making them bring Ghost Staff to hurry along, but as the matter stands, simply hid the truth from Spiritual Sense of great mosquito, must know Magic Beast one, but has become 9th level Expert, they. Spiritual Sense, is more formidable than general Human Race 9th level Expert. If not take this road, must draw back returned to Iron Mountain Fort there, from new enters Carrion Swamp, all these that also they make on equal to now wasted. Moreover issue, if they withdrew from Carrion Swamp, from, cannot newly in that map that Buffy draws, if they do not walk from that map, they will refer to erratically will change to that to go, will not do well, they possibly for a lifetime could not find Flower City . 9th level Expert can live how long, has also calculated to the present nobody, lives in any case for thousand son 800 years is not a problem, but the Magic Beast life, is stronger than humanity, 9th level Expert Magic Beast, can live how long, nobody knows. Feared that is when the time comes Buda Family don’t know is extinguished many to come back, but this great mosquito is also living. If they want to wait for great mosquito leave here, in Flower City , that is more impossible, 9th level Expert is closing up generally inquires about Heavenly Dao, wants one day to find the road of that tenth god, where they close up, moreover this closes up on don’t know has many years, therefore wants and other great mosquito leave that is impossible. What Green they feel strange, why previous Buffy comes time, has not met this great mosquito, but this time they come, actually met. Actually what Green their don’t know is, reason that this great mosquito meets appears in here, but also is really because before , Buffy is noisy. On Continent enters 9th level Expert in Carrion Swamp to be also many by advancing, but most simply have not had been to Flower City here, rushed in other 9th level Expert domains, was not killed by Carrion Swamp here Seven-colored Poisonous Mist killing by poison, few people can arrive at Flower City .

But this Buffy is in luck, makes him look to satisfy the need unexpectedly, therefore arrived at Flower City there, but he attack these flowers, had caused that 9th level Expert chases down, he naturally runs on the round trip, he also knows fierce of Carrion Swamp, therefore the round trip runs, he also runs according to the old route, finally made Carrion Swamp here 9th level Expert present this passage, here originally not have 9th level Expert to defend, after Buffy ran, had 9th level Expert to defend, this 9th level Expert great mosquito. Zhao Hai their don’t know these, they now were certainly worrying that if they from great mosquito here, have not been have arrived at Flower City there, but to Flower City there, the Carrion Swamp issue did not have the means solution, that Black Wasteland there, forever impossible peaceful, this was an endless loop. Green they frown, their understand, rushes hardly definitely is incorrect, their here may not have 9th level Expert, a previous Buffy move has made into the severe wound Green, but the great mosquito that this facing, is not evidently weaker than Buffy, they want to rush hardly, that can only court death. Draws back is really not willingly, has arrived at this, only misses a day of distance, they can arrive at Flower City there, drew back at this time, was a pity. Some little time, Zhao Hai long inspired, turns the head to Green said : Grandpa Green, since this blood mosquito is 9th level Expert, that is almost certainly intelligent with the person?” Green nodded said : is not almost intelligent, but is the person is equally intelligent, even is more intelligent than most people, Young Master, how do you want to do?” Zhao Hai said : „, or I go out to chat with him, always such drags is not being a matter.” Green stares, complexion changes said : is not then good, is not absolutely good, Young Master, that is 9th level Expert, does not do well must kill, you cannot have an accident absolutely.” What to do did Zhao Hai knit the brows said : that to? Always such drags not to be good, if we such draw back, that this whole life feared that do not think was finding Flower City , Black Wasteland there also never possible security.” Green frowns saying that he also knows certainly these, but does not have the good means that but in any event, cannot make Zhao Hai see the great mosquito, was too dangerous.