Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 20 - Chapter 1905

Zhao Hai careful moving forward, but Laura they are collecting all around information in Space, but also let alone, Lin Ling has not spoken incorrectly, boundless forest Space here Monster Beast really many, moreover has plenty Monster Beast strength very formidable, fully has Immortal Stage, if not Zhao Hai has the Liquid Silver needle, feared that already met these Monster Beast. However what makes Zhao Hai somewhat accidental is, he has not run into the person unexpectedly, he time also non- short note in forest, but a person has not actually met, this makes Zhao Hai somewhat puzzled. 1000 participate in the inspection cultivator, the although quantity is not many, but a little can actually affirm that these cultivator will not stay is being kept waiting same place, they will also move. But these 1000 participate in the inspection cultivator, although has not arrived at Immortal Stage, but also is in various Interface below Immortal Stage top Expert, their activity should not be slow, but Zhao Hai enters to boundless forest Space now already several hours, still a person has not actually met, this lets Zhao Hai is very the accident. However Zhao Hai has not stopped, still moving forward, he to has not been going to provoke Monster Beast in this Space, that feared that is these low level Monster Beast he has not gone to sweep annoys, this boundless forest Space although with Cultivation World very similar, was some different places, Zhao Hai this also collected some herbal medicine all the way, but these herbal medicine ingredients, with Cultivation World there some small different. Because of this, therefore Zhao Hai has not gone to provoke these Monster Beast, this time is inspects, he does not want to cause complications, hunts and kills Monster Beast is not his point. His point is the person who these participate in inspection. Is thinking. The suddenly Cai'er sound conveys said : Elder Brother Hai, about the front thousand li(500 km) place, there are other Interface cultivator, the strength is very probably strong.” Zhao Hai has gawked, then nodded said : to assign out to me his picture comes to see.” Cai'er complied with one, Zhao Hai front immediately/on horseback said that appears small projection, looked like a small television is the same, in this small television, can see careful moving forward of cultivator in the forest, looked at the opposite party is also a fight experience very rich person. Also chooses in the forest walks, but has not chosen in in midair flies. The figure of this person is not very tall, black hair, skin of yellow. Wears a very ordinary cultivator clothing/taking, looks like does not have the special place probably, but Zhao Hai actually notes, minimum of this person is bringing two sets of Magical Artifact, one set is in his hand is bringing the gauntlet (glove). In his hand is bringing gauntlet (glove) don’t know is any thing manufacture, looks like probably is the cotton material, the black, reveals ten fingers, a little before looking like Zhao Hai, has seen that thunderclap glove, although this glove looks like common. However Zhao Hai can actually affirm that this glove certainly is one set of Magical Artifact, moreover level is not low. Another set of Magical Artifact is the boots that on his foot wears, looks like probably is a pair of very ordinary leather whip, the brown, above does not have too magnificent hua mark, the place that but Zhao Hai actually presently this boots pass through, automatically will produce wind, this wind blows, will erase all traces. Obviously is also level Magical Artifact. Zhao Hai also notes, this person although figure is not tall, the build also not necessarily has how grandiosely, but on the skin has the flowing light to flash to be the same probably, Zhao Hai can affirm. This person certainly is Body Cultivator, is level is not low. Strength formidable Body Cultivator. Zhao Hai has hesitated, welcomed in the direction of that person, this inspection by murder give priority to, in any case meets has killed and that's the end.

Touches toward that person of there, Zhao Hai while is monitoring that person of trend carefully, before that person , has probably not met the fight, his trace of fight does not have, but can look, his very careful. Zhao Hai felt that from the body of this person very strong killing aura, before being able to look at this person, in their Interface is not the friendly stubble, but this does not have no relationship with Zhao Hai, now he thinks turns into Undead Creature this person. Among them the distance is contacting, that person had not felt Zhao Hai, to they are distanced less than ten li (0.5km) time, the talented person felt that Zhao Hai, his facial expression cannot help but has congealed, but he has not actually stopped, still welcomed toward Zhao Hai here, simultaneously in his eye has flashed through killing aura. Zhao Hai sees this situation through projection, shows a faint smile, it seems like that this boundless forest Space immediately will become will slaughter the battlefield, everyone will have by the reason that oneself will go on living. The Zhao Hai advancing direction has not changed, still moves toward that person of there, both sides knew the opposite party present oneself, but has not actually changed the direction, obviously they wanted the opposite party dead. Before long they were distanced already less than two li (0.5km), Zhao Hai has not said anything, the personal appearance moved, the personal appearance flew directly, has flown in midair, completely has exposed own personal appearance. That Body Cultivator has not thought obviously Zhao Hai such will do unexpectedly, but his immediately understand the meaning of Zhao Hai, has fought in this forest, although does not have anything, but will make very big move, will not do well will bring in Monster Beast. But in in midair, their although will also make some moves, but will not compare under absolutely big, if in the forest, two Expert begin the exchange, that definitely will ruin large quantities of trees, that sound small, is different above, they will ruin that many trees not necessarily. Thinks of here, that person also flew, they are distanced two li (0.5km) to look at each other, Zhao Hai did not have to say anything to waste breath, the intention moved, Law Idol appears , hundred beast Fist Technique have then put forth, the direct that person struck. The opposite that person has not wasted breath, his body also appears Law Idol, his Law Idol is also human-shape, moreover uses is also Fist Technique, attacks toward Zhao Hai. They fight several rounds, has tried the opposite party strength probably, must mention the strength to come, Zhao Hai be higher than much compared with the opposite party, but the opposite party is actually formidable Body Cultivator, his defense capability also very formidable, Zhao Hai wants to destroy completely him in a short time, is unlikely. Moreover Zhao Hai also presently, opposite party although fell leeward. However actually continuously performance ten points calm. He has not tried obviously very much, he also has the subsequent party, this arrives is makes Zhao Hai somewhat curious, he also really wants to have a look at opposite party have any room for maneuver. They fight about hundred moves, that person already complete falling to leeward, almost only then the ability to parry, does not have the strength to hit back, at this time that person of facial expression became was also very dignified, has fought about hundred moves, that person of suddenly called out one. Then flying sword unexpectedly departs from his mouth, directly soars the Zhao Hai surface gate.

Zhao Hai stares, then his immediately understand, this flying sword certainly is this person of Life Source Magical Artifact. His normally opposes the enemy by the Body Cultivator status, to not beating, attacks the enemy in suddenly release own Life Source flying sword, will play the unexpected effect. Moreover this person before using Life Source flying sword high has also drunk one, this is not his first drinks high, in fact from commencing of action, drinks high, now he who he has kept was shouting that naturally cannot bring to others' attention, is adding on Zhao Hai with his them now is near body war. Leaves is not far, his flying sword suddenly killed at this time, naturally can play very good effect. However what is a pity, today in advance what he arrives is Zhao Hai, when that person of flying sword soon stabs Zhao sea surface gate, small shield suddenly appears in the Zhao Hai front, that person of flying sword one on the thorn on the small shield, listened to appropriate one, that person of flying sword was blocked. That person does not have to think one think that absolutely safe attack kept off unexpectedly, when his dumbfounded. flying sword silent appears in his back, a thorn entered his body, then flying sword twists, twisting crushes that person of heart. A that person of blood has spurted, face shocking look at Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai looked at his one eyes, shows a faint smile. The hand wields, flying sword returned to in his hand, that person of two eyes also slowly lost the appearance, then one group of black gas that person wrapping up, black gas vanished, that person also vanished, but Zhao Hai personal appearance also in time disappearance in in midair. Zhao Hai just vanished not long after, the place that place that they just fought, on appears several Monster Beast, there Monster Beast with spiritual force in Zhao Hai with that person of fighting back and forth observed for quite a while, this retreat in abundance. These Monster Beast trends already during the surveillance of Zhao Hai, just that person did not use his Life Source Magical Artifact, Zhao Hai can also want his assigning, he does not think to live the conflict with these Monster Beast now, because these Monster Beast all are Immortal Stage Monster Beast, strength extremely powerful. This did not mean that Zhao Hai has feared these Monster Beast, but his these time comes to the here point to inspect successfully, for does not hunt and kill Monster Beast, he does not want to expose too many cards in a hand Soaring Dragon Realm present. Lin Ling said to Zhao Hai before the inspection, when their remaining ten people time, will inform them to inspect to finish, all that also in other words, they make in boundless forest Space, may very much in Lin Ling under their surveillance, but this is Zhao Hai most dreads. On him has too many secret unable to know that Zhao Hai can affirm, even if the Soaring Dragon Realm there person, if knows that on him has existence of Space , the meeting wants completely all means to snatch to rush, because Space really went against heaven's will. However is good because of him currently also has the Vermillion Bird seal to keep off to cover shows to be the same, but if uses Space in him frequently, may by Lin Ling they presently, therefore Zhao Hai will solve that Body Cultivator with this Immortal time. As for turns into Undead Creature that Body Cultivator, this point Zhao Hai to does not have what pressure, he uses Undead Creature, had become famous in Cultivation World, believes that the Soaring Dragon Realm there person also knows, therefore he collects Undead Creature also no big deal, therefore Zhao Hai did not fear that Lin Ling they know he uses the Undead Creature matter. After Zhao Hai has killed that Body Cultivator, immediately has evaded in the forest, simultaneously hidden went to oneself all aura, his gearing was even motionless, simultaneously started own Wood element Divergent Technique, by own aura with big tree complete melting for a body, even if were these Immortal Stage Monster Beast, is impossible presently his position.

Some little time these Immortal Stage Monster Beast retreated, among these Monster Beast has not lived the battle, moreover many Monster Beast will not speak, but they have exchanged with spiritual force probably, they said any Zhao Hai don’t know, but can look, these Monster Beast have their domain, moreover they will not live the battle easily. When these Monster Beast walked for a long time, Zhao Hai then moved, his careful leave he with the place of that life fight, walks toward the forest deep place. Reason that he moves to the present, is feared that these Monster Beast go to repeat, but is very obvious, he somewhat overestimated these Monster Beast intelligence. thing that at this time Liquid Silver flying needle searched were more, but was a pity very much that besides that Body Cultivator, Zhao Hai in has not met other cultivator. Weather slowly dark, Darkness descend, no matter in that Space, Monster Beast has his natural disposition, the beasts like moving in the night generally, in boundless forest Space is also same, after the weather is dark, Zhao Hai felt that Monster Beast suddenly in forest has enlivened, all kinds of Monster Beast started to look for food, this also gave Zhao Hai them to increase very big difficulty in the night movement. Zhao Hai paid attention to all around situation, he decided to rest, for a while, did not look at all around one in any case eagerly, the Zhao Hai personal appearance moved, appears nearby a big tree, this big tree very thick, don’t know had grown for how many years, ten people have joint held fully that thickly, Zhao Hai stood nearby the big tree, the body flood faint green light, then whole person disappearance of slowly in the big tree, Zhao Hai with own Wood element Divergent Technique, integrated in the big tree. The after body of Zhao Hai integrates in the big tree, he felt one turned into a tree probably, he can feel clearly that root system there of big tree has transmitted intermittent Spiritual Qi, can feel leaf there the intermittent Spiritual Qi inspiration in release. The big tree only does not look like outside world to absorb Spiritual Qi, he Spiritual Qi release again in outside world, this big tree probably with this Heaven and Earth will be a whole, Spiritual Qi will have circulated in his within the body, then let out. This seems like big tree simply has not absorbed Spiritual Qi probably, but Zhao Hai can actually feel clearly that in this big tree is containing massive Spiritual Qi, this is the one type of very unusual circulation, perhaps this is the one type of practice way of big tree. The static feeling a practice way of big tree, Zhao Hai cannot help but sighed that the mystery of creation, the practice way and cultivator of big tree are different, the cultivator practice way is likely this world takes, turns into own Spiritual Qi Spiritual Qi of this world, turns into weapon the ore of this world, turns into medicine pill medicinal herbs of this world, this is only one type of takes, can be one type of goes against heaven's will, but good behavior. But the big tree is different, not only he takes, simultaneously he also pays, he absorbs Spiritual Qi, simultaneously he also meets release Spiritual Qi, Spiritual Qi that will be absorbed Spiritual Qi and release that goes to by oneself to achieve one type of to be balanced, this is one type of complies with the Heavenly Dao practice way, with the practice of cultivator completely opposite. After sensing to the practice way of big tree, Zhao Hai suddenly was somewhat puzzled, he in Cultivator big there, had met Dryad before, if according to the practice way of big tree, not appears Dryad, but actually meets appears Dryad in Comprehend the world there, what's all this about?( To be continued! ~! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }