Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 20 - Chapter 1907

Zhao Hai is looking at that mountain, deeps frown, he is Divergent Warlock , regarding Divergent Technique completely understand, he is very clear, Divergent Technique this thing with your cultivation level irrelevant, he is the one type of ability of your within the body bringing, moreover this ability and explores along with your use, will also be getting more and more formidable. However also because this is the one type of ability of person body bringing, therefore wants to break Divergent Technique is not an easy matter, although can find that person with Space with ease, but Zhao Hai wants to find him with other method. Has thought for quite a while, had several methods not to find that cultivator, Zhao Hai also cannot help but sighs, it seems like wanted not to need Space to find that person really not to be easy, was thinking Zhao Hai while walked toward the mountain on. Walks toward the mountain on, Zhao Hai while transferred oneself that golden spiritual force, having a look at the Soaring Dragon Realm person not to harm to pay attention to him. Must say that this golden spiritual force also is really very formidable, these days he uses this golden spiritual force number of times to be many, but this golden spiritual force has not actually been short, moreover in increase bit by bit, simultaneously the person probably also became congealing. This golden spiritual force appears on him, looks like golden mist, looks like not anything specially, but now this spiritual force became probably a gold thread, appears the incomparable congealing reality, this really somewhat stems from unexpected of Zhao Hai. Now once in a while transfers this spiritual force to come, having a look at the Soaring Dragon Realm person to monitor them. This has become Zhao Hai one type of has been used. Therefore he now slowly walks toward the mountain on, while adjusted that golden spiritual force to come to see itself to be monitored. What he has not thought that he just that spiritual force transferred, immediately feels on the mountain to have existence of very vague spiritual force, Zhao Hai cannot help but stares, then his immediately understand, that spiritual force certainly is that Great Sword cultivator. This presently cannot help but makes the Zhao Hai great happiness, Zhao Hai not think really that oneself this golden spiritual force will really have such big use, he looked for such half-day to break Divergent Technique method. Suddenly such had found, this is really unexpected joy. However Zhao Hai has not actually displayed, he still moving forward slowly, in others' eyes. Zhao Hai in moving forward cautiously, probably feared that was been same attack. Zhao Hai moving forward while is paying attention to that Great Sword cultivator place that is, he leaves that Great Sword cultivator now already getting closer and closer, their distances already less than two li (0.5km).

Zhao Hai still does not pretend presently the appearance of that person, careful moving forward, two li (0.5km) in the blink of an eye on the past, Zhao Hai now to that person less than hundred meters, but Zhao Hai knows that this is not the best attack distance, that person of although has not gotten down from this mountain. don’t know now 1000 people only remaining less than hundred people, but that person also knows that these time comes boundless forest Space cultivator, not having one to be simple, hundred meters distance regarding cultivator was to say although is not anything, but also enough made cultivator respond, therefore that person has not moved. Zhao Hai proceeded several steps, 90 meters, 80 meters, 70 meters. 60 meters...... When Zhao Hai to that about 30 meters, that moved finally, Zhao Hai felt that all around earth element together extrudes toward him on, immediately he felt own body one changed heavy. Then a person's shadow, in hand is holding Great Sword. A sword punctures toward Zhao Hai, this person of earth yellow cultivator clothing/taking. Stature very tall and big, fully about two meters, a stock meat may compared with constructing the beautiful champion, his in hand Great Sword has about two meters, all over the body purple, don’t know does with any made of metal, appears heavy. Zhao Hai looked at that person of appears , cannot help but laughed said : already wait for you.” Said on Zhao Hai to emit intermittent yellow light, on his in hand appears large Glaive, this large Glaive very enormous, the tool face such as the shutter was then ordinary, more than four meters blades, then a Zhao Hai blade cut fully toward that person, probably the change of all around gravity, is different to his influence. As soon as that person listened to Zhao Hai saying that knew well, did not look Zhao Hai Great Blade cut, his immediately/on horseback called out one, before body miracle that threw stopped unexpectedly, probably was given to hold on was the same, then his in hand Great Sword rose, kidnapped toward Zhao Hai large Glaive. Clang! a loud sound, that person of in hand Great Sword in Zhao Hai large Glaive, his personal appearance also had been divided by Zhao Hai this blade goes toward retreat. However Zhao Hai also being startled, must know that his strength is not small, body special itself lets his super strong, was adding on him afterward to study Great Force Subduing Demon Divine Art, his strength almost could be said as is increasing every time, now he does not use other Cultivation Method, with own strength, general Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert could not only keep off. But just that person actually kept off his attack, although said that was divided by him flies to draw back, but Zhao Hai is actually clear, that person melts his great strength with this retreat, itself has not been injured. Zhao Hai although sighed that person of strength is very big, but he has not actually stopped, large Glaive waves, shouting loudly: Kills!” Pursued toward that person, this simultaneously Zhao Hai also feels that their fights, by very formidable spiritual force locking, this spiritual force Soaring Dragon Realm person came out very much obviously. That person that flies to draw back draws back while the root edge used Earth element Divergent Technique, huge Stone bamboo shoots have braved from the ground, direct Zhao Hai punctured. Zhao Hai laughs, in hand large Glaive wields, Blade Qi departs together, all stalagmites all striking crush by Blade Qi, his entire he threw toward that person.

Is entering that person also to melt the Zhao Hai strength in this, stopped, wields Great Sword to kill toward Zhao Hai, their blade came the sword toward standing. Has to recognize, this person of strength be very strong, he strongest is not his strength, is not his Sword Technique, even is not his in hand that level very good Great Sword, but was he unified own Divergent Technique and his attack very completely. This person has not used Law Idol, however his attack actually absolute ratio generally used Law Idol cultivator to be much more formidable, because his Earth element Divergent Technique with his attack union was extremely perfect, his Earth element Divergent Technique not only can help him, but can also help him defend, but can also change his body surrounding Force Field at will, making his Body-maneuvering Technique very strange, if were not Zhao Hai, changed a person, feared that was also really plants in his hand. Zhao Hai has not been killing this person anxiously, to be honest, in the Zhao Hai attack method, used Divergent Technique attack before time very few, his strength is too strong, the method that can use are too many, therefore he almost little uses Divergent Technique to carry on attack, even if in that several Martial arts that he creates, little has the Divergent Technique shadow. But today he actually saw the so ingenious person of Divergent Technique use, this really somewhat stems from his unexpected, therefore Zhao Hai not anxiously this person of what kind, but fights while to study him to separate into the method with this person to attack Divergent Technique. But actually more hits the heart with that person who Zhao Hai fights startled, he never expected will run into a Zhao Hai such match, he left fully, but Zhao Hai deals with still to accomplish a task with ease, this lets that person is greatly surprised. However that person has not given up, his very clear, gives up is dies, therefore he cannot give up, the full attack, the hope can in being defeated Zhao Hai as far as possible. Zhao Hai presently this person of attack was also fiercer, his attack although very fierce, but actually does not appear chaotic, Zhao Hai also cannot help but sighed this strength real very formidable. At this moment Zhao Hai suddenly felt that person of imposing manner actually lived some subtle changes, his imposing manner unexpectedly in enhancement bit by bit, but his attack also in strengthen bit by bit, has attacked several moves, suddenly that person of imposing manner big change, then that person cannot help but laughs, the personal appearance moved falls back on the one side, the hand has grasped Great Sword, look at Zhao Hai, laughed said : not to think really that I broke through unexpectedly, HaHaHa, I must well thank you, if with your has not fought, I was impossible such quickly on the breakthrough, to thank you, I decided that became by you I enters Immortal Stage The sacrificial offering, you should be honored that.” Zhao Hai is grasping large Glaive, look at that person, then shows a faint smile said : well, has not thought really you can break through in the fight unexpectedly, he he, but you want to kill me, is actually impossible, true Immortal Stage Expert I to fighting, do not say that your this just entered Immortal Stage, boundary also not steady Immortal Stage Expert, you were careful that today does not want fallen in my hand.”

That person of complexion changes, coldly snorted said : extremely arrogant, you will pay the price for your arrogance.” Said that in hand Great Sword wields to attack toward Zhao Hai. But at this time Zhao Hai received large Glaive, the in hand blade turned into the long blade that he has been familiar with use, Body-maneuvering Technique also complete dispersing that simultaneously Heavenly Demon 7 Killing Blades outrageously make a move, simultaneously the stars universe changes, with these wars in one. That person presently he really did not have the means with Zhao Hai, although his attack strength truly is very strong, however Zhao Hai attack is not similarly weak, he wanted such killing Zhao Hai, simply was impossible, one presently this situation, that person of complexion cannot help but becomes very difficult looks. They have fought for about one hour, still has not actually decided the victory and defeat, at this time they felt that several very formidable imposing manner compel toward this mountain here, they know that certainly is their wars, has alarmed boundless forest Space here Monster Beast, these Immortal Stage Monster Beast came examination. Thinks that this result, their complexion cannot help but change, they do not want with these Monster Beast to, then does not have the advantage to them. Zhao Hai looked at that person of one, the personal appearance moved, how many moves has attacked, jumped out beyond the circle directly, a long blade pendulum, look at that person of said : „below Cultivation World Zhao Hai, fights here today, can be willing to leave behind the name? If willing to leave behind the name, after waiting, we enter Soaring Dragon Realm, war that continues this not to end.” As soon as that person listened to Zhao Hai saying that cannot help but laughed said : well, so long as you can live to enter Soaring Dragon Realm, I fought certainly with you, below Dragon Soul Tu Qian!” Zhao Hai laughs said : you to be worried about person.” Said that personal appearance in a flash vanish from sight, but Tu Qian was also the personal appearance in a flash vanished on Stony Mountain at this time. { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }