Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 20 - Chapter 1906

Zhao Hai this is first time uses this Wood element Divergent Technique to sense the practice way of big tree, to be honest, is very strange, when Zhao Hai also wants to continue to sense, suddenly hears the Cai'er sound to transmit said : Elder Brother Hai, are you doing? Did you stay for three days in that big tree? Do you want to close up? That arrives in Space.” Zhao Hai stares, one awakened, his puzzled said : three days? How can three days? I felt that I enter to this big tree in not long after, probably also about one hour.” The Cai'er sound in one time conveys said : that to have Elder Brother Hai, already enough past three days, just really quite strange, after you entered that big tree inside, your thought one slowed down probably did not have the several fold, in Space did not have any change, I also think that you had an accident, look your thought just returned to normal, I called you.” Zhao Hai one hear of Cai'er said that actually slightly stares, he has not thought of this point, his puzzled said : you were said that my just thought did become very slow? What's the matter? Do I feel normally all?” At this time Laura open the mouth and said: Elder Brother Hai, what had you just made? Why thought does suddenly become that slow?” Laura asked this saying time, was somewhat anxious, why they must make understand Zhao Hai thought suddenly to slow down now, if not make understand, then regarding them is not good information. Zhao Hai thinks that deep voice said : has not made anything, I used Wood element Divergent Technique to enter in this big tree, has sensed then the practice way of this big tree, other anything have not done.” Laura frowns, half step left the villa, arrived around Universal Machine, to Universal Machine said : Universal Machine, immediately/on horseback analyzes Elder Brother Hai this is any situation, is the practice had problems.” On Universal Machine radiance dodged several, then the prompt sound transmits said : Host not any issue, because of Host own spiritual and trees combine together, maintains to think of naturally slows down. Does not need to be worried.” Laura one hear of Universal Machine said that this feel relieved, her immediately/on horseback to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai. It seems like because of you in the practice way of sensibility tree, therefore unifies own spiritual force and tree in together, but the big tree itself has certain thought that is only the thought is too slow. Therefore you felt that resembles all normally, actually thought became very slow.” Zhao Hai nodded, then the personal appearance moves, the whole person escaped leave from the big tree, now boundless forest Space here is the daytime. Zhao Hai at heart also probably understand these Dryad and these ordinary big trees had any differences, the biggest difference lay on this thought. These Dryad are the same with the person, their thought are also naturally same as the person, but these big trees are actually not, thought of these big trees slow have let not being able to bear some degree to one type of, just Zhao Hai said that he felt he enters in the big tree not to have one hour, actually he intentionally toward many said that he just in that big tree feeling that was one hour. Is links for ten minutes not to arrive obviously. But outside already past three days, this thought is really makes the person somewhat unable to bear.

Why will have as for Dryad with person same thought that at present Zhao Hai returns don’t know, but he does not want to know that this time does not come boundless forest Space for research this talent. After Zhao Hai leave big tree, immediately to Cai'er said : Cai'er. Situation detection of boundless forest Space here how?” Cai'er smiles said : Elder Brother Hai your feel relieved, has detected check properly. Person who presently present several hundred participate in inspection, their positions in our palms according to. The remaining these people, possibly died.” Zhao Hai nodded said : to section out their positions, I have also rested for three days, should look for their times.” Cai'er has complied with one, Zhao Hai front immediately appears projection, this projection is the boundless forest Space here map, above each and every one red, obvious naturally is these participates in the inspection. Zhao Hai does not fear this projection by Soaring Dragon Realm these person of present, because this projection is only one type of spirit projection, others cannot see, only then he can see. projection is different from Space, Zhao Hai must use Space time, will have the one type of unusual energy fluctuation, if he uses too multiple, possibly by person with high aspirations to presently Space secret, but projection is only one type of spiritual force, moreover others cannot see, will only feel that Zhao Hai side spiritual force is somewhat unusual, will not care. Zhao Hai looked at projection, found the place that nearest/recent cultivator is , the personal appearance moves, direct there flushes away, Zhao Hai also understand, why three days passed now, cultivator also remaining several hundred people that participate in the inspection, because these people leave was really too far, wanted to kill one another in a short time only the remaining ten people, but also was really a little difficulty. However this does not have what difficulty regarding Zhao Hai, the positions of these people he knew in any case, peaceful looks, has killed and that's the end. Catches up toward that cultivator there, is Zhao Hai while to Cai'er said : Cai'er, Freedom Alliance there all right? Nine do Great Sect have to act unreasonably?”

