Chapter 200 Multipurpose young secretaries One comes out from the villa, Green they were shocked, now in Space with but originally complete is different, original Space, besides the villa and paddies there, other places was being covered by the white mist, but in present Space, is actually the beautiful scene of blue sky, white clouds and green grass, what most important is in front of them that 1000 mu fertile farmland, that is genuine good fertile farmland that. Zhao Hai has not thought that to two Level 10, unexpectedly one paddies promoting 1000 mu, must know originally their field also dozens mu, but also is less than 100 mu, these time to is really one greatly pleasantly surprised. Actually Zhao Hai don’t know, if he comes Level Up Space according to the normal method, must to three Level 10 about, be have these 1000 mu places, after three Level 10, can start Level Up Farming Ground. But Zhao Hai does not come Level Up according to the normal method, particularly finally this time Level Up, that is Plant Sprite. Appraisal of although Plant Sprite in Space, possibly is not very high, but this Plant Sprite can actually increase the Space intelligence, therefore Space has given a Zhao Hai extra reward, made Zhao Hai obtain the Spatial soil opening up wasteland upper limit all of a sudden, 1000 mu. Reason that Space is not high to the Plant Sprite comment share, because of Plant Sprite in recognizing of Space, but there is transported to aid doing uses, reason that Space met to rise 6th level, was because of the Hell Rainbow Flower reason, Hell Rainbow Flower level is very high , to promote level that therefore obtained met these many. Space one rises 6th level, is adding on the extra reward, therefore meets appears this type, Space level only then two ten 1st level, situation that but the land completely has actually opened up. Moreover now had Cai'er, later intelligent big increase of Space, will not be stodgy, but Zhao Hai now and don’t know these. Zhao Hai the look at villa stays now, now the villa may with be different, the original villa that he saw is only one looks like very ordinary villa, does not have what strange place, but now the villa was actually different, in the outer wall of villa crawled completely the vine, on the vine opened the rainbow to be completely colored, this made the entire villa look like tall and pleasing to the eye, attractiveness that could not say. Zhao Hai knows certainly that this is the Cai'er masterpiece, but he has not thought that Cai'er unexpectedly the entire villa with flower wrapping. But Green their actually look at that piece of Prairie two eyes shines, the here scenery was really too beautiful, beautiful stemmed from their anticipation. Moreover they also listened to Cai'er saying that Space level to three Level 10, that this piece of Prairie they could use, this piece of Prairie big? That is one does not look side.

At this time Cai'er had also flown nearby Zhao Hai, is smiling said : to Zhao Hai Young Master, has done well, you looked at these places, what do you want to plant?” Zhao Hai thinks that said : Bamboo rice, Oil Fruit, corn, wheat, Cubed Potato, sweet spicy, Red Radish, the Chinese olive, green ju, these must plant, I look at this, branches out 100 mu, plants these vegetables that in Spatial Shop the present can buy, ten mu Bamboo rice, ten mu Oil Fruit, the corn and wheat want many, the corn plants 100 mu, the wheat 500 mu, the remaining lands plants that five types of Magic vegetables, like this we can trade with Laura.” Cai'er has complied with one, has arranged, now Space here, but also is planting Bamboo rice and Oil Fruit, each type of ten mu, but also has planted some Cubed Potato anything, these thing are Zhao Hai saves, the preparation will trade with Laura in the future, but Zhao Hai has not thought that Space meets to enable him to open up 1000 mu land, this made him have more lands to plant, crops that these grown cannot certainly eradicate, after receiving, in according to the planter that Zhao Hai said. At this time Green they also recovered, encircled the Zhao Hai side, Zhao Wen has also lain in the head of Zhao Hai, Cai'er actually sits on the shoulder of Zhao Hai, in Space turns over to her command(er) now, but looked at her appearance, probably did not use the fee anything matter, has not seen her to have any movement, Space land there according to having planted thing that Zhao Hai said. When all finished, Zhao Hai then long vented anger, turns the head to Cai'er said : Cai'er, that several Transmission Point did there do well?” Cai'er nodded said : to do well, Young Master on feel relieved, currently Iron Mountain Fort there had my branching, and has given to sphere Iron Mountain Fort, is discharging poisonous mist, Cyan Stone Villa there is also same.” Zhao Hai nodded, turns the head to Green said : Grandpa Green, you and Merine Grandma goes to Iron Mountain Fort there first, I think that these slaves now somewhat are possibly tense, you explained with them are the same, making them leave are so anxious, I went to Flower City there to have a look.” Green nodded, in Zhao Hai delivered returned to Iron Mountain Fort to be good them, with Meg and Blockhead three people of appears in Flower City . Several people of appears places, are on the vines, Meg around they curious look at, especially Meg, is two eyes shines. Meg likes spending, although she had already seen the here situation on screen, but that looked in the screen after all, now short distance looks at the here scene, thought that such as in dream general, here looks like a world of fairy tale, all beautiful is not real. Blockhead their also look at all around situation, Zhao Hai, because had looked at one time, in feeling, him turned the head to sitting Cai'er said : strangely Cai'er on his shoulder, is this city did do?”

Cai'er said : this city is on Continent one constructed for guarding following Space rift specially, was long before Continent five big to seal|confer Mocheng one, because afterward here the war in war, this city was destroyed, that hole is also two Expert fights time makes, has not actually thought that happen to that seal opening, afterward me had extended coming out from there a branching, release poisonous mist, here slowly on not anybody.” Zhao Hai nodded, looks around, presently his simply cannot see clearly any construction of in the city, have all constructions by the vine covering, Zhao Hai cannot help but to Cai'er said : Cai'er, this in the city building also been able to use?” Cai'er nodded said : part to use, only crossed to have a large part to destroy in the flames of war, if Young Master wants to settle down in here, did not use in there constructed, I can clean up these constructions, then turned into the construction of any style, so long as Young Master you said one on the line.” Zhao Hai remembered Cai'er changed furniture also has the cup to entertain his scene, can make including the table chair, should that house be a cinch? Zhao Hai nodded said : also good, but here does not use the person temporarily, you cleaned up to be good these constructions first, was right, did here have thing that what can use, or Magic thing what? Didn't you say this in neighborhood to many books? In there?” Cai'er forced smile said : Young Master, these books were already rotten, how many years this passed, if I have not remembered incorrectly, I do cross in here appears for 10,000 years? Also can remaining any thing.” Zhao Hai nodded, turns the head complexion strange look at Cai'er said : I to say Cai'er, were you many big?” Cai'er thinks that then shook the head said : my also don’t know, counter- is not having appears before here, I lived for a long time.” Zhao Hai has patted the head, he has not thought not really that Cai'er actually lived that long time, do't that can be ten thousand years of ghost? Zhao Hai curious to Cai'er said : such long time, you are doing?” Cai'er thinks that said : majority of time is sleeping, Demon Realm there does not have in any case amusingly what, almost everyday was going to war, looks has been tired, but Swamp here also nothing, Swamp here these Magic Beast, most level from the beginning was not very high, because of my existence, therefore their level will be afterward getting higher and higher, but they could not hit me, moreover in very respectful I, protected me in all around, I naturally will not have any matter, being all right on can only sleep.” Zhao Hai has tapped the head, helpless very much, such long time, Cai'er unexpectedly all has used to sleep on, really suffices. Also they looked at all around situation with Meg, this returned to Space, perhaps is because had background relationship, now the air in Space makes the person feeling especially fresh.

Zhao Hai they are not dull in here, immediately/on horseback went to Iron Mountain Fort there, arrived at Iron Mountain Fort here, Zhao Hai they have gawked, now Iron Mountain Fort here soon turned into second Flower City . On the wall to crawled completely the flowered cane, the colored cane blossoms, but castle here already slowly by seven color mist surrounding, the here mist was just paler than Swamp there. However Cai'er is also has a mind, ground any vine, on these commonly used thing has not had the vine, these vines crawl on the wall, instead to letting castle here were many several points of vitality. Zhao Hai is very satisfied to this result, but he turns the head to Cai'er said : Cai'er, this fog your control? If makes here is really same as Swamp, I have improved the land, does not have the means to plant thing.” Cai'er smiles said : Young Master not to need to be worried that these mist can control, later I these mist proliferation slowly to the Black Wasteland surrounding, the middle place, keep to cultivate.” Zhao Hai nodded, must say that Cai'er also is really very good, not only fighting strength is strong, but also is so intelligent, matter that can he tell, can manage well, entire is a multipurpose secretary. At this time Green and Merine also entered in the fort from outwork, looked that Zhao Hai they came back, they were busy at welcoming, Green said : Young Master, told these slaves, will not have the matter.” Zhao Hai nodded to look at their said : we to go to Cyan Stone Villa there to have a look, this several days Miss Laura there did not have what letter, I somewhat was also worried when necessary we must have a look.” Green shook the head, said : should so not be quick, Markey Family wants to cope with us, they must gather to be good the person first, the person who their previous time sends may be many, was given to extinguish by us, they should also know that we are not affable, is adding on Purcell Family, such strength Markey Family has to thinking well, I think that they assemble the manpower on some time.” Zhao Hai nodded said : that we first to return to Cyan Stone Villa there to have a look, if nothing, we return to Swamp there, making Little Wen they help to look for some plants and animal, now Farm Level Up to two ten 1st level, is Ranch there, did not have Level Up, we should make Ranch there quick Level Up good.”