Chapter 198 Strange uncle who deceives the little girl Quick that seven color vines extended Zhao Hai, then Saito's front, has tied a flower bud, this flower bud increasing slowly, was finally long half meter about, stopped, then the flower bud slowly bloomed. Flower that this flower bud blooms is not seven colors, but monochromatic, when Zhao Hai year look at that red flower petal stares, presently in also has the one layer flower petal, but the color of this flower petal is yellow. Along with flower petal blooming of one layer one layer slowly, was finished to Seventh Layer, but in the Zhao Hai front, appears seven layers Seven-Colored Flower, has looked like a rainbow, suddenly appears in the Zhao Hai front. But in the center of flowers, seven multi-colored cocoon, this cocoon was not been big, has the Zhao Hai thumb size, seven multi-colored, are very attractive. In Zhao Hai look at that cocoon time, that cocoon suddenly moved, saw that cocoon to wriggle two like the insect, then one split, turned into two pieces of thing like butterfly wing, on the wing of each side was bringing seven multi-colored. In Zhao Hai time, then fanned two to the wing, slowly flew, then a wing revolution, villain appears of thumb size in Zhao Hai front. On this villain puts on one, the small skirt that be made up of seven color vines, first seven color long, has hung the heel from the head, the skin is actually the white, the grew in vain fresh small arm and calf, reveal outside, to is not lovably good. That villain has flown with the Zhao Hai eye orthogonal position, is blinking a big eye, curious look at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai notes, her eye pupil unexpectedly is also seven multi-colored. Villain look at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai look at villain, they that are also looking at each other, no one has spoken, some little time that small personality smiles, with she quite clear sound speaking sounds: „Do you want such look at I not to speak?” Zhao Hai stares, recovers, being busy has stood, to that villain said : hello, I called Zhao Hai, were you?” Villain look at Zhao Hai, good Noble ritual said : of ten points virtuous young woman hello, I called Cai'er.”

Zhao Hai returned to a ritual hastily, look at Cai'er said : your good Cai'er, are you this flower?” Cai'er smiles said : to say accurately, the flower that you see, is only my branching, my main body not in here.” Zhao Hai said : you were said that a such big flower, was only your branching? Your main body in that?” Does Cai'er smile said : not in your at present? Actually must say really that I am the genuine main body, flower that you see , because I do exist?” Zhao Hai look at Cai'er said : „are you there come?” Cai'er smiles said : to please sit down, I said listens slowly to you, to be honest, such long time, has been able to run into the person who listens to me to speak, but also are not really many.” Zhao Hai sat, look at Cai'er, Cai'er also showed a faint smile, sits on the vine table before Zhao sea surface, on vine table, appears a smaller vine table and a small chair, her front appears a small cup, that small cup had also feared that was a water drop cannot install continually. Cai'er has drunk water in cup, her chair and front small table very strange, no matter the chair or the table, the foot is very long, such Cai'er with the eye of Zhao Hai in same level line. Forced smile that the Zhao Hai look at Cai'er appearance, not bears, it seems like that this concubine, but also really will keep up appearances, moreover must sit to and own eye is equally high agree to speak. Zhao Hai look at Cai'er is taking compared with the toothpick at the worst small cup, has drunk several saliva, then puts down small cup look at he, has not spoken, Zhao Hai felt one by this concubine playing. In Zhao Hai does not know whether to laugh or cry, Cai'er finally speaks: My given name called Hell Rainbow Flower, the place that I came, was called Hell, I was there most respected existence.” Zhao Hai stares, puzzled look at Cai'er, to did not say that he has not heard the name of Hell, but Zhao Hai do not understand Cai'er words, because the name of Hell he has listened on Earth, Ark Continent here he has not heard a Hell such saying.

The Cai'er look at Zhao Hai appearance, smiles said : here is Ark Continent, in your here, calls Demon Realm our there!” Eldest Child that eye opening the eyes of Zhao Hai, must say that the name of Hell he has not heard in Ark Continent here, but the name of Demon Realm, he has actually heard. Ark Continent here is different from Earth, Earth there can say, only then own plane exists, but Ark Continent here is multi- plane coexistent, the place that Ark Continent is plane, but Demon Realm is in another plane, several other plane exist, but the people regarding the understanding of that several plane, be less than Demon Realm. On Continent regarding the record of Demon Realm is not many, but all recording about Demon Realm seeks, can describe with two characters that is the danger. In Continent about the record of Demon Realm, thing that in Demon Realm walks is Demonic Creature, is Undead Creature, is Darkness life form, they are flagitious, they only know to slaughter, they only know the destruction, this is the people regarding the Demon Realm cognition. Zhao Hai has not thought really that Cai'er can come from Demon Realm unexpectedly. Obviously Cai'er saw the idea of Zhao Hai, does she smile said : „you are very strange? Why will I know these?” Zhao Hai nodded, Cai'er smiles said : this not to have anything, I obtained the Ark Continent here book, I have the Demon Realm book, therefore I know, Demon Realm there not like the Ark Continent here record, only then Undead Creature and Darkness life form, actually there is also a complete world, but the living conditions be more than Ark Continent here difference, what most important is, there does not have Sun.” Speaking of here, Cai'er stopped, looked at Zhao Hai one, then said : in Demon Realm there did not only have Sun, there besides some ores, only then I, my flower was one of the Demon Realm primary light sources, therefore there life form to my very respectful, you should also know that Demon Realm belongs to different plane with Ark Continent here, but two plane living conditions bad was really too many, since first Space rift appears , Demon Realm there knew after having saving of Ark Continent was big, they on going all out of thought of the Ark Continent here life., They are longing for Ark Continent here sunlight, the here water, the here land, the here grass, here all.” Zhao Hai can hear, in the Cai'er words that serious component, that is one type of to the happy life infinite hope, looks like an eye blind person, the infinite hope is bright, but Demon Realm there life form, regarding the hope of Ark Continent here, compared with that intense 100 times, 1000 times. Cai'er sighed, then said : you have not gone to Demon Realm, what forever is unable to imagine there life form was what kind of life, they wanted Ark Continent to live, but they used mistakenly the method, they wanted conquer Ark Continent, but had not actually succeeded, instead to lets Ark Continent here, original several Space rift from new blocking.” Cai'er expression although is light, but Zhao Hai believes that in this process, Ark Continent here has certainly paid the considerably large price. Cai'er has not managed Zhao Hai, then said : afterward also had new Space rift appears , Ark Continent and Demon Realm passed through the several times war, finally Demon Realm cannot succeed, but position that you are at now, originally is also Space rift, but by the Ark Continent here person sealing, was afterward don’t know because of any reason, the here seal is destroyed, Demon Realm there person don’t know, I actually present, I used my branching, has extended from a that crack, slowly, on having the present appearance.”

A Cai'er branching is Flower City , Zhao Hai almost cannot believe that her main body big, Cai'er look at Zhao Hai, suddenly standard smiled said : too to be just serious? Hee hee, I like such atmosphere, with such expression speech, is persuasive?” Cai'er of Zhao Hai look at face cunning smiling face, the head cannot make a turn at once, the appearance that just Cai'er bemoaning the state of the universe, actually smiles beautifully such as the colored appearance now, is really makes the thought of Zhao Hai somewhat unable to follow. Cai'er look at Zhao Hai silly appearance, cannot help but young lady has smiled, but also is holding own abdomen, the tumbling, Zhao Hai has tapped the head, finally affirmed, oneself by this concubine playing. However what is strange, Zhao Hai has not felt the vitality, is only look at adorable Cai'er of face smiling face, Cai'er smiled some little time to stop, looked at Zhao Hai one, meaning that presently Zhao Hai has probably not spoken, her timid said : „were you angry?” Zhao Hai look at Cai'er appearance, there can live to be mad, he shook the head said : not to have, I am curious, you me told that these do do?” Cai'er fans the wing has been flying Zhao Hai, said : I want to drink just you to give my water, these earth that you throw, that is I have drunk the water of most delicacy, is I have seen most fertile earth.” Zhao Hai smiles said : „, you can go a place with me, what there has is you wants to drink the water that has is you have seen that earth.” The Cai'er look at Zhao Hai expression, honk mouth said : „is don’t know being the misconception, I felt that you harbor evil intentions to me probably, you said that you do want to do?” Zhao Hai has selected the eyebrow, said : that a face badly smiles what? don't you dare?” don’t know why, Zhao Hai , said that this saying, always felt one are one is deceiving the little girl to look at the goldfish probably the strange uncle. Cai'er honk mouth said : don't with the method of goading somebody into action of that fool, is useless to this young lady, but this young lady is powerful, does not fear you, said that goes to that?” Zhao Hai at heart one happy, in hand Magic Staff wields, Space rift appears in his side, Zhao Hai smiles said : together my domain.”