Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 20 - Chapter 1901

The first regiment is in Freedom Alliance all Sect the person forms after all . Moreover the person in first regiment, the status in various Freedom Alliance Sect is not low, some are Core Disciple, these people are naturally impossible forever to stay in the first regiment, therefore is impossible to station too many armies in Drinking Elephant Mountain here. The place that now garrisons has constructed, the northern four states have stabilized, the first regiment also arrives must dismiss, if Zhao Hai in dominating the first regiment, feared that is the person in entire Freedom Alliance, will not feel at ease. Thinks that the first regiment must dismiss, Zhao Hai cannot help but somewhat is also moved, these in first regiment fought sometime with him, now a saying must dismiss, he somewhat has not given up. Zhao Hai stands on in midair Yama Ship, look at Encampment there the people of these first regiment are busy in there, cannot help but darkly sighed at heart, will call the people, told them, the first regiment must dismiss, suddenly Zhao Hai felt that golden spiritual force in own spiritual force jumped. Zhao Hai stares slightly, don’t know this was, this [gold/metal] by spiritual force, Zhao Hai thinks that was only general spiritual force, because these days Zhao Hai also used this spiritual force, he did not have what difference with general spiritual force probably, however at this time, not by control? When Zhao Hai is puzzled, he felt that spiritual force beat was getting more and more intense, Zhao Hai thinks control this spiritual force, presently this spiritual force also in his control, moreover his thought contacts this spiritual force. His immediately presently all around probably became has some are different. Before Zhao Hai had also contacted this spiritual force. However he had not actually felt that all around has any difference, but this time he, as soon as contacts this spiritual force, he actually felt that his all around is having extremely powerful spiritual force to sweep probably, this makes Zhao Hai be startled. Zhao Hai somewhat puzzled by own thought leave that golden spiritual force, in had not actually been felt own all around also has other spiritual force to exist. Naturally the thought puts in that golden spiritual force the time, immediately felt that extremely powerful spiritual force, but currently that spiritual force had one to be away from him. Zhao Hai can feel that spiritual force seems like scanning any thing to be the same, one sweeps from their bodies. Only changed mind went far away, this let Zhao Hai very strange. suddenly Zhao Hai has thought a matter, his cannot help but two eyes one bright, his body has not actually moved. Paid attention to that to scan his formidable spiritual force, that spiritual force went was farther, even among in the blink of an eye left the Zhao Hai perception area, he could not be feeling.

However Zhao Hai had actually affirmed own idea, Zhao Hai believes that own spiritual force in Cultivation World is to rank among the best, even if Cultivation World here Immortal Stage Expert, impossible own spiritual force is pure, because his spiritual force because, not only has practiced spirit class Cultivation Method, what is main is. His spiritual force also has spiritual Divergent Technique in inside, therefore his spiritual force is very formidable. But just he felt through golden spiritual force that spiritual force that were too more than his spiritual force formidable, Zhao Hai may unable to achieve with spiritual force scans that big range. Cultivation World that person has not had formidable spiritual force that this spiritual force origin was better the explanation to be many, certainly was Soaring Dragon Realm. nearest/recent Soaring Dragon Realm must carry on for ten thousand years one time in a big way to comment to Cultivation World, carried on this to comment Zhao Hai greatly before and don’t know, but he almost knew now, certainly was control Soaring Dragon Realm army, has swept entire Cultivation World with their spiritual force. This can know in Cultivation World all strengths. Moreover that spiritual force, Cultivation World here cultivator, does not have the means with their spiritual force present, only then Zhao Hai that golden spiritual force presently, as the matter stands the entire Cultivation World people do not know the person who leaps the border how achieves. Is naturally impossible to know that this commented greatly with according to the person who anything came. Zhao Hai to somewhat was worried now, he was worried about the opposite party because the Cultivation World here strength is damaged. But does not make Cultivation World enter Soaring Dragon Realm, that trouble was big. Zhao Hai although is worried about this matter, but he also knows that this matter he cannot help, decision-making power doesn't simply in their in hand, let them enter Soaring Dragon Realm, is the matter of Soaring Dragon Realm control a few words, what most important is, this matter they want to strive not to be impossible through their angry strength, others look is not you are diligent, but look at you to have that strength. Thinks of here, Zhao Hai cannot help but sighs, then deep voice said : all people, set.” Along with issuing an order of Zhao Hai, the entire first regiment gathered instantaneously, before long stood the formation, Zhao Hai looked at people one eyes, deep voice said : brothers, our first regiment established already sometime, these days, our Cultivation World here lived many matters, our Freedom Alliance has occupied the places of four state now, can meet as an equal with nine Great Sect, now the northern four states still, nine Great Sect do not dare to act unreasonably, our duty also completed was similar, the first regiment must dismiss today.”

One hear of Zhao Hai said that cultivator of first regiment buzz one chaotic, they some want returned to their Sect to go, but must say that dismisses the first regiment, they actually do not want, they like fighting with Zhao Hai together. At this time Li Kuangge held the fist in the other hand to Zhao Hai, said : Army Commander, I did not agree to dismiss the first regiment, yes, now the northern four states stilled, moreover nine Great Sect do not dare to cope with us, but we among the hatreds with nine Great Sect, when perhaps, nine Great Sect in one time will still carry on attack to us, therefore our first regiment cannot dismiss.” Other cultivator also called to get up said : right, Army Commander, the first regiment cannot dismiss......” Zhao Hai beckoned with the hand, the people then stopped, Zhao Hai looked at their one eyes, the first regiment that deep voice said : I said that has dismissed, did not mean that from now did not have the first regiment, now the first regiment has 7 million people, but now in Drinking Elephant Mountain here guarding words, simply in less than that many people, therefore the name and establishment of first regiment still, but most people can in returned to their Sect go, but do not think that returned to respective Sect did not have the matter, every year all first regiments in the person of arranging, must extract one month of time, to Drinking Elephant Mountain here Carries on the training, simultaneously Drinking Elephant Mountain here must be stationed in Battalion of hundred thousand person, takes turns one time every two months, now your understand?” As soon as the people listened to Zhao Hai saying that this meaning of understand Zhao Hai, this they naturally have not been opposing, the establishment of first regiment still, Zhao Hai still, later them also had opportunity to fight with Zhao Hai together, this for them, was enough. Therefore after Zhao Hai said that the people of all first regiments, said loudly: Yes, understand Army Commander.” Zhao Hai nodded, looked at people one eyes, meets to begin to wield, first regiment all Junior Captain in hand, are many a piece jade slip, Zhao Hai then deep voice said : currently your Junior Captain in hand has a piece jade slip, how taking turns on this jade slip has sectioned out your, had written also plainly the training listens to the time, when the time comes your Junior Captain figure out must take turns, must know when carries on the training, by your Junior Captain, contacts with the member of your team, if when the time comes is short of manpower few people, I take your Junior Captain to ask.” These Junior Captain one hear of Zhao Hai said that immediately/on horseback has complied with one, impolite that although Zhao Hai said that but their actually very happy, this on behalf of them is still being the person of first regiment. Waits for these Junior Captain to receive jade slip, after Zhao Hai then said : your returned to respective Sect, must practice well, among my your Sect does not have any grievances, I want you to remember, you are the people of first regiment, the people in first regiment are the brothers, a person has difficult, all people must help, if in you between two Sect lived the war, has remembered to the person, try not to begin to own brothers, if the person in your Sect is strange you, you on speaking this saying were I say.”

As soon as the people of first regiment listened to Zhao Hai saying that loudly has complied with one, their very clear, had Zhao Hai these words, the person of first regiment, even if were returned to respective Sect, that also absolutely was an influence, later dares to move the person of first regiment in some people, must think well, after all Zhao Hai casually did not speak irresponsibly, now entire Cultivation World, including nine Great Sect, a that person is not willing to offend Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai looked at people one eyes, deep voice said : brothers, you must return to respective Sect now, before supervising, I want to tell you, can know that your my happy, can fight with your together very much, is being honored of my Zhao Hai, if later you have any need my Zhao Hai help place, although comes Black Tiger Group to look for me, so long as is in one's power, I will certainly not decline, was good, everyone/Great Clan dispersed, the person of a batch guarding stayed behind.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that people were move, although Zhao Hai make everyone/Great Clan disperse, actually nobody leave, at this time Li Kuangge represented the people, to held the fist in the other hand said : Army Commander, I represented the brothers also to speak several words, if the first regiment did not have Army Commander you, that did not call the first regiment, can you fight with Army Commander, was being honored of brothers position, you forever were Army Commander of first regiment, we forever were the your subordinates soldiers, so long as Army Commander you issued an order, went through fire or water, does not refuse under any circumstances.” Other cultivator said : go through fire or water with one voice, does not refuse under any circumstances!” Zhao Hai look at these cultivator, cannot help but raised at heart a warm current, really has the impulsion that one type of bursts into tears, but suffices in his strength in meditation well, endured, then he laughs said : well, has brother position these words, my Zhao Hai was content, you, us, forever are being the brothers, this, we drink two cups today, was a pity that my in hand may not have that my Spirit Wine, but before , obtained some hundred flowers to ferment in Hundred Flower Valley there, I ferment all hundred flowers today invest into Jade Belt River, each of us drank on water in Jade Belt River, Even if were our everyone/Great Clan drink together one cup!”! ~! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }