Chapter 194 Subdues the great mosquito In the living room in villa a silence, all people do not make noise, can say that now they fall into the hopeless situation, if the matter of processing not good great mosquito, that Carrion Swamp here issue, don’t know must drag how long to solve. Zhao Hai silent a while, has stood, slowly walks toward the villa outside, Green complexion changes, tight following in Zhao Hai, Merine looks at their appearances, is thinking words that just Zhao Hai spoke, cannot help but complexion changes, immediately/on horseback said : Young Master, making Green go.” Zhao Hai actually shook the head said : I to go, Grandpa Green goes, that is only great the mosquito, if attack, I am always half beat behind in inside response, Grandpa Green is easy to have the danger, I go, if there is any danger, my thought came back, is quicker than Grandpa Green.” Green turns the head look at Zhao Hai said : Young Master, leading me to go, if there is any danger, I can keep off for you.” Zhao Hai turns the head look at Green said : Grandpa Green, you stay behind, how to say that I am also Buda Family Patriarch, this matter should I face, I cannot always hide in behind, feel relieved, I will not have the matter, if the words of my real accident, you find a place to hide, will say several years later I died, was looking for a child, said that he was my child, making him inherit the position of Buda Family Patriarch.” Green complexion changes, Meg is in the eye with tears, has arrived at Zhao Hai said : Young Master, I go with you.” Zhao Hai turns the head look at Meg, shook the head. Meg is actually a face completely, goes forward to grasp the arm of Zhao Hai, is not willing to loosen, this time she did not have saying that with words that Zhao Hai went, but was holding Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai looks at the Meg appearance, the forced smile that not bears, at this time Blockhead and Stone have also arrived at Zhao Hai, two have not said anything, Great Sword that but carries oneself also took in in hand, horizontally on neck. Zhao Hai has tapped the head, comes this move to their said :, your two fellows cannot trade a pattern, do this time you do, if that great mosquito, wants attack really we, even if you keeps off before me, can be useful?” Green he he chuckle said : Young Master, the matter was in this situation in any case, was needless to say other, I thought that our together exited, if really had any matter, our everyone/Great Clan died also dies in together.” look at Green said : that Zhao Hai not bears Grandpa Green, how linked you also saying that I just spoke that words, didn't you have understand? If I had an accident, has you, Buda Family will not vanish, if our everyone/Great Clan vanished, Buda Family ended.”

Green look at Zhao Hai, the eye is somewhat moist, but his take deep breaths, has depressed own mood, turns the head you puts down the sword to Blockhead and Stone said :, do not go with Young Master, if has any matter, Zhao Hai must think must draw in you, will affect to move, Meg, you follow side Young Master.” Blockhead and Stone must put down the sword, Zhao Hai nodded to several people, the intention moves, Ghost Staff appears in in his hand, then he and Meg vanished outside the villa. Reason that Zhao Hai must receive first Ghost Staff, because of Ghost Staff now also in the front of great mosquito, but great mosquito now flying in the sky, if they exit from Space directly, but also can not immediately from airborne fall down to plunge to death, they will not fly now. That is only great the mosquito also to stare, his 9th level Expert, that Magic Staff in his hand said that vanished vanished, in his time, a man and a woman suddenly appears on his following ground, that male in hand was taking Magic Staff. Great mosquito on Zhao Hai look at top of the head, loud said : Buda Family Patriarch Zhao Hai Buda, audience Sir.” Patriarch called 9th level Sir Expert, and was not overrated, even if were King of country, saw 9th level Expert that did not know, will call an Sir. That great mosquito has gawked, meets to focus flashes through feeling excited radiance, cannot see him to have any movement, actually appears in Zhao Hai front. That enormous body, has the constriction to Zhao Hai really very much, but Zhao Hai also knows that now is to hide also uselessly, sooner or later must meet, therefore he bows said : Sir to be good to the great mosquito, below Zhao Hai Buda, have seen Sir.” That great mosquito rao interested looked at Zhao Hai one, then a sound resounds in the brain of Zhao Hai, what making Zhao Hai accidental is, this sound unexpectedly is the female voice. „Are you who? Looked that your energy does not have, how do you use that Magic Staff?” This female voice very good hear, speaks, probably in knocking Golden Bell, clearly also has one humming sound the echo, if puts on Earth, was packed, can become the giant star absolutely. Zhao Hai quickly said: In few is Buda Family Patriarch, Zhao Hai Buda, this is my maidservant, Meg Buda, my truly Magic and Battle Qi, actually I will not be Divergent Warlock .” What is Divergent Warlock ? Amusing?” The interest in great mosquito eye was keener, Zhao Hai was actually shocked, one hear of that great mosquitos said that in hearing great mosquito that clear voice, Zhao Hai to was understand, it seems like that this great mosquito in Magic Beast, can only be young. Zhao Hai looked at the great mosquito, suddenly thought that she was not fearful, he cannot help but smiles said : Sir, can go a place with me, here I too did not adapt.” The hand wields, together Space rift appears in his side.

That great mosquito look at that said Space rift, in the eye is flashing curious radiance. But Zhao Hai actually sweats in tense control, his very clear, 2nd level Magic Beast Blood-Devouring Mosquito, can become 9th level Expert, that is not ten years eight years can become, must know that Magic Beast wants to become 9th level Expert, but become the person 9th level Expert is much more difficult. Sound although of this great mosquito is young, but her live year is not certainly short, if makes this great mosquito think one are planning him, that meets attack he. Zhao Hai wants to make the great mosquito go to Space, to does not want to be what kind of the great mosquito, but Space there is calculation that he said that even if the great mosquito must be disadvantageous to him, he also has the means self-preservation. Looked that great mosquito quite a while has not spoken, Zhao Hai quickly said: Sir does not need to be worried that this is my Divergent Technique, does not want to be disadvantageous to the Sir, the Sir invited.” That was only great the mosquito carefully to look at Zhao Hai one, nodded, flashes entered to vanish in the crack, Zhao Hai and Meg relaxed, their personal appearance also vanished in same place. Green they are standing in the living room look at outside situation, looked that Zhao Hai actually persuaded that to be only great the mosquito to enter Space to come, they gawked, then one happy, they know that to Space, that was only great the mosquito to have the method of overturning the heavens unable to cause. However to 9th level Expert, they have given the proper respect, when Zhao Hai said that they arrived at outside the villa, prepares to greet that to be only great the mosquito. The great mosquito and Zhao Hai they almost did not divide entered Space successively, arrived at Space, that great mosquito on curious looking right and left, like a child. Space transmitted prompt speaking sounds at this time: Lives the new insect, the insect is the variation mosquito shape harmful insect, fighting strength is formidable, withdraws the merit, improves in mosquito discharge the mosquito ability, retains the main body.” Zhao Hai they static is listening to this prompt sound, do not understand is any meaning, Zhao Hai does not understand, in this time, that is only great the mosquito to fly nearby Zhao Hai, to Zhao Hai nod said : Master.” Did the Zhao Hai look at great mosquito, some little time face wild with joy said : you call me Master?” The great mosquito nodded said : is Master.”

Zhao Hai excited almost faints, he has not thought that Space so is unexpectedly formidable, 9th level Expert, can be subdued by Space. However Zhao Hai somewhat is also puzzled, his first time must receive Green enters Space the time, cannot succeed, to him afterward after Green spoke, Green entered Space, these slaves are also, at that time Zhao Hai felt somewhat puzzled, but initially they subdue Alien they the time, but grasps, the great mosquito is comes, was subdued. In Zhao Hai puzzled time, Space knew probably own puzzled place, the prompt sound in one time transmits said : Space is Farm Space, the non- attack strength, wisdom life form except enters Space voluntarily, or was caught outside Space by Host, cannot receive Space forcefully.” Zhao Hai one hear of Space said that to was understand what's the matter, originally Space cannot directly the full of wisdom life form strong shape took in Space to come, only then that life form was voluntary, or Zhao Hai they had the ability to grasp that life form, Space can subdue, otherwise Space could not subdue. Green and these slaves have, full of wisdom existence, therefore he cannot they receive Green, but Alien is variation Undead Creature, level although is not very high, had a wisdom, therefore does not have the means to take in Space, can only by grasping. But great mosquito actually equal to voluntarily enters Space. Thinks understand these, Zhao Hai happy, he really has not then thought that Space really has such regulation, no wonder initially he, when has not obtained these slaves permit, does not have the means their direct income Space, Green that time is also same. although is this, no matter how saying that so long as makes Space to come these life form, that Space can help subduing, this regarding Zhao Shenghai, absolutely is good information. However Zhao Hai somewhat is regrettable, because the great mosquito by Space depending on for the harmful insect, cannot raise in Space, this was really too regrettable, if can raise the great mosquito in Space, when the time comes raised a troop 9th level great mosquito to come, that release went, had not feared that these fellows scared to death, looked that also dares to come Buda Family. Thinks of here, Zhao Hai suddenly thinks that Space just prompt, probably had withdrawn the merit of great mosquito, has improved the mosquito in mosquito discharge, that said that the mosquito in mosquito discharge, did turn into this great mosquito? Zhao Hai excited anything could not attend, immediately/on horseback said : discharge mosquito.” projection projects from Ghost Staff, above showed that said : please input to discharge the quantity.” Behind is a blank space. Zhao Hai quickly said: „.” He just input to complete, mosquito appears in his front, this mosquito does not have Zhao Hai imagines to be so big, only then Zhao Hai had seen that Blood-Devouring Mosquito is so big, the blood red, looks like with these Blood-Devouring Mosquito does not have what difference all over the body, Zhao Hai somewhat cannot help but disappointed.