Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 20 - Chapter 1902

One hear of Zhao Hai said that the people of first regiment cannot help but stare, then the people cannot help but laugh, Li Kuangge with a smile to Zhao Hai said : good, listens to Army Commander, we are 7 million people, feared that is one person of one, will give to drink up Jade Belt River, do not drink up Jade Belt River, otherwise troubled.” The people laugh. Zhao Hai also laughs, the personal appearance moves, appears in the Jade Belt River place above, has then put out a altar|jar altar|jar the liquor to throw into following Jade Belt River from Space, has thrown over a hundred altars|jars then to stop. These liquor are certainly impossible are hundred hua valley there hundred hua ferment, has plenty is the liquor in Space, must, Zhao Hai drink Spirit Wine to these 7 million people, also the Spirit Wine quantity in Space also suffices, but he cannot do, but Spirit Wine good thing, he one to put out that many to come, may not have the means to explain the origin of Spirit Wine. After Zhao Hai raises one's wine cup loses to Jade Belt River, also has put out one bottle of liquor, then has flown Battle Sword Monument there, has put out three jade cups, has filled to the brim the liquor in the cup, then has put Battle Sword Monument there, then to Battle Sword Cup deep voice said : brothers, drinks one cup with our together.” Li Kuangge has followed in the Zhao Hai side, the look at Zhao Hai movement, his cannot help but is moved at heart, in Cultivation World here, the people little carry on to worship, only then Clan person in some Patriarch to Clan and so on person worships, ordinary cultivator died died, nobody can manage your. But Zhao Hai now this equal to is cultivator that worshipped these dead in battle. This makes Li Kuangge feel really very much. Some person deceased person also people can think them, then regarding a deceased person also very happy. Worshipped Battle Sword Monument , Zhao Hai they arrived in jade Jianjiang, other people also arrived in the jade belt river, Zhao Hai look at people said : brothers, must distinguish today, our drink together one cup, has remembered, we forever were the brothers.” These person with one voice said : forever are the brothers!” Said that everyone has put out a jade cup, installed one cup of river water to drink. Then the people receive the jade cup, holds the fist in the other hand relatively, turn around walked, it is said jade belt river on the same day has plenty Water element Monster Beast. Flushed from jade belt in the river, or is overwhelming in jade belt in the river, the shape like the drunk, making nine Great Sect people hearts that the opposite is perplexed startled not by. The people of first regiment also know that Zhao Hai is not that womanishly fussy person, therefore after the people have drunk one cup of river water, on leave, they for sometime did not have return to Sect after all, thinks return to Sect to have a look, only leaves behind the hundred thousand person in Drinking Elephant Mountain here guarding, but now guards in the Drinking Elephant Mountain here person, there is Li Kuangge one. He is the person who a batch leaves behind guarding. Zhao Hai did not certainly need to remain, he was Army Commander of first regiment, matter simply not he of guarding, if first regiment there had any matter, will inform him immediately, can say that he did not use in Drinking Elephant Mountain there guarding, actually was also the time guards in there. Zhao Hai explain/transfer Li Kuangge several, on returned to Black Tiger Group, now the Black Tiger Group domain were very big, because Zhao Hai Western Demon Province stilling. Black Tiger Group finally encampment here with Ten Thousand Monster Sect General Hall continually in together. Must know that originally Black Tiger Group General Hall and Ten Thousand Monster Sect the distance between General Hall is not near, if these two places continually in together, that domain is very big, now the Black Tiger Group domain is very big, and has included a big section Luye mountain. But this Luye mountain Northern Divergent Province first big mountain range, but there is not the good destination. On the mountain Monster Beast is numerous, moreover these Monster Beast strengths return very formidable, although has many medicinal herbs and minerals, but these many years, nobody's true conquer the Luye mountain, Ten Thousand Monster Sect also has actually occupied Luye mountain a small segment to take own General Hall. In domain that now Black Tiger Group seizes, there is a a large part is this Luye mountain, naturally, when received exchange for these domains, Black Tiger Group has also used some methods, after all between Black Tiger Group General Hall and Ten Thousand Monster Sect General Hall are away from several Sect, if these Sect do not want, Black Tiger Group not to have the means to link their domain. The Zhao Hai this appears place, is raging fire valley base there, now the northern four states stilled, Black Tiger Group official became Freedom Alliance alliance leader, Freedom Alliance also complete control the northern four states, the orders of northern four states were also restored.

Zhao Hai just appears in Black Tiger Group Transmission Formation, immediately looked at the Transmission Formation person by Black Tiger Group present, that person sees Zhao Hai, running over of immediately/on horseback face excited, holds the fist in the other hand said : to see Martial Uncle to Zhao Hai, Martial Uncle you come back finally.” Zhao Hai stares, look at that person of said : What happened? did in the gang have an accident?” That person stares, immediately knows that Zhao Hai has misunderstood his meaning, he shook the head said : not to have hastily, in the gang all are normal, is only nearest/recent Gang Master is a little busy, because had just carried on the Sect level evaluation, the matter that must handle is a much less.” Zhao Hai nodded, looks at this to look at Transmission Formation cultivator one, shows a faint smile said : your youngster is Zhang Thunder of handymen hall? nearest/recent practice not diligently? My previous time sees your time, your youngster precisely is Magic is cultivation level of time, how has probably not risen now?” Zhang Thunder listened to Zhao Hai saying that forced smile said : Martial Uncle, I also want to practice well, was how most don’t know, no matter how I practiced, the strength could not come up, Spiritual Qi long was also very slow.” Did Zhao Hai nod, looks at Zhang Thunder one eyes, deep voice said : you looked at Transmission Formation to have how long in here?” Opened thunder said : nearly three months, I in duty that handymen hall there led, looked at the Transmission Formation three months, but also for sometime has expired, can hand over duty.” After Zhao Hai nodded said : has handed over duty, leads duty that goes to outside to interview to practice, best is goes to the Luye mountain the surrounding to transfer the extension, this practices to you have the advantage very much, the practice is not the nest sits in meditation in Cave Mansion on the line daily, you are because mental state practices insufficiently, therefore practice will slow down.” Zhang Thunder listened to Zhao Hai saying that cannot help but has gawked, then a immediately/on horseback face excited bowed said : to thank Martial Uncle to Zhao Hai. My understand.” Zhao Hai nodded. Has put out one bottle of Potion and a piece Jade Token gives thunder said : Potion to make your injury in restore most in a short time, simultaneously makes your Spiritual Qi also restore to the optimum condition, Jade Token to help you block Nascent Soul Stage Expert to strike, is can guarantee your life, you take away, well practice, attention security.” Said that patted Zhang Thunder the shoulder, turn around walked. Before matter Zhao Hai also always does, by Black Tiger Group ordinary disciple has plenty that he helps, therefore Black Tiger Group these ordinary disciple liking Zhao Hai. Zhang Thunder face excited standing in there. Must know that these three months of guarding Transmission Formation duty are he strives specially, to see one side Zhao Hai, obtains the direction of Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai in Black Tiger Group natural became famous. Zhang Thunder has not thought that Zhao Hai so will be natural, one has given him different good thing. To the disappearing person's shadow that Zhao Hai walks, Zhang Thunder then responds that he bows to the direction that Zhao Hai departs, was anything had not said.

Zhao Hai arrived in Zhang Feng study room quickly, although Black Tiger Group obtained many good places now, even also has Ten Thousand Monster Sect General Hall, the Zhang Feng business location actually has not changed, is still Black Tiger Group raging fire valley base here, here is the Black Tiger Group root. This base although in underground, moreover is common, but fighting strength of this base, actually compares Ten Thousand Monster Sect General Hall there much better. Now some Ten Thousand Monster Sect General Hall there also people assume, person Hu Liangchen who assumes, fortunately before , they absorbed many Rogue Cultivator join to arrive at Black Tiger Group, therefore Black Tiger Group was not worried that now the manpower the issue, was adding on afterward hundred hua valley cultivator, has plenty already official has settled down in Black Tiger Group General Hall here, therefore Black Tiger Group to did not need to be worried about the manpower the issue. To Zhang Feng study room outside. Actually outside accidental present Zhang Feng study room bit by bit two Black Tiger Group Inner Disciples, they one on the left and other on the right stand outside Zhang Feng study room, probably is the guard is the same. They saw Zhao Hai to come, gawked, then complexion one happy. Meanwhile holds the fist in the other hand said : to see Martial Uncle to Zhao Hai.” Zhao Hai nodded, deep voice said : „can Gang Master in?” Inner Disciples said : „. The matter that Martial Uncle nearest/recent almost leave study room, do not handle was really too many.” He just spoke of here, heard the Zhang Feng sound to transmit said : Little Hai to come back? Comes in quickly.” Zhao Hai has complied with one, he pushed the door to enter Zhang Feng study room. Zhang Feng is sitting in there look at a piece jade slip, saw Zhao Hai to come, his immediately/on horseback beckoned with the hand said : to sit, Drinking Elephant Mountain did there arrange?” Zhao Hai nodded said : to arrange, your feel relieved, what? nearest/recent matter these many?” Zhang Feng has smiled bitterly next step: „, This, Sect level did not evaluate, some Sect refused to accept, some Sect wanted to promote their level, a matter big pile, just received the Jian Wuya signalling jade sword, that meaning must settle a dispute with us, said that was Soaring Dragon Realm nearest/recent must carry on to us has commented greatly, making us also make to prepare.” Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly next step: Nine Great Sect these fellows, if by the Soaring Dragon Realm person deceiving, is to deceive us, at matter Soaring Dragon Realm commented greatly started, now feared that had finished.” Zhang Feng stares, puts down in hand jade slip, said : how you knows, Soaring Dragon Realm big comments, when probably is never has the person to know starts, when finished?” Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly next step: Knows that nine Great Sect these fellows did say? What do they want us to make?” Zhang Feng shook the head said : this they to not saying that can look, the nine Great Sect these fellows' to these time are commenting settling on very greatly, the meaning of Jian Wuya is, we must work out a mutual non-aggression the treaty, simultaneously opens Transmission Formation of both sides, carries out the exchange and transaction, after all northern four state here also some unique thing, are they need, just by rests on one's laurels, no one can eat.” Zhao Hai nodded said : this point to be able to promise them, after all we need to exchange, so long as there are me to assume personal command, they do not dare to act unreasonably, so long as gives us some time, our convention gets up, when the time comes does not have me, the Freedom Alliance strength will not be weak they to be too many.”

Zhang Feng nodded said : how the evaluation of don’t know this Soaring Dragon Realm there to be, if not allow us to enter to really leaping in the border, that arrives is not a small trouble.” Zhao Hai shook the head said : this point everyone not to say certainly, meets one's fate with resignation, must say that Heavenly Demon Race also is really enough stupid, Soaring Dragon Realm there is not only then our Cultivation World and Heavenly Demon Race can go, race that there can go were many, each race is come from different plane, even if they give to be inferior us can be what kind, their strengths damage greatly, still cannot go in Soaring Dragon Realm, how real don’t know they think.” Zhang Feng sighed said : Heavenly Demon Race to cope with us, not only entered to the qualifications of Soaring Dragon Realm, what were more was because hated, heard that in the past Heavenly Demon Race was kicked Soaring Dragon Realm, because of the invasion of our Cultivation World to day Demon Realm, this let Heavenly Demon Race was kicked Soaring Dragon Realm at the same time, made our Cultivation World have entered the qualifications of Soaring Dragon Realm, therefore Heavenly Demon Race wants to use this time opportunity, retaliated by our Cultivation World, had you fortunately, otherwise this time Cultivation World on really danger.” Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly, deep voice said : nine Great Sect these fellows, regarding the Soaring Dragon Realm there matter, are more than us who definitely knows, First Senior Brother, you said that we must look for opportunity, contacts with them?” Zhang Feng thinks that deep voice said : present nine Great Sect have the vigilance to us, I thought that we after a period of time were saying, you also ran outside such long time, well rests, heard that you have set up a tablet in Drinking Elephant Mountain there? He He, good, this will let these Sect with our relationship being intimate with.” Zhao Hai nodded, deep voice said : Hundred Ghost Group there how? I to the matter that you said that did you agree? I think that these fellows, support these small Gang, immobilizes these originally strength not weak Sect, this favors our exhibitions, moreover we have given these small Sect help, can have their support, like this our alliance leader positions, more will sit are steadier.” Zhang Feng showed a faint smile said : to deliver to Hundred Ghost Group, heard that now Hundred Ghost Group Zhong Wuhun Gang Master, became Immortal Stage Expert, but he has not gone, when Hundred Ghost Group Supreme Elder, was still Gang Master, moreover set the treaty of alliance with us, was our Black Tiger Group firm ally.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : that to be good, calculates that we do not have the white society their.” Was speaking, outside flew a signalling jade sword, stopped in front of Zhang Feng, Zhang Feng received the jade sword, spiritual force searches toward, then turned the head to show a faint smile said : to Zhao Hai looks like nine Great Sect these fellows, before and don’t know Soaring Dragon Realm has commented greatly, now they want to ask us to send out a representative, because Soaring Dragon Realm there conveyed a message, must see nine Great Sect and our Freedom Alliance representatives.” Zhao Hai said : „do Soaring Dragon Realm these fellows actually know our Freedom Alliance? It seems like they also are really Cultivation Method acquire understanding of esoteric teachings, great, this Soaring Dragon Realm representative must see, did you say First Senior Brother?”( To be continued! ~! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }