Chapter 196 Colored world Zhao Hai they sit in the living room, but now the atmosphere in living room was actually different, Green their each and every one was with smile on the face, Meg was smiles said : grandfather, Grandma, your don’t know, I was anxious at that time, we faced, but 9th level Expert, was Young Master is not anxious, can speak with confidence facing 9th level Expert, was really great.” Zhao Hai smiles said : who saying that I am not anxious, that is 9th level Expert, I was not exactly enough, but I presently Zhao Wen probably does not have no evil intention to us, was adding on us to exit, was anxiously useful, naturally must speak the words that wants to speak.” Green they have smiled, now on screen obvious is Zhao Wen is bringing Ghost Staff toward the scene that Flower City flies, Zhao Wen is quick, moreover she knows that Flower City in there, naturally cannot fly wrong. But Green their good moods, naturally are also come from Zhao Wen, had Zhao Wen join, they had the energy, now do not say Markey Family, even if Aksu Empire they did not fear. On this Continent, there is Great Clan that 9th level Expert assumes, is true Great Clan, before Buda Family, if has 9th level Expert to assume personal command, will not fall to today's situation. Moreover advantage not only also this point, must know that 9th level Expert regarding these ordinary Magic Beast deterrent effects is very strong, if these Magic Beast must run up to Black Wasteland to deliberately create trouble, they can definitely make Zhao Wen act to cope to frighten their, even if cannot hurry along these Magic Beast, can make them not injure the crops in person and place in castle. However Zhao Hai they also know that Zhao Wen cannot move lightly, Zhao Wen is in itself Magic Beast in Carrion Swamp, if made other 9th level Expert on Continent know, may cause the trouble of even bigger, after all protected 9th level Expert on Flower Alliance and between Continent, that agreement. However no matter what, currently they had 9th level Expert, had an energy at heart, had confidence to Markey Family. Really, before long, Zhao Wen soon arrived at Flower City there, moreover this all the way, they have not encountered any problem, although has some Magic Beast, but these Magic Beast see Zhao Wen, immediately lay the ground, moved does not dare to move, do not say that stopped, wild beast had the one type of instinct intuition to exist regarding Expert, but 9th level Expert regarding these Magic Beast, without doubt was god like existence, that does not dare to violate the dignity of god lightly. Moreover Zhao Hai also presently, he can definitely through Ghost Staff with Zhao Wen communicate, probably order to be the same to Zhao Wen, Ghost Staff looks like a long-distance remote control is the same.

This entered Zhao Wen to stop, to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, front was not Flower City , this nearby should not have no Magic Beast, if I in toward, will possibly alarm the seven colors of the spectrum flower, such will bring in other people.” Zhao Hai knows other people who Zhao Wen said are other 9th level Expert, at this time, he naturally did not hope to bring in other 9th level Expert, therefore he nodded, said : good, you gave the hawk Staff.” Said that release went to Imaginary Beast Hawk, Zhao Wen also returned to Space. Waits for that hawk to exit, Zhao Hai presently the difference of this hawk, he cannot help but on the image magnification of hawk screen, careful look at. Green they also carefully looked, this hawk with had very big difference, the original hawk, the feather is dark brown, but now the feather of hawk actually turned into the blood red, curved hook same mouth, sharp, the eagle claw seemed was also sharper, moreover Zhao Hai also noted, the claw of eagle claw was sharp, turned into the midheaven, looked like the Blood-Devouring Mosquito mouth apparatus is the same. Zhao Hai has not thought really that the evolution unexpectedly such rapidness of this hawk, thought of here, the Zhao Hai cannot help but intention moves, runs up to Ranch there to look, good Ranch there did not have what change, Blue Eye Rabbit or Blue Eye Rabbit, has not turned into the red, but probably compared with former even bigger. Zhao Hai nodded, returned to living room sat, Green puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : Young Master, did you do?” Zhao Hai smiles said : to be all right, goes to Ranch to have a look, fortunately, Zhao Wen, what thing your does normally eat?” Zhao Wen said : does not have anything, some Magic Beast, any Magic Beast, regarding us, eats anything not to be unimportant.” Did Zhao Hai nod said : how many that your everyday to eat?” Zhao Wen shook the head said : this not saying that a sometimes day can eat many, sometimes many days do not need to eat, look at my mood in any case, the mood good to have eaten, sad does not eat.” Zhao Hai smiles said : you to is good to support, that is good, if later you go to look to eat, while convenient grasps several Magic Beast to come back.” Zhao Wen has complied with one, but actually the curious look at screen, Zhao Hai cannot help but shook the head to smile, the Zhao Wen present appearance, these sees the child of television like Earth on especially with single-hearted devotion.

The Zhao Wen although strength is tyrannical, moreover her wisdom is not low, but possibly is because is the reason that a person lives, therefore she is associating this aspect with the person, but also has plenty thing must study, feels to any thing curious, therefore gives the feeling of person probably is a child. At this time the hawk brought Ghost Staff to fly toward Flower City , Zhao Hai they have not spoken, now they want to know really that this hawk to Flower City there, what result will have. Now like Imaginary Beast Hawk, Zhao Hai has more than 1000, even if were sacrificed several not to have anything, therefore Zhao Hai was not worried. Quick, on the screen appears piece of city wall, this city wall was very big, fully 20 zhang (3.33 m) high, above actually by one layer green vine covering solid, can only the big root looks is a city wall outline. But on these vine is blooming the seven colors of the spectrum flower one after another, these flowers are very big, each diameter is not smaller than one meter, big 2-3 meters good big, such as some big flowers, Zhao Hai have not seen. Most makes Zhao Hai feel what is surprised, on each flower seven flower petals, the color of each flower petal is also different, seven flower petals, happen to are the rainbow same seven colors, looks like beautiful nearly beautiful. Green the scene on they dull look at screen, was also too beautiful, the beautiful letting people forget the breath, Zhao Hai they know now, initially Buffy mentioned this Flower City time, there tolerated here beautiful extremely one. Some little time Meg lightly shouted tone said : to be too beautiful, here was too beautiful, day that if one day, our Iron Mountain Fort can also become is the same with here, that this good, Young Master, we one will chop the next flowering branch, went back to plant to be good?” Zhao Hai one hear of Meg said that cannot help but smiles said : you also to dare to chop the flowering branch, did not fear that flower did give to eat you? You have forgotten, Buffy made this flower expelling, Little Wen got in these flowers.” Zhao Wen after is Magic Beast, she may don’t know that flower be beautiful, she only knows that spends very fierce, therefore one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but has flown the head of Zhao Hai, nodded said : to Meg „, that flower is very fierce, do not say that I cannot hit him, even if our there all 9th level Expert comes attack he, may not hit him.” Zhao Hai they have not thought really that the comment share of Zhao Wen to this seven colors of the spectrum flower so will be unexpectedly high, moreover Zhao Hai also noted a point, on this Flower City actually did not have animal to fly.

But Carrion Swamp here Magic Beast are many, Zhao Hai their this also meets all the way much, but flight Magic Beast will not carry on the fight of large-scale generally, moreover must prey on, little has to cope with the hawk, because currently the hawk has 6th level Magic Beast fighting strength, is not good to cope. But Flower City here big? That is one can live in the cities of five hundred thousand people, when that type does not have the High level building, can sit the cities of five hundred thousand people able slightly to result in? although said on the screen cannot see too far thing, but such long time, they actually have linked a flight Magic Beast not to see, this matter also really somewhat strange. Zhao Hai in wants to recall just the situation on screen, cannot help but at heart more startled, because enters from the hawk to the Flower City range starts, on the screen was representing these Magic Beast green dot, vanish from sight, in other words, in the Flower City , in not any Magic Beast. Just they by Flower City that beautiful shade color attracting, therefore has not noted this point, now Zhao Hai thinks that thought of here, the situation in Zhao Hai cannot help but attention Flower City . Just like Buffy said that Flower City here these vines, gave to cover the entire city, on the vine was blossoming, favors the probably entire city covering by the seven colors of the spectrum flower, with Flower City described that did not exaggerate. The Zhao Hai careful attention sees these flowered canes, such that if Buffy said that on the cane grew some small fibrous roots, but these small fibrous roots, gripped in city wall Stone, look at made people feel that the heart was startled. The hawk circles on Flower City , all in Zhao Hai their careful look at Flower City , this Flower City just as such that Buffy said that all was not the vine, in the city, some spent Fujina's ten points sturdily, moreover was standing erect like the tree, above branched out many, in blossomed, entire was a world of flowers. Zhao Hai slowly also noted, this spent Fujiko toward the center of city, was sturdy, moreover your careful observation words, but also presently, these flowered canes will not have the main root probably, was growing some fibrous roots, the tiny colored cane was the branching of sturdy flowered cane, these sturdy colored canes were the branching of sturdier colored cane, finally they gathered feet to have about ten meters thick giant vine unexpectedly, toward city the middle extended the past. Green their also look at this situation, Zhao Wen looks very earnestly, she may not have short distance the observation of such before the seven colors of the spectrum flower. Zhao Hai makes the hawk fly toward central there of city, his eye actually in pursuing vine, he to is wanting to have a look, the branches of this seven colors of the spectrum flowers, in good.