Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 20 - Chapter 1908

After Zhao Hai and Tu Qian war third day, Zhao Hai has flown in midair slowly, reason that he dares to fly in midair , because he knows that this inspection had ended, in just, cultivator by several Immortal Stage Monster Beast besieging lethal, but remaining cultivator had ten people. In these ten people have Tu Qian, Zhao Hai although had not known, but is very ripe with his Interface, is day Demon Realm Expert. Zhao Hai not like Jian Wuya they said that gave to massacre Heavenly Demon Race that person, in fact he was deliberately leaves behind Heavenly Demon Race that person. Reason that the Heavenly Demon Race previous time must attack Cultivation World , because they want to enter to Soaring Dragon Realm, now Zhao Hai leaves behind that Heavenly Demon Race person, the Heavenly Demon Race person can enter to Soaring Dragon Realm, later they attacked the Cultivation World thoughts to be also pale, naturally, what most important was, he wanted to give Cultivation World these to enter to Soaring Dragon Realm Immortal Stage Expert leaves behind an enemy, will have the enemy to make people progressive. Really, when Zhao Hai just flew, hears airborne has transmitted sound speaking sounds: All people pay attention, the inspection ended, all people pay attention, the inspection ended.” Along with this sound, remaining other cultivator, flew from forest or the mountain, they just flew, their sides appears a person, this person naturally is the Soaring Dragon Realm person, but Zhao Hai side appears is still Lin Ling. Lin Ling appears in the Zhao Hai side, looked at Zhao Hai one, nodded said : to walk.” Said that they at present flash of white light, ~ and other white light vanished, Lin Ling and Zhao Hai already appears in the Heavenly Sword Sect Transmission square. They just appears in the Heavenly Sword Sect Transmission square, Jian Wuya they rushed to Transmission square here. Looked that arrived has shown the smiling face on Lin Ling Zhao Hai several people of faces. Jian Wuya several people salute said : to see to Lin Ling on have caused.” Lin Ling nodded, deep voice said : Cultivation World obtains to enter the qualifications of Soaring Dragon Realm.” Said that his hand wields, ten jade slip appears in in his hand, a piece have given Zhao Hai, several other have given Jian Wuya them. Then Lin Ling turned the head to look at Zhao Hai one, body flash of white light on vanish from sight. Is don’t know the misconception, Zhao Hai always felt that Lin Ling looks at own that some, is a little special, probably appreciates him to be the same. Deep that very however he hides, on face not any expression. Waits for Lin Ling to walk, Jian Wuya their immediately turns the head look at Zhao Hai, laughs said : these time to be lucky Mr. Zhao Hai to Zhao Hai, in mister requests personally.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, holds the fist in the other hand to several people, this entered the Heavenly Sword Sect hall with several people. Has sat down after the Heavenly Sword Sect hall. Sword unparalleled look at Zhao Hai, deep voice said : I know that mister can certainly succeed, don’t know does mister have to run into the day Demon Realm person?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : not to have, the place of this inspection, is one ** small Space. area is not smaller than Northern Divergent Province, 1000 people lose, wanted to find others is not an easy matter, you will little meet other cultivator in there, to was meets Monster Beast opportunity more, I think that most cultivator died in Monster Beast in hand. Does not die in other cultivator in hand, because the place is too big, therefore my simply has not run into the day Demon Realm person. Moreover finished to the inspection, ten people who my also don’t know lives are very type people, because we will not meet, meets only then a side can live.”

One hear of Zhao Hai said that Jian Wuya they also nodded, how they can imagine these more than ten days of Zhao Hai to cross. To be honest, is Zhao Hai. Changed into them any, cannot guarantee that can live coming back. Zhao Hai will certainly not speak the truth with them, do not look at nine Great Sect people, to him such polite, he actually felt the faint hostility from the bodies of nine Great Sect these people, is, he comes back after boundless forest Space there, they are the status of enemy, nine Great Sect people will have such response are also really normal. At this time Abbot Numu look at Zhao Hai said : don’t know mister these has time in that Space, how many cultivator met? These cultivator cultivation level how?” Zhao Hai deep voice said : altogether meets several cultivator, cultivation level is very good, but died in my hand.” Abbot Numu nodded, regarding the Zhao Hai strength he did not suspect that he believes Immortal Stage following cultivator, nobody is the Zhao Hai match. Zhao Hai looked at several other Great Sect Sect Master one, stood got up deep voice said : „, since has completed below duty, then said goodbye below, thank everybody to honor the commitment, did not have to attack Freedom Alliance these days, I hope that everybody can also honor the commitment like the present.” Said that Zhao Hai trades the fist to several people, the personal appearance moves, on vanish from sight. Zhao Hai look at vanished, nine Great Sect Sect Master were one lost the interest of speech probably, some little time Jian Wuya sighed said : looks like Zhao Hai although carries on to inspect, but Freedom Alliance there he left certainly room for maneuver, everyone/Great Clan also went back, so long as there is Zhao Hai in one day, our nine Great Sect how Freedom Alliance.” Several other Sect Master one hear of Jian Wuya said that sighing that also not bears, they also know right that Jian Wuya said that so long as there is Zhao Hai in one day, they do not think that was coping with Freedom Alliance. How Zhao Hai has not actually managed these people to think that he returned to in Black Tiger Group, in Black Tiger Group all very much calm, although everyone/Great Clan knows now Zhao Hai participated to inspect on behalf of Cultivation World, but did not have artificial Zhao Hai to be worried that this naturally possibly was not because Zhao Hai personal connection was too bad, because they had the absolute confidence to Zhao Hai, they believe that Zhao Hai will not have the matter, they believed Zhao Hai certainly to be able through this inspection, safe coming back. When Zhao Hai appears in Black Tiger Group, all sees the Zhao Hai person, has cheered, their although is not Zhao Hai was worried, but sees a Zhao Hai matter, all people know that Cultivation World obtained certainly entered the qualifications of Soaring Dragon Realm, this regarding Cultivation World absolutely was the good matter. Before because nine Great Sect to Soaring Dragon Realm control extremely in strict, many small Sect Sect Master even is Immortal Stage existence of Supreme Elder don’t know Soaring Dragon Realm, but If you like my writing renewal, welcome you to select top or reply 15 characters, your support, is I biggest power.】 Underwent the Heavenly Demon invasion, at process after nine Great Sect wars. All people knew existence of Soaring Dragon Realm, Cultivation World here does not have cultivator that don’t know Soaring Dragon Realm has now. Because these people knew existence of Soaring Dragon Realm, knows where Soaring Dragon Realm is, therefore they will be Cultivation World can enter the qualifications of Soaring Dragon Realm to feel happy.

Zhao Hai has said a hello with these cultivator, went to Zhang Feng there. Zhang Feng is still bustling about in his study room, Freedom Alliance now on although axle, the matter that but must be busy are still many. Zhao Hai pushes the gate enters Zhang Feng study room the time, Zhang Feng has stood, is preparing to walk outward. Zhao Hai looks at the Zhang Feng movement, cannot help but has gawked next step: How First Senior Brother? Can you exit?” Zhang Feng laughs said : I to greet your this hero, has not actually thought that you have come, come, sits quickly, told me matter that these time inspects.” Zhao Hai smiled to sit. To Zhang Feng said matter that these time inspects, he specially has also raised, he has not killed the day Demon Realm that Heavenly Demon matter. Zhao Hai said that Zhang Feng also cannot help but gently knit the brows said : not to kill day Demon Realm that Heavenly Demon? As the matter stands day didn't Demon Realm have to enter to the qualifications of Soaring Dragon Realm? As the matter stands we may have an archenemy in Soaring Dragon Realm there, isn't this probably the good deed?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : I to look also not necessarily. If we do not make Heavenly Demon Race enter Soaring Dragon Realm, feared that will be when the time comes they also will wield the soldier to invade Cultivation World, but conversely, we will allow them to enter Soaring Dragon Realm, their interior will not unite like the present, to enter the Soaring Dragon Realm quota they will certainly have some battles. As the matter stands, they invade Cultivation World possibly instead to was small, they and our Cultivation World battle. Will put Soaring Dragon Realm there, but you also know that Soaring Dragon Realm there compared with Cultivation World here, does not have in the there each every plane people, Heavenly Demon Race wants to cope with us wholeheartedly, is impossible. We go to the Soaring Dragon Realm there person, even if has a Heavenly Demon Race archenemy. Also will not have any matter, moreover equal to solves the day of Demon Realm this extra worries.” Zhang Feng one hear of Zhao Hai said that thinks, thinks reasonable, the Zhao Hai look at Zhang Feng appearance, shows a faint smile said : „, moreover allows the day Demon Realm person to enter to the Soaring Dragon Realm also advantage, that can make our Cultivation World enter the Soaring Dragon Realm person to be anxious, gives them the pressure, only then they will progress like this, may by these control Soaring Dragon Realm, higher plane person gives to settle on, reason that in fact I have not attacked nine Great Sect, is for this reason, I am must give Freedom Alliance to leave behind a match, was felt by everyone/Great Clan to the pressure, only then Freedom Alliance will have advancing like this The power, our Black Tiger Group person, will have the advancing power, but will not turn into beforehand nine Great Sect these disciple such, becomes the each and every one arrogant idiot.” Zhang Feng has stood, in hall back and forth is taking a walk, the static recollection Zhao Hai these words, to be honest, he is only thinking that before must improve the Black Tiger Group status, gains the even bigger benefit, but he has not actually thought that must look for a match to Black Tiger Group, Zhao Hai this saying makes him think of many thing. Zhao Hai said is very right, before nine Great Sect , because was extremely arrogant, therefore their disciple also became arrogant, this let their disciple in the strength fighting strength aspect, came compared with beforehand nine Great Sect, some regressed, after all in Cultivation World here, almost did not have that influence to dare to provoke nine Great Sect disciple, actual combat experiences of nine Great Sect disciple, compared with before, but must miss a big truncation. Zhang Feng naturally hopes that Black Tiger Group disciple is getting stronger and stronger, the Black Tiger Group strength is also getting stronger and stronger, does not hope that Black Tiger Group disciple becomes like beforehand nine Great Sect disciple, therefore Zhao Hai said that must to Freedom Alliance, leave a message of match to Black Tiger Group, Zhang Feng approves. However he also somewhat was at the same time worried that he worried later Black Tiger Group will unable to withstand the attacks of nine Great Sect, at that time, Black Tiger Group was dangerous, thought of here, Zhang Feng turns the head look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, before you said was very reasonable, but you thought not to have, if, our Black Tiger Group disciple, couldn't withstand the attacks of nine Great Sect?” Zhao Hai deep voice said : „, if has such one day , the necessity that also in other words our Black Tiger Group really has not had, Black Tiger Group wanted dominate Cultivation World, has needed this pass/test, only then such Black Tiger Group can true established own status in Cultivation World here.”

Zhang Feng one hear of Zhao Hai said that immediately understand the meaning of Zhao Hai, he also cannot help but nodded, to be honest he really somewhat worried now the Black Tiger Group situation, Black Tiger Group can have today's status, almost all because of Zhao Hai, but after Zhao Hai, will enter certainly Immortal Stage, Zhao Hai enters Immortal Stage, that certainly will enter Soaring Dragon Realm, but Zhang Feng does not believe that the Soaring Dragon Realm there people were blind, will unable to have a liking for Zhao Hai, if Zhao Hai went to Upper Realm, that was forever is impossible to come back, at that time Black Tiger Group on must lose the asylum of Zhao Hai, can speak of that time, was Black Tiger Group. Dangerous time. However meanwhile, more is the danger more means the opportunity, if Black Tiger Group has withstood the attacks of nine Great Sect by that time, then Black Tiger Group in the Cultivation World status on the official establishment, has also been able to speak of that time, said that Black Tiger Group is the Cultivation World first big influence point is not overrated, after all Freedom Alliance now is Black Tiger Group a monopoly of a single clique, but nine Great Sect there are actually nine alliance, fights to a draw about nine strength and Black Tiger Group, that Black Tiger Group naturally was the Cultivation World first big influence. Now reason that Freedom Alliance here Black Tiger Group a monopoly of a single clique, all because of Zhao Hai relationship, if later Black Tiger Group cannot by own strength, making other Sect acknowledge that their status, has given people one type of, Black Tiger Group by a Zhao Hai person in the feeling of support, but Zhao Hai leaves behind nine Great Sect this matches, must Black Tiger Group, later has rectifying names opportunity, has good that words said that looks at a status of person, must think his match, nine Great Sect on are the Black Tiger Group best matches. Zhang Feng stopped own footsteps, his look at Zhao Hai, deep voice said : good, good that Little Hai, you said that Black Tiger Group truly is a need match like this, I agreed that your words, was right, what do you then have to plan?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not to have what plan, I planned that rest well some time, closes up the practice, slowly the line of sight of fading out people, only then such in the gang person will be exercised, First Senior Brother do you look?” Zhang Feng thinks that nodded said : this to be also good, if you arrived at Immortal Stage, may probably tell me, you must enter Soaring Dragon Realm in the future, enters to higher Interface, cannot because of the in the gang matter, give to delay you.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : First Senior Brother feel relieved, I, happen, this inspection to my help also really will not be very big, I must close up some time, research new Cultivation Method, I will want to enter Immortal Stage, but must some time, your feel relieved be good.” Zhang Feng nodded, deep voice said : good, has remembered, what decision no matter you make, Black Tiger Group forever stands in your supports you.” Zhao Hai nodded, stands got up to hold the fist in the other hand to Zhang Feng, turn around walked.......( To be continued { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }