Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 20 - Chapter 1904

Two days of quick on the past, Zhao Hai in one time sits Transmission Formation to Heavenly Sword Sect General Hall, Jian Wuya they already in there , etc. he. Jian Wuya their although does not want to acknowledge, but they actually have to recognize, the Zhao Hai strength, absolutely be in Cultivation World below Immortal Stage first Expert, even if general Immortal Stage Expert, does not have the means with Zhao Hai, do not say that Zhao Hai also had these Immortal Stage Undead Creature. Therefore regarding the inspection of Soaring Dragon Realm, Jian Wuya they want not to decide that made Zhao Hai go, this did not have the matter of means that the Zhao Hai strength in that pendulum, whom did not make Zhao Hai go also to make go. Several people looked at Zhao Hai to come, relaxed, they also really feared that Zhao Hai did not come, if Zhao Hai did not go, they can only the faction people go, the faction people went to them not to grasp really can make Cultivation World enter the qualifications of Soaring Dragon Realm. Zhao Hai to Heavenly Sword Sect here, they have said a hello with Jian Wuya, several people arrived at the Heavenly Sword Sect hall, sits down after the hall, Jian Wuya looked at Zhao Hai one, deep voice said : Mr. Zhao Hai, this can Cultivation World enter the qualifications of Soaring Dragon Realm, asked you.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : from, when makes contribution, invited Sect Master Jian feel relieved.” Jian Wuya nodded, deep voice said : over the two days I have thought that in the person of this inspection, may the appears day Demon Realm person very much, the day Demon Realm strength is not worse than us, if mister can run into the day Demon Realm person, I hope that mister do not keep the hand, to a day Demon Realm lesson.” Zhao Hai nodded. Has not spoken. In this time, on suddenly Lin Ling that astonishing imposing manner in time transmitting, Zhao Hai they hastily was also walking, to Transmission Formation square there, they presently Lin Ling still has stood in Transmission Formation there. Several people come up to hold the fist in the other hand said : to see to Lin Ling on have caused.” Did Lin Ling beckon with the hand the person who said : you must participate in the inspection? Asked him to come.” Zhao Hai goes forward one step, holds the fist in the other hand said : to see to Lin Ling on has caused, below is the person who participates in these time to inspect.”

Lin Ling has sized up Zhao Hai one, nodded said : well, comes up to Transmission Formation.” Zhao Hai has complied with one, on Transmission Formation. Station Lin Ling side. Lin Ling looked at Jian Wuya their eyes, then Transmission Formation flash of white light, Zhao Hai and Lin Ling vanished in Transmission Formation, from beginning to end Lin Ling only spoke the a few words words. Obviously he is not a talkative person. Jian Wuya look at vanishes two people in Transmission Formation, let out a long breath, muttered said : to hope smoothly all.” Abbot Numu their although has a grudge with Zhao Hai, however at this time, they actually also hoped Zhao Hai all smoothly, because this may relationship to entire Cultivation World. white light vanishes, Zhao Hai can see outside situation finally, this is a giant forest, does not have the mark boundlessly, the transporting place can see that some birds have the indistinct mountain shade. Lin Ling look at Zhao Hai deep voice said : here is carries on the inspection the place. known as boundless forest Space, this Space has an approximately Cultivation World state to be so big, naturally here is not the forest, other thing, you official start inspected now, other people also entered in this Space, your only remaining ten people, we will inform when you to inspect to finish, naturally, hopes person who you can receive the notice.” Said Lin Ling personal appearance flashes on vanish from sight. But Zhao Hai is actually the place that somewhat shocking look at Lin Ling vanishes. Because he can feel clearly that Lin Ling with Transmission Formation leave, but he has not actually seen Transmission Formation in there. Before his appears when boundless forest Space, felt very strange, because he was not appears in boundless forest Space Transmission Formation. But was direct appears in boundless forest Space in midair, this is not absolutely normal. Because any Formation in formation arrangement, needs a backing, for example Transmission Formation, the average person will arrange him in the ground, but this ground is the Transmission Formation backing, in thing that adding on some formation arrangement uses, this can let the Transmission Formation normal use, in other words, in normal situation, Zhao Hai, if to boundless forest Space here, should be appears in boundless forest Space ground somewhere, in his under foot, should have complete Transmission Formation. However he and Lin Ling are actually not this situation, their unexpectedly direct appears in boundless forest Space in midair, high and low about did not have the Transmission Formation shadow in there, but they were appears in there, along with Lin Ling vanished, Zhao Hai also feels a Space fluctuation, but Zhao Hai can actually affirm that Lin Ling was not Space Divergent Warlock , that Space fluctuation, was Transmission Formation brings, was not Space Divergent Technique. Zhao Hai has Space, therefore he can pretend to be to use Space Divergent Technique with Space, but this did not express that his not Space Divergent Technique, in fact he also meets Space Divergent Technique, even other Divergent Technique he can also, because Space has the ability of absorption, absorbs others' Divergent Technique, then adds to the body of Zhao Hai, but before Zhao Hai, has used little other Divergent Technique, Space Divergent Technique replaced with Space.

Space Divergent Technique in the use, meets inconvenient of has plenty, moreover needs to use spiritual force, but Zhao Hai with Space words appears this situation, naturally, Space itself will not have no attack strength, but Space Divergent Technique has in Space, for example in Space Divergent Technique, there is a one type of Space tearing technique, almost can tear any thing, because this attack carries on with Space Divergent Technique, what with is everywhere the strength of Space. But in Zhao Hai Space does not have this attack ability, can say that Zhao Hai Space is a he exclusive thing, cannot attack. Because Zhao Hai itself also meets Space Divergent Technique, therefore he regarding Space Divergent Technique fluctuation very clear, he knows the opposite party, when uses Space Divergent Technique, what fluctuation Space will live, knows the opposite party, when uses Transmission Formation, what fluctuation Space will have, uses Space Divergent Technique with using Transmission Formation time, the fluctuation of Space is completely different, therefore Zhao Hai can affirm that Lin Ling was just used Transmission Formation Transmission to walk, has not used Space Divergent Technique. However feels strange strangely in here, just he knows that Lin Ling walks with Transmission Formation Transmission, but Lin Ling walks has not used Transmission Formation time that white light, even Zhao Hai has not seen Transmission Formation, Lin Ling seems like using Space Divergent Technique to be the same, in the blink of an eye on vanish from sight. Transmission Formation that Zhao Hai shocking this point, cannot see, even can be said as, simply does not have Transmission Formation, can actually use Transmission Formation Cultivation Method, what Cultivation Method is this? Zhao Hai cannot help but more curious regarding Soaring Dragon Realm there. In this time, suddenly humming sound the sound is transmitting, Zhao Hai turns the head to look that actually the present distant place one floats toward them toward the dark cloud, Zhao Hai saw that dark clouds are actually complexion change, then personal appearance flashes, vanish from sight. Reason that Zhao Hai leave , because he knows that dark clouds are any thing, that is one crowd of Monster Beast, one crowd seems like Monster Beast of honeybee, these Monster Beast may be more fearful than the honeybee, their tail needles not only can break cultivator protective shield, punctures the defense of cultivator, even also has intense toxin, because this Monster Beast Zhao Hai knew, this Monster Beast known as Poison Dragon bee. In Zhao Hai Space had Poison Dragon bee Monster Beast to exist, therefore he does not want to provoke the Poison Dragon bee, is only Zhao Hai very curious, he thinks that the Soaring Dragon Realm person will lead him to a completely strange environment, meets has plenty his don’t know Monster Beast, now looked at the desire to do better to come is actually not a matter, here plants just also general looked at one, probably did not have much difference with Cultivation World there, has certainly the difference, he also needs the further confirmation, he now actually unable to enter to Space, does not want dead to fight with these Poison Dragon bee, Therefore can only leave. Reason that Zhao Hai cannot enter in boundless forest Space here to his Space, is because he feared that his Space will be given by the Soaring Dragon Realm person presently, Soaring Dragon Realm there person strength extremely powerful, but also has plenty his simply don’t know method, for example Lin Ling that type can not have Transmission Formation to use the Transmission Formation function the method, can sweep entire Cultivation World for example that type, actually by person present spiritual force, these is not he don’t know method, because don’t know, therefore Zhao Hai can extremely worried, he fear that have used the Space strength in boundless forest Space here, can by the person presently. Zhao Hai flew a distance, evaded these Poison Dragon bees, immediately fell in following forest, he listened to his Lin Ling saying that the person who all participated in the inspection, arrived in this Space, but this Space probably had a Cultivation World state to be so big, area of Cultivation World state was not small, but person who other participated in the inspection, don’t know losing went to there by the Soaring Dragon Realm person, this was also the Zhao Hai not flying in the sky reason.

flying in the sky although can by own is quicker, but similarly, completely will be exposed by oneself under sunlight, no matter other Monster Beast Interface people, can presently you, if the opposite party also flies that to be easy to do in sky, at the worst fights, if the opposite party hides sneak attack, that is also very dangerous. Zhao Hai never underestimated that any enemy, Lin Ling has said before the inspection, in boundless forest Space here, has plenty strength formidable Monster Beast, what situation by strength formidable Monster Beast that he does talk into formidable to? Zhao Hai don’t know, but he does not dare to be negligent. Has restrained own aura, careful is flying in forest, simultaneously Space function fully open, the Liquid Silver flying needle was centered on him, starts to all around scout, Zhao Hai to use the method that he can use, careful advancing. This Space area is not small, throws down 1000 individuals in here, looks like ocean fishes the needle to be the same, therefore Zhao Hai does not have the person who is looking for other to participate in the inspection anxiously, because of Zhao Hai very clear, now is not the worried time, the person more worried, is easier to make mistakes, but makes mistakes the micro small token leaf the failure. Zhao Hai although is confident to own strength, but he never takes lightly his match, is only Cultivation World there, various outstandingly able person Divergent Technique he saw much, but this delivered Cultivation World together to struggle to enter to Interface of Soaring Dragon Realm qualifications, strength no less than Cultivation World, the person who they sent, weakly will not certainly go to that therefore Zhao Hai careful, he does not think, because own was not careful that capsized.! ~! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }