Chapter 195 Protects Flower Alliance Zhao Hai somewhat cannot help but disappointed, but changed mind one to want also to feel relaxed, if 9th level Expert that easy appears , that also not world chaos. said it, if said strictly that the great mosquito does not have what difference with other Blood-Devouring Mosquito, but is because the live time is long, therefore became 9th level Expert, wants to come in other aspects, not anything specially. look at Zhao Hai that Green they are perplexed, don’t know is Zhao Hai doing, how release a mosquito. Zhao Hai does not have anything, but is thinking how must receive this mosquito, has not thought that this thinks, projection in appears , above appears prompt writing is whether must take back the mosquito.” This to is makes Zhao Hai stare, he has not thought really that this mosquito can such take back unexpectedly, immediately/on horseback elected is, that mosquito disappeared. Saw that mosquito disappeared, does Zhao Hai then turn the head look at that to be only great mosquito said : What is your name?” Great mosquito look at Zhao Hai said : name? What is the name?” Zhao Hai sighed, it seems like that this great mosquito feared that was not practice bit by bit becomes 9th level Expert, otherwise why these did not understand, if naturally practiced 9th level, he when six, 7th level, should have the simple wisdom, to 8th level , the wisdom did not lower compared with the person, how possibly not to have the name, moreover don’t know anything was the name, it seems like she belonged to have fortuitous encounter that partner. Zhao Hai looked at that to be only great mosquito said : I to look at this, you later called Zhao Wen, Zhao Wen was your name, later I shouted Zhao Wen, was calling you.” Nod of the great mosquito appears to understand but not really understand. Zhao Hai look at Zhao Wen appearance said : „can you change small? Only can maintain such big?” Zhao Wen adds busy said : can become smaller, can change to and these blood mosquitos is equally small.” Said that body shrink slowly, finally became with the ordinary Blood-Devouring Mosquito same size, but the body actually became such as Blood Jade carves, if Zhao Wen lay in there is motionless, others think certainly that this was only a statue, was too attractive. Zhao Hai nodded, turns the head to Green said : Grandpa Green, we entered the room saying that I also happen to ask the matter in Zhao Wen Swamp.”

Green nodded, curiously looked at Zhao Wen one, but they do not dare to look like Zhao Hai to be so casual, each and every one look at Zhao Wen look, besides curiosity, but also some awes. After several people entered the room, Zhao Hai look at Zhao Wen said : Zhao Wen, when do you become 9th level Expert?” Zhao Wen thinks said : my also don’t know, our Blood-Devouring Mosquito, not only suck blood, if were hungry, sometimes also will drink some water, before my also don’t know how long, some day I saw drop of dark-red thing on the ground, that thing looked like the blood same color, I dropped thing drinking that after having drunk, I fainted, when I woke, I presently were different from other blood mosquitos, my body became getting bigger and bigger, I also became more and more fierce, one day, there is an only big alligator to find me, Me told that my level arrived at 9th level, making my join protect Flower Alliance.” Zhao Wen although also with spiritual force with person communicate, but 9th level Expert spiritual force that may be plays, they can control their spiritual force, this spiritual force be able to hear, can many to hear, therefore Zhao Hai and Green they can hear the Zhao Wen words. thing of that drop Zhao Hai puzzled said : you said what like blood is? Where sees?” Zhao Wen shook the head said : don’t know is any thing, probably is the blood of any life form, has the smell of blood, but that drop of blood fell to ground for a long time probably, had not actually done, but also was maintaining the activeness of blood, therefore I have drunk, the place did not remember, I in have not seen similar thing in any case.” Zhao Hai then said : what organization does that protect Flower Alliance is?” Zhao Wen said : great tooth has told me, the great tooth is looks for my to be only big alligator, he said that this protects Flower Alliance is an alliance that in Swamp all 9th level Expert participate , the point protects seven colors of the spectrum Flower City there, but normally everyone no matter, only then seven colors of the spectrum Flower City received attack, we meet the alliance to oppose the enemy, moreover he also told me, 9th level Expert in our Swamp, cannot casual Swamp, he said that Swamp here 9th level Expert of 9th level Expert on other places with Continent has the agreement, they cannot large-scale entry Swamp, 9th level Expert in our Swamp cannot casual Swamp disturbs, otherwise with joint forces will be struck to kill by the opposite party.” This Zhao Hai they to are don’t know, no wonder on Continent cannot see to have Carrion Swamp here 9th level Expert appears , originally is for this reason, Zhao Hai cannot help but curious how many 9th level Expert protects Flower Alliance to Zhao Wen said :?” Zhao Wen shook the head said : this my don’t know, I only know that minimum has ten, the protection in the seven colors of the spectrum Flower City , I is also because some previous people touch from here to seven colors of the spectrum Flower City there unexpectedly, therefore was requested here to defend.” Zhao Hai nodded, said : said that your normally activity time is very free, can't these people manage you? Right, can you be victorious they?” Zhao Wen nodded said : to have several to hit, several cannot hit, but I must run they unable to overtake, our normally will not manage each other, only then seven colors of the spectrum Flower City there has an accident, we meet get together.”

Zhao Hai curious said : „have you competed with? How otherwise you know that you are victorious these people?” Zhao Wen nodded said : to compare, wanting join to protect Flower Alliance, must accept the challenges of five 9th level Expert, only then obtained their approval, can join.” Zhao Hai curious said : why you must protect Flower City , is seven colors of the spectrum Flower City that you said?” Zhao Wen shook the head, said : my also don’t know, but listened to other people in pledge saying that this was older generation the custom of 9th level Expert pass down, said that Flower City there was very important to us, but we do not dare to approach old town there casually, otherwise by seven colors of the spectrum flower attack.” Zhao Hai nodded, turns the head to Green said : Grandpa Green, how do you see?” Green thinks that that every other breaks the time to Zhao Wen said :, Magic Beast and Undead Creature in Swamp will run up to Black Wasteland there to be restless, is this because of what?” Zhao Wen thinks said : this my real don’t know, no matter our 9th level Magic Beast also these Magic Beast matters, genuine tube these Magic Beast, generally are 8th level Magic Beast, we do not meddle.” Zhao Hai also frowned, Green then said : „did that you order not to make these Magic Beast not exit?” Zhao Wen shook the head said : we no matter generally these matters, moreover I was listen to them to say probably, they exited also to have the reason probably, I remember before beforehand has not become 9th level Expert, has exited twice, toxin that because our within the body saved at that time were too many, did not have means Detoxification, needs to look for one not to have the poisonous place, arranged our within the body unnecessary toxin, otherwise we will possibly be killed by poison.” Zhao Hai nodded, this point to be able to convince, Carrion Swamp here no matter animal, plants or the water even are Space, is poisonous, but these life form although have been used to this toxin, but one but within the body has saved too many toxin, will be harmful to the body, this will look like the people often said that will eat the green vegetables to have the advantage, but you cannot light eat the green vegetables not to eat other thing, such no one will be able to bear. But Black Wasteland there, to Carrion Swamp nearest/recent, naturally also becomes the place that these Magic Beast expulsion of toxin, feared that reason that will be the Black Wasteland there land will turn into that appearance, will be for this reason. Actually this reason, Zhao Hai had already thought that does not have what good solution, therefore they want to take a look at to be able through Flower City here to come to solve the matter.

Now looks like, feared that has solved the Flower City there matter, these Magic Beast will also arrive at Black Wasteland there to go restless, because they do not go restless, must think means Detoxification, but in this is the poisonous place, wants Detoxification, is much more difficult than expulsion of toxin. However Zhao Hai may not have, because this cannot think that Flower City there, arrived at here in any case, might as well goes to Flower City there to have a look, if can solve the Flower City there matter, they were most at least many a rear base of absolute safety. Thinks of here, Zhao Hai turns the head a while you to bring Ghost Staff to go to Flower City there to Zhao Wen said :, to the Flower City surrounding, I will have made Imaginary Beast Hawk bring Magic Staff to enter Flower City , you can enter in Space to come, do you like staying in Space?” Zhao Wen nodded said : to like, here very relax clothing/taking.” Zhao Hai nodded, although said that Zhao Wen had been subdued by Space, but he does not want to regard these Undead Creature to use Zhao Wen, no matter what, Zhao Wen is also live full of wisdom lifeform, moreover was deceived Space to come by him, such muddleheaded had been subdued by Space, is really a little injust. Moreover how Zhao Wen in said that is also 9th level Expert, later uses her place to return has plenty, Zhao Hai gives the name to Zhao Wen, has regarded a family's member her, but is not a tool. Green they, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that also happy, currently in their Clan has 9th level Expert very much, had 9th level Expert Clan, with not having 9th level Expert Clan, completely was two concepts, now was they exits to say one were the Buda Family person, feared that also few individuals dare to move them. Zhao Hai look at Zhao Wen said : that such, you now bring Ghost Staff to fly toward Flower City there, quickly to Flower City time, comes in Space, was right, did you arrive at Flower City there, the Flower City there flower have been able attack you?” Zhao Wen nodded said : „, we to Flower City there, these flowered attack we, moreover their attack strength are very strong, I am not his match.”