Cai'er shook the head said : not to have, Freedom Alliance there is very good, nine Great Sect have not moved heedlessly, is very obvious, before you do not have accurate information passes on, they will not move heedlessly.” Zhao Hai nodded said : that to be good, it seems like nine Great Sect also knows the cardinal principle.” Was saying while is transforming the route, he is hiding these Monster Beast, he thinks that quick ended this inspection, that cannot live the conflict with these Monster Beast, otherwise only slowing. After two hours, Zhao Hai felt finally opposite party existed, the opposite party also felt that he, they flushed away toward the opposite party, no one has chosen leave, because of their very clear, so long as has killed the opposite party, can leave here, only then has killed the opposite party, Interface that oneself were at can enter the qualifications of Soaring Dragon Realm. Zhao Hai these time has still not used fully, has fought for nearly a half hour with that cultivator, has killed that cultivator, after having killed that cultivator, Zhao Hai immediately leave, then sought for next target. This one day Zhao Hai altogether has solved ten cultivator, then the day got dark, Zhao Hai in one time hid in a big tree, but this does not dare optional unified own thought and big tree, if one in the past three days, that may trouble. Boundless forest Space here Monster Beast although are many, but these Monster Beast will actually not be all right in the tree with boundless forest Space goes flat, therefore stays in the tree in the evening is safest. After next morning, Zhao Hai in one time has put from the big tree, looked at the boundless forest Space map, presently yesterday one in the evening , more than ten cultivator died, obviously by these Monster Beast destroying completely. Zhao Hai has not cared, his moving forward, then seeks for own target, seven days, Zhao Hai has been living at the same time such life, daytime kills people, in the evening hides in the big tree, he is not does not want to enter to Space, he really does not dare to go, because of him with oneself that golden spiritual force can the feeling of fine Chu, once for a while will have formidable spiritual force to sweep from boundless forest Space, obviously that is the Soaring Dragon Realm these person in examining their situations, because like this, therefore he does not dare to enter to Space, in the evening can only in the big tree. In rests. Seven days passed by, cultivator quantity that now boundless forest Space here also saves already less than hundred people, but these people do not have one are good to cope, their cultivation level are similar to Zhao Hai, is Transcends Tribulation Stage, some have even traced to Immortal Stage side . Moreover the in hand unique skill of everyone, otherwise has 1 or 2 high level Magical Artifact, their Magical Artifact Might very enormous, these can live for ten days in boundless forest Space, absolutely is not accidentally. Zhao Hai enters boundless forest Space 11 th day, one time had found a match in him, this person mentioned very strange, after others arrived at boundless forest Space here, taking a walk in all directions, will seek for the enemy, but this person has actually stayed on a boundless forest Space mountain, but this mountain was boundless forest Space here few above does not have the mountain of long tree.

On the entire mountain everywhere is grotesque rocks, is only growing some weeds, a tree does not have, but that cultivator stayed on this mountain for ten days. Naturally Zhao Hai does not think that he is because the strength is weak, does not dare to descend the mountain, this person of strength is not weak, in these ten days, he not only massacred rushed in that mountain four cultivator, was the severe wound five Immortal Stage Monster Beast, his in hand had Great Sword, Might very enormous, although his strength has not arrived at Immortal Stage, but Zhao Hai believes that with his in hand Great Sword, even if facing true Immortal Stage Expert, his also strength of fighting. Zhao Hai this time target is this with Great Sword cultivator, quick Zhao Hai arrived on that Stony Mountain, he used spiritual force to sweep toward the mountain on, actually wrinkled the brow, because he actually does not have presently existence of that Great Sword cultivator, this arrived is makes Zhao Hai be shocked. On the Zhao Hai Space map the demonstration of understand, that Great Sword cultivator on the mountain, however his spiritual force actually had not been feeling that existence of opposite party, this makes Zhao Hai think somewhat inconceivable. Zhao Hai climbing mountains rashly, he does not want to make understand, his static standing on mountain, with spiritual force on mountain back and forth is sweeping, still anything presently, this has not made his brow wrinkle tighter, why he now also understand these cultivator and Immortal Stage Monster Beast will die in this person of hand, he hides on this mountain, others simply presently he, when the time comes he in the unexpected attack opposite party, by his strength, is not Immortal Stage Expert that is also the undead also wound. However why presently he? This makes Zhao Hai very puzzled. suddenly Zhao Hai two eyes one bright, he has thought a point, why let his understand their spiritual force presently the opposite party, that was Divergent Technique. Not wrong, is Divergent Technique, uses Divergent Technique to hide like him in the big tree, these Monster Beast are presently same, that Great Sword cultivator certainly is also Divergent Warlock , he is Earth element Divergent Warlock , but on this mountain has not set up, is Stone, most suits him to hide in here, therefore these ten days he has hidden in here does not exit, because in here, his fighting strength can wield to a big way. In does not use in the Space situation, does he presently that hide in here Earth element Divergent Warlock ? Some Zhao Hai headaches.! ~! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }